12 Best Minecraft Toys for Kids in 2017


A lot of people, from kids to teenagers and even adults, are so crazy about playing Minecraft. For many of these individuals, it’s like playing the Creator as players do get the chance to create their own worlds, destroy and remodel it as they wish, and do almost anything that they can think of which, in the real world, they simply cannot. And if you have a kid who is a fan of this particular computer game, we’re pretty certain they will love our 12 best Minecraft toys especially for kids in 2016.

12 Popular Minecraft Toys for Kids

LEGO Minecraft The CaveLEGO5
Piper Computer KitPiper4.9
Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation StudioMattel4.7
Minecraft Animal ToyJazwares4.5
Minecraft Diamond Steve Action FigureJazwares4.4
Minecraft PlaysetMattel4.3

1Minecraft the Cave by LEGO

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Age Range: At least 8 years old

What better way to play with Minecraft outside the computer than using LEGO’s own version of the Minecraft game with its The Cave play set? We all know what LEGO is famous for. That is why we firmly believed that The Cave should really be included in our list because of its similarities to the theme of Minecraft: blocks that can be used to build a world as well as repositioned or destroyed and rebuilt to create a more beautiful world. We really can understand why kids love playing with this particular game. It gives them the opportunity to act out their fantasies as well as their understanding of how the world should look like and how it should operate. With The Cave, this ability has literally moved off the screen and in the real world. There are keys to click, just beautiful bricks that help children build their own world. The Cave allows children to build a waterfall which Steve can use to improve his landscape. Kids can also build a lava fall if in case they don’t like the subtlety of a waterfall, making their virtual world. Featuring 249 building bricks to use to build an environment based on how they see it, children will also have the option to use a variety of elements such as coal, obsidian, gold, iron, and redstone.

What We Like about It – There really is not much to say about the quality of a LEGO product since it’s been doing this for many decades already. The fact that it’s a building play set make it very ideal for kids’ optimum development.

2Minecraft Pi Computer Kit by Piper

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Age Range: 7 to 13 years old

Minecraft can be downloaded and installed on your computer. But what if you can give you child a kit which he or she will use to build his or her very own computer and play a highly specialized version of Minecraft developed solely for this hand-built computer? Now, wouldn’t that be really interesting? That is the whole idea with the Piper Minecraft Computer Kit. Just imagine more than 50 different electrical, computer, and wooden pieces which your kid will have to piece together to build his or her very own computer based on the Raspberry Pi open system project board running on 1.2 gHz of quad core computing power with 1 GB of RAM. Completing the set is an LCD display in full HD, cables that connect the different computer components, and an SD card with an 8 GB capacity to hold your kid’s game progress. And here’s the best part of it all, your kid can program his or her own Minecraft adventures. It even features a WiFi module to enable seamless gameplay with other gamers, making sharing a breeze, and ensuring downloadable content. Building the Pi kit is simplified with the laminated blueprint that teaches your child how to assemble his or her very own Piper Computer. And here’s the best part of it all, the kit can help children assemble highly complex programmable modules and electronic circuits which he or she can use to make gameplay more exciting and truly immersive. He or she can integrate buttons, sensors, LED lights, switches, and buzzers as well as a few other gadgets into the system to make his or her Minecraft world truly amazing.

What We Like about It – Personally, we’d say this is the best Minecraft toy you can get your child. Why? It already teaches children how to make their very own computer. That’s not all, they can code and program the very game that they will be playing. Not only are they truly in command of the virtual world, they have full control of the physical aspect of the delivery system as well. Now, if this doesn’t appeal to you, we don’t what else will.

