10 Best Push Toys Toddlers Will Love In 2017

No one can deny that small children, especially toddlers, love push toys. In fact, this type of plaything is not only for kids who are learning or starting to walk. Push toys help children improve their motor skills. Before learning to walk, toddlers need to be trained on balance, strength and confidence.

It’s easy to help your kid when it’s the first time. Just put his or her hands on the bar while standing up and give the baby the feeling of control. Pretty soon a little creature will be moving around the room without your assistance.

There are many types of push toys available in your favorite toy store. From strollers to lawn mowers and grocery carts, plenty of choices await to give your child all the fun they’re looking for. Their self-esteem is also boosted when you make them feel like they’re helping around the house. Check out our list of the 10 best push toys for toddlers in 2017.

How We Chose the Leading Toddler Push Toys in Our List

Since toddlers are still on the road to mastering the essentials of walking, there is a slim chance that they will meet an accident and hurt themselves. As such, our first priority was to look for playthings that are very safe to push or even to pull. This means they need to have a very stable platform, a wide wheelbase, and some other mechanism that will help prevent the plaything from being toppled over. We also factored in the other uses or inherent benefits of these toys. As much as possible, we looked for playthings that did not only cater to the psychomotor development of children of this age but also their cognitive, emotional, and social aspects. Towards the end, we had to streamline our selection further by choosing only those with at least 4.4 stars based on current customer satisfaction scoring systems. This was then compared to the genera sentiments of consumers who already have a first-hand experience with the product.

Benefits of Push and Pull Toys for Toddlers

Push and pull toys are regarded as one of the best types of playthings that children need if they are still learning how to walk. In fact, many believe that pushing and pulling are essential for toddler development. However, these types of toys are not only important because of their ability to help young children learn how to walk and master the art of ambulating, they are also important because of the many other benefits that they provide. Here are some of the more important benefits of push and pull toys for toddlers.

  • Aids in the development of a sense of autonomy – One of the inherent developmental tasks of toddlers is the development of a sense of autonomy, of being an independent entity separate from mommy and daddy. Just imagine how they will feel if they can stand on their own without relying on mom or dad and using only sturdy push toys. The same can be said if they are already walking. They know that they can literally stand on their own.
  • Helps boost confidence – Being able to walk without clinging to mom and dad gives a substantial boost in the self-confidence of toddlers. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and something that they can proudly say they did it on their own.
  • Encourages use of problem solving skills – Playing with push toys often mean having to use some rudimentary form of problem solving. Unless children will be playing in a large open space, they will have to solve the question of how to move a push toy against an object or obstacle. Should they go over it or move around it?
  • Fosters creativity and imagination – There are many push toys that come with various designs such as animals and vehicles. These can be excellent tools for encouraging toddlers to play pretend or make-believe. These types of play can help children use their imagination to the fullest extent.

The Bottom Line

Push toys are important for young toddlers to master the different steps needed to walk. It’s also important for their enhancement of coordination and balance while also providing for a host of other developmental benefits. That’s why we believe you and your tot will be better off with these 10 best push toys for toddlers in 2017.

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