20 Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 4 Year Old Boys In 2017

best toys 4 year old boy

One of the best gifts you can ever give to a 4 year old boy is a toy or plaything that can help foster his social development especially his ability to enhance his concept of sharing, communication, and taking turns. Giving toys that provide excellent motivation for creativity and imagination can help.

Toys, gifts, and presents that help stimulate an improvement in their attention span are also deemed beneficial. Moreover, toys and playthings that promote physical activity, reinforce muscle coordination and balance, and enhance gross and fine motor skills will also be crucial at this stage in little boys’ lives. It is therefore, very important to choose not only the best toys for 4 year old boys but also the developmentally-appropriate ones.

Top 20 Toys & Gift Ideas for 4 Year Old Boys

Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper - Fun and Safe PlayKidoozieOutdoor
VTech Little Apps Tablet, BlackVTechTablet
Liberty Imports World Racing Car Take-A-Part Toy for Kids with 30 Take Apart Pieces, Tool Drill, Lights and SoundsLiberty ImportsToy Cars
Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Tough Trike Children / Kids Toy / GameFisher-PriceRide-On
Little Tikes TotSports T-Ball Set, RedLittle TikesOutdoor
Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears!Learning ResourcesBuilding
The Learning Journey Match It! SpellingLearning JourneyEducational

1Foam Pogo Jumper by Kidoozie

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For kids who would like to imitate Tigger’s bouncing playfulness across Hundred Acre Woods, giving them the Foam Pogo Jumper will be an excellent decision. The pogo stick is made of high quality materials with cushiony soft base and comfortable handle. It also makes a squeaky sound as little boys hop around with it. It’s sturdy enough to accommodate even parents up to 250 pounds.

What We Like about It – It’s excellent for stimulating kids’ interest in enjoyable physical activities. It also helps develop their mastery of hand-eye coordination, balance, and dexterity. It can also help strengthen the core muscles.

2Little Apps Tablet by VTech

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 In a world that is defined by technology, it is often a no-brainer to choose an electronic device as a gift for 4 year old boys. The Little Apps Tablet from VTech is an electronic learning activity center that comes with 12 different learning activities, each one progressively more difficult than the one preceding it. It comes with an LCD screen with a backlight that changes colors as well as a fully functioning piano keyboard to play different fun phrases, melodies, and children’s songs.

What We Like about It – It has an auto-shutoff feature so you won’t have to worry about the battery draining fast. It’s great for enhancing children’s vocabulary, speech, language, and communication skills while enhancing their mastery of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

3World Racing Car Take-A-Part Toy for Kids by Liberty Imports

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With a colorful yellow and blue futuristic body, the World Racing Car by Liberty Imports is a must-have for any 4 year old boy. The kit comes as a disassemble-reassemble race car with 5 different car parts and a complete set of extra tires. The set also comes with a power drill and several screws.

What We Like about It – The toy is designed for make-believe play, teaching 4 year old boys about car making and repair. It also introduces kids to different parts of the car while helping to enhance their creative thinking, memory, and imagination. It’s also excellent for reinforcing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

4Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Tough Trike by Fisher-Price

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There is a certain mysticism surrounding the Harley-Davidson bike. And when you give a 4 year old boy his very own HD Tough Trike, you can surely boost his confidence roaming every inch of your backyard. The trike features 2 smaller yet wider rear tires and a larger and thinner front tire. The chassis is modeled after the original Harley-Davidson complete with its distinct logo. The orange pedals are large enough to be stepped on by little feet.

What We Like about It – It’s a ride-on toy with an attitude, pretty much like what serious bikers get when they roam the streets of the world. Kids will strengthen their leg and arm muscles as well as help reinforce balance and muscle coordination.

5Pretend & Play Fishing Set by Learning Resources

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One of the essential characteristics of a 4 year old boy is his growing interest in dress up play. With the Pretend & Play Fishing Set, kids will now be able to mimic the great outdoor fun of fishing performed by Dad. The kit comes complete with a fisherman’s vest, a rod and reel with a line attached to a magnetic bait, and a fishing net. It also comes with worm baits and 3 colorful plastic fishes with mouths open to a magnet inside. There’s also a fisherman’s carry box to keep things organized after a day of fishing.

What We Like about It – The toy set is excellent for pretend play and can help in the development of divergent problem solving skills. It’s also excellent for reinforcing fine motor skills.

6TotSports T-Ball Set by Little Tikes

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Four year old boys are becoming very active. You can cultivate this with the TotSports T-Ball Set and let them practice taking a swing at the baseball. The kit comes with a tee supported by a wide supporting base which can also double as a storage space for the 2 balls, the tee, and the bat. The tee can be adjusted according to the height of the kid.

What We Like about It – It’s good for improving accuracy, hand-eye coordination, and arm muscle strength. Who knows you might just churn out the next Babe Ruth right in your own backyard?

79-Car Gift Pack by Matchbox

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Young boys love playing with vehicles. Now, you can give them the 9-Car Gift Pack by Matchbox to expand their collection of miniature toy cars. The die-cast models are scaled 1:64 making them ideal for transportation or city playsets. Different gift packs feature different vehicles but will always include an exclusive decoration car.

