10 Best Walkie Talkies for Kids in 2017

Children love make believe play or performing a variety of role play activities. There are many benefits of such kinds of play activities. One of these is communication. And what better way to help children practice the art of communicating while engaging in some active play time than using one of the 10 best walkie talkies for kids that we have prepared. With these devices, you can be sure that your child will have a fantastic time playing make believe police officers, firefighters, or any other profession that requires handheld radios to communicate.

How We Chose the Top Kiddie Walkie Talkies in Our List

Picking a radio communications device for kids was not really difficult since what we were really after was the functionality of the toy. It was essential that these radio transceivers were able to provide a means of communication between two kids over some distance. It really did not matter for us whether the effective radius of communication was only several meters apart or even several miles. The more important thing was that the device was able to introduce the concept of “long distance” communication which is essentially the very nature of walkie talkies.

To help us in our search, we considered the current consumer ranking of these products and included only those that have very favorable feedbacks. We believe that if countless consumers – moms and dads like you and us – are saying a lot of good things about a certain product, then we know that there’s a very strong chance you’ll lie them, too.

These handheld radio transceivers run on some form of power and as such, it was imperative for us to look at the product’s design integrity particularly its power source. There have been a lot of issues lately about exploding rechargeable battery systems so we have to be sure that these products have been dutifully tested and passed the stringent requirements of the federal government. Your kid may have fun playing with these electronic gadgets but if they get injured in the process, then that would be largely unfortunate.

A small part of our evaluation took into consideration the overall style of the walkie talkie for kids. As children, these devices must be seen more as toys and not the real stuff, although they do function like the real ones. Therefore, their design must be loved by kids. And if kids love it, parents will be happy, too.

Role-Playing and Your Kid’s Development

We all know that there are plenty of benefits of role playing activities among children. Whether it is with computer-based role playing games (RPGs) or even the actual act of role playing, these types of plays can do a lot of good things to our children’s development.

  • It cultivates creativity – When children role play, they use their cognition to come up with different ideas that will help them play their expected roles. They don’t have to abide by the rules of the real world; hence, they try to create their own rules. As such, they are able to enhance their creativity.
  • Enhances their social skills – Role playing is best achieved when done in the company of others. When playing the role of a police officer, for instance, someone else must be able to perform the role of another police officer or even a crook. This helps provide the circumstances wherein children learn to use their social skills in communicating their ideas.
  • Encourages cooperation and teamwork – As we have already discussed above, role playing is best performed with other players or individuals. Roles are often defined within the context of a group. As such, children will be able to learn how to perform their roles in conjunction with the roles played by others. And since the game has an objective, each member will have to play cooperatively and work cohesively as a team to make sure that the objectives of the game are achieved.
  • Helps enhance problem solving skills – Different scenarios often present different challenges or problems. These will require the problem solving skills of children as they attempt to work out the solutions to the different challenges. For instance, if they are presented with a communications problem, then they must try to figure out how to solve this.

The Bottom Line

Role playing is an important play activity for children. One way we can enhance our kids’ role playing activities is by giving them the appropriate tools to communicate with others. Our top 10 walkie talkies for kids can help you in this regard.

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