10 Awesome Golf Sets For Kids in 2017

A lot of people look at golf as a rich man’s game. Why? Well, there’s this notion that one has to be a member in an exclusive Golf and Country Club to earn the bragging rights of being able to take a swing across the fairways and rub elbows with the elite. While there is some truth to this, everyone can actually enjoy a game of golf. Even kids can take a makeshift stick, place a wide head at the tip, and swing at a miniaturized ball. They can always to this inside the house or even right in their backyard. Playing golf teaches you concentration and focus and a very clear understanding of what your body is telling you. We can help our kids gain a foothold of this by giving them any of the 10 top kids golf sets in 2017. You’ll be amazed at how fast they learn.

Benefits of Playing Golf for Kids

Some parents simply cannot see the reason why kids can benefit from golf. For them, this is a sport that is quite expensive and is best reserved for the well-off family. However, through the years, more and more operators are opening their doors to average families so they, too can enjoy the many benefits of playing the sport without having to shell out huge sums of money on equipment and club membership. To help you get an overview on why kids should play golf, here are some of the benefits they can derive from the sport.

  • Helps in their concentration and focus. Golf is a sport that requires excellent control of one’s stance, breathing, and muscle movements. Young children can learn of these essentials early on.
  • Boosts their fine and gross motor skills. Holding the golf club requires the coordination of the different groups of muscles of the hand. Moving the club to swing will require an entirely different set of muscles. These groups of muscles must be able to work synergistically to provide the most optimum swing needed to drive or to put the ball where it needs to be.
  • Teaches kids to be honest. This is especially true in links where you will have to keep track of your own scores. Also, when the ball lands in some hidden part of the course, children are taught never to alter the positioning or placement of the ball to make it easier for him or her to continue with the drive.
  • Teaches kids discipline and perseverance. It takes time and constant practice before kids can get the right swing. It even takes a longer time to hit the ball at just the right angle to send it flying through the air. In both instances, kids learn discipline and perseverance.

The Bottom Line

Playing golf is no longer a rich man’s game. It’s now open to everyone. And everyone, even kids, can start building their skills to become really adept at the art of swinging and hitting the ball. With these 10 top kids golf sets in 2017, we can guarantee your kid will be on the right track to developing that perfect swing.

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