10 Best Spiderman Toys for Kids in 2017

spiderman toys for kids

In the Marvel Universe, one of the most lovable, albeit often maligned superhero, is Spiderman. Perhaps because of the fact that he is just a teen that makes him more of a “role model” for youngsters, compared to other superheroes that are already in their prime. If you have a child who happens to be a loyal follower of Spidey or Peter Parker and his courageous, though often misunderstood, exploits, it will be wise to get him or her one of our 10 best Spiderman toys for kids in 2017. Whether your child will be web-slinging or jumping off rooftops real soon, these toys are guaranteed to help nurture the free-spirited imagination of your child.

10 Best Spiderman Toys

1Marvel Spider-Man Titan Hero Series 12 Inch Figure by Spider-Man

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Age Range: At least 4 years old

While little girls are busy playing with American dolls, Bratz dolls, and Barbie dolls as well as a host of other foot-tall figures, young boys should never be left behind. While the choices can easily range in the thousands, we’d recommend the Marvel Spider-Man Titan Hero Series 12 Inch Figure especially if your child has his eyes on becoming the next Peter Parker. With its chiseled arms, torso, and legs, you can watch your boy go on a web-slinging adventure, jumping off buildings, scaling walls, and fighting Doc Oc, the Green Goblin, and the other villains of the city. Of course, little Spidey will have to work his way around Daily Bugle’s owner, Jonah Jameson, who’s intent on putting our young hero in the slammer; but, not if your kid can help it, of course. The Titan Hero Series boasts of only the safest and highest grade materials that you can find to help ensure playtime with kids will be safe. The Spidey figure has also been rigorously tested for durability and exceptional quality. Whether your kid plays with it or puts it in his display cabinet, the Spiderman Titan Hero Series figure should be a great tool for encouraging imaginative play.

What We Like about It – It’s useful for enhancing the imagination, cognitive abilities, and fine motor development of young children. The safety, durability, and quality of the toy are also exceptional.

210687 Spider-Man Hideout Building Kit by LEGO Juniors

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Age Range: 4 to 7 years old

One of the most formidable opponents of our favorite web-slinger is the Green Goblin. His air glider can be a real threat to Spidey. Your kid can now determine the fate of these two protagonists in the LEGO Juniors Spider-Man Hideout Building Kit. While the building and construction play set may only be composed of 137 pieces of LEGO bricks, you can be sure your child will have hours upon hours of fun building and creating various models, buildings, tools, weapons, vehicles, and other items to expand the storyline of this classic Spidey-Goblin matchup. Let your kid build Spidey’s hideout then assemble the things he will need to stage a great defense. Then build Goblin’s air glider complete with pumpkin shooter. Don’t forget to build a police ATV as well as Spidey’s own helicopter. Once all of these are built, it’s action time. How the story progresses will be entirely up to your kid’s imaginative abilities. What is important now is that he has all the necessary tools to create a storyline that is inherently the product of his imagination.

What We Like about It – Construction kits and building play sets are known for enhancing or developing the problem solving skills of children particularly their divergent thinking capabilities. Building the bricks also help fine-tune their ability to control their hand muscles.

3Marvel Ultimate Spiderman Hopper by Hedstrom

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Age Range: 4 to 15 years old

It may look like an ordinary bouncing ball with a very peculiar handle, but the Marvel Ultimate Spiderman Hopper can provide a host of benefits for your child. You can look at it as an oversized kettle ball that you use in the gym to perform several exercise routines. You can also look at it as a kiddie stability ball, the kind of which many gym and fitness enthusiasts are pretty familiar with. Just like the exercise stability ball, the Hedstrom Hopper can help kids strengthen their core muscles by encouraging them to maintain balance while hopping around sitting on the Hopper. This requires absolute coordination between what the eyes can see and the amount of force the butt and legs will have to make to hop together with the oversized ball. Since balance may not yet fully established among younger kids, the addition of a grab and grip handle provides security and safety where needed. Nonetheless, we do want to caution you to never allow your young kid play with this without your supervision. Falling off balance is a real threat so it’s best if you’re around.

What We Like about It – Excellent for strengthening leg and core muscles, the Hedstrom Hopper is one fantastic toy for improving the physical prowess of little Spidermen.

4Spiderman Bed Tent by Playhut

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Age Range: At least 3 years old

Everyone deserves a rest, even super heroes. And for those who think that Spiderman will be weaving a big spider web in between buildings to make as his shelter, Spidey has a much more comfy abode: the Playhut Spiderman Bed Tent. With unabashed Ultimate Spider-Man graphics surrounding this dome tent, there’s no mistaking that a web-slinging, funny, and adorable superhero is inside. This bed topper fits many, if not all, twin beds. It’s as simple as popping it open and placing it over your kid’s bed and he now has a private sleeper. The Green Goblin will never be able to disturb our young hero. Even Doc Oc’s cybernetic tentacles will be no match for the highly durable yet super soft 100 percent polyester fabric that makes up the Bed Tent. Here’s the thing: the Playhut can actually serve as a standalone tent so your kid can actually invite his friends over and they can have make-believe play all they want. They can devise their plan on how to defeat the bad guys once and for all. This can be great for those weekend playtime activities where little boys can be young superheroes even for a day. And when the dome is no longer needed, folding it up is super easy, and the storage even easier. Since it folds into one neat pack, it can be brought anywhere be it the park, your boy’s school, the neighborhood playground, and even the beach. Now, little Spidey has his own mobile home. If you like this product, check out our post on the best kids tents this year.

