5 Leading Pottery Wheels for Kids in 2017

Craft toys are considered by many, including child development experts, to be one of the best playthings that can help stimulate the creative potential of any kid. The final products of such craft toys can be a great source of accomplishment which can fuel pride and self-confidence in the child. From here on, the benefits can take on different aspects.

There are so many types of craft play sets. There are those that involve sewing or knitting while others go into paper crafts. Still, others would try their hands on pottery sets for beginners. There’s simply something magical about the feel of clay as it turns while your hands slowly sculpt it to perfection.

If you have a child who’s interested in the art of clay crafting, here are the 5 best pottery wheels for kids in 2017 you simply have to learn about.

How We Chose the Top Pottery Wheels for Kids in Our List

Choosing the really amazing child’s pottery wheel can be quite challenging especially for folks like us who clearly don’t know what an earthenware wheel is and what it’s for. As such, even before we embarked on this mission, we had to seek the guidance of a master craftsman, someone who has been skilled in the art of molding clay products like pots and mugs that have been spun on some form of wheel. This gave us an idea of the unique qualities of earthenware wheels we have to look for.

While we do recognize that these gadgets are essentially for children which simply means they don’t really need to be like the real thing, we still endeavored to include only those items that can provide the once-in-a-lifetime experience of making pots by hand. We wanted children to be inspired by these toys.

Since kids will be physically handling a variety of clay or dough-like materials, it was crucial that we ascertain the safety of these substances or materials. We don’t want your children to be squishing and molding these gooey substances only to regret later on if you find out that the substances are actually harmful to your kid’s health. Safety is a paramount concern in all of the things we choose for our kids. This is also true for its wheel operating mechanism.

Reasons Why Kids Need to Play with Clay

There are many reasons why young children are actually encouraged to play with clay. This is despite the fact that clay can be yucky and icky and can be filled with a lot of germs. In order for our children to really reap the benefits of playing with clay, it is imperative that we provide them only with safer clay alternatives like play dough or even synthetic clay.

But exactly why should young kids play with clay? Here’s why.

  • Helps in problem solving – Give kids a lump of clay and the first thing they will do is to look at it before they try manipulating it to form a particular object. This is the process of problem solving at its most basic. Their young brains are trying to figure out what form will come out from this lump of clay.
  • Enhances sensory development – As kids knead and shape the lump of terracotta, they are treated to a variety of textures which can be rough or smooth or even hard or soft. This helps enhance the development of their sensory integration and processing.
  • Fosters creativity – Like problem solving, creating something out of a lump of clay shows creativity. If kids can make a human figure out of their lump of clay and even without following a model, it simply shows their brain’s capacity for creative thinking.
  • Simply therapeutic – Kids experience stress, too. They can get tensed, feel anxious, and even feel frustrated. Giving them clay effectively dissipates the negative energy of stress into the clay providing a more relaxed and calming effect.

The Bottom Line

Allowing kids to make their own pottery sets can be the ultimate form of creative expression as they can literally personalize their own creations. With these 5 best pottery wheels for kids in 2017 we’re confident your child will appreciate the uniqueness of pottery making and ceramic craft.

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