10 Best Shopkins Toys for Kids in 2017

shopkin toys for kids

Playing with dolls and doll houses can be a very exciting way to recreate a world that is less threatening and more manageable for young children. This is one of the true values of miniature figures and houses where kids can act out different roles in ways that they see fit. Among the countless mini dolls, houses, and structures today, nothing can compare to the worldwide appeal of Shopkins. These collectible toys have consistently performed exceptionally well through the years since its introduction in 2014. They now have their own YouTube channel and have expanded to include books and trading cards. If you’re looking for the best Shopkins gift items to give to your little princesses, then our 10 best Shopkins toys for kids in 2017 should give you an excellent head start.

10 Best Shopkins Toys

Shopkins Shoppies S2 W2 DollsMoose Toys5
Moose Toys Shopkins Season 3 Scoops Ice Cream Truck PlaysetMoose Toys4.9
Shopkins Small Mart PlaysetMoose Toys4.7
Shopkins Make Up Spot Mid Price PlaysetMoose Toys 4.5
Shopkins S5 Mega PackMoose Toys4.3
Shopkins Season 6 Chef Club, 12 PackMoose Toys4.2

1Season 5 12-Pack by Moose Toys

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Age Range: 5 to 15 years old

Kids love creating friendship bands as well as personalized trinkets that show off their imagination and creativity. With the Season 5 Shopkins 12 pack, your kid can now have a fantastic array of lovable characters to allow her to think of really fabulous creations. These miniature characters make for lovely charms that your little princess, together with her friends, can wear on her arms. You’ve got musical miniatures, tiny toys, and sporty allsorts and a whole lot more. Each pack comes with 10 characters that are readily identifiable. However, there are 2 hidden ones that should serve as a welcome surprise to young kids as they open the package. The kit also comes with two mini backpacks that can add a certain element of visual interest to the whole creation. While these may serve as wonderful charms, they do provide a certain developmental benefit to children as these can be great toys for stimulating children’s imagination which can become the basis for the continuing development of their cognitive abilities.

What We Like about It – This 12 pack kit from Moose Toys is perfect to start your child’s collection of these lovable characters.

2Season 6 Chef Club 12-Pack by Moose Toys

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Age Range: 3 to 15 years old

The kitchen is one place in the house that most kids are not really comfortable hanging around in. There are sharp knives, plenty of electrical appliances, too much heat from the stove and the oven, and quite literally, a lot of raw icky ingredients that children won’t even dare touch. However, if you can somehow introduce all things that have to do with the kitchen in a non-threatening way, the kitchen can actually be a fun place to be. While we are not encouraging your kids to become the next Master Chef Junior, playing with the Chef Club Shopkins 12 pack should somehow get your child underway. In this season of the well-loved toy brand, characters come in the form of ingredients that your child will have to collect to come up with a really delectable dish. Whatever the dish is your child will surely be whipping up her imagination as she tries to make fantastic breakfasts, bake sinfully delicious cakes, and prepare sumptuous meals for the whole family. Here’s the really fun part. Your child can scan all of her collected ingredients in search for the much coveted Finished Dishes Limited Edition character. Now, wouldn’t you consider this cool?

What We Like about It – The Chef Club Shopkins 12 pack is a great idea for introducing young kids to the work of a kitchen chef and become more confident about staying in the kitchen from now on.

3Season 5 Mega Pack by Moose Toys

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Age Range: 5 to 15 years old

If you have a child who has been begging you to start her very own collection of Shopkins characters, you can always go for the blind bags from your favorite toy store. However, a much better deal is to get the Season 5 Mega Pack as this already jumpstarts the journey of your kid as a collector of these lovable creations. These are ordinary objects or things that we often take for granted every day. They wear warm smiles and friendly faces to remind us that even objects need to be cared for and given the attention that we normally reserve only for fellow humans. The thing is that the Mega Pack is a really great deal especially if you are considering on giving it as your own blind bags to be distributed to your child’s circle of friends. You have to be careful where you can buy Shopkins though as there have been issues about a lot of fakes and Shopkin-wannabes in the market. It is thus, imperative that you check the Moose Toys logo from every package that you buy and to get those products only from the company itself.

What We Like about It – The Mega Pack is a serious gift idea especially for the young collector. It’s also great for parties to give away.

4Season 4 12-Pack by Moose Toys

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Age Range: 5 to 15 years old

For kids who are into collecting tiny 1-inch objects such as party hats, apple pies, bird houses, toilet bowl, cherries, and a whole lot more, it is a must that they start collecting all the Shopkins in the world. These super cute and adorable creations are a very fun reminder of the things that we see and use every single day. For kids, these are not just toys but rather a symbolic representation of how they see the world around them. Painted with friendly faces, each character in the Season 4 Shopkins 12 pack is sure to capture the heart of any child who ever places her hands on these. More importantly however, these should help stimulate children to use their imagination to the fullest, trying to come up with splendid stories on how such mundane things can come to life in the magical world of children’s make believe. The pack, like all Moose Toys products, comes with 12 characters but only 10 are readily visible and identifiable. The 2 characters are hidden from view which can thus, provide the necessary excitement when opening the package. The pack already comes in its very own storage case so kids will be able to safely keep their lovable objects in one place.