3Minecraft Stop Motion Animation Studio by Mattel

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Age Range: 6 to 12 years old

YouTube is littered with a lot of gameplay videos where serious YouTubers provide narration for their various Minecraft gameplay. These videos has provided a lot of kids the inspiration on how to play the game. Tell you what. What if your child can actually make his or her own video not by recording the gameplay on his or her computer but using a miniature studio? This is what the Minecraft Stop Motion Animation Studio is all about. It’s a kit whereby your child can build his or her very own studio complete with props to make sure that the gameplay is as real as possible. There are wooden pickaxes, torches, wooden swords, furnaces, crafting tables, and even TNT. Of course, how will your child be directing his or her very own movie without its lead characters Steve, Creeper, and Spider Jockey as well as another character? This is now the time for your child to experience first-hand how to direct a movie. He or she will set up the studio using the different props and then direct the characters to where they have to be in a particular scene. He or she then has to download an app into his or her iOS, Android, and Fire devices which will function as the camera for the entire project. The good thing about the Stop Motion Animation Studio is that your kid can get to create his or her very own storyline complete with its twists in the plot. Now, all he or she has to do is to upload the finished project on YouTube and watch your child’s popularity soar.

What We Like about It – The Stop Motion Animation Studio is a very unique way to stimulate children’s creativity. it’s also a superb and unique way to introduce children to the concepts of film directing, props management, lighting, and even scriptwriting. Who knows, we might see another Spielberg or even a Bruckheimer in the making?

4Minecraft Animal Toys by Jazwares

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Age Range: 4 to 15 years old

If your kid already has a Minecraft play set either from LEGO or even Mattel, it would be wise to get the Minecraft Animal Toys to complete the different elements to the physical world of the virtual game. The set comes as a 6-piece pack which includes fully-articulated animal characters like the chicken, cow, wolf, ocelot, sheep, and pig. Just like in the computer game, these animal characters provide a variety of functions for Steve or whoever character your child plays in the game. The Overworld is made more meaningful with these animals as they help our main characters in fending off nasty Creepers and other unwanted elements in the Overworld. Best of all, they provide food for sustenance and nutrition so Steve and the other human characters in Overworld remain strong and healthy. Overworld cows help provide an infinite supply of milk which can also double as an antidote for poison. The sheep, while they don’t provide sustenance, are nevertheless, important in providing clothing and other garments through the wool they provide. Pigs in Overworld are mainly used as transportation while domesticated wolves are excellent against Hostile Mobs as well as other nasty elements. Unfortunately, they’re sheepish against Creepers. Only ocelots can scare the living daylights off Creepers.

What We Like about It – These toys provide a different function in the Overworld arena. Children know them by heart. Now, they can get to play with them physically.

5Diamond Steve Action Figure by Jazwares

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Age Range: 4 to 15 years old

Overworld’s main character, Steve, can be likened as the master creator of everything. He can smash the ground, blow it up to bits, and then rebuild it from the ground up. It would not really be Minecraft without Steve. It’s would be like a Metropolis without Superman or Gotham without Batman. Actually, Steve comes in a variety of skins that your kid can choose while playing Minecraft. One of the best skins is diamond Steve. Now, with the Diamond Steve Action Figure, your child can really start playing more intently with his or her playset.  We all know how hard a substance diamond is. With this kind of armor complete with a diamond helmet and sword, we can be pretty sure your kid’s Diamond Steve will be able to defend Overworld from all the Hostile Mobs and even Creepers that often wreak havoc across the land. The Diamond Steve is part of Jazwares’ 7-man Action Figure which your child can collect. He or she can also get Iron Golem, Core Steve, Core Enderman, Blacksmith Villager, Core Creeper, and Core Zombie.

What We Like about It – The Diamond Steve Action Figure is true to its digital persona. This makes it one of the most important pieces to include in your child’s playset if ever he or she already has one. And if not yet, he or she can still play with Diamond Steve as well as the other Series #2 characters as a standalone action figure to play with.

6MinecraftPlayset by Mattel

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Age Range: 6 to 10 years old

You think your kid will like the LEGO playset designed specifically for Minecraft? Here’s the thing. In the Overworld, elements are usually in cubes and not as rectangular bricks. So, we’d say a closer representation of the actual digital Overworld is the MinecraftPlayset from Mattel. The playset is actualy based on the biomes of the computer game featuring a variety of customizations, expanding sections, hidden surprises, and even secret passages, which are all important characteristics of the Overworld. Your child will have fun getting Steve and other characters over to the waterfall, up ladders and fully adjustable platforms, and through a variety of fully functioning doors. There’s even an obsidian walkway that can magically transform into something else. The walkway is located above a marvelous looking flowing lava. What is really amazing about this Mattel playset is its fidelity to the original biomes of the computer game. This helps provide children with the opportunity to really play the game in the physical world with exactly the same elements and biomes as those they are accustomed to playing in the digital environment.  

