10 Best Unicorn Toys for Kids in 2017

unicorn toys for kids

Unicorns are legendary mythical creatures that have never failed to capture the imagination and fascination of both kids and adults through the ages. While the origins of the unicorn are largely debated, many believe that it is of Indian origin, spread across the known world by various Greek writers. It is believed that even the Bible has some reference to a one-horned animal it called re’em. Regardless, unicorns have been a major theme in many children’s toys perhaps because of its mythical nature and maybe because it’s one of those few “creatures” that we haven’t found any fossils yet. This leaves a lot to the imagination. One way to help nurture this imagination among kids is by giving them any of the 10 best unicorn toys for kids in 2017. You can even join in the fun.

10 Best Unicorn Toys for Kids

VTech Go! Go! Smart Friends Twinkle the Magical UnicornVTech5
Schleich North America Rainbow Unicorn Foal Toy FigureSchleigh4.9
Schleich Ilaya Toy FigureSchleigh 4.8
Melissa & Doug Misty Unicorn Stuffed AnimalMelissa & Doug4.6
Enchantmints Unicorn Music BoxEnchantmints4.5
Plush Unicorn Castle with AnimalsUnipak4.3

1Go! Go! Smart Friends Twinkle the Magical Unicorn by VTech

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Age Range: 18 months to 5 years old

In the classical description of a unicorn, ancient scholars wrote of a horse-like creature with a tusk that is similar to a narwhal’s sticking out from its forehead and sometimes depicted with a goat’s beard. If kids try to imagine this, they might as well be frightened rather than be amused by what they see in their minds. There is another mythical creature that can rival the fame of the one-horned horse: Pegasus. These two mythical creatures have been combined by VTech to create the Go! Go! Smart Friends Twinkle the Magical Unicorn. Twinkle has the horn of a unicorn, the body of a horse, the wings of Pegasus, and a rainbow for a tail. Like all VTech products, Twinkle is no ordinary winged- and horned- toy horse. She is a very lovely creature that’s more than willing to teach young tots a number of fun children’s songs and melodies that kids will be humming and singing along to. This can have a great impact on their cognitive skills as science has already established the relationship between music and a child’s intellectual, emotional, and social skills development. There are sounds and phrases, too which can all help to introduce a variety of words to let young kids begin expanding their vocabulary and help them develop their language and speech skills. Twinkle’s horn lights up and her wings flap whenever her magical heart is pressed. The different sounds, songs, melodies, and phrases are activated by feeding twinkle her favorite golden carrot. With Fairy Prisma riding on Twinkle’s back, our lovely unicorn can flap her wings, walk around, move her head, and even play three beautiful songs that your own little princess can sing along to. Two MagicPoint locations activate all of Twinkle’s many fantastic, mythical abilities. While the package already comes with Fairy Prisma, you can purchase another Fairy friend to activate the other MagicPoint location so Twinkle will really be flying across your kid’s magical kingdom.

What We Like about It – The two MagicPoints on Twinkle are the keys to your kid’s full enjoyment of this mythical creature. Twinkle is great for helping kids develop a variety of their skills and competencies so they’ll grow up to be brighter and more emotionally stable individuals.

2North America Rainbow Unicorn Foal Toy Figure by Schleigh

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Age Range: 3 to 15 years old

Everyone knows how mythical and magical unicorns are. With so many children’s animated TV shows portraying these horned horses as having rainbow-colored mane and tail, brushing wonderful colors in the sky. It is believed that the rainbow after an afternoon drizzle is made by the tail of these gallant horned steeds and that they live, galloping freely in some magical land at the end of the rainbow. Perhaps it is for this reason that nobody really has seen them because, as much as we would like to, no one has ever gone to the end of a rainbow; not yet, anyway. The North America rainbow Unicorn Foal Toy Figure helps fuel the imagination and fascination of young kids and adults alike. With its horse-like features, a lovely horn that looks more like a spiral snail, and a mane and tail that is brushed in the colors of the rainbow, the Rainbow Unicorn is one fabulous action figure to give to kids. Rainbow-colored gemstones adorn the hinds of these creatures, providing a seemingly endless stream of colors as they streak through the blue sky. It no longer matters where these fabulous creatures come from or where they spend the rest of their galloping lives. What matters is that they continue to stir the imagination of today’s kids.

