20 Best Stocking Stuffers for Girls In 2017

In just a couple more weeks we will be flocking to our favourite malls and retail stores as they officially open this year’s holiday celebrations. As of this writing, millions of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents, and elder siblings are already starting making their list of what cool stocking stuffers they could get for their favourite young girl in their lives. We know how it feels like because we are parents, too. Every year, we have to make our own Christmas stocking stuffer list for our children. And if we have girls in the house, then it becomes quite challenging as the choices are simply an ocean-full.

Here are 20 of the top stocking stuffers we’re confident any girl will love.

Top 20 Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for Girls

EOS ~ Holiday 2015 Limited Edition Decorative Lip Balm CollectionEOSMakeup
Snug Play+ Kids HeadphonesSnugMusical
ALEX Spa Hair Chalk PensALEX ToysFashion Accessory
ALEX Toys Artist Studio 10 Glitter Gel PensALEX ToysPens
Dani's Choice Cute Cartoon Character SocksDanischoiceFashion Accessory

MYY Looping Yoyo by MAGICYOYO 

Myy looping yoyo

The yoyo has been used since ancient times as a weapon at almost the same time as the slingshot. Through the years it has evolved into one of the most fascinating sports today. Yes, there are serious yoyo competitions all over the world. And if you think your girl has what it takes to control the yoyo and perform a lot of exciting tricks like walking the dog and the cradle, then you have to get her the MYY Looping Yoyo as stocking stuffers for girls. This is made of highly durable polycarbonate material that is designed never to crack especially if your young girl will be performing tricks that call for contact with a hard surface. Whether she will be mastering the art of looping or the various yoyo tricks in the planet, the MYY Looping Yoyo is the best companion to do so.

What We Like about It – The yoyo is one of the oldest types of toys that has truly evolved into competition-grade plaything. This will help your girl harness her skills as well as further sharpen her motor skills.

Play+ Kids Headphones by Snug

Play kids headphones

Age Range: 3 to 8 years old

If you have a little girl who always complain of not being able to listen intently to her favorite tunes because her big brother’s stereo drown out her headphones, then the Play+ Kids Headphones is an excellent Christmas stocking stuffer you simply don’t want to miss. It’s foldable so storing it should never really be a problem. It has a built-in volume limiter so your child’s hearing won’t get compromised by unusually loud sounds. The Play+ has 40mm audio drivers to give your girl one fantastic music listening experience complete with deep bass and clear and crisp tones. The headphone’s ear cups are just the perfect size for your young child. Best of all, the Play+ has a built-in share-port so your girl will have no problems sharing her tunes with her friends.

What We Like about It – The folding design is remarkable. So is the audio-sharing capabilities. At least, this can help strengthen the bonds of friendship.

Spa Hair Chalk Pens by ALEX Toys

Spa hair chalk pens

Age Range: At least 8 years old

One really cool stocking stuffers for girls is the Spa Hair Chalk Pens. You know how young girls and pre-teens love to put on accessories, right? Now, they don’t have to go with you to the hair salon to have their highlights, they can do it on their own or with their friends. These chalk pens are made of safe materials that can be easily washed off with her favorite shampoo. Application is very easy, too. She only needs to grab a handful or some of her locks and gently glide the tip of the mess-free chalk pens. She will now have a really great-looking crown. What’s really great is that your girl will be able to sport different hair color styles every day.

What We Like about It – If creativity is what you would like to inspire in your young lady, then this is one great tool. At least, she’ll also feel more confident about herself and derive a sense of accomplishment.

Artist Studio 10 Glitter Gel Pens by ALEX Toys

Artist studio glitter gel pens

Age Range: At least 3 years old

If you have a little young princess, then you know how much fascination she gets from coloring her drawings as well as the images on her coloring book. Add a little excitement to her coloring adventures by giving her the Artist Studio. This set of 10 glitter gel pens can really spark your kid’s imagination as the ink glides seamlessly and effortlessly on any type of drawing paper. The smooth tubular body of the gel pens is just right for your girl’s little hands so there’s no danger of slipping or even too bulky a pen. This can really make for an interesting and cool stocking stuffers ideas for girls.

What We Like about It – The Artist Studio is just perfect for helping children really explore their creativity. For young kids, it’s the perfect tool to help enhance or even let them master the intricate art of coloring.

