20 Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Girls in 2017


There are plenty of gift suggestions for 8 year old girls. One can readily give reading books which will help them master the different lessons in school a lot easier and more fun. Some may think of doll houses, puzzles, and other pretend and make-believe toys to help enhance their creativity. Still, others might think of fashionable clothes, accessories, and gadgets. Whatever you eventually give, it is imperative that you choose wisely and take into consideration the developmental needs of an eight year old girl.

How We Chose The Most Popular Products 

Toys are the instruments of learning among children, including 8 year old girls. As such, it is crucial to choose the best one that is highly relevant for your kind of young girl. Unfortunately, it is not easy to make a shortlist from the tens of thousands of toys and gift suggestions in the market. It is for this reason that we have decided to help you by coming up with our list of the 20 best toys for 8 year old girls.

First, we had to scrutinize every toy and gift item we could ever find in the market. We had to make sure that each of these toys are of value to the continuing development of an 8 year old girl. We also had to make sure that the quality and safety of the design does not, in any way, undermine the development of children. We then had to be reassured that the toys we have selected are backed with rave reviews and positive feedbacks from other consumers, most especially parents who have been in the same situation as you are. Lastly, the toy maker’s reputation had to be factored in as well.

These is how we came up with our list of the best toys. Hopefully, you will agree to some, if not all, of these toys and gift suggestions in our list.

A Look at an 8 Year Old Girl’s Development and What Parents Can Do

One of the most striking developments in an 8 year old girl is her increasing social skills especially in the development of friendships with fellow 8 year olds who may share the same interests as theirs. However, not only are they particularly interested in building friendships, they are now also more aware of their role in the world. Unfortunately, this is where much of the confusion lies because, despite their shows of bravado, they are still quite helpless against external influences. It is therefore crucial to help an 8 year old girl make sense of her friendship as well as her role in the wider community. Playing games that children love can help them express their thoughts and communicate to them what they need to learn. This is where developmentally appropriate toys can really come in.

Because 8 year olds will already put emphasis on their friendships, you can expect an 8 year old girl to be more active in group activities or even physical activities and sports that call for cooperation. They are now more than capable of doing this because their muscle strength and endurance can already help them to engage in more physically demanding activities. This is also the time when the competitive spirit of 8 year olds begin to really show especially against peers.

Cognitively, 8 year old girls, like boys, love experimentation and exploration. Their problem solving skills are now largely dependent on earlier developments. One of the major skills that they need to learn by this time is counterfactual reasoning and divergent problem solving. Since they love to experiment, often highlighting the value of the trial and error method, they slowly begin to form conceptualizations on the what-if phenomenon. This helps them make predictions about possible outcomes for every bit of solution that they can come up with. This forms the basis for the formulation of their expectations. They can then test whether their expectations and their predictions were met by the solutions that they have planned.

Their creativity is best expressed through dance especially when performed together with friends and in front of an audience. Popular music is already a great part of their lives. Add to this their increased fascination for colors, textures, and patterns, and their creativity can reach new heights. Their creativity is always coupled with experimentation with a lot of different elements.

Based on these, it is therefore very important to choose toys or even gift items that help them develop, enhance, strengthen, reinforce, or even improve these developmental skills and milestones. They need to be able to express their creativity in more constructive and more positive ways. They also need to be provided with toys that can help further hone their cognitive skills especially in the development of divergent problem solving and counterfactual reasoning. It is also crucial to give them toys that will make them use the physical energy in their bodies.

Choosing the right toy for an 8 year old girl may seem so daunting to most parents. However, with our list of the twenty best toys for this age range, we are optimistic that we have somehow eased this burden by providing you with a more definitive selection of toys and gift suggestions to choose from.

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