10 Best Minion Toys in 2017

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Who can ever forget Dave, Bob, and Stuart as well as the hundreds of other Minions? Ever since these yellow bespectacled creatures graced the silver screen in 2010 as the venerable sidekicks of Gru and Dr. Nefario, they have generated quite a strong following from kids and adults alike. With the Minions film finally shown in 2015 and the up and coming 3rdinstallment of the Despicable Me 3D computer animated film franchise hitting the big screens this 2017, kids will again be raring to get their hands on the coolest and the 10 best Minion toys they can ever get their hands on. Don’t worry. We got you covered.

10 Best Minion Toys

PictureToyBrandAge Range
Despicable Me Minion Dave Talking Action FigureDespicable Me4-12 Years
Play-Doh Featuring Despicable Me Minions Disguise LabPlay-Doh3 Years +
Mega Bloks Minions Shark Bait Figure PackMega Bloks5-10 Years
Memory Game Despicable Me EditionHasbro3 Years +
Despicable Me Minions Movie Minions Deluxe Exclusive 5" Action FiguresDespicable Me4 Years +
Operation Despicable Me Silly Skill GameHasbro6 Years +

1Minion Dave Talking Action Figure by Despicable Me

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Age Range: 4 to 12 years old

One of the best-selling Minion merchandise is the Dave Talking Action Figure. Dave himself is one of the best-loved characters in the film. Actually, Dave is one of three talking Gru followers from the Despicable Me 2 line of toys that are made available for kids to enjoy. Get ready to roll in laughter because Dave will not only be tickling your child’s funny bone; he will also be making sure adults will be sporting a smile after hearing Dave blurt out the magic word, “banana!”. But this is not actually what makes Dave so hilarious. It’s your next move that will surprise you. Touching or pressing his tongue will make him shout “banana!”. The next time you press his pocket or even turn his head, he’ll give you a really fantastic, musical fart that only the Minions are capable of. Now, try pressing Dave’s tongue 2 consecutive times and you’ve got yourself a “super banana” before letting out an even louder, funnier, and longer passing of gas. And get this. Dave has 55 other sayings and sound effects that he can produce with utmost confidence. You will also be treated to the original voice of Dave so there’s no mistaking him for Stuart, Jerry, or even Bob. Kids will love the way Dave will bring laughter in their lives. This can have a very significant effect on their emotional wellbeing.

What We Like about It – The high quality audio, excellent facial expressions, and a really soft-touch skin make the Dave Talking Action Figure a must-have. And if you don’t trust us, then just listen to the rave reviews of nearly 800 Amazon customers.

2Disguise Lab Featuring Despicable Me Minions by Play-Doh

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Age Range: At least 3 years old

Kids just love playing with Play-Doh. The soft and squishy texture makes building with clay-like materials an absolute fun. It would be quite difficult to imagine a child who hasn’t tried playing with these kinds of toys at least once in their lives. One of the well-loved Minion merchandise is the Disguise Lab featuring the jumper-clad yellow sycophants of Gru and Dr. Nefario. Here, your kids will be experimenting with their very own PX 41 serum, turning our lovable yellow friends into the vicious purple monsters in DM2. Of course, if your kid doesn’t want to create these hairy scary creatures, he or she can simply create a fashionable hairstyle for his or her favorite Minion. Aside from the crazy and obnoxious hairstyles, children will also have fun creating a host of fancy disguises to our favorite yellows in denim jumpers. The Disguise Lab comes complete with molding tools to create fantastic shapes, silly bananas, and even sirens. Obviously, the kit already includes two lovable models: one yellow and friendly and another purple and savage. This is the perfect toy for kids who would love to whip up their imagination and creativity in coming up with wonderful disguises for our beloved Minions.

What We Like about It – The tactile experiences kids will have from playing with this Play-Doh can help enhance their sensory development while also motivating them to be as creative and imaginative as possible.

3Minions Plush Buddies – Bob by Despicable Me

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Age Range: 4 to 15 years old

Standing a full 5 to 6 inches tall, the Bob Minions Plush Buddies is one fantastic addition to any Despicable Me collection. Bob’s height may not be that much but he is surely an adorable looking yellow bespectacled creature in a denim jumpsuit. His eyes open with amazement, adorned only by soft plastic goggles. That awesome smile drawn across Bob’s face can surely melt the hearts of anyone. If you need a much taller Minion, then you might want to get Stuart instead as he stands about 8 to 9 inches tall. Both come with very soft and plush body that kids will simply love to hug and cuddle with. It’s the perfect companion of kids during playtime and naptime. These are just of the right size to be hugged while on the go, giving your kids a sense of comfort that only these adorable creatures can provide. Sadly, neither Bob nor Stuart can talk. Nonetheless, we can say they best communicate their attention through the plushness of their construction.

