8 Best Punching Bags for Kids in 2017

punching bags for kids

Staunch supporters and advocates of child safety may not agree with us when we say that boxing can be a great way for children to develop a lot of their potentials including physical strength and agility, stamina and endurance, emotional balance, concentration and focus, and a whole lot more. While their concern is understandable, considering that boxing can be quite a dangerous contact sport, child development experts agree that we can still ensure our children’s safety while they are engaged in training. We do not intend for your kid to become the next Holyfield or even Muhammad Ali but it sure is going to be fun if they will start with their boxing introduction with our 8 best punching bags for kids in 2017.

8 Best Punching Bags for Kids

RDX Kids Heavy Boxing Punching BagRDX5
Ringside Youth Heavy Bag KiteRingside4.8
Liberty Imports Sport Boxing Punching Bag With GlovesLiberty Imports4.7
Century Kid Kick WavemasterCentury4.5
The Original 46" Bozo 3-D Bop BagS&S Worldwide4.3
Big Time Toys Socker Bopper Power BagBig Time Toys4.1

1Socker Bopper Power Bag by Big Time Toys

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Age Range: 5 to 12 years old

When we talk about boxing for children, most people will be thinking about powerful punches that can potentially hurt and injure children’s fragile bones. We don’t have to go down this path. It should be remembered that children don’t need to train like professional boxers do. One of the most important things they have to learn is how to throw a punch. Now, it would really be helpful if the object they are going to hit is soft so that it won’t hurt them. This is exactly what Big Time Toys had in mind when it designed the Socker Bopper Power Bag. The Socker Bopper is a 42 inch tall bopper that’s filled with air, not solid fillings like sand or some other material. Technically, it would be like boxing a balloon or even an inflatable toy. It will never hurt. The Socker Bopper comes with a fully weighted bottom so it bounces straight back up and fast. Made of heavy duty, premium grade vinyl with seams that are double-stitched for optimum inflation, the Socker Bopper makes for an excellent tool for training children how to properly throw a punch by hitting the target markers on its body. There’s no need to wear gloves although you can purchase a separate pair if you want to give your child a really fantastic experience. Child psychologists call the Socker Bopper as an excellent tool for channeling children’s pent-up energies. This should help them manage their frustrations, anxieties, and emotions in a non-destructive manner. It also helps to move them away from the TV or computer screens so they will have some time for physical activity. The Socker Bopper is one of those cheap punching bags you can expect to provide your kid with an effective option for channeling his or her emotional energies.

What We Like about It – The Socker Bopper is safe to hit, will not hurt your kid, and comes with a built-in mechanism to allow it to bounce right back up in an instant.

2Kid Kick Wavemaster by Century

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Age Range: 6 to 11 years old

For a semi-professional look to a kids punching bag, we recommend Century’s Kid Kick Wavemaster. Based on the name of the product alone, understand that this is not only intended for training kids how to box but also can be a great tool for introducing them to the art of kickboxing and other forms of martial arts. The design of the Kid Kick Wavemaster is very different from the Socker Bopper in that it is weighed down by a heavy circular platform that serves as its base. You will have to fill this portion with either sand or water to help stabilize the whole system. This effectively increases the overall weight of the Kid Kick Wavemaster to 170 pounds which should be heavy enough to prevent it from tipping over or being toppled when hit by a punch or a kick by your child. The main punch and kick surface of the Kid Kick Wavemaster is not filled with air but rather high impact foam. This provides a certain amount of resistance that will resonate through your kid’s hands or legs. However, since it is foam, it should not really hurt that much compared to systems that are filled with sand and other types of filling materials. Nylon is wrapped around the high impact foam as covering and to provide for a much smoother surface for your child to hit. The height of the Kid Kick Wavemaster can also be adjusted in 4 different levels so you can expect it to grow with your child.

What We Like about It – With a different design and filling material, the Kid Kick Wavemaster is a great instrument for training potential boxers, kickboxers, and martial artists.

3The Original 46 Inch Bozo 3D Bop Bag by S&S Worldwide

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Age Range: 3 to 8 years old

Are you looking for really cheap punching bags? Then the Original Bozo 3D Bop Bag is a great buy. It is actually more fun than the Socker Bopper since your kid will be hitting on one of the most iconic characters in children’s entertainment: Bozo the Clown. Standing nearly 4 feet tall (at 46 inches), Bozo Bop Bag has a sand-filled base that already comes with the package. This means you need not worry about filling Bozo’s base with your own sand. This helps guarantee that Bozo will be bouncing right back up every time he is hit. This is unlike the Kid Kick Wavemaster where you still have to weigh it down with either sand or water. Additionally, Bozo comes with a squeaker mechanism which is elicited with each punch or kick made right at the Bop Zone or on Bozo’s squeaky nose. Bozo can take any hit and will never complain. He rolls with every punch that is landed on him. And he will keep on coming back for more punches as well. This is superb for allowing kids both to train how to throw a punch and to channel their destructive energies into more acceptable objects. This should help maintain a healthier emotional state especially among young children.

