12 Best Spy Gear for Kids in 2017

spy gear for kids

Role playing and pretend play toys are one of the most beneficial ways in which children can re-enact certain aspects of their realities in a setting that they can control. That is why tools and gadgets that can help them portray different roles are very crucial. And one of the most common theme that children love to role play is that of being a top secret government agent or even a super-spy for a super-organization. To help them play their roles in their kiddie espionage adventures, you need to provide them with any of the top 12 spy gears we have shortlisted. We guarantee your kid will love them.

Top 12 Spy Gears for Kids Toys In 2017

PictureProduct NameBrandAge Range
Spy Gear Ultimate Spy WatchSpy Gear6-10 Years
Spy Gear - Video WalkieTalkiesSpy Gear6-11 Years
ALEX Toys Undercover Spy Case Detective Gear SetALEX Toys8-12 Years
Spy Gear - Spy Go Action CameraSpy Gear4-9 Years
Spy Gear - Dart TrapSpy Gear6-11 Years
Spy Gear - Night ScopeSpy Gear6-10 Years

1Spy Video TRAKR by Spy Gear

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Age Range: 8 to 12 years old

One of the best kiddie gadgets built specifically for pretend espionage is the Spy Video TRAKR. It’s a reconnaissance robot on wheels almost similar to those high-tech rovers that real spies and secret agents use to reconnoiter the area of engagement so they’ll have the best situational awareness before they move. The TRAKR features a video camera that can be remotely controlled, its lens adjusted accordingly, and with a fully integrated microphone and speaker giving your kid all the things he or she will ever need to monitor enemy movements.

For a more advanced use of the TRAKR, your kid needs to learn how to operate the different pre-loaded applications to really push the TRAKR to the hilt. It comes with an infrared night vision capability for those really stealthy missions. And if that is not enough, your kid will surely appreciate the TRAKR’s ability to be programmed to follow a predetermined path. This is the ultimate in espionage games for kids as they can pull out a building plan of the structure TRAKR will infiltrate, decide the route or path it needs to take, encode this information into its app, and let the TRAKR roll. It also comes with an application that gives it the ability to monitor enemy activity using a variety of tools such as crosshairs, speedometer, and a spy compass. Here’s the best part, if your kid decides to really increase the capabilities of the TRAKR all he or she needs to do is to download other worthy spy apps from the official website of Spy Gear.

There’s only one thing that we don’t clearly understand. With the technological advances of the TRAKR, why does it only run on wheels? Why not tracks instead? This limits the terrain where the TRAKR can go as it needs a relatively clean or paved surface to steamroll. If it had tracks, then it can go over snow, mud, and even rocky terrain.

What We Like about It – The TRAKR features a lot of sophisticated technologies particularly its cyborg vision capability. This can really benefit children as they play pretend kiddie spy games.

2Ultimate Night Vision by Spy Gear

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Age Range: 8 to 12 years old

Many bad guys conduct their affairs in the dark. As such, secret agents need to be equipped with the latest in might vision technology that will allow them to see enemy movements or unscrupulous activities even in the dead of the night. The Ultimate Night Vision is one of the best spy gadgets we have for kids. It’s a space-age looking binocular that even those from the Impossible Missions Force can only hope to have. It features real infrared night vision technology that allows kids to see in the dark up to 50 feet away and even in pitch black conditions. The Ultimate Night Vision also allows for short and long range viewing so that no enemy activity will escape the prying eyes of a dedicated kid spy. The LED technology can emit light in the dark for up to 25 feet. The eyepiece is molded into a frame that conforms to the shape of the kid’s face at eye level providing superb night vision capabilities without the distracting effects of surrounding light.

What We Like about It – The design is one thing, but what really impressed us about the Ultimate Night Vision is the integration of a real, not realistic, infrared vision technology. We don’t want to consider this a toy but rather a serious gear for any kid wanting to perfect the art of night reconnaissance.