What We Like about It – The Bob Plush Buddies is just like any other stuffed toy. However, it’s wide-eyed gaze and that awesome smile are guaranteed to provide a more peaceful and restful naptime for your younger kids.

4Despicable Me 2 Fart Blaster: A Despicable Minion Gadget by Despicable Me

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Age Range: 3 to 12 years old

In DM1, Dr. Nefario presented to Gru the Fart Gun only to find out that he was supposed to build a Dart Gun instead. However, it was only in DM2 that the actual Fart Gun was used to down a nemesis, El Macho, who, after drinking the last remaining formulation of the PX 41 serum, turned into the wide-bellied purple savage monster that Gru and the rest of the gang had to stop towards the climax of the movie. Now, you can give your kids their very own Fart Gun, the Fart Blaster. Unfortunately, for your sake, Despicable Me decided to remove the actual release of obnoxious fart gas from the Fart Blaster so your kid will never contribute to air pollution. Instead, the DM team beefed up the sound effects with truly hilarious and equally obnoxious fart sounds. At first, you’ll definitely be disgusted with the way the fart sounds are produced. As time passes by, they will be music to your ears that you’ll never think of fart sounds as inherently disgusting anymore. The Fart Blaster also comes with color changing lights to make the fart blasting experiences of your kid to be really worthwhile. And get this. You too, can use the Fart Blaster to spring some mischief on your unsuspecting friends. Just press the Joke Mode, hide the Fart Blaster, and watch the reaction of your friends within 20 seconds as they will hear a sudden boom of hilariously realistic fart sound.

What We Like about It – The Fart Blaster is one fun device to pull a prank on your friends. For kids, it’s a great tool for letting them relive some scenes in the DM movie. It’s great for creativity enhancement, too.

5Minions Shark Bait Figure Pack by Mega Bloks

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Age Range: 5 to 10 years old

Building and construction toys are one of the most developmentally beneficial playthings for any child to help stimulate critical thinking, logical reasoning, and spatial intelligence. While these are not your LEGO Minions, the Mega Bloks Minions Shark Bait Figure Pack can sure provide the same developmental benefits as their more classic Lego counterparts. Get ready to embark on a mission to assist three lovable Minions catch a great white shark. First, you’ll have to build the shark complete with its opening jaws and movable tail. Then, you’ll be fishing for the great white using the accompanying fishing reel. Know that you’ll be using one of your Minions to be the shark bait so you’d have to have a very watchful eye if it comes too close for comfort to the hapless yellow guy in pirate costume. We’re not really sure who these characters are but we do believe they’re Stuart, Kevin, and Bob; although we could be wrong. Regardless, you’ll have the opportunity to mix and match their pirate hats, arms and feet, handkerchiefs, and even goggles, giving you absolute control over any customizations that you think you’ll need. Each of these characters comes with his own signature pirate outfit which, fortunately, can be interchanged. Now, you or your kids can have a great fishing expedition with our adorable yellow pals.

What We Like about It – The Mega Block Shark Bait Figure Pack may not be as complex as a Lego toy but it does the job of stimulating the curiosity, imagination, and creativity of kids.

6Memory Game Despicable Me Edition by Hasbro

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Age Range: At least 3 years old

Board games are very important activities for all members of the family to gather around and enjoy some good old fun. In most cases, these games require teamwork while in others you’d have to rely on your own. Some would even require strategic thinking while some will necessitate excellent short-term memory. In the latter, memory games serve to sharpen the speed of nerve impulse transmission in the brain to access information that has been recently stored and process this to answer a particular problem. Such is the importance of memory games. And we all know just how beneficial this can be for children especially in the development and mastery of their cognitive skills. That’s why we included the Despicable Me edition of Hasbro’s Memory Game. You get 48 colorful cards that feature your favorite Minion characters and scenes in pairs. Technically, you’re looking at 24 pairs of highly colorful Minion cards that you’ll be laying face down and attempt to match pairs by opening two cards at a time. While the recommended age is 3 years old, we found some customers who actually let their 2 year olds join in the fun. Of course, you’re not expected to lay down all the 48 cards; maybe 4 cards will be an excellent starter.