What We Like about It – The S4 12-pack carries on the tradition of high quality toy craftsmanship that can be seen in the company’s other season products. These are inherently excellent toys for encouraging optimum imagination among kids.

5Sweet Heart Collection by Moose Toys

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Age Range: 5 to 9 years old

February and Valentines may be over but it sure is never too late to show your love to your kids. The important thing to do now is to shower them with all the love and care that all parents have to give to their respective kids. And if you happen to have a child who is simply a fanatic of small lovable objects with very friendly personalities, then shower her with the Sweet Heart Collection from Moose Toys. What you are essentially giving are 6 additional super-exclusive Shopkins characters that your child can use to expand her collection and turn it into an empire of friendly miniaturized objects. The set also comes with a bag to help organize these miniature characters helping your child develop the habit of organizing and keeping her things tidy and clean. At any rate, your child will be able to keep track of the different characters that she already has, thanks to the pack’s Collector Guide. Just tick off the characters that she already has to avoid duplication; just make sure not to get blind bags, though.

What We Like about It – The Sweet Heart Collection is a great addition to your child’s collection of mini objects. This can help provide for a more manageable world for them to whip up an imaginative storyline.

6Shoppies Season 2 W2 Dolls by Moose Toys

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Age Range: At least 5 years old

Standing 5 inches tall and sporting a variety of fun and colorful outfits, the Shoppies Season 2 W2 Dolls are an absolute must for all collectors of Shopkins characters. Your kid may already have all the Shopkins in the world but if she simply doesn’t have any of our 5 lovely Shoppies yet, then her journey as a collector is not yet finished. These Shoppies – Rainbow Kate, Pam cake Doll, Pirouetta, Sara Sushi, and Peppa-Mint – come with their own distinctive brand of personalities. Rainbow Kate is perky, always on the go, and literally a fun-loving Shoppie. Pam Cake Doll, on the other hand, is very competitive, an early bird, and very energetic. Peppa-Mint is warm-hearted although shy most of the time. Pirouetta is graceful and stylish while Sara Sushi is always calm, composed, peaceful, and is in total control of herself. Whoever Shoppie your child chooses it should always be the one that best reflects her very own personality. Each of these gals comes with her own accessories and unique Shopkins shopping implements. It’s perfect for pretend or make believe play. Now, imagine if you can give your child all five of these Shoppies, then she’d clearly be the greatest collector of all time.

Like this product? Then check out our list of the top monster high dolls this year here.

What We Like about It – The Shoppies make perfect tools for make-believe play in children, enabling them to act out different roles that would otherwise be unacceptable to the adult-governed world.

7Season 3 Scoops Ice Cream Truck by Moose Toys

Age Range: 4 to 15 years old

It is very rare to meet a child who doesn’t like ice cream. Sure, everyone can have their favorite ice cream flavors. But the fact remains: ice cream is one of those cold treats that kids and adults alike will line up for anytime, anywhere. Moose Toys’ Scoops Ice Cream truck is an adorable ice cream van whose roof flips open to reveal a variety of homemade ice creamy desserts and treats. The details on the ice cream truck recreate the interior of a real one. There’s a sink and several chest type freezers to store your treats while the prep station is just superbly cool as it adds a certain sense of realism to the mobile ice cream parlor. Side mirrors, steering wheel, dashboard, and a full ice cream parlor setup in the interior makes the Scoops very fun to drive. There’s even a horn on top of the head unit of the truck just waiting for your child to honk it. The Scoops Ice Cream truck already comes complete with two Shopkins characters which is actually a great addition to your kid’s collection. Also included are sign boards and a colorful umbrella stand with three storage compartments to keep your other miniatures.

What We Like about It – The Scoops Ice Cream truck is one colorful and unique way to let kids explore the delicious goodness of ice creams on wheels. At any rate, this is one ice cream that will never melt even under the extreme heat of the sun.

8Pop ‘N’ Race Classic Game with Shopkins Theme by Moose Toys

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Age Range: 5 to 15 years old

If you think that the Shopkins world is all about collecting small objects that are given some friendly faces to mimic a certain personality, then think again. The Pop ‘N’ Race Classic Game is not your ordinary Moose Toys product although its theme is still pretty much centered around the miniature characters that children all over the world have come to love. In the Pop ‘N’ Race, up to 4 kids can sit down and play the classic board game. Each kid is given 4 distinct and unique Shopkins characters to start with in their respective starting areas. The objective is very simple, straightforward: advance all of your pieces towards the finish line to win the game. The catch is that, if another player lands on a tile that one of your 4 characters is occupying, your character gets sent back to the starting line. Determining how many steps or tiles to advance is determined by the die that pops out under a covered dome right in the center of the game board. Kids take turns pressing on the dome to rattle the die and determine the number of tiles they have to advance their characters. The good thing about this design is that the die will not be going anywhere as it is kept contained within the dome itself. Now, kids will have an entirely different way to enjoy their Shopkins characters.

