10 Cool Lego Sets Your Kids Will Love in 2017

cool let sets for kids

In the world of building toys, nothing can compare to the expertise of Lego. They have been making building bricks, albeit made of high quality wood, since 1932. By 1949, they have already perfected the art of making interlocking plastic bricks – the same building bricks that everyone enjoys playing today. And if you are in the search for really cool Lego sets for your kids, check out our list of the 10 most popular and coolest Lego building sets we guarantee your kids will love this 2016.

10 Cool Lego Sets for Kids | Review

PictureToyAge RangeRating
LEGO Minecraft The Cave 211138 Years +5
LEGO Creator Red Creatures7-12 Years4.9
LEGO 60133 City Advent Calendar Building Kit5-12 Years4.8
LEGO Jurassic World Pteranodon Capture 75915 Building Kit6-12 Years4.7
LEGO Superheroes Avengers Hydra Showdown6-12 Years4.6
LEGO Disney Princess Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle 410626-12 Years4.5

1Minecraft the Cave 

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Age Range: At least 8 years old

One of the most popular computer games today is Minecraft where players get to create their very own worlds complete with the different structures and dynamics that they would like to occur. Children playing the Minecraft game will surely appreciate what Lego has done for them. Lego’s Minecraft the Cave is the perfect building playset you can ever buy for your Minecraft-playing kid. Just like the original computer game version, Lego’s Minecraft allows kids to create the kind of world that they have envisioned. They can build worlds, demolish it, fix it, remodel, or even renovate their Minecraft worlds depending on their prevailing sentiment. This play set features a TNT and torch which is typically used to demolish the Minecraft world prior to remodelling. It comes with gold, coal, obsidian, redstone, and iron elements in addition to the other bricks that make up the 249 colorful blocks. Of course, what’s a Minecraft world without Steve? Lego was kind enough to include this mini figure in the set together with a zombie which Steve can blow up with his TNT. Make sure you also read our article on the most popular lego for boys this year.

What We Like about It – Minecraft has a strong following even among kids. Your kid will no longer be glued in front of his or her computer but will also be playing with this toy set. It can thus, provide a more 3-dimensional realization of the world that he or she is creating in the computer game.

2Creator Red Creatures 

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Age Range: 7 to 12 years old

Lego has always been known to draw inspiration from otherwise very ordinary things or objects that we often take for granted. For example, its Creator series has come up with the Red Creatures extravaganza which should see any child’s imagination soar through the roof. While Lego says that the Red Creatures can be built into a red dragon, a red scorpion, or even a red snake, there’s simply no telling what creature your kid might think to create next. Well, we believe that this is the main essence of the Creator series of Lego bricks. It allows children to really “create” something out of these wonderful bricks. Unfortunately, he or she may be limited to the use of red building blocks. Nonetheless, the dragon looks fearsome complete with extra-long talons, awesome horns, and a long, scaly, and thorny tail with a dual-edge sting at the tip. Its majestic wings can be easily moved to simulate flight. The red scorpion also looks very formidable with its large 2 front pincers and 6 multi-articulated legs. The curved tail with its signature sting is also formidable. The snake is more like a shortened version of a pit viper with its menacing fangs ready to sink its venom into its hapless play.

What We Like about It – The possibilities for creating red-colored creatures or organisms are endless. It is also possible for kids to create an entirely new kind of species that will simply rewrite the world of taxonomic classifications.

3Advent Calendar Building Kit 

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Age Range: 5 to 12 years old

If you really want something special to give to children this coming Advent, then Lego’s Advent Calendar will surely be a big hit. Imagine a calendar specifically built or designed for the month of December. From the first day of December, you kid will be punching through the “date” on the boxy calendar. Inside this “dated door” is a surprise Lego toy. It can be a mini figure, a vehicle, parts of a building like windows and doors, or other building block that your kid can add to his or her growing collection. Among the mini figures included are firefighters, ice hockey players, volcanologist, a volcano explorer, Santa Claus, and a dog. Unfortunately, even you won’t know which of these “doors” will contain a specific type of “toy”. And this is part of the appeal. Since there’s a different toy in each of the dated doors, your kid will be anxiously waiting for the strike of midnight to punch through the next door in the Advent Calendar. The good thing is that, by the last “door” it will already be Christmas. So, it’s a countdown towards the merriest occasions for children and even kids at heart.

What We Like about It – It really is an ingenious way of building kids’ anticipation. The surprises contained in each “door” are great ways to help kids master the art of counting the days towards Christmas.