What We Like about It – This particular playset remains true to the biomes of the original computer game. This is like creating a physical extension of children’s game play in the virtual environment.

7Minecraft Hostile Mobs Set by Zoofy International

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Age Range: 3 to 15 years old

In the Overworld, there are a lot of characters or moving entities. These are called mobs which is actually short for mobile. There are different types of mobs in Minecraft. You have those who are passive, neutral, tamable, utility, unused, removed, boss, and, of course, the hostile mobs. As the name suggests, these are rather aggressive and are easily agitated. There are about 18 hostile mobs in Overworld ranging from Blaze to Creeper to Endermite to Witch and to Vex. Now, your kid can start collecting all hostile mobs with the 4-piece Minecraft Hostile Mobs Set. Each of these mobs are fully articulated so they will definitely be a welcome addition to your kid’s playset. And even if your child may not have a play set yet, he or she can always play with these action figures as standalone toys.

What We Like about It – It’s a great addition to your kid’s Minecraft collection.

8ThinkGeekMinecraft Light Up Diamond Ore by Jazwares

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Age Range: At least 6 years old

One of the more unique Minecraft gadgets that we’ve seen in the market is the ThinkGeek Light Up Diamond Ore. This 27-cubic inch gem of a toy is actually a very effective sleeping aid especially if your child is also afraid of the Creepers of the Overworld. All he or she has to do is to tap on the ThinkGeek and the redstone ore will start lighting up. He or she can also control the intensity of the light effect which is available in 3 different setting. Within 3 minutes, the redstone ore shuts itself off. If your child is not yet asleep by then, he or she can just tap on the ThinkGeek again and protect himself or herself against the Creepers.

What We Like about It – It’s a very accurate representation of its digital counterpart. Best of all, it can really serve as a great sleep aid for kids.

9Minecraft Mini Figure Collector Case by Mattel

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Age Range: 6 to 12 years old

Does your child already have quite a number of Minecraft action figures from Steve to the Creepers to the Animals to the Hostile Mobs and other mobs in Overworld? If so, then you need to get him or her the Minecraft Mini Figure Collector Case. Just think of this as your kid’s own storage box specially made for Overworld characters. Each of the 24 mini capsules is a home for your child’s Overworld characters. On one side of the case is a see-through panel which allows your child to easily display his or her collection. On the other side is a playing surface where your child can set up his or her own Overworld environment. And with an easy grip handle, your kid will be able to take this wherever he or she may go.

What We Like about It – The Minecraft Mini Figure Collector Case is a must for any serious collector of MC action figures. At least, it teaches kids to organize their playthings to make playtime a lot more fun.

10Minecraft Mini Figure Battle Box the End by Mattel

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Age Range: 6 to 15 years old

Let your kid relive the final battle between Steve and the Ender dragon with the Minecraft Mini Figure Battle Box the End. Watch him or her prepare Steve in his diamond armor, helmet, and bow and arrow and try to defeat the dreaded menace of the Overworld, Ender. Your child will never be disappointed with the way in which the 2 characters are designed as they remained true to the design seen in the PC game. The Ender dragon has posable wings and tail to make the reenactment of the final battle as real as the original sequence in the game’s battle scene. After playing with it, your child can always display the set using the display stand that already comes with the package. This stand is also integrated with a make-believe healing energy beams to help create a more dramatic feel to the display.

What We Like about It – This is a superb addition to any Minecraft collection. The fact that the design of the mini figure resembles the actual characters in the game shows the desire of Mattel to remain true to the design ideals of the game.

