10 Best Water Bottles for Kids in 2017


Around three-quarters of our body is made up of water. Every cell inside our body is dependent on this very important element. In fact, it would be very difficult to survive without it. However, just as liquid H2O is important to life, it is equally vital to make sure that the fluid we’re drinking is safe and free from any harmful substances, biological or otherwise. This is especially true for kids as they are more vulnerable to health problems brought about by water-borne diseases. To help protect your kids against this threat, it is imperative that you buy for them any of our 10 truly amazing water bottles for kids.

10 Best Water Bottles For Kids

1Eddy Kids 0.4L Water Bottle by CamelBak 

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Whether it is going to school or even going on an adventure in the park or the beach, we’re pretty sure your kids will love the Eddy Kids 0.4L Water Bottle with its superb combination of stylish and fun design, spill and leak protection, and useful overall features. Designed in a variety of graphics featuring colorful characters and images that children will love, the Eddy Kids is a sure hit when it comes to kiddie hydration. You can be sure that no matter where your kid will go, he or she will have adequate hydration to last the day. Plus, it’s never a shame to attach it to the strap of your child’s backpack through its fully integrated and ergonomically designed handle. But what is really fantastic about the Eddy Kids water bottle is its superior leak and spill protection using its patented Big Bite valve technology. The crossover spout and straw actually has a fabulous valve mechanism that will only allow the outflow of liquid H2O if your child is able to bite onto the straw-spout. The Big Bite valve design helps ensure that the liquid H2O stays inside the BPS- and BPA- free durable container. Available in 14 various designs, the Eddy Kids is perfect for 3- to 8- year old children.

What We Like about It – The Eddy’s patented Big Bite valve technology is truly remarkable. Equally remarkable is the overall spill- and leak- proof design. As some kids can be quite clumsy, the Eddy Kids should be a great solution so they will still be able to drink the cleanest and freshest fluids they can have.

2Frozen Funtainer 12 Oz Bottle by Thermos

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For the fans of Frozen as well as other animated and movie characters, the Funtainer 12 Oz Bottle should really be a fantastic option for a kids water bottle. With an amazing vacuum insulation technology that is guaranteed to keep your kids’ drinks refreshingly cool for up to 12 hours, the Funtainer is the perfect hydration companion for today’s very active children. Just remember that while the Funtainer has an excellent thermal retention property, you should not put hot liquids in it. Part of its superb thermal retention abilities is its stainless steel construction both in and out. Vacuum separates the interior and exterior surfaces of the Funtainer to give it excellent retention of the temperature of the drink inside. Drinking from the Funtainer is also made ridiculously fun with a push button mechanism that instantly pops out the straw so your child can have ready access to his or her drinks. It’s hygienic, too. And with quite a handful of designs to choose from, this is one water bottle that kids will really be proud to drink from.

What We Like about It – The Funtainer’s pop-out straw is sure to be loved by kids. If not, the graphics will surely bring a smile on their faces every time.

3Kids Autospout Gizmo 14 Oz Water Bottle by Contigo

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One of the more unique drinking bottles we have seen is the Kids Autospout Gizmo from Contigo. The design itself is already quite unusual since a great majority of the kiddie water bottles we’ve seen in the market come with a non-transparent lid which essentially covers all the different mechanisms that may be inherent in the design. While most drinking canisters have opaque lids, the Kids Autospout Gizmo features a transparent one. This actually helps stimulate the curiosity of children so they will have an understanding of how these particular devices work. Under the lid is a patented spill-proof and leak-proof valve. It would really be interesting to see how children try to analyze and understand how such components work to prevent spillage and leaking. Nevertheless, the Autospout is one fantastic looking kids water bottle complete with an integrated handle that can be safely slung in your kid’s backpack or even hung on a carabiner-style of attachment on his or her belt. This should provide the versatility that kids need today especially those who are fond of having their adventures in the great outdoors. The wide-mouthed spout connects to a transparent straw to make drinking a lot easier. The Kids Autospout Gizmo is made of high quality and BPA free materials so you’re not going to worry about bringing harm to your kid’s drinking.

What We Like about It – The Autospout Gizmo’s clear lid design is unique in that there’s not many products that have such a design. The no-spill and no-leak valve technology is also superbly functional.

4WaterWeek Kids Kaleidoscope 10 Oz 5-Bottle Set by Reduce

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If you need a kids water bottle that is unpretentious yet fully functional in its promise of delivering safe water to drink, then you’d better get the WaterWeek Kids Kaleidoscope 10 Oz 5-Bottle Set. The WaterWeek is designed primarily to accompany your child’s regular lunchbox so that he or she will have readily available fresh and clean drinking H2O every time. The good thing about the WaterWeek is that it is a collection of five very colorful and truly kaleidoscopic drinking bottles made of high grade, high quality, guaranteed kid-safe plastic. This simply means your child can actually bring an entirely different design to school every single day. He or she can then reverse the schedule of use on the following week. Each of these WaterWeek Kaleidoscope jugs has an easy twist cap design so your child will not really have a difficult time opening and recapping it. The WaterWeek set comes with a fridge tray so you can actually fill all of them, store in the ref, and pull out one each every day. It really is a fun way to add color to your child’s hydration needs.

