10 Best Toddler Halloween Costumes

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Dressing up is a very fun activity for kids, especially toddlers. It helps them play out the different roles that they would like to portray. As such, choosing the best and most appropriate infant and toddler costumes is crucial. When people talk about costumes, there’s only one time of the year when almost everyone will be in their best make-believe roles – Halloween. That is why Halloween costumes for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers are such a huge hit not only during this time of the year but all year round. So, if your tot is already raring to play the role of Superman or even Master Yoda with his or her ultra-realistic costume, then be ready to choose from our top 10 toddler Halloween costumes.

Our Top Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

1Little Boys’ Deluxe Police Officer Costume by Dress Up America 

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While it is true that the current situation in the country today is a growing hatred towards the police force, law enforcement officers remain one of the most respected professions in the world, especially in this great country of ours. This is especially true right after the 9/11 attacks in New York where men and women in uniform really sacrificed a lot to save countless other lives. While our young children may have not yet been born yet during that fateful event, we can nevertheless help them show respect for the men and women in uniform by getting them the Little Boys’ Deluxe Police Officer toddler costumes. The fabric material is made of 100 percent and flame-retardant polyester giving it superb comfort as well as durability. The styling is as close to the original. The only thing that gives it away as a kiddie cop uniform is the large “police” printed at the back. It comes with the dark blue shirt and pants that many police forces in the country use. There’s a belt, a cop’s hat, a whistle, a handcuff, and a gun holster. You’ll have to buy a toy gun, though. There’s a police force insignia on the upper arm of the sleeves while a sheriff’s star is emblazoned on the upper area of the front left pocket.

What We Like about It – The Deluxe Police Officer Costume is truly one of a kind as it is as close to a real cop uniform. This should make for excellent portraits after which, your toddler can simply play with it make-believing he is enforcing the law.

2Marvel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Toddler Muscle Costume by Disguise

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One of the best toddler costumes you can ever find today is the Marvel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Toddler Muscle Costume. The only thing that is quiet upsetting is that, instead of a full face mask of Spidey, the specialty uniform only features a half mask that showcases your kid’s awesome smile. Not bad at all, if you ask us. But what really blew us away is the design of the clothing. It has been padded in the torso and the upper arms to mimic the chiseled appearance of Spiderman’s chest, abs, and upper arms. What you now have is a very muscular, super strong Spiderman and not the lanky, thin, and almost fragile Spidey we have seen in films. The jumpsuit is woven with pure polyester giving it superb comfort fit. At least, your kid will be able to relive being the web-slinging hero. Whether it is saving Gwen or coming face-to-face with his old friend and arch-enemy Harry or challenge the might of Electro, playing the role of Spiderman will really be a thrill for your toddler.

What We Like about It – We have to say that the “muscled appearance” of the Spiderman uniform is the one that really blew us away. Although, we really do think that it was overdone. If the costume were He-Man and the Masters of the Universe or maybe even Conan the Destroyer, we’d really forgive the oversized muscles. But Spidey? Makes for a great impression of a superhero, though.

3Minnie Mouse Infant Costume by Disguise

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Among the many Disney characters, no one is more lovable than the meek and dainty Minnie Mouse. Always taking the backseat in favor of her partner, Mickey, who is obviously more popular, Minnie Mouse nonetheless is an epitome of unparalleled support for her life partner. And this is a role that we can help our children to learn when we give them the Minnie Mouse Halloween costumes for infants and toddlers. The Minnie dress comes with the classic red with white polka dots skirt made of premium quality 100 percent polyester. The upper dress is made up of different fabric materials. The front panel is made of a mixture of 79 percent polyester and the remaining percentage composed of metallic elements. The back panel of the dress is made of high grade polyester while the sleeves are woven with 100 percent nylon. The overlay for the skirt is also made of nylon. Of course, it won’t be Minnie without her signature mouse-y ears complete with a red and white polka dot ribbon, the same design of the skirt.

What We Like about It – She’s no Spiderman or even Wonder Woman, but we believe Minnie is one of the most iconic female characters that little girls of today can really learn from. Loyal, fun, always smiling, and very supportive of Mickey. These are the qualities we would definitely like our toddlers to learn.

4Soft and Comfy Pumpkin Infant Costume by Fun World

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The pumpkin has always been equated with Halloween. In fact, it won’t really be a Halloween without the famous jack-o-lantern. The Soft and Comfy Pumpkin Infant Costume is one of those infant and toddler girl Halloween costumes that you can really get for your toddler as they go trick or treating with her friends. The Pumpkin comes with a beautiful large orange body suit or tunic designed with the iconic face of jack-o-lantern except that, instead of being scary and spooky, the face is actually smiling. The dress comes with a collar that is styled like the leaves of the pumpkin. Your kid’s head will serve as the stem of this walking pumpkin. The hat is designed like a bonnet with a green top. High grade polyester was used in the manufacture of the Pumpkin. The tunic is about 3 feet tall and about 14 inches in diameter. Washing the Pumpkin should only be done by hand, though. 

