10 Best Toy Vacuums for Kids in 2017

toy vacuumn for kids

Role playing is one of the most important types of play that all children have to experience. This type of play introduces them to a lot of common activities of daily living. One such activity is cleaning the house with the use of a vacuum. While your kid may not really have to operate the real thing, we’re pretty certain they will love role playing with the 10 best toy vacuum for kids in 2017 that we are going to share with you. When the right time comes, they’ll already be helping you vacuum your home.

10 Best Toy Vacuums for Kids

Casdon Dyson Ball Upright Vacuum CleanerCASDON4.9
Dirt Devil Junior Lights Sounds Upright Toy Vacuum CleanerDirt Devil4.8
Disney Minnie Bowtique Vacuum CleanerDisney4.6
Dyson DC14 All-Floors Cyclone Upright Vacuum CleanerCASDON4.4
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Vacuum Fisher-Price4.3
Little Henry VacuumCASDON4.2

1Dyson Ball Vacuum with Real Suction and Sounds by CASDON

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Age Range: 3 to 9 years old

One way to really teach your kids how to clean his or her own little part of your house is by getting him or her a kids vacuum that really works. Well, not really to the point that it will already be sufficient to clean his or her bedroom. But the Dyson Ball is one truly superb plaything that simulates the real stuff. The power head can really pick up larger debris although don’t expect it to be as powerful as your household appliance. The back comes with a real dust or debris bin which your kid can simulate disposing of. But what will amaze your child is the cyclone action that occurs in the clear plastic chamber of the Dyson Ball. Here, your kid will really appreciate and understand just how these appliances work. The swirling of the hundreds of little balls inside the Dyson Ball chamber can be a really fascinating sight. The suction head can also be twisted and turned to simulate the action of the real thing, enabling your kid to perform cleanups of even hard-to-reach areas. And oh, we almost forgot. The Dyson Ball also emits realistic sounds so your kid won’t have to create his or her very own.

What We Like about It – The Dyson’s cyclone action is great for helping kids understand just how this particular piece of cleaning appliance works. It’s also ideal for reinforcing science principles learned in school by older children.

2Junior Lights Sounds Upright Toy Vacuum Cleaner by Dirt Devil

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Age Range: 3 to 7 years old

It may not have the colorful swirling balls that make the Dyson Ball so famous among kids and parents alike, but the Junior Lights Sounds Upright Toy Vacuum has a closer-to-the-real-thing design. It also comes with the same realistic sounds of a vacuum motor to help in children’s role playing or make believe playtime activities. But here’s the catch. If you honestly think the Dirt Devil is going to pick up any dirt or debris real soon, you’d be disappointed. It’s only the sounds of the Dirt Devil that is realistic, not its suction or vacuum power. So, this makes it an ideal kids vacuum as your child will be able to really imagine how the device will be able to pick up dirt and debris. The construction of the Dirt Devil is well thought of that, if you didn’t know any better, you’d think it’s the real thing. It also comes with the LED indicator lights that we see in a fully functional cleaning appliance.

What We Like about It – True, the Dirt Devil won’t enable your kid to really help you with the cleaning chores at home. However, it sure can be an excellent props for those role playing activities that children love.

3Minnie Bowtique Vacuum Cleaner by Disney

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Age Range: 3 to 6 years old

You’ll never mistake the Minnie Bowtique for a real vacuum cleaner. With the signature ribbon of Minnie Mouse adorning the body of this Disney toy vacuum for kids, it really should not come as a surprise if your little girl will be begging you to get this for her. Like the Dyson Ball, the Minnie Bowtique has a clear plastic vacuum chamber that contains mini pink balls. Once the Bowtique is switched on, your little princess will be treated to a spectacular display of spinning and swirling pink balls like a mini tornado inside a cylinder. While toddlers may not really understand it yet why such movement is possible, they will nevertheless learn of the association between switching the Bowtique and the swirling action on the chamber. This can help provide the foundation for understanding causal relationships. The Minnie Bowtique also elicits realistic sounds to aid in make believe play although you can never really expect it to pick up debris or any dirt any time soon.

What We Like about It – The Minnie Bowtique is one exemplary props for make believe household cleaning play. The addition of a clear chamber to show the mechanism of action of real vacuum cleaners can be an interesting introduction for young children to understand how such things work in real life.

