12 Best Baby Dolls Your Kid Will Love In 2017

Baby dolls are perhaps the most popular toys for kids and there are many good reasons for this. Apart from the development of the child as a whole and gender identity, the basic social skills are also learned. As they pretend to be the parents, kids help each other take care of the baby by feeding the doll and put it to sleep. The kids also learn about being responsible and their imagination is also developed. In addition, their vocabulary is widened from the role play. Feelings of compassion and empathy are also acquired from playing with dolls as they learn that other people have feelings and they start to understand themselves in the process.

Indeed it’s amazing how helpful baby dolls can be to a child. You can try any of the 12 best baby dolls in 2017 and see for yourself how happy your little one can become. Surely you’ll be just as happy considering the benefits.

top baby dolls

How We Chose the Top Baby Dolls in Our List

Among the different kinds of toys known to man, dolls remain one of the most sought after and the most valuable especially in terms of helping young children find more meaning in the world they live in. That’s why we had to keep this in mind when we chose the best dolls for this list. First, they must be soft enough for younger children to find comfort in playing with these toys. Second, they should have movable features to allow children to manipulate these easily to conform to what kids have in mind. Third, they must also be made of safe materials while their construction must also not bring harm to kids, especially the little ones. Fourth, these infants’ and older children’s toy figures must have obtained a considerable acceptance among parents and their children as evidenced by the number of positive reviews as well as the average customer satisfaction score of each product which we pegged at a minimum of 4.2 stars. Lastly, in cases where there is a tie between two or more products, we considered the reputation and credibility of the toy manufacturer. These were essentially the steps that we had to take in coming up with a list of the 12 best baby dolls in 2017.

Reasons Why Kids Should Play with Dolls

Whether we care to admit it or not there are just so many benefits of playing with dolls. These can include remarkable improvements or enhancements in a child’s psychological and emotional well-being to complement developments in his or her physical and social aspects. Now, we said “his or her” because experts strongly recommend that “ALL” kids should play with baby dolls. And here are the reasons why.

  • Develops nurturing and caring skills – The traditional view of men as un-caring and unfit for showing caring and nurturing attributes is now slowly being dissolved. In its stead are daddies who are more hands-on when caring for their babies. They are not ashamed to be seen in public carrying their little ones, hugging them, feeding them, and even changing their diapers. Children today need to appreciate this changing norm and that young boys will be better prepared for the future if they play with dolls today so they will develop essential caring skills and nurturing techniques that will make them better dads in the future.
  • Enhances motor skills – Young children will learn to button and unbutton their shirts a lot better if they train using dolls. This provides them with the needed motor skills to accomplish other things.
  • Boosts cognitive skills – Doll play is not all about having fun as it also involves thinking in the form of imagination. Kids can conjure of images of a caring mom or a nurturing dad. These provide the necessary ingredients for optimum cognitive development.
  • Helps build social skills – Dolls don’t talk back yet they provide the medium upon which young tots will learn how to communicate and build relationships with others. This helps prepare them in interacting with other people.

The Bottom Line

Doll play is important for all children. Both boys and girls can benefit immensely from role playing caring and nurturing attributes of mom and dad. With the 12 best baby dolls in 2017, you can give them the right tools to learn these important life skills.

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