7 Top Cookbooks for Kids in 2017

It really is amazing to watch children as young as 7 or 8 years old come up with delectable dishes that are befitting the menu of a Michelin Starred restaurant. And while their cooking skills are really admirable, their knife skills and other technical competencies in the kitchen including filleting, slicing, dicing, baking, grilling, pan frying, and a whole lot more are also very amazing. Some of these homegrown talents are naturally gifted while others have spent thousands of hours reading through kiddie cookbooks and instruction guides and viewing YouTube videos just to get their skills right. If you’ve got a kid who happens to be highly interested in making the kitchen his or her magical world, then our 7 top cookbooks for kids in 2017 should help your kid map out his or her destiny and set him of her on the correct path.

How We Chose the Best Kids Cookbook in Our List

It was quite a challenge coming up with a list of the best cookbooks for kids partly because, like any other literature, the choice is always a reflection of personal preferences. This was actually the case in our search as we read through the different feedbacks of parents and other consumers who have already bought the recipe book. We did strive for a minimum customer satisfaction rating for each of these pieces of literature. However, major emphasis was on the pros and cons of the different products that we have initially listed. In cases where the cons far outweigh the pros, it was automatically scrapped off the list. There was simply no point including something that many people do not seriously think as worthy of their 5 stars. When the pros and cons were established and carefully analyzed, we then proceeded to dissect the book’s qualities a bit further.

First on our list of priorities was the appropriateness of the reading material to the age of the reader. Younger readers will typically rely on a lot of illustrations or images to help in the understanding of the different steps and principles inherent in the preparation and cooking of a particular recipe. Older kids can already understand textual information but should still be written in such a way as to facilitate easier understanding. Tweens and teens will also require a different writing style to appeal more to their highly individualistic nature. It was imperative that the manner in which the recipes or the topics in the cookbook were presented followed a very logical and systematic organization that is appropriate to the developmental level of the reader.

Additionally, we also looked for added value in the print. For example, hints, tricks, and tips can often provide a more fun way for kids to do certain things. This also helps eliminate the boredom that is often associated with prolonged reading of such material especially among younger children who may not have the patience yet for lengthy reads.

Why Kids Should Learn How to Cook

In a world where everything can be obtained in an instant such as instant burgers, instant fries, and instant noodles, as well as many other instant food items, many parents are actually wondering if there is ever a reason why kids should learn to cook. For the most part, many believe that advances in technology have clearly eliminated the need to toil over the preparation of a meal that one can readily obtain from companies or firms that provide such meals. So, why should kids learn how to cook, right? As it turns out, there are many reasons why children of today should still strive to learn the basic skills of cooking. Here are some of them.

  • It’s a very important life skill. Your family may not always have access to instant food all the time and there will always be situations when personally-cooked meals are called for.
  • It teaches kids to appreciate real food. Only real foods have all the right nutrients that our bodies need. Compared to heavily processed foods, natural food items are healthier as they don’t contain harmful artificial ingredients.
  • It’s a great way to manage picky eaters. Toddlers and preschoolers are known to be finicky. By giving them the power to cook their own food, they will be more than obliged to eat what they have prepared.
  • It helps enhance the motor skills of kids. Stirring, measuring, rolling, or even sprinkling spices over the cooked food requires motor skills and good control of muscle coordination.
  • It encourages children to practice their reading skills. Reading through the various recipes becomes a training session for kids to hone their reading skills.

The Bottom Line

If eating together brings families closer together, then cooking with your kids can definitely strengthen your bond as well. Our 7 top cookbooks for kids in 2017 should help you establish this relationship with your kid and pave the way for a more effective life skill set for your child.

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