20 Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Girls in 2017


The 5 year old girl is at a new phase in her life. This is the age where she begins to take lessons in a formal teaching-learning environment. It is therefore very important to give 5 year old girls toys that will boost their self-confidence as they face these new challenges. They will also need toys that are designed to help improve their psychomotor and cognitive skills particularly their counterfactual reasoning and problem solving skills.

Unfortunately, we do recognize the fact that many parents find it quite daunting to be looking for toys that are appropriate for 5 year old girls. As such, we did our research to give you the 20 best toys for 5 year old girls.

20 Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Girls

Perler Beads 6,000 Count Bucket-Multi MixPerler Building Toys
Peaceable Kingdom Mermaid Island Award Winning Cooperative Game for KidsPeaceable KingdomBoard Game
Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid DollBarbieDoll
Set of 2 EZ Steppers (Raspberry)Just Jump ItStilt Walker
Shopkins Season 5, 12-PackShopkinsAccessories
Shopkins Cupcake Queen CaféShopkinsCooking Kit

1Perler Beads by Perler 

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With over 6,000 colorful beads filling a plastic transparent bucket, the Perler Beads building toy is just perfect for stimulating creativity and imagination of 5 year old girls. It comes with a variety of pegboards in different shapes to allow for optimum creativity. The bucket container provides absolute convenience so the toy can be brought wherever your kid wants to play.

What We Like about It – Building toys are excellent for developing divergent problem solving skills as well as help refine hand-eye coordination. It is also a great way to showcase a 5 year old girl’s creative talents as the finished produce can make for a very interesting wall décor.  

2Mermaid Island Board Game by Peaceable Kingdom

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Although not Ariel and Sebastian, the Mermaid Island Board Game is a classic race to the finish type of game. However, instead of throwing a die, kids will be taking turns spinning the arrow wheel to determine how many tiles a particular character needs to advance in the board game. The goal is quite simple – swim all mermaids back to the island before an Ursula-like witch arrives.

What We Like about It – While it does resemble a game of The Little Mermaid, it is nonetheless a great way to introduce the concept of taking turns to 5 year old girls. Additionally, since the race is not that lengthy, it is just right for her attention span.

3Rainbow Lights Mermaid Doll by Barbie

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Mermaids are some of the most fascinating mythical creatures of all time. Now imagine one of the most iconic dolls becoming a mythical creature and you now have the Rainbow Lights Mermaid Doll. This Barbie has a very interesting mermaid’s tail which, when immersed or dipped in water, creates fantastic light shows. The feature is activated by Barbie’s necklace which can also operate off water.

What We Like about It – It’s a great toy for imaginative play which can lead to the development of counterfactual reasoning especially among children of this age. Additionally, the light show can surely stimulate curiosity and may help in facilitating trial-and-error exploration. It aids in the continued development of fine motor skills, too.

4EZ Steppers by Just Jump It

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Stilt-walking takes courage, determination, and an excellent sense of balance. With the EZ Steppers, any 5 year old girl can start off their stilt-walking adventures safely. The steppers are more like miniature plastic pails or buckets turned upside down. Cords then connect the steppers which, when pulled taut by kids, form the handle and control mechanism of the steppers. The device is made of high grade and highly durable materials.

What We Like about It – It’s a great way to refine 5 year old girls’ sense of balance and muscle coordination. This also helps further develop the muscles of the legs of little girls as these need to be in constant contact with the steppers.

5Shopkins Season 5 by Shopkins

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For 5 year old girls who love putting colorful blings on their own Petkins backpacks or any other bag, they will surely love the 12-piece Shopkins Season 5 gift pack. Every package comes with 2 bonus charms and 2 additional Shopkins characters that are hidden from view. It is also available in a special edition of Shopkins with an electric glow feature. For optimum fun, customers are encouraged to collect the different packs to be connected in one Petkins bag.

What We Like about It – The toys are lovable and make for a fantastic collection. It can also help facilitate creativity as kids will be encouraged to make their very own Shopkins-inpired charms and other accessories.

6Cupcake Queen Café Playset by Shopkins

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Designed as a cooking and baking play kit, the Cupcake Queen Café Playset is something that all 5 year old girls will sure love to have. With its adorable pink cake display stand and 2 lovable Shopkins characters, the toy can be an excellent addition to the Shopkins line of kitchen toys.

What We Like about It – It’s good for stimulating creativity and imagination among 5 year old girls. This can pave the way for the development of divergent problem solving skills as well as counterfactual reasoning. Additionally, the rather small Shopkins characters require excellent control of fine motor skills.

7IQ Challenge Set by GamieTM

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With 7 highly educational and very challenging puzzles, the IQ Challenge Set is an excellent toy for helping kids enhance their cognitive skills. It comes with 5 puzzle balls, a wooden cube puzzle, and a metal puzzle. All puzzles are made of the highest quality and safest materials and are designed primarily to encourage critical thinking among children.

