10 Top Science Books for Kids

For several weeks, we’ve worked with educators, child development specialists, and book scholars to really understand what makes a science book that’s perfect for today’s children. The endeavor gave us a renewed understanding of how science can and should be taught to children, especially the younger ones. Through the performance of easy and fun at-home scientific experiments and additional reading materials, children can develop a very solid foundation for the sciences. The activity also gave us the 10 best science books for kids, one of which definitely earned the respect and admiration of everyone in our focused group. We found The Everything Kids’ Science Experiments Book to be the pinnacle of science books for kids simply by guiding children to perform many different experiments that are easy to perform, easy to understand, and definitely a lot of fun doing.

top kids science books

How We Chose the Best Children’s Science Books in Our List

Picking the right science books that are especially written for kids was particularly challenging since there are a lot of titles that need to be evaluated. Each of these had their own strengths and weaknesses and as such, we had to focus most of our attention on those that can provide the best value for kids’ learning of fundamental concepts in science. This was closely related to the recommended age of children for which these reading materials were intended. It was imperative that the learning materials be congruent to the cognitive abilities of children for which these were written for. Otherwise, either kids will have difficulty understanding the material or children will grow bored of its oversimplified nature. We thus, read a lot of reviews as well as feedbacks from customers, noting their experiences, their thoughts, and their general acceptance of such reading materials. While there were negative comments, we did try to evaluate these within the context upon which the issues were raised. We then came up with a more comprehensive understanding of the overall usefulness of such books in developing and advancing the learning abilities of children related to science subjects.

Why Children Need to Learn Science

Education leaders and child psychologists are one in saying that early childhood science education is vital. We all know that science has always been and will continue to be at the core of our progress. In fact, to say that science is an important part of modern life is gross understatement. Many of the facets of life today are based on some or all of the principles that make up the hundreds of branches of science. Children need to understand this right from the very start. And if in case you’re wondering why kids should learn science, here are some of the reasons.

  • Builds the foundation for the generation of knowledge– The things we know and understand to be true today may already be false tomorrow or we may generate an entirely new meaning to the things we know. Such is the nature of knowledge. And one of the most important reasons why there is science is to grow and expand this knowledge. Kids who are exposed to such materials can begin to lay the foundation for the continuing growth of knowledge.
  • Helps kids develop perseverance and patience– Performing experiments require tons of patience. You may not obtain the results that you desire at first, but eventually it will. Kids learn the value of patience and perseverance through the performance of different experiments. They also know that performing trial and error types of tests may not always lead to what is expected. So, they have to push and persevere.
  • Aids in the development of healthy skepticism– It pays to be a little skeptic sometimes because not everything that is seen by the naked eyes is true. As such, with their knowledge of the scientific problem solving process, they can put to test these things that they are skeptic about and find the truth.
  • Teaches about how the world works– We already said that science is around us. By letting children learn of scientific principles and concepts they can begin formulating their own understanding of the world.

Science books for children are very important in advancing not only their academic competencies but also in aiding them to understand their unique world. These 10 best science books for kids were all carefully selected based on the fact that children will best learn by doing things and by augmenting their activities with appropriate reading materials. For some great product ideas for science related educational gifts, also make sure you read our post on the top science toys for kids.

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