Cute Cartoon Character Socks by Danischoice

Cute cartoon character socks

Age range: 6 to 9 years old

The feet are one of the most abused parts of the body. It is what connects us to the surface where we are standing on. Now imagine how much we weigh and that’s exactly the amount of force that our feet have to bear every single day. As such, the choice of footwear is very important. Let’s start with the socks. For young girls, we know they will love the Cute Cartoon Character Socks by Danischoice. It’s made of 75 percent cotton, 17 percent nylon, 6 percent polyester, and 2 percent spandex giving them an excellent combination of comfort, elasticity, and durability to help them move about as comfortable as possible. Each set contains 5 colorful pairs of socks so your girl can have one design for each school day of the week.

What We Like about It – The combination of the fabric materials is just perfect. This makes it one of the best stocking stuffers we have for girls.

Marabou Feather Pens by Dazzling Toys

Marbou feather pens

Age Range: At least 3 years old

Parisian and socialite ladies can often be seen wearing hats with fancy feathers. Now, you can give your kid her very own feathery accessory with the Marabou Feather Pens. One set of this contains 12 pens with soft and colorful marabou feathers on its tip. It’s great for tickling her friend’s ear or nape or just simply to add a little spice to her writing activities. The 6-inch long pen contains black ink which should be ideal in high contrast writing activities.

What We Like about It – It’s clearly a fun way to write. We love the marabou feathers as we can think of plenty of uses for it.

Holiday 2015 Limited Edition Decorative Lip Balm Collection by EOS

Limited Edition Decorative Lip Balm Collection

Instead of giving your young girl a lipstick to apply onto her lips, why not get the Holiday 2015 Limited Edition Decorative Lip Balm Collection? Each set comes with 3 lip balms that are guaranteed to be made of 100 percent natural ingredients, 95 percent of which are grown organically. Your young girl can have a choice among raspberry, sweet mint, and pomegranate masterfully contained in a vanilla bean style of canister. At least, should the lip balm be completely used up, the whole set can be turned into a collectors’ item perfect for display. If you’re looking for a really ingenious Christmas stocking stuffer, this is one you can give.

What We Like about It – The natural ingredients used in the formulation of the lip balm means there’s no danger of irritating your kid’s sensitive lips. This should help moisturize your young girl’s lips.

Professional Sewing Supplies Kit with Leather Case by Back2Basics

Professional Sewing Supplies Kit with Leather Case

It’s never too early to teach your kids about certain crafts that take skills. This is why we have included the Professional Sewing Supplies Kit in our top 20 list of the best and most popular Christmas stocking stuffers for girls. All the tools she will ever need are conveniently stored in a beautiful leather case. It contains 18 spools of polyester sewing thread, metal thimble, an assortment of needles contained in a needle holder case, measuring tape, stainless steel scissors, and a seam ripper as well as other tools she will ever need to initiate a sewing project. It’s the perfect gift for those who have a whole wardrobe of costumes as you can never really anticipate any wardrobe emergency that might occur. This is your girl’s emergency wardrobe malfunction first aid kit.

What We Like about It – The completeness of the different hand-sewing tools is remarkable. It should help your young girl to master the art of sewing while also enhancing her manual dexterity.

Artist Studio Metallic Colored Pencil Set by ALEX Toys

Artist Studio Metallic Colored Pencil Set

Age Range: 3 to 15 years old

If you have a daughter or a niece who simply loves doodling and then coloring them later on, why not just give her the Artist Studio Metallic Colored Pencil Set instead? This set of 12 comes in very unique metallic colors to provide your young girl all the opportunities to create something really spectacular. Best of all, she doesn’t have to draw separately before coloring as she can do both at the same time – draw and color. Now, just imagine what this can do for your child’s creativity and imagination.

What We Like about It – The Artist Studio is one unique gift you can give this Christmas especially if you have a young girl who simply loves drawing and coloring. What really amazed us is the metallic effect of the colors. Most coloring pens are drab. But not this one.

Harmonica by Schylling


Age Range: At least 3 years old

Studies show that listening to music can enhance certain activities of the brain while also improving the overall functioning of the other organ body systems. Playing music greatly doubles these benefits because the individual is actively engaged in the creation of music. The problem is that musical instruments are large and bulky. If your girl is musically-inclined, then give her the Harmonica. It’s small, compact, and lightweight so your young child can literally bring it and create melodies anywhere. The green valves are made of plastic and are sandwiched in 2 silver plates. If you get this as a stocking stuffer, we promise you your kid will definitely be showing her showmanship in an instant.