What We Like about It – it’s not just for kids; it can be an effective tool to test the problem solving skills of adult, too. The use of puzzles are important for the development of convergent problem solving skills and can be an excellent tool for helping kids learn about mental perseverance.

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8Rainbow in My Room by Uncle Milton

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What if you can create a rainbow right in the bedroom of your 5 year old girl? That would simply be amazing, right? Now, you can by giving her the Rainbow in My Room rainbow projector. While it is not necessarily a toy by itself, the device can nevertheless be an exciting way to stimulate imagination. The devices uses a variety of LED lights to produce a rainbow effect that is projected onto the wall and the ceiling.

What We Like about It – It’s a wonderful addition to one’s bedroom. The bright rainbow colors can help reinforce mastery of colors. Additionally, it’s a great way to help provide a stimulating environment for creativity and imagination. This can also introduce 5 year old girls to the concept of visible spectrum.

9Durable Walkie Talkies for Girls by Kidzlane

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Kids need to learn early on how to properly communicate with other people especially kids of their age. With the pink and stylish Durable Walkie Talkies for Girls, your 5 year old girl will definitely have plenty of fun using the radio transceivers. It is features a 3-channel format and can work up to a range of 2 miles. Kids can use it continuously for 3.5 hours or 9 hours on idle or standby mode.

What We Like about It – The walkie talkie is an excellent device to help children master the art of communication. The toy can also help introduce simple concepts of radio communications transmissions.  

10Plush Mini Bean Bag by Fun Express

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With about 50 soft, cuddly, and really lovable toy animals, the Plush Mini Bean Bag Animal Assortment is something that any 5 year old girl will love. Each plush animal bean bag measures just 3.5 inches. The plush animals are made of high grade and hypoallergenic materials so kids will feel safe with them.

What We Like about It – The whole set can be an excellent source of wonderful gifts for birthday parties as well as other types of kids’ social gatherings. The toy can serve as a giveaway for every kid to play with. It’s great for enhancing 5 year old girls’ imagination. When played with other kids, it’s great for stimulating cooperative play.

11Gazillion Bubble Hurricane Machine by Funrise 

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Thinking of what gifts or presents to give to a 5 year old girl who’s going to have her birthday? Then get her the Gazillion Bubble Hurricane Machine. The device is small yet very powerful in the production of colorful bubbles. It is designed to produce as much as 500 bubbles every single minute. Each package comes with a patented Gazillion bubble solution.

What We Like about It – The bubble maker is an excellent gadget to have on birthday parties as well as other social gatherings. With a very efficient bubble maker, it can literally transform a dull and boring kid’s party into something very exciting and unusual. For young children, it can be a great source of pride as they watch hundreds of bubbles spurting from the device every minute. 

12Chelsea Doll Cottage with Furniture by KidKraft

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With three levels and 5 beautifully appointed rooms to play make-believe home organization with, the Chelsea Doll Cottage with Furniture is a dream doll house for any 5 year old girl. The doll house comes with 17 pieces of realistic furniture including those found in the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the bedroom, and the bathroom. It even has a patio.

What We Like about It – Doll houses are excellent for encouraging make-believe play among young children. As such, it is important in the enhancement of children’s imagination and creativity which can help lead to the continued development of problem solving and critical thinking skills. 

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13Barbie Dreamhouse by Barbie

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Young girls love anything Barbie. If your 5 year old girl already has a collection of Barbies and Kens, then one of the best gifts you can give her is the Barbie Dreamhouse. The doll house is made of 7 well-appointed rooms spread across 3 beautiful floors. There are more than 70 accessories to complete Barbie’s dream home. Some of the accessories are fully interactive allowing for great realism.

What We Like about It – Make-believe play is one of the most useful activities to help stimulate counterfactual reasoning as well as creativity. This is especially useful in developing the skills of 5 year old girls particularly in terms of critical thinking.

14Princess Ariel’s Magical Kiss by LEGO Disney

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Many young girls dream of becoming a princess someday. With the Princess Ariel’s Magical Kiss building set, they can now relive the romantic story of Ariel and Prince Eric. The building set comes with 250 pieces that help children build a royal palace, a gazebo with boardwalk, a lagoon, and a boat. Additionally, the set comes with other accessories as well as Ariel and Prince Eric figures.

What We Like about It – Building sets are excellent for stimulating divergent problem solving skills which are regarded as significantly more complex than convergent problem solving skills. With the building set, a 5 year old girl can literally put building blocks in many different ways and not just what the instructions say.

15Princess Jasmine’s Exotic Palace by LEGO Disney

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One of the most beloved princesses of the Disney world is Princess Jasmine of the Aladdin fame. The Princess Jasmine’s Exotic Palace building set can help rekindle young kids’ fascination for the wonderful princess. A 5 year old girl can have fun building Princess Jasmine’s majestic castle. The set comes with all the accessories of the mystical palace including a figure of both Princess Jasmine and her pet tiger, Rajah.

What We Like about It – The toy is great for developing counterfactual reasoning as well as divergent problems solving skills. These can be great foundations for the development of more complex cognitive processes. It’s also excellent for imaginative and creative play.