4Jurassic World Pteranodon Capture 

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Age Range: 6 to 12 years old

When Jurassic World was shown in 2015, a lot of kids were mesmerized by the intelligence of Blue and the rest of the velociraptors. Perhaps what also baffled adults was the size of the pterodactyls that attacked the Jurassic World tourists as they were waiting to be evacuated from the island. Unfortunately, the flying dinosaurs were not pterodactyls. Instead, they were pteranodons because of their relatively smaller size. That was the biggest cue which led moviegoers to believe these flying creatures were not pterodactyls. Now, Lego is giving children the opportunity to relive the scene of the great pteranodon frenzy in the Jurassic World movie. They can now attempt to capture a pteranodon with the Jurassic World Pteranodon Capture play set using the net from the Jurassic One helicopter piloted by Jurassic World owner Simon Masrani and a member of the park’s Asset Containment Unit or ACU. The helicopter, once built, measures 7 inches from front to tail with a 22-inch diameter rotor. The side door can be opened and a net fired from the net shooter.

What We Like about It – This is perfect for reliving some of the scenes in the Jurassic World film. Of course, kids can also create their own story according to what they believe should happen.

5Marvel Superheroes Avengers Hydra Showdown 

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Age Range: 6 to 12 years old

It all started even before the Second World War. Hydra, if one were to follow Marvel’s history of this villainous organizations, has been in the face of the earth since the ancient times. However, not everyone knows about the ancient beginnings of Hydra. Kids today only know that this was the organization that Captain America furiously defeated in WWII. Many kids associate Hydra to be an evil organization that only Captain America can defeat. But since the Cap is largely recognized as the leader of the Avengers, by extension, it is now Avengers versus Hydra. With the Marvel Avengers Hydra Showdown, kids can now create their own storylines using the 220 pieces of bricks that Lego put in this set. The package already includes the Norse God of Thunder Thor, the marksman Hawkeye, a Hydra henchman, a dune buggy for the Hydra operative, and a 4WD vehicle for the two Avengers.

What We Like about It – The ability to recreate story lines is something that this play set provides to kids. It is also something that we really love about it. The Marvel Avengers Hydra Showdown can also be an excellent addition to your kid’s growing collection.

6Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle 

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Age Range: 6 to 12 years old

Let your young girl sing her heart out the theme song of the Disney film “Frozen” as she tries to build the 292-piece Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle. Let her relive the time when Princess Elsa herself began building her magnificent ice castle and create Olaf in the process. The ice castle stands 9 inches tall once finished and features a host of amazing decors such as a glitzy staircase, a fantastic-looking ice bed, and even a tempting ice cream bar. Princess Elsa’s sister, Princess Anna, is also included complete with Kristoff’s sleigh. Unfortunately, Kristoff and Sven are nowhere in sight. But the lovable Olaf is present to give the sisters a warm company amidst a chilly palace. Be sure to read our post on cool lego sets for girls.

What We Like about It – This building toy is an ideal gift for fans of Frozen. And when kids are already done playing with it, you can just easily put it in your display cabinet to add some more icy sparkle in your child’s bedroom.

7Star Wars Millennium Falcon

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Age Range: 9 to 14 years old

In the 70s, there was only one spaceship that people wanted to fly – the Millennium Falcon. Almost everyone who has ever watched Episode III of the Star Wars franchise wanted to become either Han Solo or even Chewbacca. Regrettably, the Falcon was only a fictional spacecraft. As unrealistic as it was, it nevertheless captured the imagination of several generations. With The Force Awakens, today’s generation of kids now have a glimpse of how their parents felt the first time they saw the Falcon. With the Star Wars Millennium Falcon, kids now can go on a hyperdrive jumping from one galaxy to the next. This modified Corellian light freighter can take your kid blazing across the universe just like Han and Chewie. If you like this then you will leave our top list of lego star wars sets.

What We Like about It – It’s the perfect gift for Star Wars fans. That being said, it’s definitely not only for kids but also for the 70s generation.

8Ghostbusters Ecto-1

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Age Range: At least 10 years old

There was a time when, every time the phone rings, children will automatically answer “Ghostbusters”. And who can forget the iconic No-Snowman logo of this ghost-busting quartet composed of Peter, Winston, Egon, and Ray? How about Slimer and Janine? And who could not remember the signature vehicle of the Ghostbusters, Ecto-1? Now, because of popular demand from the fan base of both the original Ghostbusters and the modern version, Lego was kind enough to bring to us the Ghostbuster Ecto-1. It comes with a fully removable roof to show off the beautiful interior details. There’s proton packs and ectoplasma detection equipment for the 4 members of the team.

What We Like about It – We have to admit, we’re a huge fan of the Ghostbusters. You can say we’re a bit biased but were pretty sure your kids will love this, too. Otherwise, what’s the point of it being voted as one of Lego’s best-selling item?

9Duplo My First Number Train

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Age Range: 18 months to 5 years old

Lego bricks are not just for older children. Toddlers will definitely benefit a lot from the Duplo brand of Lego. These blocks are ultra-large so they can be easily held by the tiny hands of young kids especially those who may not yet have the necessary fine motor control. The My First Number Train features 3 colorful wagon bases to accommodate equally colorful blocks that have been numbered 1 to 10. The good thing about this Duplo model is that it can be reconfigured or rebuilt into a dog house, a tunnel, or even a building. It already includes a dog figure as well as a train engineer.

