Best Baby Booster Seats & High Chairs For Tables in 2017

It is always a joy to see young children enjoying their meals in the same dining table as Mom, Dad, and the rest of the family. This is very important as the family that dines or eats together can naturally strengthen the special ties of the family. They can share their ideas and experiences during dinner while also allowing children to understand and appreciate the value of social interaction. Unfortunately, if your child is still a baby, then he or she must sit in his or her baby high chair. But what if your child is already a grown up, say a toddler? He or she can no longer use the infant high chair simply because he or she will already be too big to fit in. That would really feel awkward. The solution is quite simple. Get a dedicated dining or feeding booster seat for your child.

Now, we know how frustratingly difficult it can be to choose the best dining booster seat simply because there’s so many of them. As always, we are here presenting to you our list of the top 10 dining booster seats we are eagerly optimistic you will love. Not only that, we are pretty sure your kid will enjoy every moment sitting down in his or her own chair and joining in the fun of the whole family.

How We Chose the Top Dining Booster Seats in Our List

Determining the top 10 dining booster seats or booster chairs for ordinary tables is no easy feat. It took our team of committed and task-oriented researchers several days just to come up with a shortlisted version of about 50 children’s feeding booster seats. From this 50, we then had to carefully scrutinize each one for their overall design value as well as the safety of the materials that were used in its manufacture. Of course, we also had to consider any certification or accreditation for which the product was able to obtain. This should provide us with the peace of mind that the dining booster seats we are sharing with you are nothing less than the best of their class.

We then also had to consider what the public has to say about these adjustable children’s dining seat systems. It is imperative that we consider both the positive and negative feedbacks that people may have of a particular product. This allows us to gain a better insight into the overall value and usefulness of the booster seats in our list. Besides, it is the life of your precious little child that we would like to safeguard. We would not want your precious ones to be falling off their dining chairs and injuring themselves, would we?

With these we were able to come up with the world’s top 10 dining booster seats for modern-day tables. Of course, you can disagree all you want but we can just say that we did give much thought and objective examination of all the booster seating systems we have included in our top 10.

Should You Graduate Your Kid from His or Her High Chair?

One of the most common questions parents ask is when they can graduate their kids from their high chair to a dining booster seat. While the answer can be largely considered academic, we need to understand a few things first.

Children sitting up requires excellent control of the muscles of their head, neck, and upper body. This normal top-down progression of motor development is also known as the cephalocaudal nature of human development. Once children are able to exert full control of their upper body, unsupported, then they are ripe for their high chair.

The question now is when can they start using a booster chair? The answer is quite simple enough. High chairs have feeding trays that helps ensure kids will not be going anywhere. They will not be standing or even squirming in their seats. This means that if children are already able to control their behavior in front of the dining table, then they are largely considered to be ready for a booster seat. This is also one of the reasons why there are certain seat boosting products that come complete with the feeding tray as well as 3-point harnesses to keep children in their seats. By the time they are able to control their behavior, that will be the time the feeding tray and the harness goes out the door.

The only reason why booster seats are necessary is because of the height of the seat relative to the dining table. Unless your table is like that found among Japanese families, then you will definitely need something to help increase the height of your child as he or she feasts on the meal that you have prepared.

Child development experts also recommend following the manufacturer’s weight recommendations. Typically anywhere between 20 and 50 pounds should be fine for a booster seat. However, you also need to consider the kid’s height. If he or she is unusually tall, do you think he or she will still need to be boosted in his or her seat?

This brings us to our role as parents. It is very important that we teach our kids the correct etiquette during dinner. This usually means no toys allowed, no gadgets, and no other forms of distractions. Social interaction is encouraged but is usually tempered. The point is that, if you want your kid to begin using a booster seat, then you must be able to teach him or her how to behave correctly during meal times.

The Bottom Line

Dining booster seats are important tools for children to transition into grownup chairs. We hope our list of the top 10 booster seats will help you decide which one to give to your kid.

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