Erector building play sets have a very specific role in the development of young children. One can think of these play sets as highly revved up puzzles that are designed specifically to enhance children’s problem solving skills and their understanding of engineering, technology, science, and architectural principles. Unfortunately, choosing an erector set that is just right for your child can be very challenging since the market is flooded with these kinds of playthings. We’ve scoured both the online and offline markets in search of the 10 best erector sets for kids so you’ll have a better understanding of the kind of toy you’d want to give to your child. Here they are.

Why You Should Buy Your Child an Erector Set

Erector sets are revved-up building play sets that take its roots from playing with puzzles and building blocks and bricks. You can say that these play sets are especially built for the child who has clearly outgrown his or her building bricks but continue to be fascinated by the idea of being able to build or construct something. That is why it is important to provide our kids with erector sets to help them continue with their optimum development. Here are some of the reasons why you should get your child an erector play set.

  • Improves their motor skills 

Erector toys are not that different from playing with building blocks. However, as the building pieces are more complex and come with more details, a child’s hand eye coordination is further enhanced. Moreover, their fine motor skills are also improved as they try to piece different parts together. Playing constantly with these types of playthings can also help improve their hand-eye coordination as well as fine motor control so that they will become more adept at certain activities that require the mastery of such skills.

  • Enhances their problem solving skills 

It’s true that erector play sets come with instructions on how to build a certain model. However, there’s more to it than simply following instructions. Determining which among the hundreds of building parts goes to a particular slot will require some amount of critical thinking which is an essential component of problem solving. Kids will have to examine closely the different pieces so they will know which ones to choose for a particular section of the model. This comprises assessment and analysis which are also integral components of scientific problem solving. The more building pieces kids have to work with the more opportunities they have for enhancing their cognitive abilities, especially their problem solving skills.

  • Sharpens their spatial awareness 

By definition, spatial awareness is one’s understanding of the placement of an object relative to its immediate surroundings. Studies have shown that the development of spatial intelligence can play a huge role in a kid’s math, numeracy, and reading skills. By giving kids building pieces which they have to put together, they are essentially putting each piece relative to the location or placement of other pieces. This is how they sharpen their spatial intelligence.

  • Fuels their imagination 

An erector set may come as a 5-, 10-, or even 100- model set, but these are just blueprints to get children on a path of discovery. Once they realize that the building pieces actually facilitate open-ended play, they can start working their imagination to come up with newer, better, and more engaging models that they can build. This can further fuel their growing cognitive abilities.

Erector sets are excellent developmental instruments that help kids sharpen their cognitive abilities and improve their psychomotor skills. While there are plenty of erector sets in the market, you can trust our 10 best erector sets for kids to help you narrow down your choice for your own child.


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