What We Like about It – The Pop ‘N’ Race is a great way to encourage kids to interact with one another during playtime. This helps develop their social interaction skills.

9Supermarket Playset by Moose Toys

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Age Range: 5 to 15 years old

Take your child on a fantastic journey exploring the many shelves of products and rows upon rows of fresh produce in the Supermarket Playset from Moose Toys. This playset already includes a shopping trolley as well as two exclusive Shopkins characters, perfect for expanding your kid’s collection. There are shopping bags, a treadmill counter, and a cashier’s station to help simulate a supermarket experience. There’s a delivery chute which your child can slide characters down. For the best possible experience, we’d definitely recommend collecting all the Shopkins characters you can find to help expand the stock of the make believe supermarket.

What We Like about It – The Supermarket Playset is a fun way to let kids design their own supermarket including which fun items to include on display for customers to purchase. The shopping cart and bags plus the cashier’s station add to the make believe potential of the playset.

10Make Up Spot Mid Price Playset by Moose Toys 

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Age Range: 5 to 15 years old

Shopkins characters also require some tender loving care. And when it comes to showcase their unique charms, it is time to bring out the Make Up Spot Playset. This plaything is perfect for stimulating your kid’s imagination as she attempts to put on some fabulous makeup and styling on her collection of mini characters. Talk about personalization. This couldn’t be any greater as kids are given all the right tools to create some fantastic artworks with their Shopkins. The play set comes with a lipstick-styled display case plus an entire cabinet for storing all of your little princess’ makeover tools and accessories. This is the perfect gift for kids especially if they are already on the road to collecting miniatures.

What We Like about It – The Make Up Spot Playset is ideal for allowing kids to experiment with their creativity. They don’t need to be makeup artists themselves but the experience will surely introduce them to the idea of enhancing one’s beauty.

How We Chose the Best Shopkins Toys in Our List

At first we were not quite sure how to approach the project since most of the products we’ve seen so far are performing exceptionally well. Customers are very willing to provide their invaluable feedback on the usefulness of these toys especially in terms of what these can do for their respective children. The satisfaction ratings were also quite tight such that relying on this alone will not result in the top 10 but maybe even a top 100 Shopkins toys. It is for this reason that we decided to focus on the different seasons of the toy line since it is now on its 7th season. Each season actually has its unique theme which may appeal to certain kids. At any rate, by taking a representative product for the different seasons, we can serve the needs of more kids.

One of the major issues that have plagued the brand about a year after its inception was the growing incidence of fake products. It was thus, important for us to establish the reliability of where can you buy Shopkins without having to fret whether it’s legitimate or not. You can bet that the links we have provided in each of these toys are only from the official manufacturer of the toy itself and not from anybody else. This way, you’ll feel more confident about the quality and safety of these products as they are played with by your kids.

We also took into consideration the design of the toy whether it can provide a particular developmental benefit or not. The appropriateness of the product to the developmental age of target kids was also evaluated for congruence. This is a must in any toy that we buy for our kids.

Benefits of Pretend and Make-Believe Play in Kids’ Development

It is a well-established fact that pretend play is important in child development. Both education and child psychology experts agree that there are a lot of things going on every time kids engage in make believe or pretend play. For kids, it is more than just play. It is their way of expressing their understanding of their environment and their world. It is for this reason that parents must also learn to appreciate the importance of pretend play for kids, especially the young ones. Here are the benefits of pretend and make-believe play in kids’ development.

  • It boosts the development of their cognitive abilities.
  • It enhances their critical thinking skills.
  • It improves their capacity for understanding a variety of factors that can impact the goal of the play.
  • It helps develop their social interaction skills.
  • It aids in the understanding of the importance of cooperation and teamwork.
  • It introduces the very abstract concept of empathy as opposed to sympathy.
  • It helps in the continuing development of kids’ language, vocabulary, speech, and communication skills.
  • It fosters creativity which leads to an improvement in self-esteem and self-worth.
  • It allows kids to express their thoughts and emotions in a safer and more constructive way.

The Bottom Line

Playing with miniature objects like Shopkins and other toys like it may not seem like much. However, these have all been proven by science to be especially beneficial in children’s development. So, get your kid started on collecting Shopkins characters today. Start with our 10 best Shopkins toys for kids and they’ll be on their way to a happier, more productive childhood.

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