What We Like about It – It’s a toy enjoyed by everyone of all ages, not just 4 year old boys. Serious toy vehicle collectors can use the pack as an expansion set.

8Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter by Razor

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By 4 years old, boys already have a fair control of their muscle movements. This means they are now more than ready to take the 3-wheeled Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick scooter. The 3 polyurethane wheels provide great stability while the handles are wrapped in soft and easy-to-grip foam. The body is made of high grade aluminum and steel and can be easily folded for easy storage.

What We Like about It – It runs on leg power so it’s great for strengthening the muscles of the lower limbs while at the same time fostering foot-hand-eye coordination as well as maintaining balance. It is also helpful in enhancing gross motor skills.

9Kidizoom Smartwatch by VTech

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Almost everyone wants to have wearable technology devices as gifts or presents for their birthday or on any special occasion. Four year old boys can now wear their own technology with the Kidizoom Smartwatch which comes complete with many of the features of a real wearable technology. It comes with a camera capable of shooting pictures and videos in 0.3-MP resolution. It also features fun games and a voices recorder. The kiddie smartwatch has a variety of clock face designs any kid will surely love.

What We Like about It – The wearable gadget is a unique way to stimulate creative and imaginative play. It’s also great for introducing concepts of technology which can provide the stepping stone for improving cognitive skills.

10Superhero Dress Up Costumes by GoGoGoodie

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Four year old boys love dressing up as superheroes. With the Superhero Dress Up Costumes, kids can now take their make-believe play to greater heights playing the role of Superman, Spiderman, Batman, and Captain America. All costumes come with a cape and a mask for absolute imaginative play.

What We Like about It – It’s a great way to provide additional fun to kids’ make-believe play. Let them explore their surroundings in their favorite superhero costumes and help strengthen their lungs and their muscles as they run, jump, and chase one another.

113-Foot Trampoline by Little Tikes

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The trampoline is one plaything that is great for all ages. You can introduce the joys of jumping up and down by giving 4 year old boys the 3-foot Little Tikes Trampoline. It comes with a sturdy center handle wrapped in soft material for kids to hold onto.

What We Like about It – It’s one fun way to help build confidence in little tikes as they master jumping up and down the trampoline, first holding onto the rails, then progressing without it. Great for developing leg muscle strength and coordination.

12Jr. Glow in the Dark Original Stomp Rocket by Stomp Rocket

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Teach 4 year old boys about the physics of rocket propulsion with the Jr. Glow in the Dark Original Stomp Rocket. The set comes with 4 pieces of colorful stomp rockets that are made of foam and a stomp launch pad. Watch kids stomp on the launch pad with all their might and see the rocket hurtle skywards for up to 100 feet.

What We Like about It – The glow in the dark design means it is best to play the set in a darkened environment. This should be great for early evening playtime activities. Excellent for strengthening leg muscles and for stimulating accuracy of hitting the launch pad.

13Gears! Gears! Gears! by Learning Resources

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With about a hundred colorful gears to help boys build structures to their hearts’ content, the Gears! Gears! Gears! toy set is an exciting way to stimulate creativity especially for kids who are naturally inclined in engineering activities. It comes in 6 colors with 8 extra base plates that interlock to form the foundation for the building and construction project. It also comes with several 6-way axles and an easy-to-follow instruction guide.

What We Like about It – Construction sets are great for stimulating the development of divergent problem solving skills as it helps facilitate open-ended play. Additionally, the set can help children master their fine motor skills as well as creative and imaginative thinking.

14GLOW Tangle Free Toy Parachute by Aeromax

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For kids who are fascinated with paratroopers, they can now enjoy flying their own company of paratroopers with the GLOW Tangle Free Toy Parachute. The paratroopers are designed to glow in the dark and the toy itself is beautifully designed with a single cord freeing the parachute of any entanglement issues. You can find more like this in our post on flying toys for kids here.

What We Like about It – It’s very simple to play. Kids just toss it as high as they possibly can then watch it glide towards the ground on its own. Great for strengthening arm muscles while stimulating imagination.

15Leapfrog Scribble and Write by LeapFrog

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With a unique take on the classic trace-and-draw method of learning, the LeapFrog Scribble and Write is excellent for teaching 4 year old boys how to write. The writing surface lights up with the letter or number selected. Kids simply have to trace the lights.

What We Like about It – The toy helps develop kids’ mastery of the different letter and number strokes to prepare him for more complex writing. This also helps in enhancing fine motor skills while helping with language and communication skills.

16KidiBeats Kids Drum Set by VTech

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Experts agree that kids who play the drum grow to become highly talented and emotionally intelligent individuals. Give kids the KidiBeats Kids Drum Set and let them discover the joys of creating beats and rhythms. The set comes in 4 different modes of play including free play, follow-along, letter, and numbers. It comes with 3 drums, a cymbal, and 2 drumsticks.

