13 Best Toys to Make Bathtime Fun for Your Toddler

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The Importance Of Bathing Your Children

Bathtime is one of the most fun times for toddlers. Many look forward to bathtime to act out their fantasies and dreams playing with their favorite toys. However, as toys have an inherent value in promoting psychosocial, motor, and emotional development in your toddlers, it is necessary to provide them with bath toys that are not only fun to use but are also very educational and help in the achievement of your toddler’s developmental needs.

Our Top 13 Bath Toys For Toddlers

Crayola Color Bath Dropz 3.59 Ounce (60 Tablets)Toys & Child5
Green Toys Rescue Boat with HelicopterGreen Toys4.8
Yookidoo Submarine Spray Station Bath ToyYookidoo4.7
Little Tikes BathketballLittle Tikes4.6
Freddie and Sebbie 36 Piece Set Bath Letters and Numbers with Toy OrganizerFreddie and Sebbie4.5
Boon Water Pipes Bath Toy with StorageBoon4.4

1Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys from Nuby

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With its very colorful and soft purple body with wide gleeful eyes, it is not difficult to see why toddlers love the floating Octopus Hoopla from Nuby. With tentacles sticking upright serving as poles for the three colorful rings to be tossed right through, the purple Hoopla is every toddler’s unique way of developing his or her hand-eye coordination while at the same time stimulating his or her other senses. The bath toy is made of BPA-free materials and at only $6.99 a piece, getting at least two for your toddlers should make bathtime an activity worth looking forward to. The 3 rings come in circular, star, and fish shapes to help your toddler these shapes.

What We Like about It – It is a very interactive way for any toddler to master hand-eye coordination and have fun at the same time in the pool or in the bathtub. The choice of soft purple as the color of the body of the octopus can really provide a calming effect so that learning can be better facilitated.

2Fun Frog Bath Toys from Zig Zag Kid

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Designed to be an excellent fixture on the side of your toddler’s bathtub, the Fun Frog from Zig Zag Kid has been recognized as a toddler’s best bathtime buddy. It comes with 4 small colorful cups which your toddler can use to scoop water and pour on green Froggy’s head then see the water come out from the plastic amphibian’s mouth. This, in turn, spins the bow tie of Froggy and cascade down to turn 2 other colorful wheels. If you have been fascinated about waterwheels before, then your toddler will surely appreciate this. At $24.99 a piece, you can already teach your toddler hand-eye coordination and cause-and-effect relationships while at the same time refining their fine motor skills.

What We Like about It – Because its design is primarily intended to utilize the physics of water flow, it is a very interesting piece of bath toy to help toddlers learn about gravity and the fluidity of water. And with a lifetime warranty, that should be a comforting sign of its quality.

3Flow N Fill Spout Baby Bath Toy from Yookidoo

If you like a never-ending stream of water that can be conveniently poured into a receptacle then spouted in 3 different ways without having to worry about increasing water bills, then Yookidoo’s Flow N Fill Spout with 3 stackable cups and a fully automated spout is just for your toddler. Let him be amazed by the different streams of water coming from the different tumblers. Attach the pinwheel tumbler and your toddler will have his or her very own waterwheel. The Flow N Fill Spout comes reasonably priced and already included 3 AA batteries to operate the spout.

What We Like about It – This is a great way to teach your toddler about the basic principles of physics; albeit in a very rudimentary form. It teaches them about creativity and how changing one cup for another can lead to a different result.

4Rescue Boat with Helicopter from Green Toys

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Be it on the bathtub or in the play mat, your toddler will surely love playing with the Rescue Boat with Helicopter from Green Toys. With 2 cute and lovable figures, this red-and-white rescue boat should provide tons of imaginative fun for your child. At $24.99 per set, your toddler can pretend to be the captain of the ship or the pilot of the rescue helicopter. Either way, it’s one of the best ways to introduce real-life heroes and professions in your child’s life.

What We Like about It – The Rescue Boat with Helicopter is made of 100 percent recycled plastic so it should be very comforting to learn that you are contributing to the welfare of the environment.

5Submarine Spray Station Bath Toy from Yookidoo

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Composed of 3 main components – the yellow submarine, a hand shower, and a bathtub-attached water circulation pumping system – the Submarine Spray Station Bath Toy from Yookidoo is one fantastic way to stimulate your toddler’s understanding of cause-and-effect systems and help develop his or her fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills. The submarine is attached to a suction on the floor of the bathtub and draws water to the hand spray. Your toddler can use this to fill the water circulation system and see a wonderful chain reaction of nothing less than magical effects.

What We Like about It – The entire system is truly amazing especially in teaching your kids case-and-effect relationships. It is also excellent for fostering independent play and tons of opportunities for toddler exploration.

6Bathketball from Little Tikes

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The Bathketball is one great toy to introduce your toddler to the world of hoops. Watch him make those shots from afar and see the colorful rim spinners twirl. Each spinner comes added features for additional learning like shapes and numbers. Each colored squirting ball comes with a fun face to make the bathketball more enjoyable.

