10 Best Water Bottles for Kids in 2017

Around three-quarters of our body is made up of water. Every cell inside our body is dependent on this very important element. In fact, it would be very difficult to survive without it. However, just as liquid H2O is important to life, it is equally vital to make sure that the fluid we’re drinking is safe and free from any harmful substances, biological or otherwise. This is especially true for kids as they are more vulnerable to health problems brought about by water-borne diseases. To help protect your kids against this threat, it is imperative that you buy for them any of our 10 truly amazing water bottles for kids.

How We Chose the Top Reusable Drinking Bottles in Our List

One of the most important parameters we had to consider in our choice of the top 10 kiddie drinking systems is the safety of the materials that were used in the manufacture of the product. This was a very important consideration since the only reason why we would like to share with you these drinking systems is the safety issue that is inherent in bottled water. Now, if these issues also exist in the products that we have listed, then what’s the point? We must be certain that the drinking vessels we have shared with you don’t contain any harmful chemicals that can leach into the liquid H2O such as BPA, phthalates, and PVC just to name a few. We had to look for indicators of strict adherence and compliance to regulatory policies and guidelines. If certifications from recognized agencies exist, then we factored these in.

The different features of these products were also examined. Primarily, we focused on the functionality of these features. If the product says it is able to retain the temperature of any liquid filled into the canister, then it must be able to do it exceptionally well. If a drinking system comes with a leak-proofing technology that has been really proven to work, then we included this, too. Every published feature was scrutinized for its functionality. Otherwise, if it’s only there for aesthetic reasons, we removed it from our shortlist.

Customer feedback was also given weight in our search for the best water bottles for kids. We know how much you value the opinion and experiences of others so we took the liberty of reading through the hundreds of customer reviews and comments to identify recurring themes. This allowed us to develop a better understanding of the overall value of the product. Certainly, this gave us the impetus to finalize our draft and come up with the ten most amazing and best water bottles for kids.

Reusable Water Bottles or Bottled Water for Your Kids?

Millions of gallons of bottled water are being sold all over the world every day. There is so much hype to it that many people now consider it as being the safest way to drink. And if we really love our children, then we should care enough to give them only the safest water to drink.

Unfortunately, studies now show that bottled water is not any safer than the water coming out of your faucet especially if it has also been distributed by a water utility. Both undergo the same filtration process as well as chemical treatments to render microorganisms and other substances present in water harmless.

And here’s one of the greatest drawbacks for using bottled water. We are contributing to environmental degradation for every plastic bottle that we don’t recycle. And even if these bottles were to be recycled, the process itself will require tremendous energy in which fossil fuels will be used to run the operation. With or without the recycling of plastic bottles, the impact on the environment can still be substantial.

Another issue that is plaguing the bottled water industry is the use of harmful chemicals like phthalates and BPA in the manufacture of plastic bottles. These substances are known to produce a variety of health effects particularly those in the brain development of fetuses, infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Their behavior may also be affected by these substances.

The Bottom Line

It is clear that bottled water is not the way to go. With our top 10 water bottles for kids, you now have a safer way to help ensure your kids get hydrated for their growth and developmental needs.

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