8 Best Kid’s Doctors Kits In 2017

For a little child, there’s nothing like the feeling of being a doctor. You can take away all the pain and misery from a patient. Just use a stethoscope to check the heart rate and breathing, a light to look down the throat, a thermometer to find out if the patient has fever. Get your child one of the 8 best kid’s doctors kits in 2017 and watch him or her smile from ear to ear.

Playing doctor gives your child a chance to be a hero, healing the sick by simply using the medical kit, maybe writing a prescription or two. Even parents cannot deny that they enjoyed the experience back when they were young. Your little one will feel like a grownup with such a huge responsibility.

doctor kits for kids

A doctors kit will surely give him or her hours of fun and excitement, whether the playmates are friends, siblings or even you. Who knows, your very own child could fall in love with the idea and think about becoming a real medical professional someday. So take the time to choose from the doctors kits on our list. Remember, the more accessories you add to the toy set, the more realistic and fun it becomes for your little doctor.

How We Chose the Best Kids’ Doctors Kits in Our List

Choosing the top toy doctor kits for this particular endeavor involved a couple of steps. First, we had to include only those with at least 4.3 stars in their current customer satisfaction rating for the simple fact that a greater proportion of positive reviews will almost always point to higher quality products. The second step was to evaluate the medical and health care tools or instruments that are included in the kit. While we did not aspire for an extensive set that can rival that of a hospital setting, we believed that for the most successful pretend play or role playing activities, the basic or fundamental devices and gadgets must be present; otherwise, the kit was scrapped off the list. The third step was to check for the integrity of the toy. This included the philosophy embedded into its design as well as its overall safety especially when taken in the light of a certain child’s developmental level. So, these three – design, safety, and developmental appropriateness – served to cement the position of the product in our final listing.

Benefits of Pretend Play among Kids

Pretend play is more than just simple acting out different roles of various characters. For children, it is a serious business and one that they can put their hearts and minds into. Scholars around the world continue to expound on the importance of pretend play especially among younger children. While we can always argue about the validity of these claims, it is more important to look at some of the many benefits of pretend play among kids.

  • Nurtures their imagination – Playing the role of someone else or of something requires the use of imagination especially if there are no clear blueprints on who the person being portrayed really is. So, kids have to imagine the different aspects of the character’s life. This, in turn, substantially increases their ability to create mental images of the character. We call this imagination.
  • Aids in the continuing development of cognitive skills – One of the natural results of imagination is the use of a variety of cognitive skills particularly reflection, problem solving, and memory recall. These play important roles in the development of imagined things or concepts about the role being played.
  • Enhances emotional and social skills – When kids play pretend they are essentially voicing out their deepest thoughts and desires which ultimately leads to better appreciation of oneself. This improves self-confidence which becomes the necessary starting point for improving social interaction skills.
  • Boosts their language skills – Pretending to play the role of a doctor introduces kids to a lot of medical and healthcare terms. They can use these to expand their vocabulary, allowing them to communicate with a much larger audience.

The Bottom Line

Playing the role of a doctor simply means kids have to play the part. And one of the best ways for them to play the part is by getting any of these 8 best kids’ doctors kits in 2017 to help provide high quality medical and health care services to patients even if it were only pretend.

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