10 Best Kids & Toddlers Backpacks in 2017

Kids today have to carry a lot of things when they go to school with books and other learning materials that are instrumental in their learning. Children today also love to travel often bringing with them their personal belongings that often include electronic gadgets and other stuff that enables them to explore their world. That is why this Christmas, one of the best and most functional presents you can ever give a child is a backpack. This is something that children will be able to use for several years especially if you are able to identify which ones are made of highly durable construction. To help you decide a lot better, we have made a list of the top 10 kids’ backpacks everyone is raving about in the run-up to the Black Friday madness. Hold on to your seats as we present to you 10 of the most amazing backpacks your kids will ever sling on their backs.

How We Chose the Top Kids’ Backpacks in Our List

When we decided to do a list of the most amazing backpacks for kids, we knew it would be challenging. After all, we are not simply looking for a replacement of Dora’s famous backpack. What we are looking for a types of bags that our kids will definitely adore as they grow older.

As such, the very first thing we had to look for is the construction or the overall integrity of the design. Unfortunately, we can only rely on certain parameters that can help us determine the quality workmanship of a particular bag. For starters, it would be virtually impossible to physically subject each bag to rigorous testing of its strength and durability because there are clearly thousands of them. So, we had to rely on some forms of quality indicators such as the overall reputation of a company. A trustworthy backpack manufacturer, we believe, won’t sacrifice the integrity of its brand image by producing bags that are of mediocre quality. This is especially true among companies that have been in the business for many years, some even decades. They clearly don’t want to throw away what they have worked for all these years just by producing a backpack of highly questionable quality. Secondly, we had to confirm this by comparing it with consumer reviews and feedbacks. At the very least, our assumptions of quality workmanship must be fully satisfied.

Next, we then looked at the functionality of the bag. Sure, it may look cute but if it cannot serve its fundamental purpose, then it will only serve as an accessory which a backpack is clearly not meant to be. Thus, we looked at how the manufacturer considered fulfilling the basic function of a bag. If it comes with a variety of pockets, are they useful? If these bags have a certain unique lock mechanism, then we’d make sure that it’s easy to operate and that it really serves its purpose.

We also considered the comfort that the backpack can provide to kids. The shoulder straps as well as carrying handles must be designed in such a way that they do not put a strain on the part of the body that will be bearing most of the weight. This is also related to the convenience of using the backpack. If it comes with a lot of features that only get in the way of optimally using the bag, then these features are mere nuisances and serve no meaningful purpose.

Lastly, we also looked at the style. Kids love film and TV characters as well as brightly colored designs. Of course, there are also those who like it plain and simple. Nevertheless, this did not prevent us from looking at the designs of these bags and enlisted the help of parents through their feedbacks to help us get an idea of the general perception of kids. At least we can say that we have the backing of parents in the making of our top 10 amazing backpacks for kids.

Tips to Choosing the Right Backpack for Our Kids

We have already shared with you how we chose the backpacks in our list. But if you would like to explore backpacks on your own, you might be interested in the following tips.

  • Understand your child’s developmental needs. Younger children require more fun learning features while older children will typically require versatility and functionality.
  • Make sure to check the product label of the backpack you’re buying. It must be made of kid-safe materials and should not contain BPA, PVC, lead, phthalate, and formaldehyde as well as other harmful chemicals.
  • Look for features that will provide optimum comfort for your child. Padded straps is a must. However, equally important is a padded back support as the weight of the bag can inadvertently push against the back of your child.
  • If the backpack comes with a variety of features, try to study each of these carefully. Determine how your child will benefit from these features. If there are no obvious benefits or the benefits are only minimal, try to look for another one.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a backpack for your kid is like choosing clothes for them. You have to know what “fits” and “suits” them. With our top 10 amazing backpacks for kids, we’re sure choosing has never been this easy.

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