10 Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids in 2017

electric bike for kids

This early, thousands of parents are already making their shortlist of the perfect Christmas gift to buy for their kids. There are those who are thinking of buying the usual stuff like dolls and craft toys for girls and building block toys and toy guns for boys. Now, if you really want to go big and fabulous in the Christmas gift of your kids, then you have to consider getting them an electric dirt bike. Since it is electric, you’ll never have to worry about it being harmful to the environment. Best of all, you won’t hear any of your neighbors complaining because of a very loud motor. Electric dirt bikes are simply the hottest Christmas presents you can ever buy this year.

And to help you choose the best one for your kid, we have here the world’s top 10 electric dirt bikes for your consideration.

Top 10 Electric Dirt Bikes For Kids

PictureBike ModelTop SpeedAges
Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike12mph13 Years +
Razor SX500 McGrath Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike15mph14 years +
Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike16mph16 years +
Moto Tec 24v Electric Dirt Bike 500w16mph16 years +
Jetson Electric Bikes Junior E-Bike, Camouflage, 15-Inch12mph8 - 13 years
Dynacraft Surge Electric Dirt Bike, Yellow/Black14mph14 years +

1MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike by Razor 

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Age Range: At least 13 years old

Maximum Speed: 12 miles per hour

One of the best-looking electric dirt bikes we’ve seen for pre-teens is the MX350 Dirt Rocket from renowned manufacturer Razor. This motocross-inspired dirt bike is something that kids will really take to almost any terrain with its ultra-wide and large knobby tires powered by a super quite, chain driven, single speed, high torque motor. There simply is no terrain that the MX350 will not go. All your kid will ever need is the guts to take the MX350 to wherever your kid’s hands will take it. Just twist and grip the acceleration control and away your kid goes.

The 12-inch tires are fully pneumatic providing excellent riding comfort as well as superb traction on any terrain. There’s no painful behind. It has high grade steel construction allowing superb amazing durability. The fully adjustable riser-type handlebars allow optimum riding style. The double crown fork provides excellent support to the knobby tires, absorbing the up and down motion of high speed off-roading. The motor is powered by 2 units of powerful 12-volt rechargeable batteries that are of the sealed lead acid type.

What We Like about It – The MX350 is a great introductory Motocrosser for your kid. It boasts of the signature quality craftsmanship that Razor is widely known for. Just make sure that your kid will be riding it complete with protective gear.

2SX500 McGrath Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike by Razor 

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Age Range: At least 14 years old

Maximum Speed: 15 miles per hour

Designed after the legendary motocross bike of one of world’s most popular Supercross/Motocross champions of all time, being the King of Supercross in the 90s, the SX500 McGrath Dirt Rocket is an electric motocross bike that is fit for the kid who would like to start training to become the next motocross legend of his or her time.

The SX500 comes complete with the signature dirt bike frame used by McGrath himself in all of his Superbikes. It also comes with shatter-resistant fairing design and authentic McGrath graphics to give your child a feeling of being a champion himself or herself. With 16-inch knobby front tires and a 14-inch wide, traction-perfect rear tires, the SX500 is sure to provide the Supercross championship experience that your kid so desires.

It’s got dual suspension to give the SX500’s sturdy steel frame outstandingly smooth ride regardless of the roughness of the terrain. The chain-driven motor, a signature of Razor machines, comes with variable speed and not the usual 2-speed settings you can see from other electric dirt bikes for kids. The motor is powered by 3 units of rechargeable batteries at 12 volts each. Acceleration and speed are systematically controlled via the twist-grip mechanism on the handlebar. Slowing down or coming to a complete stop is accomplished by the dual disc brakes that are activated by hand, similar to what real motocross bikes have. The angle of the riser-style of handlebar can be adjusted accordingly so your kid will not be complaining about uncomfortable handling of the SX500.

What We Like about It – If you’re going to look at the SX500, you’d think that it is a scaled-down version of McGrath’s iconic bike. And it really is. The only difference is that the SX500 runs on battery-powered electric motor while the original runs on good ol’ gas.

3MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike by Razor

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Age Range: At least 16 years old

Maximum Speed: 17 miles per hour

If your child is no longer a kid but a teenager, then you will need a more serious piece of motocrossing equipment. You will need the MX650 Rocket. This Razor machine is the ideal preparatory dirt bike for your child who has clearly outgrown smaller bikes.

It has the same steel construction as in any other Razor dirt bike allowing even adults up to 220 pounds to take it to greater heights. Its variable speed, chain-driven, high torque, and super silent electric motor is enough to haul your kid to any type of terrain. It’s got asymmetrical knobby, motocross-grade tires which is essentially larger up front at 16 inches and smaller yet fatter in the rear at 14 inches. The MX650 has 36 volts of powerful batteries allowing it to climb any hill or traverse any terrain. Its twist-grip speed and acceleration controls make for remarkable maneuverability.

