20 Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 4 Year Old Girls in 2017

Preschool girls, especially those who are 4 years old, require toys that will help them develop and enhance their social and emotional skills especially in terms of sharing , taking turns, and communicating with both their peers and grownups with more confidence. Toys that are important in this stage of a child’s life are those that can motivate them to be as imaginative and creative as possible, help them enhance their language and communication skills, and reinforce or strengthen their control of their body movements.

If you are thinking of the best gifts or presents for a 4 year old girl, look no further.

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How We Shortlisted Our Popular List

Coming up with the 20 best toys for a 4 year old girl is not easy. In fact, we have to spend hundreds of hours just going through each of the thousands of toys within the age range of 4 years old. We have to look at the appropriateness of the toy in relation to the developmental milestones of a 4 year old girl. We also have to check whether the design and construction of the toy are of the highest quality and made of child-safe materials. It is also important to look at what other parents, child psychologists, and toy experts are saying about each of these toys. Lastly, we have to carefully consider the overall reputation of the toy maker.

The shortlisting of the 20 best toys is tedious. However, we feel pride in being able to share with you the fruits of our labor knowing fully well that you will also agree with our list.

The 4 Year Old Girl, Her Development, and Her Toys

One of the most remarkable achievements of a 4 year old girl is in her social development. She now values the importance of cooperative play more than ever. She prefers to share her toys with other kids as a way of expressing herself. As such, she begins to have a more realistic understanding of social relationships far more advanced than earlier stages. It is therefore imperative that toys be geared towards the enhancement of cooperative play where the 4 year old girl can actively share her playthings with other kids.

In order to facilitate these relationships, 4 year old girls need to expand their vocabulary, their language, and their speech. They are already expected to be able to communicate and express what they feel and what they think about certain things. Toys that help expand their vocabulary and language skills are therefore, crucial in the enhancement of their emotional and social skills.

Speaking of emotional intelligence, 4 year old girls require active role playing and dramatization to help them act out their fantasies while at the same time provide a means to expressing their thoughts and feelings. When little girls are able to do these, they develop a healthier self-concept which can lead to greater self-confidence. This, in turn, motivates the young girl to do more and keep on expanding her own little world in the best way she knows. Toys can help by making sure that she gets a boost in her confidence. Dress up plays, drawing, sketching, and make-believe play can help in this aspect as 4 year old girls will be able to take full control of their environment.

Additionally, 4 year old girls are known to be highly inquisitive, always on their toes about finding something new. This also motivates them and helps build their self-confidence. Moreover, it lays the foundation for a healthier and more balanced emotional state. It is thus, crucial to choose toys that allow them to explore and discover something new and something that is closely related to the real world.

Cognitively, 4 year old girls already exhibit increased attention span. This makes simple craft toys and puzzles more appealing than ever. However, parents should still be quite cautious in giving them toys that require a significant length of time to complete. Their attention span may be increasing but it gets easily lost as well. The key, therefore, is to choose toys that are challenging enough yet easy to accomplish so that they will marvel at their achievements which, again, can help fuel motivation and self-confidence. Slowly but surely, you can then introduce more complex toys that require increased attention span.

On the physical side of her development, a 4 year old girl will already be running, jumping, hopping, and skipping all day long. Their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills are already well-established but it would still help to provide them toys that reinforce or enhance these motor skills.

It is therefore crucial to choose the most appropriate toy for a 4 year old girl’s developmental needs. We are optimistic that our list of the 20 leading will help you identify the correct one for your kid.

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