12 Best Spy Gear for Kids in 2017

spy gear for kids

Role playing and pretend play toys are one of the most beneficial ways in which children can re-enact certain aspects of their realities in a setting that they can control. That is why tools and gadgets that can help them portray different roles are very crucial. And one of the most common theme that children love to role play is that of being a top secret government agent or even a super-spy for a super-organization. To help them play their roles in their kiddie espionage adventures, you need to provide them with any of the top 12 spy gears we have shortlisted. We guarantee your kid will love them.

Top 3

Spy Video TRAKR
  • Spy Video TRAKR
  • 3.9 out of 5
    Our rating 3.9/5
  • Cyborg Vision
  • Price: See Here
Night Vision Goggles
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating 4.2/5
  • Infrared Attachment
  • Price: See Here
Night Scope Goggles
  • Night Scope Goggles
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating 4/5
  • Day & Night Vision
  • Price: See Here

How We Chose the Top Spy Gears in Our List

It’s not easy choosing which among the hundreds of spy gears and gadgets in the market today that we have to include in our list. It was like decoding a series of heavily-encrypted messages only to realize that you don’t have all the clues. Such was the case in coming up with the top 12 spy gadgets in our list. Just as soon as we thought we already had the definitive master list, then something crops up, and we have to revise our list all over again. It’s a never-ending process of assessment, analysis, and evaluation.

We tasked our dedicated researchers to look for products that are really cool-looking and very realistic so that these gadgets and gears can help children in their role playing needs. Moreover, we specifically instructed our team to look for any sign of developmental appropriateness as it would mean nothing to kids if the spy gear won’t be able to teach them something or even help enhance one or two of their developmental skills.

Quality and safety of the kiddie spy gadgets were also factored in. We know how parents are increasingly worried about harmful chemicals affecting the health and wellness of their children. We also recognize the fact that parents would want to get the most out of what they paid for such that quality should never be compromised. To test these assumptions, we read the reviews and feedbacks of parents so we can also derive better understanding of the usefulness of these gadgets and whether they are more than likely to recommend to other people to buy such spy gears for kids.

Children and the Game of Kiddie Espionage – The Benefits of Role Playing

Playing with spy gadgets like the ones we have presented here calls for an active imagination from children who are playing these kinds of toys. As such, these toys can be considered as beneficial in developing children’s cognitive skills through the art of role playing.

Children who role play require complex cognitive processing of information that includes their own understanding of the different elements of the play activity, their own personal experiences, what other people are saying about such things, and what they have learned in school. These pieces of information are mixed and then processed by the young brain to come up with a unique understanding of the different roles they need to play.

For instance, in playing the spies game, children must have an idea of who a spy is and what he or she does. They then have to determine if they believe these descriptions to be appropriate or not. Children can then decide whether to play by this picture of a spy or to alter it somehow to suit whatever children think a spy should be as a person and do as a professional. Once they have a clear picture of the characteristics of a spy, they can then play the role in a more effective way.

Aside from the cognitive benefits of role playing, it can also help enhance the social relationship skills of children. Roles are always defined within the context of social relationships. For example, playing the role of a spy will almost always entail the playing of the role of a target by another person or child. Both children will have to build an idea of the roles of these characters – the spy and the target. To help facilitate the smoother understanding of such different roles, both kids will have to discuss between themselves how they want the game to proceed. This helps enhance children’s social skills.

The Bottom Line

Role playing is an important developmental tool for kids especially in terms of their cognitive and social competencies. By giving them the right tools to facilitate role playing activities, you are able to ensure their optimum development. With this list of the top 12 spy gear for kids, you’re now in a better position to decide which of these you will be giving to your child this coming Christmas or even on his or her birthday.

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