18 Best Trains Sets for Kids in 2017

It is often difficult to choose toys that kids will surely appreciate or love. While we tend to say that it is in the thought of giving that really counts, for young children, it is more about how much fun they can derive from the gifts or presents that we give that really matters. For them, toys are everything. In the point of view of experts, toys are the instruments that help facilitate optimum child growth and development. It is therefore important to choose toys that are not only fun and will be appreciated by kids but are also developmentally-appropriate.

One of the most beneficial toys when it comes to the development of creativity, imagination, dexterity, psychomotor skills, and cognitive skills is train toy sets. This 2017, we have listed the 18 most popular train sets for kids.

top train sets for kids

How We Came Up with Our Popular Toys

There are many factors that need to be considered when choosing the best toy for any kid. The train set must be age- and developmentally- appropriate for it to be really meaningful and worthwhile. Secondly, it must be safe and made of only the highest quality materials. The design must be appropriate for the child’s developmental age – simple yet challenging enough to stimulate curiosity, creativity, and imagination. Also, the toy manufacturer must be reputable, credible, and trustworthy. Moreover, the price of the toy must be affordable enough to be considered as valuable gifts. And lastly, the toy must have passed the discriminating tastes of parents the world over.

With all of these factors carefully considered and duly scrutinized, our researchers have come up with the 18 best train sets for kids this 2016.

Train Sets – It’s More than Just a Playset

Train sets have been regarded as one of the best toys for kids especially when it comes to developing their psychomotor skills and problem solving skills as well as stimulating creativity and imagination.

Studies now show that train sets are highly beneficial in the development and enhancement of kids’ problem solving skills especially in terms of matching the correct tracks, the organization of the track layout, as well as the assembly of the train cars. Because train tracks can be set in a variety of layouts which can ultimately affect the overall speed of the train, this stimulates the development of divergent problem solving skills. This kind of critical thinking allows kids to look at a particular problem from different angles leading to the formulation of a variety of possible solutions. In real life, this allows kids to determine the best possible course of action from several choices when presented with a particular problem. Train sets can also help facilitate the mastery of other cognitive skills such as critical and logical thinking, counterfactual reasoning, and spatial intelligence.

Train sets are also instrumental in enhancing dexterity and mastery of fine motor skills. Train toy sets come in a variety of smaller pieces that need to be connected to one another. This requires absolute coordination and control of the different muscles and tendons of the fingers and hands. Hand-eye coordination is also essential as children will need to make sure that the train pieces are slotted into their correct positions lest the train will be derailed and the whole playset undermined. Fine motor skills are important to growing children as they need control of smaller muscle groups to help them in their daily lives. From buttoning their shirt to writing their homework or even feeding themselves, they depend on their mastery of their fine motor skills to help them through adulthood.

Additionally, train sets can be excellent instruments to stimulate children’s imagination and creativity. In fact, train toy sets are just one of a few children’s toys that even grown-ups seem to never have enough of. Entire basements can be turned into one gigantic train landscape complete with mountains and other geologic features, mini cities, cars, and vehicles, train tunnels and bridges, and everything in between. The fascination children get from playing with train toy sets help them to be more creative and imaginative in their thinking. Role playing and make-believe play are all important aspects of train play as it allows them to explore infinite possibilities.

Train toy sets make perfect gifts for children. It helps them learn more about themselves and the word around them. We are optimistic that our 18 best train sets for kids will help you identify which one to give kids as presents for their birthdays or on special holidays.

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