What We Like about It – The Harmonica is perfect for encouraging your child to explore the wonders of making music. It also helps encourage creativity while building her self-confidence in performing in front of an audience.

Chap Stick Candy Cane by Chapstick

chap stick candy

Have you noticed your young girl’s lips getting dry and cracked more often than you would like to? Instead of giving them ordinary chap stick and in keeping with the spirit of the holiday season, the best Christmas stocking stuffer you can get is the Chap Stick Candy Cane. Its peppermint flavor should provide soothing relief to your kid’s lips. Besides, it’s designed like a candy cane except for the hooked end of the cane.

What We Like about It – This Chap Stick is one unique stocking stuffer your kid won’t really expect. Nonetheless, it’s very useful in keeping your kid’s lips moist.

Holiday Stampers Christmas Stamps Assortment by Fun Express

Holiday stampers Christmas stamps

Age Range: At least 3 years old

Kids just love stamps and stampers. With the Holiday Stampers Christmas Stamps Assortment, your kid can get her hands on 24 different designs which she can use or even share with her friends to stamp colorful Christmas designs. From Christmas trees to Santa Claus to reindeers, candy canes, and snowman as well as other Christmas icons, your kid can make her very own holiday-themed stationery as well as greeting cards.

What We Like about It – The Holiday Stampers fosters creativity among children helping them to be as wild in their imagination in the creation of stamp art.

Glide Thru Detangling Brush by Crave Naturals

Glide Thru Detangling Brush

With an ergonomic design and specially-engineered detangler technology, the Glide Thru Detangling Brush is one of the best Christmas stocking stuffer you can get for your older children, especially if they are very conscious about their crowning glory. The bristles of the Glide Thru have been designed in various lengths to allow for the more efficient detangling of hair strands by gently separating each hair strand sideways. The bristles are also designed to be friendly on the scalp which can serve as a massager so your child will be more comfortable brushing and detangling her hair.

What We Like about It – The varying lengths of the Glide Thru is amazing as it does help in untangling hair strands. The bristles are soft, too. We found it quite relaxing to just glide it through our scalp.

Magic 8 Ball by Mattel

Magic 8 ball

One of the most enduring toy balls of all time is the Magic 8 Ball. It’s so popular that it has seen a lot of toy companies trying to copy its formula for success. Unfortunately, there’s only one original Magic 8 Ball. And this is one you need to give your child as a stocking stuffer this Christmas. The Magic 8 Ball features 20 possible replies or answers to your kid’s questions. It’s super easy to use. You ask a question, turn the ball over, and get the reply to your question. It’s so effective that there have been Magic 8 balls designed for the business and financial sectors.

What We Like about It – It really is an ingenious way of making decisions. At least, it will help you save the headache of deciding.

Multi Voice Changer by Kangaroo

Multi voice charger

Age Range: At least 3 years old

Your child will love the Multi Voice Changer. It has the ability to electronically change the voice of your kid and turn it into hundreds of totally unique and remarkable voices. With a press of a button and a few tweaks to the different control levers and your kid will be creating the voices of a robot, a zombie, an alien, or even an old man or woman. There a 10 preset voices in the Kangaroo which can then be adjusted accordingly using the frequency and amplitude controls on the side of the voice changer. This can have very amazing sound effects and if your girl is in a school mini production, then this Christmas stocking stuffer will surely get the job done.

What We Like about It – The sound effects the Kangaroo makes is simply superb. It comes in a variety of colors, too. So better check which one is your kid’s favorite color so she’ll be doubly ecstatic.

Original Slinky Brand by Slinky

Original slinky waking spring toy

Age Range: At least 5 years old

The Slinky has been around for more than 7 decades and it’s still one of the favorites when it comes to Christmas stocking stuffers. And why not? Just tip the Slinky on the edge of your stairs and watch it walk down the steps on its own with its signature wiggly movement. Or, your little girl can just play with the Slinky in her hands and watch it spring to action from one hand to the other. Its accordion-like movement never fails to amaze people.

What We Like about It – It’s a classic. At least, your girl will have something to while her time or even as a stress buster after a long day in school.

Cutegirl Cosmetics Pretend Play Makeup Kit by The Wonderland Company

Cutegirl Cosmetics Pretend Play Makeup Kit

Age Range: 3 to 6 years old

One of the essential grooming activities that girls have to learn is how to put on a makeup. Now, we’re not saying you have to teach them by giving them your makeup it. A much better approach is to give them the Cutegirl Cosmetics Pretend Play Makeup Kit. It’s a playset that comprises of a lipstic, a nail polish, a blush, an eye shadow, and many more. Don’t worry because it doesn’t contain any chemical at all. It’s made of high quality plastic that is styled to be as realistic as possible.

