16 Best Water Toys for Kids in 2017

best water toys kids

One of the most interesting playtime activities involve water. As a matter of fact, kids love playing with water with or without the use of water toys. Children always find something magical in the way they interact with this element. For child developmental psychologists and parents, however, water toys provide the much-needed learning and developmental experiences children need to grow healthier.

Playing with water can be an excellent way to foster sensory and psychomotor development in children. For very young kids, the feel of water on their bodies can provide an entirely different experience. Older children can experiment and explore the things that they can do with water while at the same time developing and/or reinforcing their gross and fine motor skills. This helps them develop and master their coordination and balance which can provide the foundation for other more active play. And when enjoyed with other children, playtime activities involving water can facilitate communication and build the confidence necessary for the development of amiable social skills. Of course, playing with water is fun and this translates to kids feeling much better about themselves as individuals.

How We Chose the 16 Best Water Toys for Kids

Choosing the right kind of water toy can be particularly daunting simply because there are literally thousands of water toys in the market. As such we have performed a very thorough and extensive research on each of these toys identifying their strengths and weaknesses especially in terms of safety, quality, and their ability to encourage the continuous development of children. We have also taken note of what other parents are saying about these toys. Lastly, we have placed careful thought on the reputation and credibility of the toy company.

Playing is a very important part of being a child. In fact, it is through playtime activities that very young children first learn about themselves and their immediate surroundings. When they grow older, playtime activities with their favorite toys help lay the foundations for a healthier, better, and more successful individual. It is through play and toys that children are able to reach their fullest developmental potentials.

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