4Dyson DC14 with Real Suction by CASDON

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Age Range: 3 to 8 years old

Here’s the thing; despite the negative reviews about the Dyson DC14, it remains one of the post preferred kids vacuum out there. And here’s why. First, it offers a real vacuum action that can literally pick up lightweight items such as strips of paper or even polybeads. But don’t expect the Dyson DC14 to really pick up the kind of debris that your standard home appliance can because you will simply be disappointed. Second, it also provides the same fantastic vortex-like cyclone action in its clear plastic chamber in the same way as the Dyson Ball. This helps kids understand and appreciate the operation of such appliances. Third, the realistic sounds make for an interesting make believe play as your kid can really elevate his or her playtime up to several notches higher. Fourth, it stands on its own. Unlike the Dyson Ball which often tumbles, the Dyson DC14 can easily be propped to stand on its own base. This is made possible by the fixed positioning of its power head. It doesn’t twist nor turn unlike the Dyson Ball. Now, here’s the bad news. Most of the negative reviews comment about its flimsy construction and that, after only several months’ use, it is already broken. Our take on this is that, well, it’s a toy. Depending on how “active” your kid is, it should last a long time. But if you have a kid who bangs everything that he or she can get his or her hands into, then it won’t last that long. So, this should be carefully considered if you’re going to take the DC14 over the Dyson Ball.

What We Like about It – Despite its flimsy construction, the DC14 is nonetheless a toy worthy as a prop for any make believe play. The cyclone action and realistic vacuum are also notable for a toy like this.

5Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Vacuum by Fisher-Price

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Age Range: 1 to 3 years old

Designed and built with the older babies and younger toddlers in mind, the Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Vacuum for kids is one fun-looking piece of kiddie home appliance that can also serve as a walker for your older baby. But knowing that it’s from Fisher-Price, you can expect plenty of learning activities for your child’s brain development, too. There are more than 30 songs, phrases, and tunes that kids of all ages love, perfect for introducing them to simple words and phrases to help them communicate by the time they reach toddlerhood. Besides, music is well-known to be very beneficial to the cognitive and emotional development of young kids. The best part of this particular kids vacuum is that it is in line with Fisher-Price’s Smart Stages technology wherein you can easily adjust the level of learning activities based on the developmental needs of kids. This is beneficial in that older babies will have inherently different developmental tasks compared to younger toddlers as well as older ones. In each of these developmental stages, the Laugh & Learn can be adjusted to fit the needs of a particular age group.

What We Like about It – There’s no denying the learning usefulness of Fisher-Price products. Additionally, you can expect the product to be highly durable that even the toughest of children is no match for the toy’s sturdy construction.

6Little Henry Vacuum by CASDON

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Age Range: 3 to 8 years old

If you’re after a drum type of toy vacuum cleaners for your kid, then the Little Henry fits the bill perfectly. The beautiful body of the drum is spacious enough for tiny bits of debris and other light materials that your kid might decide to pick up using the T-shaped nozzle. The hose has a clear tube segment which should delight your child as he or she watches with amazement the different items that are being sucked up and into the friendly-faced drum. While it does come with an electric cord and plug, don’t be alarmed as the Little Henry runs on batteries and not on electricity. The cord and plug makes for a very realistic make believe vacuuming, though. The battery-powered motor provides just enough suction to pick up little lightweight pieces of debris which your kid can conveniently dispose of from the removable drawer behind the Little Henry. There’s even a small brush and dust pan included in the package, all of which can be easily stored in the Little Henry’s cavernous drum. Now, both you and your kid can clean your house together. At least, you’ll be able to show him or her how it’s done.

What We Like about It – Don’t ever underestimate the Little Henry. It may just be a toy but it sure gives a lot of opportunity to kids to learn the art of vacuuming.

7Kidzlane Working Toy Vacuum Cleaner with Real Suction and Sounds by Kidzlane

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Age Range: At least 3 years old

It may look like a toy but the Kidzlane is a kids vacuum that really works. It’s got a light suction action as well as realistic vacuum cleaner sounds to make children’s make believe play activities really worthwhile. Like the other models in this list that integrate a visual representation of the mechanism of action of these appliances, the Kidzlane also comes with its own cyclone action, albeit smaller. Nonetheless, it’s a welcome addition to the realistic properties of this toy vacuum for kids. It has a removable T-nozzle, a super flexible hose and extendable wand, and an easy-carry handle that locks flush into place in the body of the Kidzlane canister. The wheels also work beautifully so kids won’t have problems pulling the Kidzlane along. Now, it does provide suction, but if you’re thinking it can replace your standard appliance, then you’re in for a surprise. Remember, it is just a toy.

What We Like about It – The fun color qualities of the Kidzlane will never make you think that it’s the real thing. In any case, this is awesome as kids will look at it more as a toy and not really an appliance.

8Minnie Bow-Tique 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner by Just Play

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Age Range: 3 to 6 years old

What does the Minnie Bow-Tique 2-in-1 have that the Minnie Bowtique doesn’t? It should be fairly obvious that this kids vacuum models are essentially the same. The Bow-Tique is actually a combination of an upright and a handheld types of cleaners. Your kid removes or detaches the small vacuum on the body of the Bow-Tique to help her clean smaller areas or even the top surface of her table or even bed. She can then easily reattach the device back into the upright for a more traditional vacuum cleaning. The level of make believe play is simply elevated further by the 2-in-1 Bow-Tique. And like the Bowtique, this one also comes with the realistic sounds of a vacuum motor as well as operating lights that mimic the real ones. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really provide any real suction. It’s just the lights and the sounds that have been made ultra-real.

