10 Best Travel Toys and Games for Kids in 2017

Children love vacations just like their parents, but perhaps the kids are more excited. If you intend to go on holiday with them, it would be a good idea to bring some travel toys and games. This is because even if your destination is filled with nice accommodations, enjoyable activities and breathtaking vistas, the trip going there might take a while.

Parents know very well that kids can’t wait to get there and worse, they might not stop asking the dreaded question, “Are we there yet?” It is therefore a good idea to keep them entertained while on you’re on your way. The children will be too preoccupied to care how long the trip may take when they have travel toys in their hands. Travel games make the journey even more exciting. In fact, you can join the fun and the kids will love the time and attention that you give them.

We came up with a list of the 10 best travel toys and games for 2017 to help you decide which would be the most appropriate for your little ones.

How We Chose the Top Travel Toys and Games for Kids in Our List

Travel toys are not inherently difficult to choose. As long as it could keep a child’s attention and focus to let the passing of time breeze through without much incident, then it should be perfectly all right. Unfortunately, doing is definitely different from merely saying it as we were literally bombarded with many potential candidates to our shortlist. We had to cut the number of these prospects down to a more manageable size so we included only those that have at least 4.3 stars in their customer satisfaction scores. Of course, we balanced this with both the positive and negative feedback or comment for each product to come up with a more realistic assessment of the overall usefulness of these playthings especially in keeping children preoccupied during long travels or even unusual transport delays and stopovers.

Equally important was the product’s appropriateness to the developmental level of its target audience or users. For instance, if the product calls for some form of holding something, then it was imperative that the child’s gross motor skills are already well-established. Otherwise, we will only be wasting our effort in coming up with a list that’s grossly disproportionate to the developmental skill level of its intended user. So, the product’s developmental appropriateness was indeed a very crucial factor in our selection. The product’s safety profile was also important. It pays to choose only products that will not bring harm to our children, especially the young ones who may not yet have an idea of what safety is all about. As long as certifications exist as to the safety of a certain product, we made sure to include it in the shortlist.

Tips to Make Travels Fun for Kids

Going on a trip with kids in tow can be a very interesting prospect for many parents as it gives them the opportunity to treat their kids to people, places, food, and events that may not be the same as what they have at home. While traveling with kids can be a nightmare for some, it is pure joy for most. Technically, the major concern of parents is how to survive a dull and boring road trip especially that young kids are not known for their patience. Here are some tips to minimize boredom and make travels for kids more fun.

  • Plan, plan, plan – You don’t need a foolproof plan to make kiddie travels fun. At least have an idea of what you need to do, see, stay, and experience. Do allow for some spontaneity though.
  • Observe only one pace – your kids’ – Young children, especially toddlers, require time to really explore new surroundings as well as adjust to each circumstance or situation. If you think going to a park will take you 2 hours to appreciate everything, double or even triple that time for your tots.
  • Be prepared for any weather – This is part of contingency planning. The point is you don’t want to spoil your kid’s fun simply because of unforeseen weather disturbance. So, you must be ready for everything and anything.
  • Let them choose the travel toys they would like to bring – Be mindful that the toys in this case are primarily intended to break the monotony of long drives and long waits. As such, one or two of your kid’s favorite toys to keep him or her company should be enough.

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Traveling with kids can be a very fun experience not only for the children themselves but also for parents. Just make sure that if you do intend to travel with your children, you will have their safety and comfort as your priority. Of course, you can rely on these 10 best travel toys and games for kids in 2017 to help you prevent boredom and keep the spirit of fun during these travels. Make sure you are fully prepared for your trip with our helpful guides on the top sunscreens, luggage sets and car seats for kids.

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