What We Like about It – Bozo returns as the favorite punching bag of children. Its squeaky features add an element of fun to every punch.

4Inflatable Bop Bag Toy with Standing Punching Bag by Bonk Fit

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Age Range: 2 to 8 years old

Almost all of us who have ever felt so frustrated or so stressed out want to hit something or even someone straight in the face. We don’t condone violence especially when directed against another human being or any living creature for that matter. However, science shows that the negative energies that are generated when we get frustrated or get angry can be channeled or redirected on inanimate objects. Adding a feature in these objects can sometimes help to mitigate the effects of stress. Now, it would be clearly foolish to say that kids don’t experience stress. Unfortunately, young children are more vulnerable to the harmful effects of stress. This is because they don’t have the capacity yet to fully manage their stresses in more constructive ways. That’s why you have incessant crying among babies and temper tantrums among toddlers simply because of the insufficient skill for managing stresses. With the Bonk Fit Inflatable Bop Bag, young kids can now vent their frustrations on these objects that are designed with some of the funniest and most thought-provoking characters in town. Just imagine hitting a real elephant or even famous Republicans as well as a brown bear, a soldier, a firefighter, a doctor, a policeman, or a blue whale. Is it even possible to hit these? No, right? But the Bonk Fit Bop Bag allows kids to do just that. The Bonk Fit kids punching bag is made of an inflatable material that stands 3 feet tall. The bottom is also weighted so that it springs back up into action, ready to receive another blow. This should also be great for kids who love to play rough, tumbling all over the place. At the very least, your kid will be venting his or her stresses on these bop bags and not on real people or even animals.

What We Like about It – Some of the characters printed on the Bonk Fit are simply those you’d want to hit in real life. However, it simply isn’t possible without facing any legal action. The Bonk Fit gives you the power to hit this now.

5Sport Boxing Punching Bag with Gloves Punching Ball for Kids by Liberty Imports

Age Range: At least 5 years old

With a fully adjustable height between 80 and 110 centimeters or roughly 31 and 43 inches, the Sport Boxing kids punching bag is a differently conceptualized training gear for would-be boxers. The boxing implement is fully inflatable and thus, should not pose any danger to the anatomy of your child’s hands. The soft cushiony feel of air that fills the bladder of the punching ball renders it virtually harmless to hit. To make the experience more realistic, Liberty Imports has thrown in a pair of boxing gloves that can be hung easily on the spring stand of the Sport Boxing Ball. This also adds to the protection of your kid’s hands so he or she will not complain about hurting his or her hands. The base of the Sport Boxing Ball is fully weighted so there’s no need for sand or water or any other supporting material. The ball is attached to a spring stand which gives it the appearance of a balloon attached to a stick. The spring stand provides the recoil needed to return the Sport Boxing Ball to its original position. One great thing about the Sport Boxing Ball is that the boxing ball itself has a smaller surface area to be hit which makes it ideal for precision punches. This makes it an exceptional beginner’s tool for learning how to throw very precise and accurate punches.

What We Like about It – The Sport Boxing Ball’s unique semi-professional look is superb. It’s inflatable so it won’t hurt to hit it, either.

6Kids Heavy Boxing Punch Bag by RDX

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Age Range: At least 6 years old

For a more professional look, the RDX Kids Heavy Boxing Punch Bag is a splendid option. The RDX is filled with tiny pieces of shredded textile to give it resistance against punches. The filling gives the RDX amazing shock absorption properties so that the energy is not directed back to the hands. For good measure, kids using the RDX will be better off wearing the accompanying boxing gloves so as not to substantially hurt their hands in the process. The cover is made of twinned layer of super durable Maya hide leather that’s guaranteed never to tear. And since it is made of leather, the RDX can also be used outdoors as it also has excellent waterproofing. The 3-foot high RDX is the perfect training equipment for young boxers, mixed martial artists, and kickboxers. The RDX kids punching bag is also a great tool for managing the daily stresses of young kids, helping them channel their negative energies away.

What We Like about It – The RDX’s professional-looking design provides the necessary motivation for kids to stay focused in their training. It’s got excellent fill for resistance and shock absorption.

7Youth Kids Boxing Kit Training Bag Set by Ringside

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Age Range: 2 to 4 years old

The Ringside kids punching bag is one of those cheap punching bags that are designed specifically for toddlers. This should be understood right from the very start since the Ringside only measures a measly 17 inches, or roughly 1.5 feet tall. It comes complete with a pair of boxing gloves and a boxer’s headgear complete with a chin strap to help simulate professional boxing. We are inclined to agree with some of the customer feedback saying that it is more of a pretend play toy rather than a real training equipment for kids. The Ringside is filled with ultra-soft materials so your toddler’s hands are safe. But why would you want your tot to start hitting the Ringside? Well, toddlers are often described as highly irritable. They like throwing punches. So, instead of them hitting your favorite home décor, the Ringside is a much safer alternative.