What We Like about It – The Soft and Comfy Pumpkin has an ingenious design that is specific for Halloween. Our only lament is that the body suit could have been made rounder to really mimic the shape of a pumpkin. Nevertheless, the costume itself should really attract attention to your kid wherever he or she may go.

5Talking Plush Dinosaur Child Costume by Rubie’s Costume

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Is it because we haven’t seen a real live dinosaur that children, even adults, are fascinated with these prehistoric creatures? Movies and television shows have been made to increase our understanding of dinosaurs. Kids have different dinosaur toys and characters that they admire such as Barney, BJ, and Bee-Bop as well as Arlo and Aladar. The fact is that if there’s ever toddler costumes that will surely get the attention of everyone else in the group, then that would be the Talking Plush Dinosaur Child Costume. The green jumpsuit comes with yellow spikes both on the tail and on the head. The headpiece comes with eyes and nosetrils. The open mouth of the dinosaur fits your kid’s face. There’s also a patch of orange cloth on thechest of the Talking Plush Dinosaur. The feet have claws to make role playing with dinosaurs a lot more realistic and fun. And here’s the really interesting part. The talking plush Dinosaur toddlers costumes come with a sound chip so your kid can really roar like these prehistoric giants did.

What We Like about It – The sound chip on the Talking Plush Dinosaur is a fantastic addition to the already superb features of the dress-up item. At least, you now have a talking and a walking dinosaur right in your home.

6Baby’s Train Engineer Toddler Costume by Fun World

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Steam locomotives are a dying breed. We only get to see them or ride in them in some parts of the world that still run and operate these kinds of trains. In the US we still have a few steam locomotives left but these are often seen in amusement parks as well as historical museums. Most of the trains we now see are electronic if not powered by diesel engines. In most cases, the uniform of the train engineer has been lost in the transition. You can now let your kid enjoy being a train engineer even for a day with the Baby’s Train Engineer specialty clothing. These toddler costumes are made of a mixture of cotton and polyester with three-fifths of the material being cotton and the rest as polyester. This is true for all parts of the train engineer uniform including the striped overalls, the scarf or neckerchief, and the cap. Of course, you will need to buy an inner shirt for your toddler for him or her to wear underneath the overall.

What We Like about It – The design of the train engineer uniform looks pretty much like denim perhaps because of its stripe pattern. What we love about it though, is the simplicity of the design.

7Star Wars Complete Yoda Costume by Rubie’s Costume

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Let your kid recite the famous line of the most famous Grand Jedi master of all time – Fear is the path of the dark side – with the Star Wars Complete Yoda Costume. This fictional character is one of the most-loved Star Wars personas ever since he appeared in The Empire Strikes Back in 1980. We all know him for his very unique speech syntax that follows the unusual order of object-subject-verb instead of the usual subject-verb-object. Going back to the Yoda uniform, this one comes with a soft-hooded robe that all Jedi masters wear. A dark brown sip-up underclothing provides an excellent contrast to the off-white-beige color of the robe. The Yoda costume comes with the signature pointed ears as well as the wrinkled forehead of the famous master. Made of only the highest quality of polyester fabric, the Yoda robe and underclothing need to be washed by hand as it is quite delicate. Now, you only need to buy a realistic Jedi light saber for your young Yoda kid to wield. There will be countless fun times the young Yoda in your kid will be training the next batch of powerful Jedis.

What We Like about It – The robe is very simple. What really amazed us is the Yoda headpiece. Your kid will really look like Yoda with his signature pointy ears. Your kid will just have to practice his speech and he can take on the Dark Side anytime.

8Sock Monkey Costume by Disguise

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One of the most playful yet really intelligent creatures on earth is the monkey. We may associate certain monkey species with mischief but a few of them are clearly clever that they might as well be the missing link proponents of man’s evolution are talking about. The Sock Monkey Costume is one of those Halloween costumes for infants and toddlers that everyone else will be talking about. The monkey bodysuit comes complete with pants that have snap closure to allow for easy wearing and removal. The Sock Monkey also features boot covers so your kid’s feet will be duly protected while he or she is monkeying around. And while these many not be the best toddler girl Halloween costumes, they are nonetheless fun to both wear and look at especially with its fully detachable tail so your kid can go from a tailed tufted capuchin to a tailless chimpanzee in no time at all. The headpiece features a smiling face of a simian specie. Made of only the best and highest quality of polyester, the Sock Monkey should be the perfect suit for your kid’s Halloween party or even birthday party he or she needs to attend to.

