16 Best Toy Cars for Toddlers in 2017


Toys, as instruments used in playtime activities, are important in helping kids learn and develop their motor, cognitive, social, and emotional skills. One of the most common types of toys that kids love to play are cars.

How We Came Up with Our List

Choosing the best and most developmentally-appropriate toy car for toddlers may be challenging for some parents. This is why we have devoted our time to researching the toy cars that we are confident your toddler will also love. Not only are these toys safe to play with, these are also made of high quality materials. Moreover, our researchers have made sure that the list only includes toy cars that have superb developmental value specific to toddlers. We understand your need to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that the toy car you are going to give your toddler is the right one.

Toddlers and Toy Cars

By age 18 months, toddlers are ready to bring their gross motor skills to the next level while at the same time reinforcing their mastery of fine motor skills. They already have excellent control of their hands and fingers making it perfect for holding toy cars. Pulling on their toy cars can help strengthen their leg muscles while at the same time help develop coordination and balance.

Toy cars can also help toddlers develop their understanding of the world around them. Many of these products have features that are similar to the real ones. Some have blinking lights and realistic sounds as well as other interactive features that help facilitate the learning of the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors.

More importantly, they can help develop toddlers’ sense of imagination and creativity as they attempt to explore their immediate surroundings. This can help enhance their sense of autonomy and freedom.

Selina Marie
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