20 Best Toys & Gifts for 1 Year Old Boys In 2017


If you are like the 4 out 5 parents who get flustered every time they have to think about gifts or toys to give a 1 year old boy, fret no more because we are here to help you. We understand exactly how you feel because we are parents ourselves. We do recognize the fact that you only want to give your one year old boy the best and most appropriate toy for his optimum growth and development. And as there is literally an ocean of toys out there, we have taken the initiative to sort the real gems for your consideration.

How We Chose the Most Popular in Our List

We have listened to what child development experts have to say about the need to choose toys that are appropriate to the child’s developmental needs. We have employed this knowledge in our own search of the 20 best and most appropriate toys so you will have a better chance of choosing the right one for your own kid. Additionally, we also had to take into consideration the overall design, quality, ease of use, and safety of the toy. We read feedbacks, customer comments, and parent reviews of these products to help us better understand what makes these toys stand out from the rest. The credibility and trustworthiness of the toy maker was also factored in. These formed the framework of our selection process to give you the 20 best, most popular, and most appropriate toys you can ever give a one year old boy.

A Look at the Developmental Milestones of a One Year Old

After your kid’s first birthday you can expect a lot of changes in his or her cognitive, psychomotor, language, communication, social, and emotional skills.

This is now the time that they are beginning to develop an awareness of their surroundings and may already begin to show understanding of the concept of object permanence. By the time they are nearing their second year, they will already be exploring more and more of the things around them. They will also begin showing remarkable signs of curiosity. Additionally, they will be searching for more exciting playtime activities as they already tend to get easily bored. By this time, they will already learn to appreciate cause-effect relationships such that if they beat the drums then it will produce a really loud noise. While the if-then relationship is not as refined as that in older children, 1 year olds already have a firm grasp of cause and effect. It is therefore crucial to provide them toys that will help encourage exploration of cause-effect relationships as well as develop early cognitive skills.

By the first year, you can also expect kids to be able to refine their motor skills. They are now becoming very mobile which allows them to explore, experiment, and exercise within the safe confines of their environment. One year olds need to strengthen their large muscle groups first, like those in the legs and the arms, before they can start enhancing their fine motor skills. Nevertheless, their pincer grip will get stronger which should allow them to stack cups and bricks by the time they reach 2 years old. Their fine motor skills also continue to progress enabling them to perform more delicate tasks. Toys that allow them to use and further develop these muscles are essential in the development of 1 year old boys. Add to this the need for balance, hand-eye coordination, and spatial reasoning.

One year old boys are more fascinated with pictures although they would appreciate you reading to them. They also require simple repetitive songs to help them grow and expand their language. This means that toys that play nursery rhymes or even children’s songs can be beneficial in stimulating optimum language development. This can become the basis for the development of their communication skills and allowing them to express themselves in a more creative way. By the time they reach their 2nd birthday, they will already know a lot of words and this will help them communicate and express their thoughts to others. Pretend play and interactive toys will be important at this stage in their development.

You won’t be able to expect your 1 year old boy to share his toys and interact or play with other kids. He will, however, engage in parallel play. As his self-assurance and self-confidence grows, he is able to play in a more independent manner. They will also begin to reflect the behavior of other people especially their primary caregivers so it is crucial to be a good role model to them. This is often evident in their choice of role playing activities towards the second year of life. It is therefore beneficial for them to provide make-believe toys and other playthings that will allow them to model the behavior of those people they admire.

Thinking of a gift to give a one year old boy can be tough especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. Hopefully, with our list of the 20 leading toys for this age range coupled with our overview of their developmental milestones, we are able to provide you with the correct tools to make the right decision.

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Last Updated On 27th June 2017 

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