15 Best Wooden Puzzles for Kids & Toddlers in 2017

Wooden puzzles are one of the most important learning instruments you can ever give your kids to help enhance their development. These learning tools help develop your kids’ physical, cognitive, and emotional skills that will become the foundation of who they will become when they grow up.

Puzzle toys are great for stimulating your child’s cognitive development while at the same time enhancing both his physical and emotional skills. We are optimistic that you were able to choose several from our list of the 15 best wooden puzzles to give to your kid.

How We Chose the Toys in Our List

It is clear that wooden puzzle toys are one of the most beneficial learning tools you can ever provide your kid. It is therefore crucial to choose one that is not so complicated for your child’s developmental age but is challenging enough to make him or her want to strive.

We know how difficult it can be to choose an age- and developmentally- appropriate wooden puzzle toy so we have come up with our list of the 15 best. Our researchers have to consider the developmental appropriateness of a few hundred wooden puzzle toys and chose only those that are safe, of high quality construction, manufactured by a credible toy company, and passed the discriminating tastes of parents.

Puzzles and the Young Brain

Puzzles help with the development and enhancement of your kids’ physical skills. Specifically, they learn to develop and master their hand-eye coordination as they try to pick up the puzzle pieces and slot them into their place. These kinds of toys also help develop and refine your child’s gross and fine motor skills. Younger kids will be able to develop their gross motor skills as a necessary foundation for more precise fine motor skills. As they grow older, they will be able to pick up and slot puzzle pieces with absolute precision which can help them master their fine motor skills. This becomes the foundation to better handwriting skills later in childhood.

Puzzle toys also help develop your kid’s cognitive skills especially his or her recognition of shapes and colors as well as help enhance his or her memory, spatial intelligence, problem-solving skills, and a general understanding of the world. This helps them get a better understanding of how the world really works. Puzzle toys that come in different shapes and colors can develop and reinforce your kid’s recognition of these characteristics which can pave the way for more complex cognitive processing of more abstract puzzles. Your kid also will develop his or her memory as he or she attempts to remember or recall the specific shape of puzzle pieces that may not fit a particular slot now but will be at a later time. This also helps enhance their spatial intelligence where they try to make sense of the puzzle slot and attempt to correlate that with the various shapes of puzzle pieces that they see. Overall, their problem-solving skills are enhanced through constant trial and error methods as well as the use of rudimentary logic and critical thinking skills.

Children who grow up with puzzles tend to be more patient as they will have to take their time to sort things out before putting the pieces together. They learn that they cannot reach the end without first having to spend some time working on the puzzle itself. Additionally, they learn how to set goals. They know that solving the puzzle is their ultimate goal and that this can be achieved by coming up with a strategy to achieve the goal. Later in life, they will use this skill to make clearer life goals for themselves.

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