What We Like about It – It’s a whole body workout for kids as they attempt to beat the drums to the rhythm of the melodies. The interactive LED lights add to sensory stimulation while the melodies can help in brain development.

17Take-A-Part Toy Vehicles, Airplane by Battat

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Airplane mechanics are one of the most technically proficient specialists in the world. You can introduce the world of airplane mechanical technology to 4 year old boys with the Take-A-Part Toy Airplane. The kit comes with a model biplane with 21 different interchangeable parts which kids can take apart and then reassemble using the accompanying power drill with attachments.

What We Like about It – The toy is excellent for stimulating make-believe play, developing problem solving skills, and enhancing control of fine motor skills. It’s great for enhancing imagination, too.

18Mega Crane and Truck Vehicle and Playset by Dickie Toys

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With a height of 4 feet when fully built, the Mega Crane and Truck Vehicle and Playset is a mammoth toy for mammoth fun. The crane is fully operational complete with a winch and trolley as well as a rotating cabin. The set also comes with a construction truck and other accessories for optimum simulated play.

What We Like about It – It’s one of the largest toy tower cranes you will ever find; perhaps even taller than most 4 year old boys. It’s outstanding for make-believe play which can help develop divergent problem solving skills as well as counterfactual reasoning.

19Creative Builder Set by KoolSupply

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Comprising of 85 colorful pieces of building blocks in different shapes, sizes, and colors, the Creative Builder Set is one of the most sought after gifts or presents for 4 year old boys. The building and construction toy set is made of phthalate- and BPA- free plastics that are also non-toxic. It also comes with a convenient storage container for ease of organization.

What We Like about It – With its almost a hundred different pieces, it’s a smorgasbord of creative pieces just waiting to be discovered and built. This provides endless fun, creativity, and imagination. It’s also beneficial in enhancing fine motor skills, spatial intelligence, and hand-eye coordination.

20The Learning Journey Match It! Spelling by Learning Journey International, LLC

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One of the essential skills that 4 year old boys need to master is in their language skills, particularly their spelling and vocabulary. To help them with this, you can give them The Learning Journey Match It! Spelling. The kit comes with 2 sets of self-correcting puzzles centering on the correct spelling of objects. One set contains 10 3-piece units while the other set contains 10 4-piece units. The units are made of sturdy cardboard.

What We Like about It – It’s a simple way to help 4 year old boys master the spelling of common objects to help enhance their language skills. Since it is a self-correcting puzzle set, it also develops problem solving skills.

How We Chose the Toys in Our List

In the determination of the best toys for 4 year old boys, our team of researchers had to carefully examine each toy available in the market today and identify their appropriateness to the developmental needs of a 4 year old boy. Additionally, we also had to consider the overall quality and safety of the design and the materials that were used in its manufacture. It is also crucial that we consider the reputation and trustworthiness of the toy manufacturer and whether guarantees are provided for the product that they sell. Lastly, we look at the feedback and reviews of parents and other consumers to get a general idea of the usefulness and effectiveness of the toys.

Hopefully, our list of the 20 best toys for 4 year old boys will help you narrow down your choices from a sea of possible alternatives.

Development Tasks of a 4 Year Old Boy and the Benefits of Developmentally-Appropriate Toys

If there is one dramatic improvement in the development of a 4 year old boy, then that would his increased attention span. This simply means that he now can display patience in playing and in solving simple problems. He won’t easily get frustrated as well so now is the perfect time to introduce simple memory games. However, parents should always start with activities and games that are exciting and quick to keep boys interested. This helps them to learn to improve their attention span. Now is also the time to give toys that allow them to explore and to try new things because their confidence in themselves steadily grows. Toys that call for problem solving skills will also be beneficial as part of their cognitive development.

Physically, the 4 year old boy can already make very complex motor movements as well as link sequences of a variety of motor movements to achieve a certain goal. The 4 year old boy can now be adept at catching ball or even playing hopscotch. They love to run, jump, chase other kids, and catch things or objects.

Four year old boys love to role play as a means of expressing themselves. They love the arts especially drawing and painting as well as model-making or building. Role paying and dramatization allow boys to develop their communication skills as well as help build or enhance their self-confidence. Their ability to create something becomes the source of their satisfaction which also fuels their motivation to excel. With this great motivation comes the renewed importance of sharing with other children. This helps foster social development which, in turn, can again help in fostering a healthier emotional balance. Four year old boys are also becoming more inquisitive which also help in their emotional development. As such, toys and games that facilitate creativity, imagination, and curiosity are very important for kids of this age.

Toys for this age range can also help develop their language, speech, and communication skills. Boys of this age already know how to use speech to express their ideas and feelings, to negotiate or question things, and even to compromise, reassure, or even to object to certain ideas. Their language also becomes a very important tool for forging friendships and as such, toys that help they master their language skills are crucial.

The role of toys in child development is, without question, a very important one. For the optimum development of 4 year olds, it is crucial to choose the best and most appropriate toy for their developmental age. We hope that our list of the 20 best toys for four year old boys will be instrumental in your search of the best gifts or presents to give to kids of this age.

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