16Light-Up Tracing Pad and Art Tool by Crayola

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One of the essential tasks of a 5 year old girl is to master writing letters and numbers as well as lines and other geometric shapes. With the Light-Up Tracing Pad and Art Tool, kids will now be able to hone their drawing and sketching skills. The device comes with a drawing screen illuminated by bright LEDs. This allows kids to easily trace images and patterns which can then be finished with other art materials like stickers and colored pencils.

What We Like about It – It is excellent for reinforcing dexterity as well as control of fine motor. It is also helpful in encouraging creativity especially in the application of finishing touches. Once finished, it can be a great source of pride for any 5 year old girl for having accomplished something artistic.

17Jasmine Color Surprise Bath Toy by Breyer

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Imagine an 8 inch Appaloosa horse that changes colors every time you get it wet. Sounds impossible? Not with the Jasmine Color Surprise Bath Toy. Every time your 5 year old girl wets the body of her horse, the equine markings, mane, and tail change color. Once dried, everything returns to its original pink color. The set comes with an atomizer, a terry cloth bathrobe, a brush, and of course the Appaloosa horse.

What We Like about It – The toy is a very magical way coloring a horse. It’s great for stimulating imagination as well as curiosity. 

18Modern Doll House by Calego

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 Almost every young girl wants to have her own doll house. With the Modern Doll House, this can now be a possibility. It is large enough to accommodate 12-inch tall dolls like Barbie. The doll house has 4 rooms and an attic and is made of lightweight yet very sturdy materials. It’s also easy to assemble.

What We Like about It – It has a very simple pop-up design for easy assembly and storage. It’s great for highly imaginative play.

19Little Bakers Kitchen by Step2

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Stimulate the next great baker in your 5 year old girl with the Little Bakers Kitchen. The kitchen set comes complete with a sink with faucet, an oven, a microwave oven, a refrigerator, a 2-burner electric stove, and 30 pieces of cooking and kitchen accessories. It also comes with a fruit and vegetable pull-out trays as well as a mobile phone. There’s a baby seat attached to the side of the kitchen playset.

What We Like about It – Imaginative play at its best. It’s excellent for stimulating creativity and counterfactual reasoning. It is also great for encouraging kitchen activity in young kids.

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20Tasty Treats Play Food Set by KidKraft 

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With more than 100 pieces of plastic toy food, the Tasty Treats Play Food Set is a great addition to any existing kitchen playset. It includes a variety of fruits and vegetables, pizzas, chocolate bars, ice cream cones, French fries, hamburgers, hotdog sandwiches, canned foods, and other food items.

What We Like about It – The set comes as an excellent tool for teaching 5 year old girls about common foods. It’s also great for stimulating imaginative and creative play. When used in existing kitchen playsets, the play food set can provide another dimension to the term kitchen play.

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How We Chose The Most Popular Products

Determining what gifts to give 5 year old girls is quite challenging especially if you simply don’t have the time to go through all the different toys in the market today. We understand this predicament and as such we performed an exhaustive research into the 20 best toys for 5 year old girls.

We took into consideration the developmental appropriateness of the toys, their design quality, the safety of the materials used, and the overall credibility of the toy maker. Lastly, we also had to consider every feedback and review by parents and other consumers to come up with a more holistic understanding of the overall value of the toy.

5 Year Old Girls, Their Development, and Their Toys

The cognitive development of 5 year old girls is characterized by investigative learning skills that are largely based on trial and error. This is magnified through playtime activities especially toys that allow for their curiosity to flourish. This is one of the necessary stepping stones to the development of counterfactual reasoning whereby children will be able to find answers to their what-if questions. It is through trial-and-error method that they learn which solutions work best for a particular situation.

While 5 year old girls may already interact with others who may have different opinions or ideas, they may not necessarily understand yet the need for an objective understanding of these differences. For them, compromising on their own beliefs and opinions to accommodate the opinions of others is generally not them. It is therefore crucial to choose toys that will help your five year old establish her own ideas while allowing opportunities for learning that other people may have an entirely different opinion of a particular situation. This becomes the foundation for cooperative play later in their childhood.

The fine motor skills of 5 year old girls continue to develop and as such toys that require and encourage dexterity and control over smaller groups of muscles are crucial. Arts and craft toys as well as play dough toys make excellent choices. Role playing and imaginative play are still pretty much at the core of their playtime activities. Their bodies are also still rapidly growing and as such it is very important to encourage increased physical activity.

In terms of language and communication, 5 year old girls already begin to expand their vocabulary especially upon school entry. They may also show interest in writing as well as in talking especially when done in a make-believe manner. Toys that are relevant in this aspect include writing toys as well as playthings that allow them to develop and hone their language and communication skills. This can become an important stepping stone for them to enhance their social relationships while at the same time boosting their self-confidence.

Toys will remain important tools for children. It is with such optimism that our list of the 20 best toys for 5 year old girls provided you with a much clearer understanding of what gifts you can give to these precious kids.

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