What We Like about It – The Sock Monkey’s unique bodysuit design is admirable. But perhaps, it’s the removable tail and the great-looking headpiece that really sold us into including this in our list.

9Superman Romper Costume with Removable Cape by Rubie’s Costume

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Get your kid ready to save Lois Lane, Metropolis, and the world as the newest, noblest, and most lovable Superman ever to fly the skies of Earth. If you’re looking for Halloween costumes for infants and toddlers that are really heroic, we’d recommend the Superman Romper Costume with Removable Cape. The long-sleeved romper comes with the iconic Superman logo across the chest. It comes with a yellow belts plus a detachable cape. The only thing missing now is the chiseled appearance of Superman’s physique. Nevertheless, your child will be more than ready to take on LexLuthor and even General Zod with this piece of superhero uniform. As the fabric used in the romper is quite delicate, it should only be washed by hand using cold water and dried on a clothesline. No bleaching is recommended.

What We Like about It – Putting it on is easy with the built-in snap closure in the inner legs. The removable cape is notable, too. At least, Superman won’t get snagged on take off.

10Baby Boys’ T-Rex by Princess Paradise 

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Remember what we said about how today’s kids and adults are fascinated with dinosaurs? And what better way to play the role of the most fearsome dinosaur of all time than wearing the Baby Boys’ T-Rex? While it’s true the label says it’s for boys, this can make for excellent toddler girl Halloween costumes, too. The one-piece jumpsuit has reptile-like patterns and ultra-realistic dinosaur spike plates along the spine from the top of the head down to the tip of the tail. The color styling also closely mimics that of a real T-Rex. Just make sure not to put it inside your washing machine as it can be quite delicate.

What We Like about It – The realism of the dinosaur skin is enough to make the T-Rex easily one of our favorites. And we fully understand why it should be hand-washed, not machine-washed.

How We Chose the Top Halloween Costumes for Tots in Our List

Selecting a wardrobe is easy. Choosing a costume, on the other hand is a bit trickier. This we found the hard way when we decided to embark on a mission of bringing you the world’s ten best toddler Halloween costumes.

First, it wouldn’t be a costume if it does not observe fidelity to the role that it is supposed to portray. For instance, if the costume is that of a police officer, then you would expect the look, design, and style will have to be the uniform of a law enforcement officer. As such, we considered design fidelity as an important parameter in our search for the top infant and toddler costumes. Closely related to the design is the fabric material that was used. As much as possible we would like these pieces of specialty clothing to be comfortable for toddlers to wear. We believe that if the texture of the costume is not smooth or is uncomfortable, kids may feel irritated wearing it, and they won’t be able to bring out their best and play the role that they are supposed to be portraying.

Another consideration was the safety of the materials used. While we don’t have anything against synthetics it is a must that there are no additional chemicals used in the final manufacturing process which could undermine the overall safety of the specialty clothing.

The company’s reputation or trustworthiness was also factored in the process. Any awards or recognition obtained either by the company or by the product were considered as excellent bonus points. These just show that the company is dedicated and really committed to producing only high quality and safe products for the kids of today.

Lastly, we listened to the most meticulous critics of all – parents. We read through the hundreds of reviews as well as feedbacks looking for a compelling reason why a particular Halloween costume should not be included in our list.

In the end, our efforts paid off. We were able to share with you our top 10 toddler Halloween costumes.

Role-Playing and Kids’ Development

Role playing among children can bring a lot of developmental benefits to them. It can enhance their cognitive abilities as well as their social interaction skills. All of these are related to how well they understand the different roles they need to portray.

Portraying different roles require an understanding of how the world works. Children will then have modify these roles to make them less threatening and more fun. This greatly improves the cognitive abilities of children as they try to make sense of cause-effect relationships. They know that if they try to modify a particular role, they can also change the outcomes of playing these roles. For example, while Spiderman is not known to fly, they can try to modify the role to include the superhero ability to fly like Superman.

Roleplaying also requires children to cooperate with others especially in deciding who shall play what role in their activity. For instance, if kids are in a costume party that has a superhero theme, then they can group themselves into superheroes or even super villains. They can also be grouped according to their affiliations whether they’re with the Avengers, the X-Men, the Justice League, or even the Autobots and Decepticons. The fact is that they need to communicate with one another so that everyone knows what roles they have to play.

While toddlers are not known to enjoy cooperative play, roleplaying can nonetheless, lay the foundation for a healthy social development.

The Bottom Line

Toddler costumes are not only for Halloween. They’re also great for costume parties, birthday parties, or even portrait photography. With our top 10 toddler Halloween costumes, you now have a much more comprehensive shortlist to choose from.

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