What We Like about It – The Memory Game is as classic as any other board game. Its true value is in the enhancement of kids’ cognitive processes particularly their short-term memory skills. For younger children, visual and spatial intelligence can also be developed.

7Minions Movie Deluxe Exclusive 5-Inch Action Figures by Despicable Me

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Age Range: At least 4 years old

Looking for toy Minions that you can display in your cabinet or even use as a décor on your tabletop or your kid’s desktop? How about getting Kevin, Stuart, Dave, and Jerry to adorn your other furniture pieces at home? The Minions Movie Deluxe Exclusive 5-Inch Action Figures Set is a wonderful gift to present to kids who have already watched the movie Minions or even the Despicable Me film. It’s not just any amazing décor as these toys are built with young kids in mind. They will love playing with these realistic miniaturized replicas of the lovable characters in the silver screen. The limbs of these bespectacled yellow superstars are fully posable so your kid can use his or her imagination to create a very striking pose for the quartet. Pressing the button over their heads or even the front pocket on their denim jumpsuits can also initiate a certain action from these Minions. Kids will have loads of fun playing with these yellow babies.

What We Like about It – It may not be a plush toy but the DM Minions Movie Deluxe Exclusive Action Figures are excellent decorative items as they are superb toys for young kids.

8Minions Station Wagon Getaway by Mega Bloks

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Age Range: 5 to 10 years old

Two of the most lovable Minions are Kevin and Stuart; Kevin for his forward thinking and Stuart for his laid-back attitude. The duo has gone through a lot of adventures assisting Scarlet Overkill before eventually finding their ultimate Big Boss, Gru and his associate Dr. Nefario. Now, they’ll be whipping up their signature brand of mischief with the Minions Station Wagon Getaway from Mega Bloks. This Minion merchandise sees Kevin and Stuart getting away in their fully built station wagon complete with a safe that’s filled with their loot. The station wagon comes with fully rotating wheels, a rocket blaster, a removable roof, and other tools and paraphernalia that the two will be using to execute their plan. And here’s the thing. You can actually build the station wagon and all related accessories with the 188 pieces of building blocks from Mega Bloks. You can also swap the limbs, overalls, hair, and goggles between Stuart and Kevin so you’ll get the best disguise for them to make their getaway. And like all building toys, this Minion merchandise from Mega Bloks is a sure hit especially among children who may already have several play sets of Lego. These are excellent when it comes to assisting them enhance their divergent problem solving skills which can become an amazing stepping stone to more advanced and complex cognitive processes.

What We Like about It – The Station Wagon Getaway of Stuart and Kevin provides a splendid opportunity for kids to enhance their imaginative potential. The nature of building blocks as an educational toy can be used to the fullest in terms of helping children develop their cognitive skills particularly their divergent thinking abilities.

9Operation Despicable Me Silly Skill Game by Hasbro

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Age Range: At least 6 years old

Can you still remember that game we used to play as kids during school fairs or even in our communities where we had to move a very small loop of wire through another wire that’s been purposely bent, twisted, and curved in different sections of its length? The objective of the game was quite simple: move the small loop of wire from Point A to Point B which is about a few feet apart. But there’s a catch. The loop must not touch the wire or else, the light or buzzer will be activated, and game over. Kids today can still enjoy this classic game but using Stuart as the wire activator. The Operation Despicable Me Silly Skill Game puts you in charge of removing all the Funatomy parts of Stuart who happens to be sick. Your job is to surgically fish out his toxic tongue, Stuart’s unicorn fluff, or even his nutty noggin as well as 8 other different Funatomy parts. You will be using the accompanying tweezers to help remove these ills and make Stuart feel a lot better. Assisting you are 4 miniaturized Minions which, if you would like, you can expand by collecting all 50 of them. Like the classic wire game, the Operation requires you to remove these Funatomy parts without ever touching the sides of Stuart’s Funatomy cavities. So, let your child be a doctor to Stuart for one day and let him or her use his or her full imagination in creating a fantastic storyline for Stuart’s disease.

What We Like about It – The Operation is a game that’s built with the sole purpose of training kids and adults absolute focus and control of their minute muscle movements. Even the slightest miscalculation can trigger the alarm that will spell failure for the operation. However, the addition of Stuart as the patient and 4 small yet lovable Minions providing assistance make the Operation particularly helpful in enhancing children’s imagination.

