20 Best Toys & Gift ideas for 7 Year Old Boys in 2017

toys for 7 year old boy

With christmas around the corner, we know how frustrating it can be to find the right toys for your child. To help make your life easier, our team of researchers have prepared a list of some of the most popular products this year.

20 Best Toys For 7 Year Old Boys

K'NEX - 35 Model Building Set - 480 PiecesK'NexBuilding
Razor A Kick Scooter (Blue)RazorRide-On
Diggin Active Dodge TagDigginOutdoor
OUREAL Walkie Talkies for Kids Long Distance Two-Way Radio 2 PacksOurealElectronic
Nerf N-Strike Blazin' Bow BlasterNerfOutdoor
Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots GameMattelGames

135 Model Ultimate Building Set by K’NEX 

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Building toys are one of the most useful toys for any 7-year old boy. The 35-Model Ultimate Building Set from K’NEX is composed of 480 pieces of building components to help your kid build and create up to 35 very unique, fully functioning models. Your kid can start building or creating his own models of airplanes, land vehicles, animals, and even rides in an amusement park. It comes with a treasure chest for storing the building set as well as other builders’ sets.

What We Like about It – It comes with a very detailed instruction on how to build the 35 models which can help improve their cognitive skills. It is also quite challenging as these are not your ordinary building blocks. 

2A Kick Scooter by Razor 

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Excellent for reinforcing their sense of balance and muscle coordination, the Kick Scooter from Razor is a perfect Christmas gift. With superb deck design for convenient transportation for kids, the Kick Scooter comes with an aerospace-grade aluminum which gives it an unparalleled durability. It has a rear fender brake for excellent stopping power in addition to a 98-mm inline wheels made of high grade urethane. The folding scooter is sturdy to support a maximum weight of around 143 lbs.

What We Like about It – At only 6 lbs, the scooter is lightweight enough to be carried conveniently wherever your kid wants to go. Best of all, it is good for reinforcing your kid’s balance and leg muscle strength. 

3Car Designer by ZOOB 

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If your kid is fascinated with cars, the ZOOB Car Designer should be a great starting point to help him better understand the inner workings of an automobile. The ZOOB Car Designer comes with 76 building pieces including 12 wheels compete with fully textured rubber tires. The set comes with 3 instructional guides to help your kid create an ATV, a truck, a buggy, or any other land vehicle he can think of.

What We Like about It – While the set comes with instruction manuals on how to construct at least 3 models of cars, the building pieces allow absolute creativity on your 7-year old. With these pieces, he can create whatever he may imagine. 

4Field Agent Spy Watch by Toysmith 

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For kids who are fans of Finn McMissile and other cartoon spy characters, they will definitely fall in love with the Field Agent Spy Watch from Toysmith. It comes complete with make-believe spy communications and surveillance features such as night vision light, motion alarm, decoder screen, and safe-drop message capsules. It also includes spy sight complete with crosshairs for accurate targeting. The spy gadget already comes packaged with a 3-volt watch battery.

What We Like about It – The gadget is perfect for stimulating your kid’s imagination. It’s made of durable construction so your kid will be having the imaginative play of his life.

5Active Dodge Tag by Diggin 

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If you love dodge ball, your kid will also love the Active Dodge Tag. It is made of fully wearable air-mesh vests that have bull’s eye design in the center. Kids will wear this vest and attempt to hit the target while at the same time dodging the ball and avoiding getting hit. The dodgeballs are soft and as such should not hurt your kid when it is thrown and sticks onto the vest. The set comes with 2 vests and 6 soft balls, 3 for each kid.

What We Like about It – An excellent way to foster competitive play. Watch your kid run, dodge, and throw the ball against his friend. This is great for strengthening the hand-eye coordination and developing the agility and endurance of your kid. 

6Walkie Talkies for Kids by OUREAL 

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Designed to facilitate effective communication using radio communication devices, the Walkie Talkies for Kids is something that your 7-year old boy will love. It works like the real thing complete with 836 channel combinations from 38 privacy codes and 22 channels. It can be used within a 2-mile radius although dependent on line-of-sight variables and other factors. The set of 2 also comes with hands-free feature, a well-lit LCD display, and a unique battery-saving technology.

What We Like about It – It can double as a communications platform between kids and their parents. It’s also a great way to strengthen their communication skills while at the same time fostering their imagination.

7N-Strike Blazin’ Bow Blaster by Nerf 

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If your boy idolizes Hawkeye, Robin Hood, or even Katniss, then he will surely love Nerf’s N-Strike Blazin’ Bow Blaster. This toy power bow can fire 3 large and aerodynamic foam arrows up to 40 feet. The bow has a wingspan of around 20 inches and is constructed of only the highest quality materials. Weighing only at 2 lbs. the N-Strike is just right for your kid’s hands. Read our epic list of nerf guns for more great products like this!

What We Like about It – Its real bow action can help introduce the concept of bow hunting to 7-year old boys. It’s also an excellent way to help strengthen hand-eye coordination and reinforce your kid’s ability to focus and concentrate.

8Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots Game by Mattel

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Mattel has always been known with quality toy products such as Barbie, Matchbox, and Hot Wheels, just to name a few. Their latest creation, the Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots Game is a toy version of the film Reel Steel, although the game itself was traced to as early as 1966. Your kid will love manipulating the colorful robots as they slug it out inside the yellow ring. This toy comes complete with matching sounds to make victory, and defeat, sound more realistic.

What We Like about It – It’s a modern take on a timeless classic. The toy can help stimulate your kid’s imagination while fostering a competitive spirit. 

9Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board by Marky Sparky

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Designed to help develop your kid’s precision hand-eye coordination, the Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board is something that every 7-year old boy need to have. This dart game comes with neodymium magnet-containing dart board and flexible darts. The 6 darts come in 2 different colors to allow for competitive play.

What We Like about It – The construction of the magnetic dart board is simply amazing. It makes sure that the darts stick to the section it first gets in contact with, pretty much like the real dart game. This is great for strengthening your kid’s target acquisition skills and precision throwing. 

10Squap Paddles & Ball Outdoor and Beach Game by Simba 

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Children love balls, especially baseball. Now, you can help them develop their baseball skills with the Squap Paddles & Ball Outdoor and Beach Game by Simba. The toy is composed of a unique paddle type of glove for catching the colorful ball. It is excellent for backyard play as well as for beach fun and a day at the park. It comes with 4 colorful balls and 2 pop paddles for cooperative and competitive play.

What We Like about It – The toy has a very simple design yet it is excellent for reinforcing or strengthening hand-eye coordination as well as control of the muscles of the hand. It’s also a great way to encourage your kid to get into sports early. 

11Indoor 2-in-1 Goal Set by Franklin Sports 

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One of the major sports in the US is ice hockey. Now, your 7-year old boy can pretend to be the superstar of his favorite NHL team with the Indoor 2-in-1 Goal Set by Franklin Sports. The set comes with 2 ice hockey goals, 2 mini ice hockey sticks, and 2 additional ice hockey sticks adjustable from 18 to 28 inches. It also comes with a 65-mm hockey ball and 2 additional 50-mm hockey balls made of foam.

What We Like about It – The toy is great for introducing your kid to the sport of ice hockey. He doesn’t need to be on the ice to master placing those shots through the goal. This can help him build self-confidence especially when played with his friends. 

12Sports Weather Blitz Football Toy by Nerf 

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Do you think your 7-year old could be the next Vince Lombardi, Jerry Rice, or Joe Montana? With the Nerf Sports Weather Blitz Football Toy, he can definitely learn the moves. Constructed of an all-weather material, your kid can throw, pass, or rush this toy football whether they are playing in the rain, mud, or even snow, pretty much like the Pros of the NFL.

What We Like about It – It is excellent for helping your kid master his throwing and catching skills. When played with dad, it can be a great way to strengthen father-son relationship. This can help boost self-confidence and self-esteem. 

13LEGO City Trains High-Speed Passenger Train Building Toy by LEGO

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Building toys help stimulate imagination, creativity, logic, and problem-solving skills. LEGO’s City Trains High-Speed Passenger Train set aims to provide just that. When fully assembled, the passenger train measures 30 inches long, an inch wide, and 4 inches high. The set comes with 4 straight tracks and 16 curved tracks upon which the 3-car passenger train can buzz through. The set also comes with train driver, a cyclist, and a traveler as well as a way station complete with a 2-seat platform, warning signs, railroad crossing sign, lights, and train services map. You can view more great products like this in our lego and building category.

What We Like about It – This is excellent for fostering imagination and creativity in your kid. Besides, it’s from LEGO. Additionally, it’s a great way to ensure a sense of accomplishment in your son once he sees his creation fully completed. 

14R/C Star Wars Darth Vader Vehicle by Hot Wheels 

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Try combining Star Wars with Cars and you have the Star Wars Darth Vader remote controlled car. This remote controlled car features side-mounted glowing light sabers and a fully authentic sound effect. The set operates on 6 AA batteries for both the vehicle and the remote controller. The car is scaled at 1:18 so it should be a spectacular sight to behold when your 7-year old boy decides to take it for a spin. Also have a look at our batman toys for kids if you would like to see more like this.

What We Like about It – It looks more like a modified Batmobile. Nevertheless, your kid will surely love exploring his surroundings with the vehicle of the Dark Force for absolute imaginative play.

152014 Mini Viper Kid’s BMX Bike by Diamondback Bicycles

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Cycling is one of the most practical and most enjoyable ways to stay fit. You can introduce the joy of biking to your kid with this 2014 Mini Viper Kid’s BMX Bike this christmas. It comes with training wheels to initiate your kid to the feel of biking. It has 16-inch aluminum wheels, padded saddle, and a bike frame that has its top tube significantly lowered for optimum riding position and stand-over clearance.

What We Like about It – Its training wheels can be easily removed. Once your kid has mastered balancing, you can simply remove the training wheels and see your son ride with confidence. This can help bolster his self-esteem as he is now more than capable to achieve balance with movement. 