3Mission Alpha Set by Spy Gear

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Age Range: 6 to 11 years old

For beginning kid spies, we strongly recommend the Mission Alpha Set. Why? Well, it already contains some of the fundamentally important reconnaissance and espionage gadgets for kids. It comes with night goggles so they can see their enemies and whatever it is they’re doing even in the pitch black darkness of the night. The goggles have built-in LED as well as a fully retractable zoom lens to allow kid spies to magnify the scenes that they are watching. This allows them to make split-second decisions that can spell the success or failure of the mission. The Mission Alpha also comes with a tactical mirror for those off-view situations where one cannot really take a peak without getting seen. It also features a motion alarm to notify kid spies if their cover has been compromised or if there is an imminent threat heading towards them. Lastly, the Mission Alpha comes with an ordinary-looking pen that actually serves as a recorder so kids can effectively record conversations with the enemy without the latter ever knowing his or her communication is being taped.

What We Like about It – This is one of the complete sets of gadgets specifically built for kids aspiring to become spies. If not spies, they can, at least, expand their full imagination to the hilt.

4Undercover Spy Case Detective Gear Set by ALEX Toys

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Age Range: 8 to 12 years old

If the Mission Alpha is too advanced for your kid or if he or she thinks it’s not enough to launch himself or herself in the world of kid spydom, then you may want to consider the Undercover Spy Case Detective Gear Set. It’s got all the classic gear for conducting recon activities such as folding binoculars, magnifying glass, undercover flashlight, an ink pad with fingerprint powder and a dusting brush, a set of secret marker pens, and files of secret codes. The inkpad utility set is excellent for lifting fingerprints off ordinary objects like cups, bottles, and other surfaces which a target may hold onto. What’s amazing is the secret marker and code set which is effective for sending covert messages to headquarters, reducing the likelihood of a blown cover. Best of all, the whole set comes with a beautifully designed case which can also double as a multi-purpose travel accessory once your kid is done playing the spy game.

What We Like about It – It may not be as advanced as the other gadgets in our list but it sure does the job of providing kids with the opportunity to really use their imagination to play the role of a kid spy.

5Video Walkie Talkies by Spy Gear

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Age Range: 6 to 11 years old

One of the essential tools of any spy is communications equipment. From the use of carrier pigeons to trained falcons during the medieval period to the use of ultra-high tech, heavily encrypted communications technology, spies will have to be able to convey and receive messages to and from headquarters and other agents. Your kid will love the Video Walkie Talkies as it is a set of 2 high-tech short wave radio transceivers with video capabilities so your kid gets to see who he or she is actually talking to. The gear wirelessly connect with each other for distances of up to 160 feet. It does not operate on WiFi but more on radio wave transmission so you don’t have to worry about the gear not working in areas where there’s no WiFi signal. Activating the communications device is as easy as pressing a button on the Video Walkie Talkie. At the very least, your kids will surely have a blast exchanging notes and secret codes with their fellow young agents.

What We Like about It – The wireless audio and video technology is something that we like. But it’s actually the clamshell design that really sold us into including this gadget in our list.

6Spy Night Goggles by Spy Gear

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Age Range: 6 to 11 years old

Want a really cool-looking eye glasses that doubles as a zoom lens and a night vision goggle for your kid’s espionage role playing activities? Then give the Spy Night Goggles. The glass is wonderfully tinted in blue to have a more cooling effect on the eyes. This should help protect your kid’s eyes from the glare of the 2 LED lights that are built into the frame of the goggles. The LEDs allow your kid spy to focus his or her vision on the task at hand with pinpoint accuracy. And if the task requires closer scrutiny, the retractable zoom lenses can help provide a close-up version of the scenery. Unfortunately, the zoom lens attachment can only provide up to 2x the magnification which, we think, is not really sufficient to provide a more definitive visual assessment of a subject in question. Nevertheless, it should suffice for larger objects of interest. Do take note that these are not night vision goggles nor do they provide infrared vision technology.

What We Like about It – It really is a cool goggles that can also be used even the daytime. Just remove the attachments, though.

