10 Best Unicorn Toys for Kids in 2017

unicorn toys for kids

Unicorns are legendary mythical creatures that have never failed to capture the imagination and fascination of both kids and adults through the ages.

While the origins of the unicorn are largely debated, many believe that it is of Indian origin, spread across the known world by various Greek writers. It is believed that even the Bible has some reference to a one-horned animal it called re’em. Regardless, unicorns have been a major theme in many children’s toys perhaps because of its mythical nature and maybe because it’s one of those few “creatures” that we haven’t found any fossils yet. This leaves a lot to the imagination. One way to help nurture this imagination among kids is by giving them any of the 10 best unicorn toys for kids in 2017. You can even join in the fun.

How We Chose the Best Unicorn Toys in Our List

When we asked the kids of our team of researchers what kind of unicorn toy they would like to have, we were quite surprised and pleased at their answers. And this provided us with a very clear direction of what we need to look for in the different one-horned horse plaything to include in this particular list. We then correlated the remarks of these kids with customer feedbacks and product reviews, making sure that no product with a satisfaction rating of less than 4.1 stars ever made it to our final list. Of course, it wasn’t always easy because even with this high-enough cutoff score, there were still quite a handful of them.

Toys are not only intended to be played with. These must also serve a specific purpose which may not be readily apparent. As such, we took the liberty of determining the developmental benefits of these products on kids. It was imperative that these playthings addressed at least one area of childhood development to gain a spot in our list. The more developmental benefits the plaything is able to provide, the better were the chances that it is to be placed in our top 10.

Of course, safety is also important, especially for very young kids. The process used in the design and manufacture of these play objects were evaluated for the safety of the materials used and the overall integrity of how the different components were built. One of the major concerns of parents everywhere is the exposure of kids to harmful chemicals and potential choking hazards from these toys. We made sure there were none of that.

A Look at the Importance of Mythical Creatures in Child Development

From dwarves and elves to hobbits and flying horses and horned steeds, many children’s stories are riddled with fantastic creations that are best left to the imagination. While we can only say that these are mere fiction, many children believe them to be true. Mythical creatures like unicorns and winged horses have fascinated kids for many millennia. They have formed the backbone of the imaginative potential of kids. It is for this reason that experts believe children’s belief in myths is healthy. It doesn’t really matter whether it is believing in unicorns or Santa or elves, children can reap quite a handful of benefits from believing in these myths.

But why is it important, anyway? Everything has something to do with a kid’s imagination. This is a cognitive process that defies logic for the simple fact that it doesn’t have to be based on observable truths. For instance, believing in the existence of unicorns doesn’t require the presentation of solid proof. One only needs to conjure images in the brain to create the much-needed proof. This requires making complex cognitive processes that take into account a variety of factors including memory, logic, and experience. These are then fully integrated into one simplified interpretation of the concept such that a unicorn is a horse that has a horn.

It may see simple enough but the process of coming up with this generalization is complex. It is in these processes that children are able to hone their cognitive skills, paving the way for more complex cognitive abilities like critical thinking and divergent reasoning. So, the next time your child believes in something as far-fetched as a unicorn, let him or her be. It’s a cognitive exercise for your child.

The Bottom Line

Mythical or not, unicorns have endured the passing of time. From the annals of ancient history to today’s children’s story books, these fabled creatures continue to amaze us with their magical characteristics. With the 10 best unicorn toys for kids in 2017, you can fuel your child’s imagination to greater heights.

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