What We Like about It –The Cutegirl Cosmetics, as the name implies, is excellent for fostering role-play in kids. It helps them train or practice on how to put on makeup without fear of chemicals. Best of all, it’s good for their imagination.

Cupcake Lip Gloss by Jalousie Novelty

Cupcake Lip Gloss

Age Range: At least 3 years old

Tired of the usual tubular lip gloss? Get the Cupcake Lip Gloss and you’ll see why a lot of parents are considering this as a stocking stuffer. The ingredients in the lip balm are FDA-approved so it’s safe. The designs are cute, too.

What We Like about It – The design of the Cupcake Lip Gloss makes it ideal as a gift for Christmas, Easter, birthdays, and other special occasions. And since the materials are FDA-approved, you’d feel much safer giving it to your child.

Kids Soft Frame Sunglasses by Retro Rewind

Kids Soft Frame Sunglasses

Age Range: 3 to 12 years old

Remember those large colorful ladies’ sunglasses of the 60s? Well, they’re back and this time they are bound to make the dreams of many young girls real this coming Christmas. It comes with a patented XtremeUV technology guaranteeing 100 percent UV protection as specified by the UV400 standard. Plus, it comes in different pastel colors making them ideal for kids.

What We Like about It – Retro Rewind’s sunglasses are a huge hit especially for its gradient and non-polarized lens and durable plastic frame. It does remind you of the good ol’ days.

Finger Puppets Finger Toys by Danibos 

Finger Puppets Finger Toys

Age Range: At least 5 years old

Foster your kid’s storytelling abilities with the Finger Puppets Finger Toys. This set of 5 finger puppets have an elastic inner lining so they snuggly fit around your kid’s fingers. It won’t irritate them as the material is velvet. There are 5 different sets to choose from so you can choose the one that best represents your kid’s preferences.

What We Like about It – It’s one of the most fun Christmas stocking stuffer in our list. Great for encouraging the enhancement of your child’s storytelling abilities, too.

How We Chose the Top and Coolest Stocking Stuffers in Our List

We are not Santa but we sure do have an idea of what to look for in the perfect stocking stuffers for girls. First, we had to look for something really cool, something that girls of a particular age would really appreciate and have fun using. If the product can help develop, strengthen, or enhance a girl’s psychosocial, emotional, and cognitive abilities, then we had to consider these, too. This is especially true if the stocking stuffer is classified as a toy. We had to make sure it is developmentally appropriate. Of primary importance is what these stocking stuffer do for kids, especially girls, of a certain age.

Then, there’s also the issue of safety. The product must have safety features or, at least, made of safe and high quality materials. We also read countless of comments and feedbacks from individuals, parents like us who would like nothing less than the best to give to our children. We wanted to know their experiences with these products and how their respective children accepted and used them.

Lastly, company reputation is a must as this gives us an idea of their manufacturing practices whether they adhere to safety protocols and subject their products to strict evaluation and testing from recognized federal and international testing organizations. This way we are confident that the products are safe to use especially those with electronic parts.

Hopefully, you will find our top 20 stocking stuffers for girls truly beneficial in your own search for unique products to give them this Christmas.

Please make sure you read our stocking stuffers for boys post to find more great gift ideas this christmas.

Kids and Christmas

We all know that the holiday season is the most anticipated time of the year by kids. For twelve months many have strived to do good both at home and in school. Some even excelled in their academics proving that their cognitive abilities deserve a reward.

Christmastime is one of the best times for giving out rewards to children. It is what they have been waiting for all year. You can just imagine how they would feel if they didn’t receive any gift or even a reward for all their efforts in the past 12 months. Their self-esteem may be bruised and this can lead them to not persevere anymore.

For us adults, it is like bribing our kids to do something that they would otherwise not want to do. However, kids don’t necessarily see it that way. For them, everything is all a matter of cause and effect. They know that if they do good, they will be rewarded. If not, then there is no reward. It is as simple as that.

As such, it is important for us to provide them even small tokens of their effort for the past 12 months. Besides, we do get our Christmas bonuses from our employers, don’t we? So why can’t our children receive theirs, too?

The Bottom Line

Christmastime is for children. Be it large or small, it is better to give something that children will really appreciate. This way they will feel that they are loved. And this, we believe, is the most important thing of all.

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