10 Cool Lego Sets Your Kids Will Love in 2017

In the world of building toys, nothing can compare to the expertise of Lego. They have been making building bricks, albeit made of high quality wood, since 1932. By 1949, they have already perfected the art of making interlocking plastic bricks – the same building bricks that everyone enjoys playing today. And if you are in the search for really cool Lego sets for your kids, check out our list of the 10 most popular and coolest Lego building sets we guarantee your kids will love this 2016.

How We Chose the Top Lego Sets in Our List

It’s supposed to be easy choosing the coolest building sets from Lego. Unfortunately, as the term “cool” can be very subjective, often dependent on one’s idea of the parameters or characteristics of a really cool toy or object, it was quite a challenge. We knew that we cannot be overly dependent on consumer reviews because, again, these are subjective. But we nevertheless took into consideration what countless other parents are saying about the products.

So, we had to look at the theme of the Lego play set and try to think like kids. We had to look at the Lego sets from the perspective of children. We then considered the different developmental tasks of children for each age group that the playset is recommended for. For example, a 4-year old child will have a different way of looking at the Lego set compared to an 8-year old. They will also have different cognitive levels so this was also factored in. We also considered today’s current trends knowing fully well that children typically follow a fad. So, we had to be updated with what’s new and hip and try to use this knowledge in determining the appropriateness of the building set.

The process of identifying the coolest Lego sets was never easy. Nevertheless, our commitment and dedication eventually paid off.

Building Toys and Your Kid’s Development

There are many reasons why building and construction toys like Lego are such a huge hit not only during the gift-giving season but also during birthdays and other special occasions. For some parents, they don’t wait for special occasions to give their kids Legos; they give them on a regular basis even for no apparent reason at all. And it’s easy to see why.

Lego and other similar building toys have been described by healthcare and childcare experts as very helpful instruments in the development of the kid’s cognition or brain processing. From memory to spatial reasoning to logical reasoning to problem solving and to critical thinking, kids can use building bricks to harness these cognitive processes. These provide the foundation for more complex cerebral functions which can help them later in life as adults.

For instance, interlocking plastic bricks to form a certain structure will require certain parts of the young brain to process different information. It needs to get stored information about shapes and the relationship of the orientation of individual bricks with one another. Children learn to make full use of their understanding of causal relationships. Even before they begin stacking bricks on top of the other, they are already forming a mental image of what they are going to build. They know that to attain the form or shape that they desire they have to use a certain size or shape of building brick as well.

Their understanding of spatial relationships are also enhanced. Some building models may require the insertion of bricks or other components into a particular slot. The young brain will have to make accurate estimates as to the fitness of the bricks to the slot. If the brick is too big, then it will simply not fit into the slot. If the brick is too small, then it will simply fall off from the slot. Spatial intelligence also makes full use of the coordinated movements of the smaller or finer groups of muscles with feedback from both the tactile and visual senses. If children see that a particular block is supposed to be oriented in a particular direction, the brain can command the muscles of the fingers to make changes in the way the brick is to be positioned relative to the model being built.

Almost everyone knows that building bricks like those from Lego are very useful in helping facilitate the development of kids’ counterfactual reasoning or thinking. This helps them project into the future all the potential outcomes of every action that they take. This is often regarded as very important in the development of their ability to make more or less accurate predictions. They know that “if” they position a brick one very particular way, “then” it will produce an entirely different outcome. This is the basis of their “what if” reasoning or line of thinking. If developed correctly, this can provide the foundation for the enhancement of the critical thinking processes of the brain. They will be more inclined to use “what if” in almost all of their activities. When they grow up, they can be excellent managers as they will be inclined to look at all the possibilities before making a critical decision.

Building toys are also well-known for their ability to enhance the creative potential of kids. And where there is creativity, imagination is not far behind. In fact, these two concepts almost always work hand in hand, with creativity being the outcome of children’s imagination and imagination being further enhanced by children’s creativity. Kids can build fantastic creations based on their imagination. These creations can then fuel their imagination a lot further. This is not to mention what creations can do to a child’s self-esteem and self-worth.

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of reasons why Lego toys are always in demand even to adults. The many developmental benefits this type of playthings provide are simply remarkable if not astonishing. This coming holiday season, get your kid one of the coolest Lego sets in our list. We guarantee they will love it. And you will be more than glad you did.

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