7Door Alarm by Spy Gear

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Age Range: 6 to 11 years old

Secret agents and spies have to protect their secret base or hideout. While in the real world, a variety of perimeter security systems can be built into a certain facility, your kid agent will have to protect his or her room with the Spy Gear Door Alarm. This gizmo can be easily installed in your kid’s bedroom door as all you need are several strips of double-sided adhesive which is already included in the package. One unit of the Door Alarm will be installed on the door frame while the main alarm mechanism will be installed on the door itself. If there is unauthorized entry, an alarm will sound off. Your kid can program the Door Alarm with his or her own secret code so that only he or she can deactivate it. Now, your kid can secure his or her secret base so no one will be intruding without him or her knowing about it.

What We Like about It – The easy-to-install design make it very ideal for young kids to install it themselves. This gives them a sense of accomplishment while making them feel more secure in their rooms.

8Spy Go Action Camera by Spy Gear

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Age Range: 4 to 9 years old

More like the GoPro action cams that are the craze among today’s adventure-seekers, providing them with a first-person view of the action, the Spy Go Action Camera is your kid’s version of this system but built for an inherently different purpose – to increase his or her spying efficiency. The Spy Go features a head mount that provides an excellent attachment to its camera system. The camera functions in three different modes. One is for a burst capture mode which allows your kid to shoot a series of pictures in one continuous burst. The other two include video capture and single frame capture. The video capabilities of the Spy Go is only VGA quality but it should be sufficient to allow your kid to make more accurate assessments of enemy terrain. It records up to 15 minutes of continuous video while the system can shoot up to 1,500 top secret photos. Managing these media files is made a lot easier with the USB cable allowing it to be easily uploaded to your kid’s computer. If your child is tired of wearing it on his or her head, he or she can attach it to a clip mount for use in his or her bicycle or any other vehicle of his or her choice.

What We Like about It – The burst function of the camera is something that we haven’t seen in most recon tools for kids. For sure, this is going to be an instant hit for children of all ages.

9Dart Trap by Spy Gear

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Age Range: 6 to 11 years old

One of the earliest perimeter security systems ever used by man involved booby traps. And while your child is not in the jungle ensnaring some wild beast, he or she can nevertheless improve the overall security of his or her room with the Dart Trap. Consider this as a modern version of the ancient tripwire-activated booby traps. It features a motion sensor built into a dart firing mechanism. Your child will have to push the red button, insert the 6 spring-powered, key type plastic darts, press another red button located near the LED, and position the whole mechanism towards an area where intruders will most likely pass through. If an intruder activates the motion sensor, its multidirectional blaster fires 3 darts all at once. This should halt the intruder in his or her track. If there is no intruder within 30 minutes of its arming, the Dart Trap goes into a power-saving mode. The Dart Trap is no bigger than a baseball so it should be quite effective in surprising would-be intruders as soon as they step into an area of restricted access.

What We Like about It – The Dart Trap is actually fun. We found it quite useful to use as a prank more than a spy gear for kids. Nevertheless, children should be able to play their roles as spies more effectively with this guarding their base.

10Ultimate Spy Watch by Spy Gear

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Age Range: 6 to 10 years old

Remember those fancy watches that James Bond always use to get himself out of trouble or even perform some of his amazing spying activities? Well, your kid can be the next 007 if he or she has the Ultimate Spy Watch. This watch of all watches includes a variety of covert communication tools, a decoder screen, and a motion sensor-activated alarm. It also features world time to allow your kid to synchronize his or her spying activities in relation to other kid spies all over the world. All of these technologies are protected by the Ultimate’s locking armor.

What We Like about It – It has a very ordinary-looking design. But perhaps this is all part of the need to be inconspicuous to be an effective agent. It should be interesting to see kids formulate their own scripts or story lines to make full use of the Spy Watch.

11Batman Night Goggles by Spy Gear

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Age Range: 5 to 10 years old

While the Dark Knight is not really a spy, he nevertheless uses a lot of advanced surveillance technologies to defeat the bad guys of Gotham. His senses must be super acute to help determine when help is really needed (although, we thought bats were blind). The Batman Night Goggles can help young aspiring Dark Knights to increase their threat assessment capabilities using the goggles’ LED lights that have been mounted on both sides of the frame. This should allow your child to illuminate all areas that he or she turns his or her head to. No criminal and/or lowlife scumbag will be able to escape the acute vision of the Batman Night Goggles. It also comes with a fully retractable magnifying glass that can enlarge viewed objects of interest two-fold. It even comes with Batman’s signature face mask. At least, crime-fighting will be made more systematic and efficient with these goggles worn by young Dark Knights of the world.