What We Like about It – The Rainbow Unicorn is a great toy for fueling the imagination of kids which can be instrumental in the enhancement of their cognitive abilities.

3Plush Unicorn Castle with Animals by Unipak

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Age Range: At least 3 years old

In the land of fairy tales, there is nothing mote magical than colorful horned creatures that gallop freely over green grassy plains, through mystical forests, and under rainbow-bridged skies. The Plush Unicorn Castle is a fantastic opportunity for kids to relive the stories of a long-forgotten land where dreams were lived in full splendor and colorful unicorns provided the means to run from one dream to the next, chasing them like a hound going after a rabbit. The Unicorn Castle is made of super-plush, cuddly, and soft materials so that kids will not really have any issues playing with them. Five colorful unicorns guard the area around the towering castle, living inside, and playing in and around it. Come to think of it, this product from Unipak is great for letting children bring their fantasies to life. Whether it is through pretend play or role play, their imagination will definitely be running wild. And once their tired, they can always use the unicorns as a cuddle toy to snuggle up to during naptimes.

What We Like about It – The Unicorn Castle is a small magical place where kids can create their magical kingdom as they live their dreams.

4Unicorn Music Box by Enchantmints

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Age Range: 6 to 12 years old

Everyone has a song or a melody that best defines who they are. Whether we care to admit it or not, these songs or melodies have become important parts in our lives especially when we are depressed or simply require some quiet time alone. Kids need this, too. And while the Unicorn Music Box from Enchantmints is not really a toy but rather a jewelry box, it nevertheless is a wonderful item to have. The Enchantmints Music Box has four drawers that are perfect for storing your kid’s rings and earrings as well as other smaller stuff. The large compartment is perfect for larger items such as necklaces, bracelets, and even wristwatches, or any other trinket that your little one has in her possession. And when the lid of the Enchantmints Music Box is opened, your child will be greeted with the lovely melody, The Unicorn, complete with a mini figure of the famed mythical creature twirling on its stand just in front of the mirror underneath the music box’s lid. The Enchantmints Music Box is a great way to help kids learn how to organize their small belongings while also giving them the chance to find peace and relaxation whenever they feel stressed and burned out from school.

What We Like about It – The Enchantmints Music Box is one fantastic jewelry organizer that all kids simply need to have. The ample storage space and the beautiful design make for a great gift.

5Unicorn Fancy Pals Pet Carrier by Aurora

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Age Range: 3 to 15 years old

Pets are no longer just animals we keep at home. These creatures have become a very important part of today’s life that many have pets go with them wherever they go. These pets are always placed in pet carriers so they also get to enjoy the experience of being considered as a member of the family. While kids may not have the responsibility for caring for these pets yet, we can somehow teach them by giving them the Unicorn Fancy Pals Pet Carrier. This make-believe pet carrier is designed like a fashionable tote bag that is large and spacious enough to carry a child’s pet unicorn with fluffy fur and a golden horn. The mystical nature of unicorns should be readily recognizable in the Fancy Pals as your kid will surely be bringing and spreading the magic of these good-natured, single-horned creatures in places where kids spend the greatest times of their lives. They can bring the Fancy Pals anywhere. Travel time will never be a bore again as kids now have the company of one of man’s most fabled creature.

What We Like about It – The Unicorn Fancy Pals Pet Carrier is one fabulous way to help children role play how to take care of a magical pet. This helps them prepare for the bigger role of being pet owners in the future.

6Glow Unicorn Baby Toy by Bright Starts

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Age Range: 6 months to 3 years old

Babies require the right kind of stimulation right from the very start. From the time they can discern forms or shapes with their eyes to the time that they will already be crawling on all fours, young children deserve the right kind of toy that will really help them accomplish many of the crucial sensorimotor tasks of infancy. The Glow Unicorn Baby Toy is not just a magical creature that plays wonderful melodies, move when touched, or even lights up when properly stimulated. This bubbly toy made of durable and baby-safe premium grade plastic, painted with a red mane pink hooves and tail, and a lovely purplish pink horn, is one great piece for helping young babies reach their optimum infantile development. Touching Glow’s magical horn treats babies to fantastic lights, fun music and melodies, and a really thrilling galloping action that is sure to entice babies to start crawling after it. It comes in two distinct modes, one for playing and another for crawling or movement. The rounded body of Glow features three buttons numbered 1, 2, and 3 and in different colors and shapes. These may seem very basic but it sure can provide the necessary foundation for color appreciation, shape recognition, and numerical understanding. Switch Glow to the chase function and it will be galloping like a young steed over an open prairie. It will be rocking and galloping towards a particular direction, encouraging baby to follow in its footsteps. And when baby touches Glow while galloping, it can change direction as well. It is for this reason that we really had to include Glow in our list as it can really help children with their young sensorimotor development.