11Minecraft Periodic Table of Elements by Mattel

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Age Range: 6 to 15 years old

If you’re going to buy the Minecraft Stop Motion Animation Studio, then make sure to also buy the Minecraft Periodic Table of Elements. No, this is not the one that’s students use in their chemistry class. You should understand that there are about 27 element blocks in Overworld which players use to build their respective worlds. These can be excellent additional props to the Stop Motion Animation Studio. They include diamond ore, glowstone, lava, air, and water as well as other elements. If your child doesn’t have the Stop Motion Studio, he or she can simply use it as a representation of the periodic table of Minecraft.

What We Like about It – The Minecraft Periodic Table of Elements is a unique way to extend the creativity of your child by giving him or her additional tools with which to build his or her Overworld.

12Minecraft the Dungeon Building Kit by LEGO 

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Age Range: 8 to 15 years old

If you already bought The Cave, we suggest getting the Minecraft the Dungeon Building Kit as well. This 219-piece set from Lego should help extend the creativity of your child by giving him or her another MC biome to explore and manipulate. The good thing about the Dungeon is that it features a zombie surprise which could pretty well be the master lair of these hostile mobs creations in the Overworld. This should make for an interesting confrontation with Steve from the Cave. You can see more like this in our post on cool lego sets for kids here.

What We Like about It – The playset generally extends the imaginative potential of children especially when it is combined with other LEGO Minecraft biomes.

How We Chose the Top 12 Minecraft Toys in Our List

Picking the best Minecraft toys for children (perhaps of all ages) was not easy simply because the computer game franchise has now branched into almost every other type of plaything, from building blocks to action figures to learning kits and others. The point is that, choosing which of these types of playthings to include is like choosing which between a ride on toy and a building and construction set is better when we all know both are equally beneficial to a child’s development. To address this we had to shorten the list of possible candidates for the 12 best Minecraft toys by looking at their consumer ratings. We’re confident that if a lot of people are buying these products, then it must really be good.

However, we did not stop there for the simple fact that even with the ratings scores, there are still a lot of potential candidates for the plum. So, we examined each one and carefully considered how each of these playthings will be able to help children of today in terms of their growth and development. Sure, all toys have developmental benefits to children but we would like to determine which products provide the most benefit. As such, you can expect that our top 12 Minecraft toys are simply the best in helping your child develop and grow to his or her optimum.

We also evaluated the overall design of the product. Of particular importance to us is the safety of these products. If there are plastic components, we made sure there were no BPA, phthalates, or any other harmful substances in the product. For those made of wood, they should have been finished with kid-safe materials. Of course, safety certifications made a big difference in these evaluations. All of these actually point to the reputation or credibility of the toy manufacturer. So, we had to consider the trustworthiness of the company.

With these 12 amazing Minecraft products, we’re pretty sure your child will have all the more reason to play it and explore the endless possibilities of creating their own world and shaping it to how they see it should be.

Minecraft and Children’s Cognitive Development

There are many reasons why Minecraft is well-liked by children and adults alike. Children in particular, love the idea of being given the opportunity to shape their world, even though it’s only a digital environment, by using elements and entities that are present in the game. This greatly enhances their creativity and imagination which are closely related to their cognitive development.

When children start designing their Overworld, they have to process a variety of information which are actually reflections of how they understand the real world. For instance, building a home for Steve and the animal mobs in Overworld shows their understanding of the need for shelter for all living things. When they spawn sheep, they are showing their understanding of the need for clothing. All of these things may actually seem so nonsensical to us adults but for children, it is a way for them to express their understanding of the world.

What is worth noting is that children’s ability to reshape and remodel an existing world is a reflection of what they consider to be the ideal world for them. For instance, if they don’t like the existing setup of their world, they destroy everything and try to build a new one. This reflects their understanding of how the world should look like and how it should operate. These actions are often misinterpreted by adults as being too violent. What they fail to see is the reason behind the destruction which is to create a new and better world.

The Bottom Line

Minecraft is one of the most famous computer games today. And it does have significant benefits to a kid’s development as well. As such, while your child is already playing with the Minecraft computer game, why not add to his or her joy by giving him or her one of our top twelve Minecraft toys for kids? We’re certain their eyes will glow with happiness.

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