What We Like about It – The WaterWeek Kaleidoscope is just perfect to complement your child’s daily lunch box. This should be interesting as the colors and designs of the WaterWeek can truly add some element of fun into your child’s daily meals.

5Grip-N-Gulp Water Bottle by Nalgene

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If you’re looking for a kids water bottle that can be easily held even by a toddler, then the Grip-N-Gulp Water Bottle is what you should really get. The fully integrated handle on the rubberized lid of the Grip-N-Gulp makes it super easy to attach to almost any strap, belt, carabiner, or any other hook attachment that your child has in his or her personal belongings like backpack, tummy bag, and even a sling bag. Just insert a strap into the Grip-N-Gulp’s wide handle ring and your kid instantly has his or her own drinking station. The Grip-N-Gulp has a plastic mouthpiece that’s made of premium quality Eastman Tritan co-polyester which has become the standard for plastic drinking systems. It’s durable and resists ugly stains, odors, and nasty residues. As such, it gives you superb safety springing from the absence of any harmful chemicals like BPA which can leach into the inner surfaces of the bottle. The Grip-N-Gulp also features superior threading that, when combined with its engineered lid, helps ensure excellent leak- and spill- proofing. One thing that parents love about the Grip-N-Gulp is that the canister itself has been designed with side indents making them easy to grip even by the small hands of toddlers.

What We Like about It – The combination of excellent design and superior leak- and spill- proofing technology make the Grip-N-Gulp one truly amazing product to give to our kids. With this, we can be sure that it will last for a significantly longer period of time.

6Kid’s Auto Seal Freeride Water Bottle by Avex

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Elegant. Stylish. Sleek. These are the words that can best describe the Kid’s Auto seal Freeride Water Bottle. Available in two different drinking mechanisms, the Freeride boasts of an autoseal technology that guarantees no leaks and no spills. Even if your kid will be taking the Freeride to his soccer game or even to her swimming or ballet lessons, there’s just no way the Freeride will be spilling out its contents. This makes sure that your child will have ready access to a safe and refreshing drink. The design of the Freeride doesn’t disappoint either as it comes with a variety of stylish graphics to choose from. And we did mention about the Freeride’s two variants. One integrates a sip id while another one incorporates a flip lid design. Whichever design you choose for your kid, you can be sure that he or she will have a superb drinking experience in the straw-less interface of the Freeride. The lid also features a fully rubberized ring to provide an excellent grip. As if the clip-on handle that’s been integrated in the design is not enough.

What We Like about It – The stylish design and superb spill-proofing technology of the Freeride make it one of the best kids water bottle systems we have in the market today.

712 Oz Hydration Bottle by Thermos

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Children require plenty of water not only to quench their thirst but also to help ensure that their body’s physiologic processes proceed at a normal rate. While not every child leads a very active lifestyle, the different curricular activities in school simply means they need to have a steady supply of safe drinking water. Such is what the Hydration Bottle guarantees. This kids water bottle come with the same patented technology that has become synonymous with Thermos. However, the Hydration does not have the superb vacuum thermal retention technology that is present in other Thermos products. Nevertheless, it is still filled with a lot of superb features that will entice the kids of today to drink plenty of liquid H2O. The canister of the Hydration is made of impact-resistant and eco-friendly Eastman Tritancopolyester that also effectively diminishes any worries about BPA and other chemicals possibly leaching into the liquid. It’s got an easy flip straw to allow for more hygienic drinking. The design of the flip straw and the lid allow for excellent spill-proofing as well as leak resistance. However, Thermos don’t recommend filling the Hydration with carbonated beverages as the cavitation can lead to pressure buildup, causing a leak. Nonetheless, with so many designs to choose from, we’re sure you’ll have something for your kid.

What We Like about It – The unique flip straw design is what we love about the Hydration. Its Tritan construction is also noteworthy as it provides excellent durability for many years to come.