What We Like about It – Glow Unicorn is a unique toy that’s especially designed for babies who are now starting to crawl on all fours. This can help strengthen their leg and arm muscles enabling them optimum mobility.

7Kidoozie Foam Unicorn Pogo Jumper by Kidoozie

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Age Range: 3 to 15 years old

Ride-on toys are just some of the more popular types of playthings that kids love. And when it comes to make-believe horseback riding, we believe we can still add some more element of fun to the usual riding on a horse-stick. Kidoozie’s Foam Unicorn Pogo Jumper is not just any other kind of pogo stick. The thick cushiony foam base helps ensure a more efficient absorbing mechanism of impact forces as your child hops or jumps around the neighborhood on this ride-on toy. The same product feature allows your child to use the pogo stick to jump and hop inside your home without ever damaging or scratching the surface of your floor. The handles on the pogo jumper are fully covered with soft grippy material so your kid will not have problems holding on to it while jumping around. The unicorn head helps provide the experience of riding one of these mythical one-horned creatures so your kid can actually pretend to be Perseus or even Bellerophon, the very first Greek hero to have captured Pegasus; although the winged steed is definitely not a unicorn, but a mythical creature, nevertheless. Jumping with the pogo stick can help kids develop leg muscle strength and coordination while giving them tons of joy and fun.

What We Like about It – The Unicorn Pogo Jumper is perfect for encouraging kids to play a bit more physically. This helps in their continuing physical development.

8Misty Unicorn Stuffed Animal by Melissa & Doug

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Age Range: 3 months to 15 years old

Kids just love stuffed toys. Adults, too, take on stuffed toys like animals and dolls to feel the kind of warmth that perhaps, they are not able to obtain from their friends. In many cases, stuffed animal toys provide the opportunity for kids to pretend play or make believe caring for these creatures without endangering them from the many inherent risks of actual pet ownership. They won’t get bitten, scratched, or nipped at. These toys make the perfect gift if you want children to have a safer means to understanding the essentials of caring for a pet. With respect to our unicorn toys, Melissa & Doug’s Misty Unicorn Stuffed Animal looks more like a Percheron or even a Shire Horse that has a wider, bulker body to match a shorter yet equally bulky legs and hooves. With a white body adorned with a purple tail and mane that provides a splendid background to its grayish unicorn horn, Misty is more than ready to run wild and free in the magical prairie that your child will be creating. Let her listen to the sound of Misty’srainbow-colored hooves as each one performs a rhythmic cadence that is pretty much like the rhythm of life itself. Misty is made of super-soft and ultra-plush materials making it very huggable for those times that kids would simply want something comfy and warm to cuddle up to. It also features weighted hooves so Misty can stand on its own wherever your child wishes to place it.

What We Like about It – Misty is one very friendly magical unicorn that can provide warmth and comfort to kids who want something mystical to hug. Its plush body should help provide such comfort.

9Sticky Mosaics Unicorns by The Orb Factory

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Age Range: At least 5 years old

Puzzles are considered to be excellent tools for stimulating problem solving among young children. These types of toys are considered effective in helping kids develop their convergent thinking skills which are largely different from divergent thinking. Experts agree that what we would like kids to master is their divergent thinking skills. However, because this skill is largely predicated on the kid’s ability to think convergently, puzzles make for a great tool for laying the foundation for the more complex cognitive process of divergent problem solving. Sticky Mosaics Unicorns provide such a cognitive foundation but using an image that is as magical as the thought patterns of very young kids. The patterns on the Sticky Mosaics are numbered, pretty much like what we have when we try to accomplish a cross-stitch design. Kids will have to look at the number patterns and use the correct color of jewels and tiles corresponding to the numbered patterns. It’s like the numbered coloring books that kids use. Each section of an image or drawing has a number that corresponds to a particular color. Children can then use this guide to provide life-giving colors on the drawings. This is the same thing with the Sticky Mosaics.