For outstanding riding comfort, the MX650 boasts of performance grade dual suspension on a double crown fork system. This is perfect for those flying stunts that are the envy of other bikers. The fully adjustable handlebars are of the riser style with hand-operated brake systems delivering outstanding stopping power to both wheels.

What We Like about It – The MX650 is a monster bike for teenagers not necessarily kids. As long as your child doesn’t see himself as an adult yet, he or she can ride the MX650. But how about adults who ride the MX650? What do we make of them? Kids at heart?

4Moto Tec Electric Dirt Bike by MotoTec 

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Age Range: At least 12 years old

Maximum Speed: 16 miles per hour

Of all the electric dirt bikes we have in our list, we have to admit the Moto Tec 24V 500W Electric Dirt Bike is the closest you can get to the look of a real Motocrosser. It has excellent styling that boasts of a very high ground clearance allowing kids to maneuver even difficult terrain. The handlebar is wider than most of our dirt bikes in this list and its front and rear tires are superbly knobby. On the handlebar is the throttle mechanism that conveniently shifts in 3 highly variable speed settings. The speed settings can be locked-in so your kid will never be in any danger of overspeeding and losing control. For newbies, we’d recommend the 5 miles per hour setting. Once your child has grown accustomed to the operation and handling of the Moto Tec, you can now adjust the speed limit to 10 miles per hour. If you think your child is already a master, a pro on the Moto Tec, you can now adjust the speed settings to its fullest at 16 miles per hour.

What We Like about It – The Moto Tec’s 3 lockable speed settings is what we found very important. This is also echoed by the parents who have already bought the dirt bike. At least, your kid will be able to master the Moto Tec in a progressive manner.

5MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike by Razor


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Age Range: At least 14 years old

Maximum Speed: 15 miles per hour

If you believe the MX350 is underpowered for your kid and the MX650 is simply too much, then maybe a Razor bike that’s sitting in between these two models will suit your kid. The MX500 Dirt Rocket is Razor’s answer to your needs. But what makes it different from the other two, you ask? Well, the MX350 is for 13 year olds while the MX650 is for 16 years old. The MX500 sits in between at 14 years old, at the minimum. The speed is also in the middle at 15 miles per hour compared to the MX350’s 12 mph and the MX650’s 17 mph.

Aside from these differences, you get essentially the same 16- and 14- inch knobby front and rear tires, respectively. There’s dual suspension, super quiet chain driven and high torque electric powered motor with its energy supplied by a system of lead acid, UL certified rechargeable batteries. It has the same riser type of easily adjustable and comfortable handlebars.

What We Like about It – What is there not to like about the MX500? We’re a little confused about the classification of Razor for its products, though. We think it would have been better to just come up with a single design with a fully adjustable speed settings because, technically, this is the only thing that separates the MX500 from the MX350 and MX650. If the 1-year minimum age difference between the MX350 and MX500 or the 2-year difference between the MX500 and the MX650, we’d say we’d better get the MX650.

6Surge Electric Dirt Bike by Dynacraft 

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Age Range: At least 14 years old

Maximum Speed: 14 miles per hour

When we first saw the Surge Electric Dirt Bike, we somehow recalled the bike used by Masked Rider Black, except that the Surge is colored yellow and it doesn’t have the Rider bike’s signature antenna on the headlight. Nevertheless, the Surge is one great looking motocross bike with a revolutionary carbon fiber look. It’s got a racing shield which adds to its overall styling (although we’re not really sure how it will affect the overall performance, speed-wise). Its 12.5-inch knobby tires provide excellent traction on any terrain. Both tires are fully pneumatic so there’s no complaining about sore buttocks or painful lower back. The Surge also features a comfortable deluxe seat that blends well with its sleek lines. It has the same twist-grip throttle mechanism but with a single braking system mated to the rear wheel. The brake is applied by squeezing a lever on the handgrip.

What We Like about It­– The Surge is more like the products of Razor. That’s why, for those who would like to get a different brand, Dynacraft’s Surge can be a great idea.

7Junior E-Bike by Jetson 

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Age Range: 8 to 14 years old

Maximum Speed: 12 miles per hour

Need a really unique and splendid-looking dirt bike for your young child? Then get the Junior E-Bike. The design is patterned actually after a Harley-Davidson chopper with its signature gorilla handlebar, although this one’s styled for kids. It’s actually great for touring the streets of your neighborhood or even the walkways in the park. But given the fact that it has really wide and fat pneumatic tires, the Junior E-Bike is an excellent off-road dirt bike as well. The Junior comes in 4 different color schemes – camouflage for the courageous, flames for the adventurer, pink camouflage for the brave young girl, and hearts for the romantic. It charges fast at about 4 hours max. This is enough to get your kid up to 10 miles before he or she needs to recharge. There’s no ignition key. Your kid will simply flip the power on switch and he or she will already be riding the Junior.

