20 Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 6 Year Old Girls In 2017

Thinking of gifts to give 6 year old girls can sometimes be challenging. Some would give children’s books while other would give kids’ fashion jewelries and accessories. Still, others would give a dress or even something they can use in school. For a great majority however, toys will be at the top of their minds as these playthings are some of the most important instruments which children can use to augment whatever they have learned in school and in their daily interaction with other people. This is because toys are tools for helping children develop their emotional, social, cognitive, and psychomotor skills.

That being said, we have committed ourselves to bringing you the 20 best toys for 6 year old girls. The process was never easy but it was well worth it.

Our Top 3 Picks

Osmo Genius Kit
  • Osmo Genius Kit
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating 5/5
  • Problem solving
  • Price: See Here
Hair Accessory Set
  • Hair Accessory Set
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating 4.5/5
  • 6 headbands
  • Price: See Here
Alex Toys Scrapbook
  • Alex Toys Scrapbook
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating 4.3/5
  • 453 essentials
  • Price: See Here

How We Chose the Toys in Our List

As in any selection process, there must be certain criteria with which to base products against. In our search for the 20 best toys for 6 year old girls, we utilized 5 parameters including developmental appropriateness, safety, quality, reputation, and customer satisfaction. Every toy that is designed for 6 year old girls have been carefully scrutinized using these parameters particularly its developmental appropriateness. We would like to include toys that can really strengthen or enhance the different developmental skills of children.

With this extensive research, we are optimistic that you will find something from our list that will serve as the perfect gift for your six year old.

A Look at the Developmental Tasks of 6 Year Old Girls

One of the most striking developmental milestones of 6 year old girls is the development of an understanding of how certain things around them work. It is therefore important to choose toys that will enhance this understanding. Role playing activities are thus, very important for them. And since, they now have a greater appreciation of how things should be, they can carefully make plans for the role play. They now have a more detailed understanding of how different roles need to be played.

Six year old girls are also becoming very detailed in their drawings as well as other creations. This is due in part to their understanding of the world around them and partly because of their increased observation of other people and objects. This helps them create more realistic interpretations which can be readily seen in their drawings and other creations.

Physically, their activity levels are several notches higher than previous stages. They are now able to move with greater precision, balance, and control. Their gross motor skills are vastly improved. Their ability to coordinate their movements also greatly improves. This makes biking and skating as potential activities for this age range.

Regarding their social and emotional development, 6 year old girls will already have an emerging sense of identity. It is therefore crucial to choose toys that allow them to express their identities in a manner that is consistent with what they have envisioned their selves to be. She needs to feel confident about her identity and this is often expressed by associating herself with just a few of her acquaintances who may share the same qualities or “identities” as hers. This creates a sense of belonging and can be best enhanced through cooperative play.

Thinking of gifts to give 6 year old girls need not be daunting. Our list of the toys for 6 year old girls have been well-researched to include only those that will be developmentally-beneficial to children of this age and gender. You simply need to choose which of these 20 you would want to give your daughter.

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