8Anature 9 Oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle by Anature

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It may have an overly simple design but it is actually the way in which the Anature 9 Oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle has been manufactured that makes it very interesting as a kids water bottle. Unlike the other reusable drinking bottles in our list, this is only one of a select few that can really retain the preferred temperature of any liquid you put inside. Fancy a hot choco for your kid? How about an ice-cold lemonade? Whatever it is you’re going to fill in, you can be sure that the Anature can keep its temperature for as long as 10 hours. This is made possible by its vacuum insulation system that is sandwiched by high grade stainless steel. You can be sure that your kid will have the best drink wherever he or she may go. Best of all, it will be at the right temperature as if you just poured the contents into the Anature. For moms, the Anature has a very sleek design making it ideal for those workouts in the gym, although the 9 oz capacity may be inadequate for a really thirsty adult.

What We Like about It – The double walled stainless steel with vacuum insulation system of the Anature is fantastic as it allows your kid to have the drink that he or she truly deserves. It’s super slim, too.

9Whippersipper Stainless Steel Water Bottle by Whippersipper

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The Whippersipper is one of two kids water bottle systems in our list that feature excellent thermal retention whether it is hot or cold. Unlike other systems that can only retain the temperature of cold drinks, the Whippersipper is able to insulate your child’s drink regardless of its temperature and keep it that way for a significantly longer period of time, thanks to its double walled construction of stainless steel sandwiching a vacuum insulation chamber. There are no straws nor spouts to sip on. The Whippersipper only has a wide-mouthed lid for some really unrestricted drinking. This is excellent for the really thirsty young lads and lasses.

What We Like about It – The Whippersipper has a no-nonsense, unpretentious design that really works. Aside from the fact that it’s made of stainless steel, it’s stylishly fashionable, too.

10Autospout Kids Striker 14 Oz Water Bottle by Contigo 

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If you love the Autospout Gizmo but would like something not really transparent, then we give you the ContigoAutospout Striker kids water bottle. The Striker technically has the same fundamental design with the Gizmo except for its non-transparent body and lid. It essentially has the same autospout technology that helps prevent spills and leaks even with the spout fully open. It comes with a one-touch button that allows your child to drink instantly with one hand. The integrated handle has grooves to fit the small fingers of your kid so it will be a breeze carrying it around. Most consumers prefer the styling of the Striker over the Gizmo although both actually provide excellent drinking experience for children.

What We Like about It – The autospout technology of the Striker is beneficial in the prevention of leaks and spills. The one-touch button is also a welcome plus.

How We Chose the Top Reusable Drinking Bottles in Our List

One of the most important parameters we had to consider in our choice of the top 10 kiddie drinking systems is the safety of the materials that were used in the manufacture of the product. This was a very important consideration since the only reason why we would like to share with you these drinking systems is the safety issue that is inherent in bottled water. Now, if these issues also exist in the products that we have listed, then what’s the point? We must be certain that the drinking vessels we have shared with you don’t contain any harmful chemicals that can leach into the liquid H2O such as BPA, phthalates, and PVC just to name a few. We had to look for indicators of strict adherence and compliance to regulatory policies and guidelines. If certifications from recognized agencies exist, then we factored these in.

The different features of these products were also examined. Primarily, we focused on the functionality of these features. If the product says it is able to retain the temperature of any liquid filled into the canister, then it must be able to do it exceptionally well. If a drinking system comes with a leak-proofing technology that has been really proven to work, then we included this, too. Every published feature was scrutinized for its functionality. Otherwise, if it’s only there for aesthetic reasons, we removed it from our shortlist.

Customer feedback was also given weight in our search for the best water bottles for kids. We know how much you value the opinion and experiences of others so we took the liberty of reading through the hundreds of customer reviews and comments to identify recurring themes. This allowed us to develop a better understanding of the overall value of the product. Certainly, this gave us the impetus to finalize our draft and come up with the ten most amazing and best water bottles for kids.

Reusable Water Bottles or Bottled Water for Your Kids?

Millions of gallons of bottled water are being sold all over the world every day. There is so much hype to it that many people now consider it as being the safest way to drink. And if we really love our children, then we should care enough to give them only the safest water to drink.

Unfortunately, studies now show that bottled water is not any safer than the water coming out of your faucet especially if it has also been distributed by a water utility. Both undergo the same filtration process as well as chemical treatments to render microorganisms and other substances present in water harmless.

And here’s one of the greatest drawbacks for using bottled water. We are contributing to environmental degradation for every plastic bottle that we don’t recycle. And even if these bottles were to be recycled, the process itself will require tremendous energy in which fossil fuels will be used to run the operation. With or without the recycling of plastic bottles, the impact on the environment can still be substantial.

Another issue that is plaguing the bottled water industry is the use of harmful chemicals like phthalates and BPA in the manufacture of plastic bottles. These substances are known to produce a variety of health effects particularly those in the brain development of fetuses, infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Their behavior may also be affected by these substances.

The Bottom Line

It is clear that bottled water is not the way to go. With our top 10 water bottles for kids, you now have a safer way to help ensure your kids get hydrated for their growth and developmental needs.

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