12 Top Books For 4 Year Old Kids In 2017

It is very rare to see 4 year old kids who can read on their own. In general, they are the exception. These gifted kids often use picture clues as well as match the different letters to their respective sounds to form words. Their attention span is also exceptionally long. So, don’t fret if your kid clearly hasn’t achieved any of these yet because he or she clearly belongs to what experts consider the ‘norm’. Nevertheless, there are certain things you can do to help your 4 year old achieve these developmental markers. One of these is by reading to them or assisting them in reading books and other reading materials that are appropriate for their developmental level. To help you get started, we’ve prepared 12 best books for 4 year olds that you may wish to read to or share reading with your child.

Tips to Helping Your 4 Year Old Read

As we have already said earlier that majority of 4 year olds still cannot read on their own. It is very rare to find a child of this age who can already read with amazing proficiency. Such kids, while rare, do exist and they are truly gifted. However, for most of us, we should not feel despair since the development of 4 year old kids progresses at a rather steady pace. And for most kids of this age, they are not yet supposed to read independently. This doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do about it. For starters, it is imperative that we know how to help our kids learn how to read. Here are some tips.

  • Be a good role model 

This is one thing that most parents fail in. They expect their kids to be proficient at something, yet they themselves are clearly not. If you want to teach your kid how to read and even develop a passion for reading, it is a must that you show the same passion and commitment to reading as well. It makes no sense to tell our kids to read their books when they don’t see us opening our own books.

  • Always make it a point to read WITH your child 

Almost in the same line as being a good reading model, parents should understand that MOST 4 year olds cannot read independently, yet. As such, reading with our children is a must so we can figuratively show them what we mean by saying certain words. If reading involves younger kids, you may have to read TO them and create a fascinating experience they will all remember. However, if you already have a 4 year old, nearing his or her 5th birthday, it is crucial to read WITH him or her so your kid also gets to experience ‘saying’ those words, if needed. Do understand that it all depends on your child. If he or she is already adept at mimicking your voice and the way you produce sounds, reading WITH him or her should be the nature of your session; otherwise, you may need to read TO your kid.

Additionally, you may want to look at the things that really interest your child. Typically, 4 year olds love song books, rhyming books, picture books, and even alphabet books. 

  • Ask questions to encourage interaction 

If you want to encourage your kid to read some more, you will have to give him or her the right motivation. He or she may not know how to interact with the story that you’ve read but you can always ask questions to direct him or her into wanting to know more about the story. Sooner or later, your child will be the one who will be so eager to ask questions. Remember that one of the most remarkable characteristics of 4 year olds is their curiosity. They are naturally curious about things and about how different events and objects work in the real world. That’s why many child psychology experts look at them as little explorers as they are always filled with fascination. It is this fascination for things that are new, novel, and unique that usually keeps them very interested. 

  • Visit the neighborhood

Did you know there’s a reason why Sesame Street always plays the song “Who are the people in your neighborhood?” Kids, especially preschoolers, are exploring the world around them. It is one thing to read with them the story about a firefighter or even a doctor and it’s an entirely different matter if he or she gets to interact with these professionals, face-to-face. Your child can ask them questions about their profession, about what they do on a daily basis. They can then compare these with what they have ‘read’ in their books. This helps facilitate learning and provides the basis for more reading. The point is that you may really have to exert some effort of bridging the gap between the things written in the book and the things that are found in the real world. This provides the backbone for their love for reading.

Reading with a four year old kid is something that all parents should spend time doing especially if they want to see their kids to grow up a well-read person. And even if he or she is not going to be a bookworm, the mere fact that kids can read is often enough to see them through the rest of their lives. Let these 12 best books for 4 year olds be your starting point in realizing your child’s true language and speech development.

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