What We Like about It – The bath toy’s design is quite simple. It is also easy to clean and very portable. Best of all, we are sure kids, especially boys, will love shooting those balls through the hoop.

7Submarine Bath Toy from Green Toys

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This blue-and-yellow submarine made of 100 percent recycled plastic can make for a very fun make-believe bathtime for any toddler. Let your toddler to fill the hull with water and watch him or her grow in amazement as the water flows out of the portholes and the front opening. This float toy can be a great way to stimulate your kid’s imagination and reasonably well priced, expect tons of joy if you get one each for your kids.

What We Like about It ­– It is made of recycled plastic so that is definitely a big plus for the environment. Additionally, its scoop-and-pour design is one great way to help develop your kid’s motor skills. 

8Crayola Bathtub Crayons from Play Visions

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If you want to stimulate the artistic potential of your kids, then you simply have to get the Crayola Bathtub Crayons from Play Visions. Watch your toddler make caricatures or drawings on his or her bathtub. As long as your bathtub is made of nonporous material, this should be relatively okay. At the very least, you don’t have to worry about cleanup later on as the crayon marks are easy to remove. At only $7, you already get 9 colors for your toddler to create a masterpiece right in his or her bathtub.

What We Like about It – It is one great way to stimulate your kids’ creativity and imagination. Many children can express themselves better through drawings. What better way to encourage this than incorporating it during their bath time? Additionally, cleaning is easy.

9Floating Hoops Basketball Game from Intex

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Intex has always been known for inflatable swimming pools. It comes as no surprise then that their Floating Hoops Basketball Game is such a huge hit. Instead of being attached to the side of the bathtub, the Floating Hoops is more ideal in a kiddie pool. If you have seen water polo before, now look at the Floating Hoops as a water polo except that the ring and net can be anywhere floating all over the pool.

What We Like about It – The Floating Hoops is one great way to engage your kids in some interactive fun. You can join them in their pool and try to score as many point as you can shooting the ball.

10Crayola Color Bath Dropz from Toys & Child

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The Bath Dropz is not necessarily a toy in itself but rather a consumable art material. Tablets can be dropped onto the water to provide the color then watch your toddler use this color to paint his bathtub or even the walls of your bathroom. Worried about not getting it off? The Bath Dropz can be easily wiped off clean with water. At the very least, for only $6.59 you already get around 60 tablets of different colors so your toddler can start painting his or her dreams.

What We Like about It – It’s not easy to create an ingenious product like this because it puts the creation of colors right in the hands of children. And for that, it is one of the best ways to stimulate toddler creativity and imagination.

11Water Pipes Bath Toy from Boon

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Who would ever thought that playing with water pipes can be so much fun? For only $10.49, the 5-piece Water Pipes Bath Toy from Boon Pipes can help stimulate your toddler’s curiosity and problem-solving skills. He or she can stack one pipe over the other to see its effects on water flow. Or, your toddler can opt to use them individually and see how each pipe will create a different water flow. Each pipe comes with a mechanical element to help create a water effect.

What We Like about It – It is a very interesting way to introduce your kids to the world of plumbing and how pipes can bring water from one point to the next. It also provides an opportunity for experimentation and exploration. 

1236 Piece Bath Letters and Numbers with Toy Organizer from Freddie and Sebbie

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This 36-piece bath toys from Freddie and Sebbie is a great way to learn the alphabet and numbers while enjoying bathtime. Your toddler can brush up on his or her vocabulary by spelling words that your toddlers are familiar with. Your toddler can also create letter combinations to form words as well as help master the recognition of the different number. The letters and numbers are made of eco-friendly and non-toxic materials. At only $14.97, you get the 36-piece set together with a toy organizer.

What We Like about It – This is one great way to play word games or simply to augment the linguistic and numerical skills of your toddler. These can stick to the bathroom wall so you can have a fun learning session even in the bathtub.

13Ball Track Bathing Bliss Spiral Curve Set from HABA

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Another stick-it-to-the-wall bath accessory for kids, the Ball Track Bathing Bliss Spiral Curve set is one way to provide for more fun times in the bathtub. Attach this $14.99 bath accessory to the wall and watch the colorful water ball roll on the spiral curve like a miniature water slide. For best results, you can purchase at least two of these and position them one slightly higher than the other and towards the side. The ball will fall right into the next spiral to create a fantastic effect. Watch your toddler use water instead of the ball.

What We Like about It – It has a very simple design and is good for the development of your kid’s fine motor skills and sense of experimentation.

How We Chose Our Top Picks

Here, we have collected the 13 most amazing toys to make bathtime fun for your toddler. This list is the result of careful research of customer feedback, product reviews and sales data. We also made interesting discoveries as to what these toys can really do in terms of helping the toddler achieve his or her full growth and development potential.

Bathtime should not only be fun for your toddlers. It should also be an excellent opportunity for them the master their developmental tasks.

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