10 Cool Bug Toys in 2017

It’s a well-known fact that kids love toys but we should not forget that there are many kinds. Bug toys are one of them. Even if parents might find it odd that some children love insects and bugs, these toys are actually educational. Your kids are actually interested in science in general and nature in particular. It’s not the creepy crawly sight that they really see, it’s watching the little critters live and grow in an environment that the kids can observe closely.

Bug toys provide a safe and educational way of discovering the natural world. Parents may not like insects and bugs so much but children love them. Bug toys therefore offer an excellent compromise. The kids get to play with the little creatures while moms and dads can rest assured that the children will not be harmed. The kids will not eat the toys, nor will the ‘insects’ bite them. Plus there is no need to go outside and look under the rocks or leaves. Without further ado, here is our list of 10 cool bug toys in 2017.

Understanding the Importance of Bugs in Our Lives

The importance of nurturing kids’ love for animals goes beyond showing them how to care for their dogs and cats. It is equally important for children to learn to understand and appreciate bugs, too. And while we can always accompany our kids to go bug hunting, it is equally crucial that we have a clear understanding of the importance of insects and critters in our lives.

  • Bugs kill pests – Many critters are the predators of other critters. For instance, aphids can easily destroy crops which can have an impact on our food sources. Ladybugs are known to be the natural predators of aphids.
  • Bugs are excellent at recycling – Have you ever heard of the dung beetle? If you have then you know what it does. There are a lot of insects, bugs, and critters that use all of the materials that we consider as wastes and turn these into something more useful. This is recycling at its best.
  • Bugs spread pollen – We wouldn’t be able to enjoy the colors of spring and the blooms of summer without insects that fly from flower to flower, carrying with them precious pollen that impregnates another flower. As flowers become the fruits that we enjoy in our tables, without these insects, there wouldn’t be any fruit at all to have.
  • Bugs are producers of stuff we enjoy – You know that expensive type of fabric known as silk? It’s made by a type of insect called the silkworm. The honey we use in many of our dishes are produced by bees. There are many other products that we now enjoy because of the work of these insects.

The Bottom Line

Some members of the bug family have very important roles to play in preserving the balance in the ecosystem. With these 10 cool bug toys in 2017, we are essentially helping our kids to understand and appreciate this invaluable role that bugs play.

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