10Despicable Me Minion Mobile by Mega Bloks 

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Age Range: 5 to 15 years old

The Mega Bloks Despicable Me Minion Mobile may not be the Lego Minions you’re looking for but this 194-piece play set can help any child enhance their spatial intelligence, logical reasoning, scientific problem solving, and even divergent thinking. More importantly, like the other Mega Bloks in this list, the Minion Mobile will help develop kids’ imagination and creativity a lot further. Just imagine being able to build one of the most iconic 3D animation vehicles ever to grace the silver screen, although not really as famous as Gru’s Grumobile, and you can bet that children’s confidence in themselves will also be soaring skyhigh. The Minionmobile looks a lot like the Grumobile, albeit smaller to accommodate the small size of the Minions. It does feature the same streamlined body plus a conning tower type of cockpit to enable our small yellow friends a superb 360 degree view of their surroundings. The Minionmobile comes with an open pod that can seat another Minion so you’ll get double the mischief. When the Minionmobile breaks down, there are no worries as it comes with a handy tool kit to make instant repairs. Let your kid’s imagination run free with this set from Mega Bloks.

What We Like about It – This Mega Bloks set is one amazing piece of toy technology that helps to improve the way children develop their cognitive skills. Given the chance to create something truly magical and fantastic, kids’ confidence will simply be soaring to the skies.

How We Chose the Top 10 Minion Toys in our List

Because our focus are on toys, it was imperative for us to adhere to our time-tested formula of looking at the inherent characteristics of playthings in our search for the coolest, most adorable, most fun, and most amazing Minions for this year 2017.

First, toys must be fun. These should bring a wide smile to kids. To help us identify the best Minion playthings currently available in the market, we had to consider their consumer product ratings. We believe a 5 star-rated product would be more appealing than one that only has 3 stars or less. That’s why, as much as possible, we only included those with no less than 4 stars in their consumer ratings.

Toys must also be developmentally appropriate as they are fun to play with. This is actually more important than the customer review ratings. The developmental appropriateness of a toy simply means that it is able to address some, if not all, of the developmental needs of children for any given age. That’s why developmental appropriateness is often equated with age-appropriateness.

The safety of these products was also considered. It was crucial for us to ascertain the level of safety of these items both in the kind of materials used in their construction or manufacture and in the way in which the different components have been put together. This is especially important among younger children as they can easily choke on very small parts. Their sense of safety is not yet that fully concrete so it’s up to us, we believe, to safeguard them from unsafe products.

Character Toys and Your Kids’ Development

All children require toys to help them in their optimum development. It is clear that different toys will have different benefits to different kids. For instance, the benefits of toy blocks or construction and building toys have been proven by science to include enhancement of motor skills, spatial intelligence, divergent thinking, social skills, hand-eye coordination, language skills, and the capacity for creative thinking. Adding characters to these kinds of toys can add a new dimension to your child’s development.

Character toys are those playthings that encompass a variety of toy categories that are unified by the use of a single character. For example, in this list we focused on the Minions and their roles and functions in the three movies that featured them so far. And while these characters are in 3D animation, they do provide the framework for optimum child development. Studies show that animated films are good for kids especially those who are already in school as these films give them the opportunity to learn many life lessons but in a much lighter, non-overwhelming manner.

In the film Despicable Me, there are a lot of scenes that portray the behavior of our main protagonist, Gru, to be particularly vile. But the message is quite clear. Even the most despicable person is still capable of showing concern and affection for others. Take for example Gru who wasn’t really that thrilled to have all the Minions following him wherever he went in the closing credits of the movie Minions. The same life lesson is learned in Despicable Me where Gru’s cold-hearted nature eventually gave way to compassion and fatherly affection for Margo, Edith, and Agnes. In the 2nd installment of the movie, even a super villain can be softened by the warm affection shown by Agent Lucy Wilde. All of these only show the human capacity for change regardless of how difficult it can be sometimes. And this is something that they don’t reach kids in school.

Other than this, character toys can also help our kids develop their psychomotor skills and help facilitate their language development. Depending on the type of character toy, children can also further enhance their cognitive and social skills as well as improve their emotional wellbeing.

The Bottom Line

With Despicable Me 3 slated to be screened this Summer of 2017, kids all over the world are already beefing up on both their knowledge and their collection of the trusted companions of Gru and his family, the Minions. You’ll definitely find our 10 best Minion toys in 2017 a helpful resource for your kid’s Minion endeavors.

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