20 Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 6 Year Old Girls In 2017


Thinking of gifts to give 6 year old girls can sometimes be challenging. Some would give children’s books while other would give kids’ fashion jewelries and accessories. Still, others would give a dress or even something they can use in school. For a great majority however, toys will be at the top of their minds as these playthings are some of the most important instruments which children can use to augment whatever they have learned in school and in their daily interaction with other people. This is because toys are tools for helping children develop their emotional, social, cognitive, and psychomotor skills.

That being said, we have committed ourselves to bringing you the 20 best toys for 6 year old girls. The process was never easy but it was well worth it.

20 Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 6 Year Old Girls 

Osmo Genius KitOsmo Educational
Creativity for Kids Fashion HeadbandsCreativity for KidsAccessories
Keepsake BoxMattelElectronic
The Orb Factory Stick'n Style Crystal Clutch by The Orb FactoryThe Orb FactoryAccessories
Razor A Kick ScooterRazorScooter
ALEX Toys DIY Wear So Many HeadbandsALEX ToysAccessories

1Genius Kit by Osmo 

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Want your 6 year old kid to learn and interact with her iPad without having to touch the screen? With the Osmo Genius Kit, the boundary between the digital world and physical play has just been made torn down. The kit comes with 5 ingenious games including Tangram, Numbers, Words, Newton, and Masterpiece. Each of these games are well-encoded into the Genius Kit base which also doubles as a dock for iPads including the Mini, the Retina, and the Air versions. It also comes with the patented reflector which snaps right in front of the iSight.

What We Like about It – It’s a very ingenious way of bridging the gap between technology and physical play. It’s great for stimulating creativity as well as problem solving skills. It can also help encourage exploration of math, science, art and a whole lot more. Best of all, everyone in the family can join in the fun. 

2Fashion Headbands by Creativity for Kids

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Young girls would definitely want to look good and pretty for their age. What better way to accessorize a 6 year old girl than to let her create her very own fashion headband? With the Fashion Headbands by Creativity for Kids, this is now more than mere possibility. Each set comes with 10 different accessories such as flowers, ribbons, rhinestones, butterfly, and feathers just to name a few.

What We Like about It – It’s the perfect gift for afternoon kids’ parties as well as small group activities. It can be a great tool for enhancing a 6 year old girl’s self-esteem as she is now beginning to form her very own unique identity.

3Keepsake Box by Mattel

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Every young girl has a secret which, given the proper time, will only be divulged to the best and closest of friends. With the Keepsake Box, 6 year old girls will now be able to lock away those fond memories with the keepsake box’s digital memory tagging technology. The box itself comes with a programmable electronic password and features a secret compartment where young girls can tuck away their most prized trinkets.

What We Like about It – It’s a great way to stimulate creativity and memory retention. The different colors of the keys can also reinforce color recognition. Best of all, it teaches kids about how to safeguard their most prized possessions.

4Stick ‘n Style Crystal Clutch by The Orb Factory

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Girls love almost everything that glitters and shines. With the Stick ‘n style Crystal Clutch, it is no different. With more than 550 pieces of sparkling jewelry and a clutch purse, 6 year old girls will be able to design their very own glitzy and glamorous clutch purse. It is as easy as sticking the jewelry pieces like a mosaic. The pieces can also be used to adorn or decorate other mosaic craft kits from The Orb Factory.

What We Like about It – It’s excellent for encouraging imagination and creativity among 6 year old girls. It also requires excellent control of fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial intelligence. Additionally, it’s great for enhancing your little girl’s sense of identity.

5A Kick Scooter by Razor

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Cruising around the neighborhood in her very own pink scooter is something that many 6 year old girls would definitely want. That is why one of the best gifts you can ever give her is the A Kick Scooter which comes with a beautiful streamlined body and 98-mm inline urethane wheels. It also features a spring-less shock absorbing system, a rear fender brake system for quick yet safe stops, and a patented wheelie bar. It is sturdy enough to accommodate even a 143-pound rider. If you like then then you may want to read our review of the best kid’s scooters online.

What We Like about It – Ride on toys are excellent for enhancing gross motor skills. With the scooter, however, leg and arm muscle strength are improved in addition to the enhancement of the kid’s balance and coordination.

6So Many Headbands by ALEX Toys

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While it is generally considered a throwback to the mid-20th century, many young girls still prefer using headbands not only as a hair accessory but also as a fashion statement. With the So Many Headbands, 6 year old girls will now have 10 highly customizable headbands to work with. The set comes complete with a variety of accessories and craft materials to make a really fashionable headband. It includes ribbons, shoelaces, ribbon straps, tulles, fabric flowers, gem stems, felt, sticky gems, rubber bands, and of course 10 headbands.

What We Like about It – It may look like an ordinary headband, but give your 6 year old girl some time and words of encouragement and she will magically transform these 10 odd-looking headbands into wonderful pieces of fashion art.

7Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit by Kahootz

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If you want a different kind of stencil art to give as gift to a 6 year old girl, then give her the Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit. The kit comes with more than 30 pieces of fashion art materials including 15 interchangeable fashion plates, 8 colored pencils, 20 sheets of drawing paper, rubbing crayon with holder, a drawing tablet, and a fashionable carrying case. It also comes with an idea booklet to provide inspiration to kids as they create their very own fashion designs.

What We Like about It – The kit encourages creativity through mixing and matching different plates to come up with spectacular fashion designs. We highly recommend getting the expansion fashion plates for greater creativity.

8Craft Friends 4 Ever Scrapbook by ALEX Toys

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Scrapbooking is one of the most enduring hobbies of 6 year old girls. With the Craft Friends 4 Ever Scrapbook, you can now introduce your very own young girl to this tradition. The kit comes with more than 450 materials essential for scrapbooking including stickers, ribbons, paper, gems, and glue, just to name a few. There are 48 pages in the scrapbook which features a hard cover. It also comes with easy-to-read instructions.

What We Like about It – What better way to stimulate free-thinking and creativity among 6 year old girls than with a scrapbook? This helps encourage creativity and imagination while at the same time enhancing fine motor skills and dexterity.

9Draw Like a Pro Artist Studio by ALEX Toys

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The fine motor skills of 6 year old girls are now more developed. You can then get them the Draw Like a Pro Artist Studio to help them reinforce this skill. It’s as easy as following the projected image off the device. It comes with 124 slides, a flip book, 10 sheets of paper, and 6 colorful markers.

What We Like about It – It’s a fun way to help children master the art of drawing. Who knows your 6 year old girl might as well be the next great cartoonist? It’s also great for mastering hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

10Stick N’ Style Blinglets by The Orb Factory

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Girls are fascinated with jewelries like bracelets and bangles. If you agree that this can be a perfect gift idea for a 6 year old girl, then you need to get the Stick ‘n Style Blinglets. The kit comes with more than 700 colorful and sparkling jewel stickers and 12 different Blinglets – bangles and bracelets – that are ready to decorate. All kids will have to do is to stick on those jewels and they now have the best-looking blinglets in town.

What We Like about It – It encourages creativity and is a great way for enhancing kids’ self-esteem. This helps them build a more positive self-concept.

11Ballerina Treasure Music Box by Enchantmints

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Music is largely regarded as one of the most instrumental things for optimum brain development in children. With the Ballerina Treasure Music Box, your 6 year old girl will be treated to the soft and elegant Swan Lake piece every time she opens the top cover. The box comes with a large drawer at the bottom, perfect for storing precious little trinkets. For additional storage space, there are 2 side drawers.

What We Like about It – Helps kids appreciate music while at the same time learning the value of storage and organization. This helps define an identity that she wants to establish for herself.

12Glitter Nail Art by Creativity for Kids

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Nail art is fast becoming a major fashion trend. A 6 year old girl can now try her hand at creating beautiful works of art with her nails as the canvas. The Glitter Nail Art comes with a unique application station as well as 3 glitter nail polishes that are water based. It also comes with 8 glitter pots and an easy-to-follow instruction guide.

What We Like about It – It’s ideal for encouraging imagination and creativity. It’s also great for fostering a sense of identity as the 6 year old girl can create her very own fashionable nail art.

13Brain Flakes by VIAHART

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With more than 500 colorful and interlocking plastic disk pieces, Brain Flakes is a very unique building and construction toy. Each plastic disc measures just 3.3 centimeters across which should make for interesting structural works of art that can rival any LEGO building set. The toy is made of phthalate-, BPA-, lead-, and heavy metal- free materials.

What We Like about It – A great alternative to LEGO building sets. It helps foster creativity and imagination while at the same time reinforcing spatial intelligence, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. Can also help with the development of divergent problem solving skills.

14Heartlake Hot Air Balloon by LEGO

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Composed of about 254 building pieces, the LEGO Friends Heartlake Hot Air Balloon is a unique building set designed especially for 6 year old girls. It comes with 2 doll figures which can be complemented with other dolls and building sets from the LEGO Friends series. It comes with a hot air balloon, a picnic spot, a tree, and a waterfall. It also includes other accessories to make playtime with the hot air balloon more realistic. Find a huge range of lego sets and more in our building category.

What We Like about It – it helps encourage creativity while strengthening 6 year old girls’ hand-eye coordination and dexterity. It also helps facilitate cooperative play especially when shared with peers.

15Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle by LEGO

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Who doesn’t know Princess Elsa, Princess Anna, and Olaf of Frozen? With the Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle, 6 year old girls can now relive the icy yet wonderful adventures of the trio as they live out their fantasies in a majestic ice palace. The building set comes complete with more than 290 pieces of colorful icy building pieces. Kids can relive the story or they can create their very own icy adventures.