What We Like about It – The ease of setting up, its portability, and its versatility make the Playhut an amazing instrument for encouraging children’s imaginative abilities.

5Spiderman Ultimate Pillowtime Pal by Marvel

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Age Range: At least 6 months old

Almost everyone has an item that helps him or her to sleep a lot better or even to fall asleep a lot faster. It can be a favorite t-shirt, a blanket, a teddy bear, a stuffed doll, or any other item or object that they simply have to have when they go to sleep. If any, one of the essential characteristics of such items is that it should be soft such that it will be truly comfortable to hug and/or wrap on your body. For little boys, we recommend the Spiderman Ultimate Pillowtime Pal as it’s made of only the best polyester fabric you can ever find. This helps guarantee that baby’s ultra-sensitive skin will not get irritated. In fact, he will love it as the soft texture will provide the necessary tactile stimulus that will help develop his very young brain. This is made possible not only by the polyester fabric exterior but also the plush material that has been meticulously stuffed inside. We know what you’re thinking. Since there’s stuffing, it will have to be dry-cleaned. No need. Just throw it inside your washing machine and give it a gentle spin and the Ultimate Pillowtime Pal is good as new. Your baby will be more than ready to hug little Spidey again.

What We Like about It – The plush nature of the pillowtime is necessary for helping babies develop their sensorimotor skills while also facilitating sensory information processing in the brain. This can be an important foundation for the growth of your baby’s cognitive skills.

6Monster Jam 1:24 Die-Cast Spider-Man Vehicle by Hot Wheels

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Age Range: 3 to 10 years old

Monster trucks are marvelous pieces of automotive engineering. There’s just so much technology in each monster vehicle that people will go to great lengths to really understand the different principles behind each component of these monsters. From the powerful engines to the super-sized tires and to the humongous suspension system, among others, these works of art never fail to draw oohs and ahhs from crowds. Now, add in the popularity of Spiderman and you’ve got a mean machine that’s as superb as our hero. Such is the 1:24Monster Jam Spider-Man Vehicle. Made of highly durable die-cast metal, the Monster Jam is emblazoned with all the webby details of Spidey’s escapades. With super large tires that have tractor grooves to make sure it stays firmly on the ground, this miniaturized monster vehicle can take Spiderman anywhere he wants to go especially when he’s already tired swinging from one building or tower to another. It will be up to your kid to let the Monster Jam fly and crush other vehicles in the way. While it certainly cannot do anything about the Green Goblin’s air glider, its menacing look sure can scare other crooks. We just don’t know how Mary Jane or even Gwen will react if Peter will be asking her to go for a ride in this monster.

What We Like about It – The realistic details are phenomenal. It gives kids something to think about as to how such a vehicle with super-sized wheels work. Obviously, playing with it will lead to improved imagination skills.

7Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Hero Mask by Spider-Man

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Age Range: At least 5 years old 

Looking for the perfect Halloween costume? Is your kid going to a birthday party where the theme is superheroes? Well, your child can be Iron Man or even Captain America but there cann only be one red-masked superhero in the world: Spiderman. Well, sure Deadpool also has red and black but the web patterns of the Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Hero Mask are clear winners. With a fully padded eyepiece section and adjustable straps, your child can now fulfill his destiny as the next web-slinger. The hero mask is not only great for Halloweens and birthday parties; it can also be used during ordinary playtime activities where your child can role play or play pretend. It can serve as a prop for role playing. Your child can play the role of Spidey as he imagines himself crawling on the walls of buildings and swinging from tower to tower. And when friends join in the fun, they can also choose their own characters. Some will be playing the villains while others will be more like hero support. Whatever the case, such role playing activities will help kids make full use of their imagination.

What We Like about It – The soft padding on the eyes is a welcome feature. It’s an amazing tool for helping kids to explore their imaginative talents.

8Mr. Potato Head the Amazing Spider-Man Spud Toy by Hasbro

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Age Range: At least 2 years old

While Mr. Spud Potato from the movie franchise Toy Story is no Spiderman material, Mr. Potato Head the Amazing Spider-Man Spud Toy teaches kids that anyone – and we mean anybody – can be a hero. Even a potato head can have the courage to fight the bad guys. Mr. Potato Head simply expands the Spiderman universe by replacing our hero with Spider Spud. Let your child explore the infinite possibilities of creating the perfect Spider Spud by interchanging the different parts of Mr. Potato Head. The mission is to create a Super Spider Spud to help fight the starchy enemies of the city. It really doesn’t matter where Mr. Spud’s limbs and other parts will be placed on its mashy body. It’s all up to your kid.