What We Like about It – Duplo is Lego for very young kids. This guarantees high quality design that is simply perfect for developing toddlers’ motor skills as well as their number skills.

10Architecture White House

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Age Range: At least 12 years old

No other government building is more iconic than the White House. Everyone knows what it looks like and what it symbolizes. If you want your kid to learn more about this historic and very important building in our nation, then you have to buy Lego’s White House in the toy company’s Architecture series. The set is based on the original design of James Hoban which was presented to and chosen by our nation’s very first president, George Washington. This set comes with a very informative booklet that talks about the history of the most important government building in our nation. It also comes with many fun and interesting facts. Once finished, the White House can be displayed on its accompanying display platform complete with a printed label. We thought this product was so good we featured it in our best toys for 12 year old boys.

What We Like about It – It’s one thing to be appreciating our nation’s history. It’s an entirely different thing to help our kids relive that period in history when the White House was built in 1792.

How We Chose the Top Lego Sets in Our List

It’s supposed to be easy choosing the coolest building sets from Lego. Unfortunately, as the term “cool” can be very subjective, often dependent on one’s idea of the parameters or characteristics of a really cool toy or object, it was quite a challenge. We knew that we cannot be overly dependent on consumer reviews because, again, these are subjective. But we nevertheless took into consideration what countless other parents are saying about the products.

So, we had to look at the theme of the Lego play set and try to think like kids. We had to look at the Lego sets from the perspective of children. We then considered the different developmental tasks of children for each age group that the playset is recommended for. For example, a 4-year old child will have a different way of looking at the Lego set compared to an 8-year old. They will also have different cognitive levels so this was also factored in. We also considered today’s current trends knowing fully well that children typically follow a fad. So, we had to be updated with what’s new and hip and try to use this knowledge in determining the appropriateness of the building set.

The process of identifying the coolest Lego sets was never easy. Nevertheless, our commitment and dedication eventually paid off.

Building Toys and Your Kid’s Development

There are many reasons why building and construction toys like Lego are such a huge hit not only during the gift-giving season but also during birthdays and other special occasions. For some parents, they don’t wait for special occasions to give their kids Legos; they give them on a regular basis even for no apparent reason at all. And it’s easy to see why.

Lego and other similar building toys have been described by healthcare and childcare experts as very helpful instruments in the development of the kid’s cognition or brain processing. From memory to spatial reasoning to logical reasoning to problem solving and to critical thinking, kids can use building bricks to harness these cognitive processes. These provide the foundation for more complex cerebral functions which can help them later in life as adults.

For instance, interlocking plastic bricks to form a certain structure will require certain parts of the young brain to process different information. It needs to get stored information about shapes and the relationship of the orientation of individual bricks with one another. Children learn to make full use of their understanding of causal relationships. Even before they begin stacking bricks on top of the other, they are already forming a mental image of what they are going to build. They know that to attain the form or shape that they desire they have to use a certain size or shape of building brick as well.

Their understanding of spatial relationships are also enhanced. Some building models may require the insertion of bricks or other components into a particular slot. The young brain will have to make accurate estimates as to the fitness of the bricks to the slot. If the brick is too big, then it will simply not fit into the slot. If the brick is too small, then it will simply fall off from the slot. Spatial intelligence also makes full use of the coordinated movements of the smaller or finer groups of muscles with feedback from both the tactile and visual senses. If children see that a particular block is supposed to be oriented in a particular direction, the brain can command the muscles of the fingers to make changes in the way the brick is to be positioned relative to the model being built.

Almost everyone knows that building bricks like those from Lego are very useful in helping facilitate the development of kids’ counterfactual reasoning or thinking. This helps them project into the future all the potential outcomes of every action that they take. This is often regarded as very important in the development of their ability to make more or less accurate predictions. They know that “if” they position a brick one very particular way, “then” it will produce an entirely different outcome. This is the basis of their “what if” reasoning or line of thinking. If developed correctly, this can provide the foundation for the enhancement of the critical thinking processes of the brain. They will be more inclined to use “what if” in almost all of their activities. When they grow up, they can be excellent managers as they will be inclined to look at all the possibilities before making a critical decision.

Building toys are also well-known for their ability to enhance the creative potential of kids. And where there is creativity, imagination is not far behind. In fact, these two concepts almost always work hand in hand, with creativity being the outcome of children’s imagination and imagination being further enhanced by children’s creativity. Kids can build fantastic creations based on their imagination. These creations can then fuel their imagination a lot further. This is not to mention what creations can do to a child’s self-esteem and self-worth.

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of reasons why Lego toys are always in demand even to adults. The many developmental benefits this type of playthings provide are simply remarkable if not astonishing. This coming holiday season, get your kid one of the coolest Lego sets in our list. We guarantee they will love it. And you will be more than glad you did.

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