8 Best Punching Bags for Kids in 2017

Staunch supporters and advocates of child safety may not agree with us when we say that boxing can be a great way for children to develop a lot of their potentials including physical strength and agility, stamina and endurance, emotional balance, concentration and focus, and a whole lot more. While their concern is understandable, considering that boxing can be quite a dangerous contact sport, child development experts agree that we can still ensure our children’s safety while they are engaged in training. We do not intend for your kid to become the next Holyfield or even Muhammad Ali but it sure is going to be fun if they will start with their boxing introduction with our 8 best punching bags for kids in 2017.

How We Chose the Best Kiddie Punching Bags in Our List

Sturdiness and durability were two of the most important characteristics of punching bags that we really have to look for in this particular endeavor. First, while the punches of our kids may not be powerful enough, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the material used in the manufacture of the product will never get damaged with repeated punches and perhaps, even kicks. As such, the sturdiness of the product was a major consideration. It should also be durable. It won’t make sense that a boxing equipment gives up on a kid after only a few sessions. As much as possible, it should grow well with kids so they can continue to use it until such time that they are ready for the real stuff, if ever it comes to that.

Second, since we’re talking about products especially for kids, we cannot choose professional-grade punching bags. These should have a certain element of child-friendliness in their designs. We did, however, included three items that were designed more like the professional stuff so that kids who are ready to take their training to a whole new level can use these instead of the fancier ones. Of course, there are also parents who prefer professional-looking products rather than getting one that can be mistaken as a toy.

Third, and in relation to our first criteria, was the stability of the product. This type of boxing equipment is typically hung on some structure, especially the ceiling. However, the height may not be ideal for small kids. As such, many of our products are built as standees. It is for this reason that they should be stable enough to withstand blows from kids without toppling. And in cases where it does sway or tip over to one side, it should still be able to spring back to its original position.

Lastly, we looked at how these products were evaluated by consumers. We wanted to look at the star rating of these products but decided against it. Instead, we relied on the general sentiments of consumers to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each product. This gave us an idea whether the item is an excellent buy or a worthless piece of junk.

Benefits of Learning Boxing among Kids

It is understandable that some parents and child safety advocates don’t recommend kids learning how to box or any form of contact sports. Is boxing safe for kids? This is the question that many parents ask pediatric health care professionals and child psychologists whenever the suggestion of boxing for kids pops out. Fortunately, studies have shown that there are many benefits of boxing for kids. Here are some of them.

  • Stress relief – Stress is an integral part of human existence. Even children experience stress. While older children may already have some rudimentary coping skills to allow them to manage their stresses, younger kids are not so lucky. Boxing allows kids to vent these negative energies so they will feel more relaxed.
  • Self-defense – We don’t agree about using violence in any way. However, everyone, including children, have the right to defend themselves when attacked. At a time when bullying is rampant in schools, equipping kids with the basic tools to defend themselves can hardly be classified as a crime.
  • Discipline – Boxing requires following a very strict exercise and training regimen which also requires discipline. The good news is that this discipline is carried over to other aspects of a kid’s life. He or she will exercise discipline at all times whether it is in school, in the playground, or elsewhere. Discipline is a state of mind and boxing can teach kids this important principle.
  • Self-motivation – Engaging in any sport instills a great deal of motivation among children. They know that they can get better with each training session. If they can hit a punching bag now, tomorrow they can do so a lot faster. This keeps them motivated.
  • Strength – Throwing a punch may seem not much but it does strengthen the muscles of the arm. Other exercises inherent in boxing can also improve the overall tone and strength of the different muscle groups enabling kids to perform exceptionally well in physical activities.

The Bottom Line

Boxing can have a lot of benefits to kids. Because safety concerns are legitimate, it is crucial for us to safeguard our kids’ boxing efforts by giving them equipment that are proven to be safe for use among children. Our top 8 punching bags for kids in 2017 is always a good place to start.

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