20 Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 11 Year Old Girls in 2017


Eleven year old girls can be considered at a very important stage of their lives. Majority of them are already in the second year of a 2-3 year transitional period from childhood to adolescence. This also means that the choice of toys to be given to eleven year old girls must also be appropriate for their developmental milestones. If you are at a loss or are frazzled by the sheer volume of toys and playthings in the market that selecting the best and most appropriate toy for your young lady is proving to be a very difficult endeavor, then allow us to assist you with our list of the top 20 toys for 11 year old girls.

How We Chose the Top Toys in Our List

Choosing the top toys for girls is never easy simply because of the sheer number of product categories and the individual playthings under each category. Nevertheless, in an effort to provide you with the top 20 toys for eleven year olds, our team or researchers had to scour the internet for the most developmentally appropriate toys for such age group of young ladies. We had to make sure that there is something to be learned or developed or even enhanced when these tools or instruments are used in their playtime activities. We then checked their overall design including the safety of the materials used in the design. We then had to read through hundreds of reviews and customer feedbacks specifically looking for issues which you might want to be interested in before making the decision to purchase. Of course, the toymaker’s credibility and reputation are important as well especially those that provide guarantees for the quality craftsmanship of their playthings. This is how we came up with the list of the best and top toys for 11 year old young ladies.

11-Year Old Girls and Pre-Teens

Puberty is that critical period in our lives when we experience sudden growth spurts and a lot of bodily changes. For us ladies, this often signals the beginning maturation of our secondary sex characteristics. We begin to grow body hair particularly in the armpit and in the pubic area. We also notice our breasts to start taking shape and the inward curvature of our waist is becoming more pronounced. Just a few more years and the 11 year old young lady’s transformation into one very beautiful lady will soon be complete. Depending on what’s written in their genes, girls of this age can already start having their very first menstruation further ushering an era of renewed anxiety because of the sudden gush of bloody fluids from the intimate organs. Aside from these changes, the 11 year old girl can also expect to have plenty of development particularly in her brain, muscles, and bones as well as the blood, hair, skin. All of these physiologic changes can have a significant impact on the optimum growth and development of eleven year olds.

While the muscular development of girls is minimal compared to boys of this age, they still present rapid growth and development in terms of muscle tone and strength. As such, just like their male counterparts, 11 year old girls will also want to be more physically active. Physical activities for young ladies may come in the form of performing arts and crafts, playing ball games, running, biking, dancing, and swimming just to name a few. It is important to give young ladies playthings that help encourage the use of different muscle groups. It is also important to enhance their sense of balance and coordination especially in terms of their proprioceptive sense. This is especially true for girls who wish to go into dancing, particularly ballet.

Eleven year olds have already reached a certain level of cognition wherein they are now more than able to solve many problems using concepts that they have learned in school as well as the different life experiences they have already gone through. They can already show an excellent understanding of hypothetical situations and scenarios that operate on the what-if principle. This enhances their divergent problem solving skills as well as counterfactual reasoning skills. These two essential cognitive processes are important for young pre-teens to utilize their cognitive abilities and think of all possible solutions to any given problem. The whole point of divergent thinking is to come up with as many possible answers, solutions, or alternatives as possible to a given situation or problem. This is the basis of logic and critical thinking.

Aside from improvements in their divergent problem solving and counterfactual reasoning skills, eleven year old girls also show dramatic improvements in their increased focal efficiency, concentration, and memory recall and processing. This enhances their perseverance which can become the fuel for them to keep on pushing until they have completed a given task. What is quite remarkable at this stage is that young ladies will now have a beginning understanding of highly intangible and abstract concepts such as love, faith, and trust. This can become an excellent conversation point for 11 year olds.

It is therefore crucial to provide 11 year olds with toys that help foster or encourage the development of these cognitive and language skills. This is necessary in helping them grow more knowledgeable and more appreciative of the world around them. Role playing, dramatic play, fantasy play, or using their imagination is often helpful. This is especially true if they are given toys that encourages them to create something new.

The Bottom Line

The physical and hormonal changes experienced by 11 year old girls can be major sources of frustration for them. We, as parents, can help them better understand these physiologic changes by giving them toys that allow the utilization of such physiologic, cognitive, and social changes. Our list of the top 20 toys for 11 year old girls will surely be a great help in this regard.

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