What We Like about It – The Sticky Mosaics helps teach kids about color recognition, pattern understanding, visual motor coordination, and spatial intelligence. Of course, this can help them with convergent thinking.

10Ilaya Toy Figure by Schleigh 

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Age Range: 3 to 15 years old

If you need a more realistic mythical creature that combines the flight of Pegasus and the horned charm of a unicorn, then the SchleighIlaya Toy Figure is the one to get. While the focus of the action figure is on Ilaya the fairy herself, one cannot simply discount the fact that the Pegasus unicorn she is riding on is one magnificent creature to behold. With the sleek body of a Lipizzan or more of the Friesian horse because of its unusually thick mane, this Pegasus unicorn ride of Ilya is able to provide kids with a more naturalistic and more realistic representation of the magical creatures. This is despite the fact that our knowledge of both mythical steeds is limited only to drawings and anecdotal evidence describing how these would look in real life. As there is no physical evidence to the existence (except for the forged or fabricated fossil remains of a fake unicorn in the Harz Mountains of Germany) of these beings, there simply is a lot left for the imagination to work with. The Ilaya toy figure provides an entirely different way of looking at these creatures by making them look a lot more like ordinary equine thoroughbreds but with a horn and wings. It’s up to our kids to decide how they would like to paint a picture of a unicorn in their minds.

What We Like about It – The Ilaya is one magical toy that can help expand the imaginative capabilities of children especially in conjuring images of these famed steeds.

How We Chose the Best Unicorn Toys in Our List

When we asked the kids of our team of researchers what kind of unicorn toy they would like to have, we were quite surprised and pleased at their answers. And this provided us with a very clear direction of what we need to look for in the different one-horned horse plaything to include in this particular list. We then correlated the remarks of these kids with customer feedbacks and product reviews, making sure that no product with a satisfaction rating of less than 4.1 stars ever made it to our final list. Of course, it wasn’t always easy because even with this high-enough cutoff score, there were still quite a handful of them.

Toys are not only intended to be played with. These must also serve a specific purpose which may not be readily apparent. As such, we took the liberty of determining the developmental benefits of these products on kids. It was imperative that these playthings addressed at least one area of childhood development to gain a spot in our list. The more developmental benefits the plaything is able to provide, the better were the chances that it is to be placed in our top 10.

Of course, safety is also important, especially for very young kids. The process used in the design and manufacture of these play objects were evaluated for the safety of the materials used and the overall integrity of how the different components were built. One of the major concerns of parents everywhere is the exposure of kids to harmful chemicals and potential choking hazards from these toys. We made sure there were none of that.

A Look at the Importance of Mythical Creatures in Child Development

From dwarves and elves to hobbits and flying horses and horned steeds, many children’s stories are riddled with fantastic creations that are best left to the imagination. While we can only say that these are mere fiction, many children believe them to be true. Mythical creatures like unicorns and winged horses have fascinated kids for many millennia. They have formed the backbone of the imaginative potential of kids. It is for this reason that experts believe children’s belief in myths is healthy. It doesn’t really matter whether it is believing in unicorns or Santa or elves, children can reap quite a handful of benefits from believing in these myths.

But why is it important, anyway? Everything has something to do with a kid’s imagination. This is a cognitive process that defies logic for the simple fact that it doesn’t have to be based on observable truths. For instance, believing in the existence of unicorns doesn’t require the presentation of solid proof. One only needs to conjure images in the brain to create the much-needed proof. This requires making complex cognitive processes that take into account a variety of factors including memory, logic, and experience. These are then fully integrated into one simplified interpretation of the concept such that a unicorn is a horse that has a horn.

It may see simple enough but the process of coming up with this generalization is complex. It is in these processes that children are able to hone their cognitive skills, paving the way for more complex cognitive abilities like critical thinking and divergent reasoning. So, the next time your child believes in something as far-fetched as a unicorn, let him or her be. It’s a cognitive exercise for your child.

The Bottom Line

Mythical or not, unicorns have endured the passing of time. From the annals of ancient history to today’s children’s story books, these fabled creatures continue to amaze us with their magical characteristics. With the 10 best unicorn toys for kids in 2017, you can fuel your child’s imagination to greater heights.

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