20 Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 3 Year Old Boys In 2017

We already know that toys are very important instruments for a child’s optimum growth and development. For a three year old boy, he needs toys that will foster the continuing development of his cognitive and psychomotor skills while at the same time promote emotional wellbeing and healthier social relationships. We know it’s such a tall order for an ordinary toy. That is why it is important to look for toys, or any gift item for that matter, that are developmentally appropriate for 3 year old boys.

Our Top 3 Picks

  • Squigz
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  • Promote Creativity
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Little Tikes Mower
  • Little Tikes Mower
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  • Enhances Stability
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VTech Drum Set
  • VTech Drum Set
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  • Sensory Development
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How We Chose The Most Popular Products in Our List

Many parents get flustered with the overwhelming selection of toys. There are literally tens of thousands of these toys. Unfortunately, many parents simply don’t have the luxury of time to scrutinize every single toy or gift suggestion in the market. So, we have decided to help you by coming up with a list of the top and most popular toys for three year old boys.

Considering the immensity of the endeavour, we have devoted a research team to come up with a shortlist of the leading toys for the three year old age range. We checked the developmental appropriateness of each toy together with the benefits little boys can derive from it. We also looked at the safety features including federal certifications of each toy. We then looked at the quality of the design and evaluated its usefulness and its value in relation to its price. Of course, we also had to read the different reviews from parents and other consumers to identify any issues that they might have encountered in the product. The trustworthiness of the toy maker had to be factored in as well.

This is how we came up with the best toys in our list. We are positive you will also agree with most, if not all, of the toys we have in our twenty awesome toys for your three year old son.

Your Three Year Old Boy

If there is one thing that is very indicative of the developmental milestones of a three year old boy, then that would be his ability to play with other children. He is now more cooperative and will already share his toys and other playthings. Additionally, he may already begin to understand the value of waiting for his turn. Playtime activities, therefore, are geared towards teamwork and sharing. This leads to the development of healthier and more beneficial social skills as 3 year old boys begin to realize that it is a lot better to play with siblings and friends rather than to play alone. This also fosters a beginning sense of independence as they now have the confidence of being “away” from Mom and Dad and in the company of friends and other children.

This increased cooperative play requires good communication and language skills. In fact, child development psychologists say that it is through social play and social interactions that 3 year olds are able to expand on their vocabulary and further enhance their language and communication skills. Three year old boys can begin to read body language and nonverbal cues to enhance their communication skills. That is why it is critical for them to continuously interact with other people, other children, to help refine their understanding of both verbal and nonverbal communication.

Cognitively, 3 year olds are quick to master simple activities especially when these are reinforced. This also leads to a boost in self-confidence and can fuel them to strengthen their focus and concentration on the accomplishment of such activities. Unfortunately, don’t expect them to have the attention span of adults or even older children. So, it is important to choose toys that are really interesting and can capture the attention of three year old boys for a much longer period of time.

Did you know that the 3 year old boy’s favorite question always starts with a “why”? They are now exploring and learning a lot of the world around them so you really have to be patient in answering their questions. It can be quite frustrating to talk with a 3 year old because of the endless whys you will be bombarded with. Nevertheless, this is important as they are trying to understand and make sense of certain things in their world. Patience is a virtue that you need to have if you have a three year old boy.

Because of their natural curiosity and inclination to learn more of the world, they love to play outdoors a lot more. This means they will be playing with sand, mud, stones, leaves, and even insects. They love climbing, running, and walking up and down the stairs. Additionally, they now participate a lot more in active play. Playtime activities that promote the use of both large and small groups of muscles will be important for the 3 year old boy.

Three year olds are now more active and more interested in the world around them. It is therefore very important to make sure that they are able to play with toys that allow them to explore and learn more about things in this world. It is for this reason that our list of the 20 best toys for 3 year old boys will hopefully help you in making the correct choice to give as presents for them.

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