What We Like about It – Batman has always been regarded as a technologically-proficient crime-fighter. Your kid can thus, enhance his or her role-playing abilities with this strapped onto his or her face.

12Night Scope by Spy Gear 

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Age Range: 6 to 10 years old

Not to be confused with an infrared night vision binoculars, the Night Scope is essentially a ramped up binocular for use both day and night. When darkness falls, a LED light assembly can be popped open to provide illumination for up to 25 feet. When used during the day, the Night Scope features red-tinted lenses to allow your kid to look through the viewfinder without necessarily hurting his or her eyes. And with a cool-looking design, we’d say this spy gadget deserves to be included in our list. This should be a superb addition to your child’s arsenal of spy gadgets and surveillance technologies.

What We Like about It – The versatile nature of the Night Scope makes it quite an interesting piece of kid equipment. However, we don’t actually agree on having to pop up a large LED light during the night as this can surely give away your presence to the enemy. Perhaps, this is not really for covert or clandestine operations but more for perimeter protection to help ward off enemy incursions.

How We Chose the Top Spy Gears in Our List

It’s not easy choosing which among the hundreds of spy gears and gadgets in the market today that we have to include in our list. It was like decoding a series of heavily-encrypted messages only to realize that you don’t have all the clues. Such was the case in coming up with the top 12 spy gadgets in our list. Just as soon as we thought we already had the definitive master list, then something crops up, and we have to revise our list all over again. It’s a never-ending process of assessment, analysis, and evaluation.

We tasked our dedicated researchers to look for products that are really cool-looking and very realistic so that these gadgets and gears can help children in their role playing needs. Moreover, we specifically instructed our team to look for any sign of developmental appropriateness as it would mean nothing to kids if the spy gear won’t be able to teach them something or even help enhance one or two of their developmental skills.

Quality and safety of the kiddie spy gadgets were also factored in. We know how parents are increasingly worried about harmful chemicals affecting the health and wellness of their children. We also recognize the fact that parents would want to get the most out of what they paid for such that quality should never be compromised. To test these assumptions, we read the reviews and feedbacks of parents so we can also derive better understanding of the usefulness of these gadgets and whether they are more than likely to recommend to other people to buy such spy gears for kids.

Children and the Game of Kiddie Espionage – The Benefits of Role Playing

Playing with spy gadgets like the ones we have presented here calls for an active imagination from children who are playing these kinds of toys. As such, these toys can be considered as beneficial in developing children’s cognitive skills through the art of role playing.

Children who role play require complex cognitive processing of information that includes their own understanding of the different elements of the play activity, their own personal experiences, what other people are saying about such things, and what they have learned in school. These pieces of information are mixed and then processed by the young brain to come up with a unique understanding of the different roles they need to play.

For instance, in playing the spies game, children must have an idea of who a spy is and what he or she does. They then have to determine if they believe these descriptions to be appropriate or not. Children can then decide whether to play by this picture of a spy or to alter it somehow to suit whatever children think a spy should be as a person and do as a professional. Once they have a clear picture of the characteristics of a spy, they can then play the role in a more effective way.

Aside from the cognitive benefits of role playing, it can also help enhance the social relationship skills of children. Roles are always defined within the context of social relationships. For example, playing the role of a spy will almost always entail the playing of the role of a target by another person or child. Both children will have to build an idea of the roles of these characters – the spy and the target. To help facilitate the smoother understanding of such different roles, both kids will have to discuss between themselves how they want the game to proceed. This helps enhance children’s social skills.

The Bottom Line

Role playing is an important developmental tool for kids especially in terms of their cognitive and social competencies. By giving them the right tools to facilitate role playing activities, you are able to ensure their optimum development. With this list of the top 12 spy gear for kids, you’re now in a better position to decide which of these you will be giving to your child this coming Christmas or even on his or her birthday.

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