What We Like about It – The toy is excellent for helping develop divergent problem solving skills among 6 year old girls as well as their counterfactual reasoning. It also helps encourage imaginative and creative play which can allow them to express themselves in more meaningful ways.

16Jungle Falls Rescue Building Set by LEGO

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With around 180 pieces of jungle-inspired building blocks, the Jungle Falls Rescue Building Set is the ideal gift suggestion for 6 year old girls who already have started collecting the LEGO Friends series. It’s also great for those who are only starting with the set. It comes with Olivia doll figure, a chameleon, and a tiger cub. There are other accessories that can make for a great jungle adventure right in the comfort of your little girl’s playroom or bedroom.

What We Like about It – It’s ideal for stimulating imaginative play which can serve as a stepping stone for the development of more complex cognitive processes. It also helps reinforce hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

17Craft Knot A Quilt Kit by ALEX Toys

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Quilting is one of the favorite hobbies of women. You can give your kid a Craft Knot A Quit Kit and let her explore the wonderful world of quilting. The kit comes with 35 pieces of colorful fringed squares that are sized at 9 inches on all 4 sides. The finished product measures 54 x 42 inches and should make for a very interesting home décor. Best of all, there’s no sewing needed. Kids will simply knot the ends of the squares and, voila!, they already have their own quilt masterpiece.

What We Like about It – There’s no sewing involved so that alone means it is safe. Additionally, it’s great for helping kids boost their self-confidence by helping them accomplish something.

18Sparkling Hair Accessory Set by Creativity for Kids

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Hairbands and other type of hair accessories are some of the most common gifts given to 6 year old girls. You can add a twist to this by giving them the Sparkling Hair Accessory Set so they will be the ones to create their very own hair accessories. The kit comes with a variety of accessories to help kids in the design.

What We Like about It – The kit helps kids be creative while at the same time helps foster a more positive sense of identity.

19SML-283P CDG Karaoke Player by Singing Machine

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Help your 6 year old girl become the next diva with the SML-283P CDG Karaoke Player. This pink musical wonder comes with a microphone, voice controls, built-in speakers, and volume controls. The echo and balance of the voice can also be controlled. It also features a LED display and some fantastic disco light effects for more immersive singing.

What We Like about It – 6 year old girls love to role play. Now is the time for them to shine and take the center stage. It helps boost their confidence while at the same time lets them discover the joys of singing.

20Arts and Crafts for Girls by Mazichands

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One of the essential developmental tasks of 6 year old girls is the formation of close friendships with a select few. You can foster this relationship with the Arts and Crafts for Girls as kids will be making their very own colorful friendship bracelets using the more than 600 pieces of latex-free rubber bands, 24 c-clips, a loom, and a hook. It also comes with an instruction manual to help guide kids in the design and creation of such fashionable jewelries.

What We Like about It – it’s a unique way to foster kids’ friendships as this can also help in their emotional development especially in the establishment of an identity. It’s also great for encouraging creativity, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination.

How We Chose the Toys in Our List

As in any selection process, there must be certain criteria with which to base products against. In our search for the 20 best toys for 6 year old girls, we utilized 5 parameters including developmental appropriateness, safety, quality, reputation, and customer satisfaction. Every toy that is designed for 6 year old girls have been carefully scrutinized using these parameters particularly its developmental appropriateness. We would like to include toys that can really strengthen or enhance the different developmental skills of children.

With this extensive research, we are optimistic that you will find something from our list that will serve as the perfect gift for your six year old.

A Look at the Developmental Tasks of 6 Year Old Girls

One of the most striking developmental milestones of 6 year old girls is the development of an understanding of how certain things around them work. It is therefore important to choose toys that will enhance this understanding. Role playing activities are thus, very important for them. And since, they now have a greater appreciation of how things should be, they can carefully make plans for the role play. They now have a more detailed understanding of how different roles need to be played.

Six year old girls are also becoming very detailed in their drawings as well as other creations. This is due in part to their understanding of the world around them and partly because of their increased observation of other people and objects. This helps them create more realistic interpretations which can be readily seen in their drawings and other creations.

Physically, their activity levels are several notches higher than previous stages. They are now able to move with greater precision, balance, and control. Their gross motor skills are vastly improved. Their ability to coordinate their movements also greatly improves. This makes biking and skating as potential activities for this age range.

Regarding their social and emotional development, 6 year old girls will already have an emerging sense of identity. It is therefore crucial to choose toys that allow them to express their identities in a manner that is consistent with what they have envisioned their selves to be. She needs to feel confident about her identity and this is often expressed by associating herself with just a few of her acquaintances who may share the same qualities or “identities” as hers. This creates a sense of belonging and can be best enhanced through cooperative play.

Thinking of gifts to give 6 year old girls need not be daunting. Our list of the toys for 6 year old girls have been well-researched to include only those that will be developmentally-beneficial to children of this age and gender. You simply need to choose which of these 20 you would want to give your daughter.

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