What We Like about It – The 2-in-1 design of the Bow-Tique simply extends the make believe play of children as they now can pretend to clean or vacuum certain surfaces that cannot be reached by conventional uprights.

9Pop and Count Vacuum Push Toy by VTech

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Age Range: 1 to 3 years old

While the Pop and Count is not really a kids vacuum that really works to pick up debris and dirt through a sucking action, it does, nonetheless, provide a more interesting mechanism: it picks up soft-edged colorful blocks right under its simulated power head and then deposits these into its transparent chamber where young kids can learn to count the blocks. This should be an excellent opportunity for young kids to learn numbers and colors. But that is actually not everything about the Pop and Count. Since it’s from VTech, it also features a variety of sing-along songs, sound effects, and melodies to help provide your kid with the rhythm while he or she is playing with the Pop and Count. These songs can be very instrumental in language and speech development as children learn to imitate the sounds emanating from the device. Now, your child can pretend to help you in cleaning the house while also learning some of the foundations of language and numerical skills.

What We Like about It – The Pop and Count can double as a sturdy walker for older babies. The addition of sounds and interactive buttons can also help in the enhancement of their psychomotor as well as cognitive abilities.

10Roll ‘n Pop Vac by Little Tikes 

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Age Range: 18 months to 6 years old

If you’re going to look at the Roll ‘n Pop Vac, you’d never think it’s a vacuum for kids. Why? It has a very wide and squarish base that looks more like a toy lawn mower. Nonetheless, the Roll ‘n Pop combines the features of the Pop and Count and the versatility of the Bow-Tique 2-in-1. Yes, it can serve as an upright and a handheld vac while the popping beads serve to simulate the action of debris getting picked up by the imaginary vacuum force. This one’s perfect for very young children as it can also serve as an excellent walker because of its sturdy and stable base.

What We Like about It – Little Tikes is known for quality children’s products and the Roll ‘n Pop clearly doesn’t disappoint.

How We Chose the Top Kids’ Vacuum in Our List

In the course of our research, we had to keep reminding ourselves that we are looking for children’s toys and not the real household appliance that has clearly made our lives a lot more convenient. Unfortunately, most of the kids vacuum that we have seen are all so realistic that they don’t leave something to the child’s imagination anymore. We were always reminded by our resident child psychologist to make sure the products we chose are those that can stimulate children to use their imagination or somehow use their own thinking in the actual use of such roleplaying or make believe toys. This was the very first parameter that we had to look for. The product that we had chosen must be able to provide some form of mental stimulation among kids.

Since we’re already looking at the developmental benefits of these toys, we also examined other areas of child development that can be impacted by these kids vacuum. The different features on the product were identified and then carefully analyzed as to their full developmental benefits. Closely related to this is the appropriateness of the toy to the child’s developmental age. For instance, you simply cannot give a kids vacuum that really works to a young toddler. Instead you give this type of toy to a much older child since their cognitive processes already allow them to make associations in real life.

We also looked at the overall safety of these toys as we don’t want to endanger our kids, especially the young ones. If the product runs on rechargeable batteries, it was imperative that these were UL tested and certified. There must also be no removable small parts that can become choking hazards especially for younger children.

The company’s status in the toy industry was also considered. We know only the trustworthy manufacturers can be relied upon to provide us with consistently high quality and safe toys for our kids.

Why You Should Encourage Your Child to Role Play

There are many reasons why role playing can be very beneficial to children. If you’re wondering how role playing can help your child, then read on.

Role playing is all about learning through play. It is both fun and educational for your child. It is fun primarily because kids are able to use their creativity in defining the different roles that they would like to play. For instance, in vacuuming the house, while they may see you how you vacuum your home, they may want to put a little fun to it by adding some music and dance to their play. For them, vacuuming is a fun activity. For us, it’s household chore.

For the most part, role playing is educational as it helps provide for the more effective development of language and communication skills on the part of your child. They also learn to explore and experiment with a variety of things which are essentially the hallmarks of a well-functioning cognition. They also learn about how certain things work. For example, in our list, we have included some with cyclone action allowing children to get an idea of how things work in the real world.

Obviously, there are other benefits of role playing among children. The important thing to understand is that they are simply acting out the things that they see in their world and combine these with how they want them to play out in their minds.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning the house is one important task that everyone needs to learn. While these vacuums are merely toys, they are nonetheless very important tools in introducing children to the concept of house cleaning and to give them the instrument for make believe play.

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