12 Best Books 7 Year Olds Will Love In 2017

Seven year old children already have a wide range of vocabulary that they can seamlessly meld to form meaningful sentences and use these in normal everyday conversations. Of particular importance is the increasing role of full and detailed stories in the continuing expansion of their grammar knowledge and providing them with a basis for sound social interaction.

Choosing the right book for a 7 year old to read can be particularly challenging as there are plenty of titles in the market vying for the plum of the most ideal read for a seven year old. To help you, we’ve managed to shortlist the 12 best books for 7 years old that you may want to give due consideration.

Tips to Choosing the Right Books for 7 Year Old Kids

As we have already said, choosing the right and the best pieces of literature that is ideal for 7 year old kids is never easy. However, in our ongoing commitment to provide you with more meaningful selection, we knew that we had to share with you tips on how you can choose the right books for your seven year old kid.

  • Understand your kid’s developmental level. 

It is important to reflect on your understanding of the developmental milestones of your seven year old kid. Like toys, it is imperative that the literature is written in a manner that is easy to understand at the cognitive level of children of this particular age. The idea is to make sure that your child will be able to read the book by himself or herself and will not have any issues understanding most of the words used. We do recognize the fact that different kids have different cognitive and language development skills. That is why it is critical that you make an accurate assessment of your child’s language abilities particularly his or her reading, comprehension, and grammar skills, among others.

  • Always look at what interests your child the most.

You may know your kid’s level of language and cognitive skills, but do you know what really interests him or her? It should already be a given that you truly understand what your child really wants as opposed to what you think he or she needs. Sometimes, we push our kids into liking something that they obviously don’t have any interests on. This can result in friction in our relationship with our kids. Instead, we can guide them into choosing interests that are largely beneficial for them. Regarding books, you can try learning about the most common genres of books that the average 7 year old reads. You can then compare these with the interests of your child so you will have an idea of what book to get.

  • Learn the different genres of books that are ideal for 7 year olds. 

There are many genres of books that are considered ‘appropriate’ for 7 year olds. We had to highlight the term ‘appropriate’ since there are no clear-cut guidelines as to what genre will suit any specific age group. This is due to the fact that children grow as individual entities, uniquely their own. Some may find picture books to be particularly interesting while others may find it boring. Nevertheless, you may want to try considering the following different genres of books that may suit your 7 year old.

  • Picture story books – Illustrations or graphics are used to complement and mirror the plot of the story. Typically, the pictures or illustrations provide a more dramatic effect to the reading experience.
  • Traditional literature – These can include folktales, fairy tales, fables, myths, and legends which are stories that are often handed down across generations. These are invaluable bridges that connect the distant past with what we have today and the near future. 
  • Historical fiction ­– Stories that portray a particular time period, often to create interest and drama that are based on actual events, are typically called historical fiction. 
  • Modern fantasy – This is a very broad category of books that is often characterized by story lines and elements that are purely imaginative. Examples of these include Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Charlotte’s Web, among others. 
  • Realistic fiction – These are almost similar to historical fiction except that the stories generally allude to current events. 
  • Informational ­– These types of books are otherwise known as non-fiction and provide invaluable information for children. Generally, these are used to aid in academic learning. 
  • Drama and poetry – You may not like poetry and drama but these are important in teaching kids about writing styles, symbolism, metaphors, analogies, rhythm, literary devices, verse, and prose. 
  • Biography – Kids love reading about the story of another person as it provides them the opportunity to learn from the individual how choices, challenges, and opportunities can shape a person in real life.

Before you raise your eyebrows regarding these types or genres of books for seven year olds, we have to reiterate that, while these are also found in most adult books, the manner in which the content is written is critical. It should closely match the developmental skills of your child. These should have the following characteristics:

  • It should be written specifically for children to read on their own.
  • The sentences must be short and simple; although advanced readers can benefit with longer sentences.
  • The content should not be very lengthy; typically between 4,000 and 12,000 words is sufficient.
  • It can include fantasy settings or even real-life settings.
  • It includes a plot complete with setbacks; may include minor subplots.

It should also be worth noting that kids of this age are very fond of mystery, humor, and adventure.

  • Choose one that provides an invaluable life lesson.

It is equally important that children will be able to learn something from the story that they are reading. Books are inherently gateways to a variety of adventures that children may not necessarily have the chance to experience in the real world. These valuable lessons may or may not be readily apparent but, we’re hoping that you will also be guiding your kids in the identification of life values ingrained in the stories contained in these books. Life lessons such as the value of friendship, establishing and maintaining social relationships, the importance of family, and the idea of love, compassion, independence, freedom, humility, industry, and many more, are best taught to kids when they appreciate the way these are integrated into the fabric of the story.

  • Consider books that provide ample illustrations.

It makes perfect sense if you’re going to choose a book that contains graphics or illustrations to aid in the understanding of the material. Sometimes, there are storylines that may seem complex to kids of this age. Providing illustrations will somehow drive home the point that the literary piece is aiming for. Besides, illustrations and graphics help reinforce your child’s object recognition, color awareness, and divergent thinking skills.

Letting 7 year old kids read rich, vivid, and highly detailed stories that are written for their age is crucial for the continuing development of their language, social, and cognitive skills. By choosing carefully reading materials that are appropriate in content and the manner of delivery, you can feel more at ease about your kid’s future as an avid reader and as a better person.

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