What We Like about It – The Ringside is a very small punching bag designed specifically for toddlers so they can manage their frustrations in a safer and more non-destructive manner.

8Inflatable Free-Standing “Tough Guy” Punching Bag with Bounce-Back Base by Pure Boxing 

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Age Range: At least 6 years old

If kids like punching Bozo or even the fun characters of Bonk Fit, how about giving them the Tough Guy to hit? The Tough Guy kids punching bag is just like any other inflatable kiddie boxing equipment that helps children enhance their hand-eye coordination, develop their agility, and train their precision hits. Designed like some macho tough guy, these cheap punching bags make excellent stress relievers for children as much as these are effective tools for training and engaging them in some physical activities. Standing 56 inches tall, the Tough Guy is the tallest in our list and, as such, is highly recommended for older children. It has a weighted bottom which can be filled with either water or sand; although the latter is preferred. The rugged vinyl construction of the Tough Guy is designed to take any kind and amount of kicks and punches thrown at it. This makes the Tough Guy a really tough one to knock down as it will keep on standing right back up.

What We Like about It – The Tough Guy is a superb alternative to the Bozo, the Socker Bopper, and the Bonk Fit. This is especially true if you have an older child who stands more than 4 feet tall.

How We Chose the Best Kiddie Punching Bags in Our List

Sturdiness and durability were two of the most important characteristics of punching bags that we really have to look for in this particular endeavor. First, while the punches of our kids may not be powerful enough, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the material used in the manufacture of the product will never get damaged with repeated punches and perhaps, even kicks. As such, the sturdiness of the product was a major consideration. It should also be durable. It won’t make sense that a boxing equipment gives up on a kid after only a few sessions. As much as possible, it should grow well with kids so they can continue to use it until such time that they are ready for the real stuff, if ever it comes to that.

Second, since we’re talking about products especially for kids, we cannot choose professional-grade punching bags. These should have a certain element of child-friendliness in their designs. We did, however, included three items that were designed more like the professional stuff so that kids who are ready to take their training to a whole new level can use these instead of the fancier ones. Of course, there are also parents who prefer professional-looking products rather than getting one that can be mistaken as a toy.

Third, and in relation to our first criteria, was the stability of the product. This type of boxing equipment is typically hung on some structure, especially the ceiling. However, the height may not be ideal for small kids. As such, many of our products are built as standees. It is for this reason that they should be stable enough to withstand blows from kids without toppling. And in cases where it does sway or tip over to one side, it should still be able to spring back to its original position.

Lastly, we looked at how these products were evaluated by consumers. We wanted to look at the star rating of these products but decided against it. Instead, we relied on the general sentiments of consumers to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each product. This gave us an idea whether the item is an excellent buy or a worthless piece of junk.

Benefits of Learning Boxing among Kids

It is understandable that some parents and child safety advocates don’t recommend kids learning how to box or any form of contact sports. Is boxing safe for kids? This is the question that many parents ask pediatric health care professionals and child psychologists whenever the suggestion of boxing for kids pops out. Fortunately, studies have shown that there are many benefits of boxing for kids. Here are some of them.

  • Stress relief – Stress is an integral part of human existence. Even children experience stress. While older children may already have some rudimentary coping skills to allow them to manage their stresses, younger kids are not so lucky. Boxing allows kids to vent these negative energies so they will feel more relaxed.
  • Self-defense – We don’t agree about using violence in any way. However, everyone, including children, have the right to defend themselves when attacked. At a time when bullying is rampant in schools, equipping kids with the basic tools to defend themselves can hardly be classified as a crime.
  • Discipline – Boxing requires following a very strict exercise and training regimen which also requires discipline. The good news is that this discipline is carried over to other aspects of a kid’s life. He or she will exercise discipline at all times whether it is in school, in the playground, or elsewhere. Discipline is a state of mind and boxing can teach kids this important principle.
  • Self-motivation – Engaging in any sport instills a great deal of motivation among children. They know that they can get better with each training session. If they can hit a punching bag now, tomorrow they can do so a lot faster. This keeps them motivated.
  • Strength – Throwing a punch may seem not much but it does strengthen the muscles of the arm. Other exercises inherent in boxing can also improve the overall tone and strength of the different muscle groups enabling kids to perform exceptionally well in physical activities.

The Bottom Line

Boxing can have a lot of benefits to kids. Because safety concerns are legitimate, it is crucial for us to safeguard our kids’ boxing efforts by giving them equipment that are proven to be safe for use among children. Our top 8 punching bags for kids in 2017 is always a good place to start.

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