What We Like about It – The Junior’s unique styling is what we really loved about it. We only wished that the seat was also a bit lower to really simulate the iconic choppers from Harley-Davidson. Nevertheless, this is one really fantastic dirt bike you can give your kid this Christmas. And it’s a lot cheaper than most of the dirt bikes in our list, too.

8EM-1000 E-Motorcycle by Pulse Performance Products 

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Age Range: At least 8 years old

Maximum Speed: 10 miles per hours

If you’re looking for an inexpensive yet truly functional and stylish dirt bike that’s powered by a very quiet motor for your 8 year old kid, then how about taking a closer look at the EM-1000 E-Motorcycle? This blue or pink electric dirt bike is driven by a 100-watt super quiet, chain driven engine powered by a rechargeable battery system that packs 24 volts of energy. This is enough to let your child enjoy the EM-1000 for about 40 minutes. The EM-1000 is constructed of premium grade steel for its fabulous dirt bike frame. Its knobby front tire is designed to be resistant to punctures while its rear tires are fully pneumatic to help provide a more comfortable ride. It also has a twist-grip throttle system which is lifted from the Instant Throttle Response systems of professional motocross.

What We Like about It – The cost of the EM-1000 is truly one of its strongest points. Its features don’t disappoint as well. Technically you have the perfect balance between affordability and functionality. More popular for their Kick N’ Go series, Pulse Performance is nevertheless a trustworthy company you can depend on to churn outstanding products.

How We Chose the Top Electric Dirt Bikes in Our List

Ever since we were rocked with the news of exploding batteries in self-balancing scooters and hover boards, plus the recent Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle, consumers are getting really worried about purchasing electronic items especially rechargeable systems. This is the main focus of our research of the top 10 electric dirt bikes this 2016. Since all of these products run on an electric motor, it is imperative that we choose only bikes that have passed the rigorous testing of the Underwriters Laboratories. At least, we can also guarantee you that the dirt bike you’re going to buy for your child will not go up in flames while charging or will not explode right under your kid’s bottom. That would simply be unacceptable.

We then looked at its construction. Since our object of interest is a dirt bike, suspension is critical. This need to be very sturdy and can withstand the roughness of off-road and rocky terrain. We really would like kids to have a very comfortable ride while they are using the dirt bike either in their exploration or in their exhibition. To complement the comfort provided by the suspension system, it is a must that the tires provide excellent traction as well. This is very important because an uneven terrain will often spell spills and wipeouts. And we don’t want that, do we?

Maneuverability, charging efficiency, and the overall ride time had to be considered as well. It would be pointless charging a dirt bike for 24 hours only to use it in under an hour. Additionally, if the dirt bike has a speed limiting system in place, then we have to consider this as well especially if you’re considering on giving it to a young child.

We then read the comments, feedbacks, and even questions of customers regarding the product. We had to make sure that our choices also reflect the sentiment of the general public. The reputation of the company was also taken into careful consideration. If the company can provide a long warranty or guarantee period for its products, then this is a very positive sign that they stand by the quality of their products.

With these we were able to come up with a shortlist of the top 10 electric dirt bikes for kids.

Safety Tips for Kids when Riding Electric Dirt Bikes

Just like riding any two-wheeled ride-on toy, it is imperative that children riding dirt bikes, be it gas-powered or electric, should always adhere to certain safety rules. If your child is too young to comprehend the need for such rules, then maybe he or she is not yet fit to be riding one of these toys. If you insist on letting your child play with these kinds of playthings, then you must be responsible enough to always keep a watchful eye on your kid; lest you invite danger which is just lurking in any corner.

Here are sometips to help your kid stay safe when riding his or her electric dirt bike.

  • Always check the laws, rules, and regulations in your country, your state, and the city where you live in. Many countries today already have their respective E-Bike laws to provide guidance on what can be considered safe and unsafe riding practices.
  • Make your child wear the correct protective gear such as helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, and even a full body clothing to help protect your child against scrapes and bruises should he or she lose control of his or her electric dirt bike.
  • Teach your child to play only in clearly designated areas such as dedicated dirt tracks for motocross bikes and similar vehicles. As much as possible, don’t play in the streets where there’s vehicular traffic.
  • Always check the skill level of your child and use speed limiters according to this level.
  • Make sure to follow manufacturer’s recommendations on charging times including the correct handling and storage of the electric dirt bike’s power supply unit.

The Bottom Line

Giving your kid one of the top 10 electric dirt bikes in our list this Christmas will surely make his or her holiday season very memorable. Just make sure you are also going to order accessories for your child especially those that will keep him or her safe.

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