16Moon in My Room by Uncle Milton 

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A very unique way to introduce lunar concepts to your 7-year old, the Uncle Milton’s Moon in My Room educational toy is a very entertaining way of learning the different phases of the moon, all 12 of them. This astronomic wonder can be conveniently hung over your kid’s bed or anywhere else in his room so he can either automatically or manually set the different phases of the moon.

What We Like about It – The toy is a very interesting way to learn about certain concepts in astronomy. This can also serve as a beautiful and highly entertaining night light for your son so he will be able to rest more peacefully. 

17Original Geospace Jump Rocket Launcher by GeoSpace

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Kids have always been fascinated by things that fly or shoot. That is why your 7-year old son will also love the Geospace Jump Rocket Launcher. You can get this miniature space rocket and you will be presenting your kid with 3 rockets made of soft foamy material, a launch pad, and an air pump to propel his rocket into the heavens.

What We Like about It – In order for it to work, your kid will have to jump on the air pump to create pressure that will force the soft foam rocket to blast off from its launch pad. Your kids will never know that the jumping process alone is a great form of exercise. 

375 Piece Deluxe Building Set by K’NEX kids building set box

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Made of about 375 pieces of building rods and connectors as well as other building components, the Deluxe Building Set from K’NEX is something that will help spur creativity and imagination from your 7-year old boy. There are more than 30 model ideas to create from this set that also comes with a very convenient tub for storage.

What We Like about It – This is perfect for helping your child to think outside the box and be really creative. 

18LEGO Creator Yellow Racers Building Toy by LEGO

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A 3-in-1 model building set, the Yellow Racers set from LEGO’s Creator series is something that your kid will love. The toy set can be built into a helicopter, a speedboat, or a race car. For its helicopter mode, this LEGO set features a really spinning main rotor, fully retractable landing gears, highly detailed engines, and a very sleek cockpit.

What We Like about It – We love the fact that kids will be able to build three of the fastest vehicles in the world. This can help improve creativity and imagination. 

19Lazer Pitch Baseball by Diggin 

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If your kid is a fan of Babe Ruth or any other MLB Hall of Famer, then he needs to practice swinging the bat with the Lazer Pitch Baseball from Diggin. This baseball pitching machine complete with a remote control bat can make for a great practice batting sessions for your kid. All he has to do is take the batter’s stance, push the button on his bat, and a baseball will be pitched from the machine. The set comes with the machine, the RC bat, and 5 plastic baseballs. The pitch can be adjusted into a softball lob, a fast ball, or a 90-degree pop-up.

What We Like about It – This is an excellent way to reinforce your kid’s coordination, timing, and precision hitting. It can also teach him about the fundamentals of baseball as a sport.

Your boy deserves only the best and most appropriate toy for his developmental age. It is our hope that with our list of 20, you were able to pick one you know your kid will simply love.

Developmental Milestones of a 7-Year Old Boy

Before you can start choosing the most age appropriate toy for your growing boy, you need to understand some of the developmental milestones that they have already mastered.

A 7-year old will often show preference for a particular style of learning. Some prefer a hands-on approach such as building and experimentation. Others prefers a quieter yet equally independent approach such as learning how to print and other art endeavors. They can begin to solve very simple math problems and may begin to look at certain issues by considering one factor at any given time. They can already employ logical and reflective thinking and may follow directions to the letter.

As to their social and emotional development, 7-year olds strive to achieve perfection in all the things that they do. They are often self-critical and as such may show moments of low self-esteem and may worry a lot. They are also more attuned to the feelings of other children as well as their caregivers which can become an excellent foundation for empathy. Your 7-year old may like to play with his friends of the same gender but he would also love to play alone.

On the physical side of things, you can expect your 7-year old boy to have mastered his hand-eye coordination and balance. By this time, your kid has good coordination and control of his larger muscle groups allowing him to participate in physical activities that require muscle coordination such as climbing and swimming.

How We Came Up with Our List

Choosing the right toy for your 7-year old child should therefore, take into consideration the developmental milestones presented above. We understand how difficult this can be. As such, we have consulted with well-respected child developmental psychologists to help provide you with a comprehensive list of the best toys for this age range. Our team of toy experts have carefully considered what each of these toys can do for the optimum development of your child. We also looked closely at what other parents and consumers are saying about these toys and whether they would recommend them to fellow parents or not. Moreover, we also have to ascertain the safety and quality of the toys based on the overall reputation of the toy manufacturer.

With all of these factors carefully considered, we believe that you will find our list of the leading items very useful. We can guarantee that you will love at least one of these excellent toys for little ones.

Choosing The Right Products

Throughout childhood, toys are very important in the growth and development of children. A young child may start playing with very simple toys that help facilitate the development of his or her fundamental psychomotor, cognitive, social, and emotional skills. However, as they grow older, their developmental needs also change; with it are the types of toys that they need to help enhance, refine, or further strengthen their physical, cognitive, language, social, sensory, motor, and emotional development. This is the essence of choosing an age- and developmentally- appropriate toy especially if your kid is a 7-year old boy.

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