What We Like about It – The wacky look of Spider Spud should bring plenty of fun and laughter to your child. Interchanging the different parts can help with their problem solving skills.

910607 Marvel Super Heroes, Spider-Man Web-Bike Workshop Building Block Toys for Toddlers by LEGO Duplo

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Age Range: 2 to 5 years old

Toddlers cannot play with standard LEGO bricks yet because of the danger of choking. A much safer alternative are the bigger blocks from Duplo, also a division of LEGO. And with the Spider-Man Web-Bike Workshop Building Block Toy, your toddler can now create his very own motorcycle complete with accessories to make the training of the little Spiderman more intense. It features a ramp for training purposes as well as tools for fixing your little tot’s Spiderman web-bike.

What We Like about It – The large blocks help with motor development while the interchangeability of the building blocks help with kids’ problem solving capabilities.

10Spiderman 6-Volt Super Electric Ride-On Car by Spider-Man 

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Age Range: 2 to 6 years old

For a real spidery adventure, you may want to get your kid the Spiderman 6 Volt Super Electric Ride-On Car. Let’s just say it’sSpidey’s answer to Batman’s Batmobile or even Captain America’s famed Harley Davidson. The point is every superhero deserves to have a means of getting around. For the budding Spiderman, this is the way to fight crime. With a super sleek body and a racing style bucket seat, your kid will have no problems taking it for a spin. The Spiderman details will surely let your kid’s imagination fly through the roof. The Spiderman has some fancy accessories of its own such as a racing-inspired steering wheel and dashboard, an opening and closing fuel cap, side mirrors, and a really fantastic looking front grille. Looking at it, we think we saw an Aston Martin DB9 although we could be wrong. If you wish to see more products like this, then check out the top electric cars for kids in 2017 here.

What We Like about It – The Spiderman Ride-On Car is fantastic for teaching kids early driving skills. This also helps with their visual and motor coordination. It’s great for imaginative play, too.

How We Chose the Most Amazing Spiderman Playthings in Our List

Coming up with the best Spiderman toys is quite a challenge as there are a host of types of playthings. However, since our focus is mainly on the Spiderman character, then it is imperative that the plaything is the most famous web-slinger himself or, at least, about him. But of course, we didn’t stop there. We also had to look at the product rating and include only Spiderman sets and playthings that have no less than 4 stars. If it has hundreds of reviews but only managed to obtain 3.5 stars, then it was placed into our second-tier. We had to do this to come up with a more objective list of Spidey playthings that we know your children will also love.

Once we have a shortlist of the products we will deliberate on for inclusion in the final top 10, we examined the developmental appropriateness of each item to the recommended age of the product. Unfortunately, there were some products that failed miserably in this aspect and as such, we were left with no choice but to strike them off our list. We determined what area of child development is addressed by the toy so we can evaluate its effectiveness as well as appropriateness. If the product only addresses a single aspect of child development, we ticked the item off our list and proceeded with the rest.

Toys too, must be safe as they are of the highest quality. It would be foolish for us to recommend a product that will pose a threat to the safety of your children. As such, while we strived to look for quality indicators, we focused also on the safety signals of these products. Any certification or documentation that will serve as proof to the safety of the plaything was considered. We also made a correlation between the product and the toy manufacturer’s reputation. We believe that the better the company reputation, the safer and higher quality the product.

Characters, Role Models, and Kids’ Development

Just as we have role models that serve as our guide, children also require role models for their optimum growth and development. While mom and dad are naturally kids’ first role models, they do tend to find other figures which can serve as additional sources of who they want to be. Young kids often idolize the characters that they see from movies or even computer games. For them, these fictional characters are very influential in their growth and development. They see in these characters certain traits that they don’t normally see from other people, even from their parents. For these kids, these fictional characters represent their concept of ideal.

Unfortunately, as children grow older, they slowly begin to bridge the gap between fiction and non-fiction. They start to question Superman’s ability to fly or even Spiderman’s unique strength for his body frame. They are now able to differentiate what’s real and what’s not. This often entails a lot of cognitive processing whereby information from the fictional world is compared to what is present in the real world. Children then begin to experiment whether the things about their fictional character role models are indeed true or not. It is through the process of problem solving, of searching for the answers that kids eventually learn to distinguish the fact from the fiction.

As such, it is alright to allow kids to idolize fictional characters like Spiderman. However, it is essentially up to us to help guide them to slowly understand and appreciate the difference between what’s real and what’s fiction.

The Bottom Line

You may not be a fan of Spiderman but we’re sure your kid is. Don’t deprive them the chance of acting out their fantasies while developing their potentials. With the 10 best Spiderman toys for kids you’ll be paving the way for the slow realization by your kid of the importance of role modeling and his or her own development.

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