13 Best Toy Building Blocks for Toddlers in 2017

Individuals who are thinking of the most appropriate gifts or birthday presents to give to children aged 18 months to 3 years old should seriously consider building block toys. Research shows that these kinds of toys are particularly beneficial in helping young kids master their motor skills, develop their cognitive skills particularly their simple problem solving skills and spatial intelligence, and help establish their beginning sense of identity.

We know how frustratingly difficult it can be to choose one from a sea of building block toys. That is why we came up with these series of the best and most developmentally appropriate toys for kids.

How We Chose Our List Of Popular Products

Building block toys provide the foundation for more complex thinking skills later in the child’s life. As such, we have done an extensive examination of the thousands of building block toys available in the market today.

Each of these toys were subjected to careful scrutiny using a matrix that we devised to determine its overall value. We have considered the toy’s overall quality craftsmanship, the safety of the materials used in its manufacture, the developmental appropriateness of its design, its overall value in relation to its retail price, the reputation of the toy company, and the reviews – both positive and negative – of consumers who have already bought and used the toy. The aggregate was given a numerical equivalent and then ranked-ordered to come up with the best 13 toy building blocks for toddlers.

Toddlers, Building Block Toys, and Child Development

Children from the age of 18 months to around 3 years old are known to be little explorers. They are literally discovering a lot of new things in their surroundings such that they are now finding it increasingly important that they establish themselves as individual persons. While they may seem to exert their beliefs in certain things, experts believe that they still cannot find the most appropriate way to express their thoughts and feelings. It is for this reason that many parents consider toddlers as defiant, often throwing temper tantrums in public spaces as a way of getting attention and telling his or her caregiver that he or she wants something. Unfortunately, this may not necessarily be the case all the time. Because their language is still quite limited and they don’t know how to express their thoughts, they get easily frustrated. And this manifests as temper tantrums.

The key therefore, is to help toddlers express their thoughts in more constructive and adaptive ways. It is crucial to beef up on their language and speech skills while at the same time introducing to them other instruments that can help facilitate the expression of their feelings and thoughts.

Building block toys can help in this sense especially if the toy comes fully integrated with learning activities like shapes, colors, the alphabet, numbers, and simple phrases. Additionally, because building blocks allow for open-ended plays, it stimulates the minds of toddlers to think creatively and imaginatively. Studies have shown that, compared with puzzle toys, building block toys allow for the development of divergent problem solving skills. This simply means that there are a multitude of solutions to a single problem. When taken in the light of toddlers’ frustrations for failing to express themselves, building block toys allow them to explore other ways in which they can convey to their caregivers what they really want. Toddlers will attempt to look for other ways in which they can communicate their needs to their parents and not just by throwing tantrums.

Of course, building block toys help strengthen toddlers’ mastery of their gross and fine motor skills. They will need to graduate from the raking grasp to the more refined pincer grasp to pick up building blocks and stack them together.

Building blocks are some of the world’s best toys when it comes to stimulating the development of toddlers’ divergent problem solving skills, exploratory skills, creativity, imagination, and fine motor skills. All of these can lead to more balanced emotions and more beneficial social relationships.

We hope our list of the most popular building blocks for toddlers can help you determine the most appropriate gift for your child. At the very least, you don’t have to scan through thousands of toys anymore.

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