10 Best Teething Toys for Babies in 2017

Teething toys are one of the most important toys you can ever buy for your baby. These toys help stimulate the healthier eruption of your baby’s teeth while at the same time help relieve some of the pain and discomfort your baby might experience in relation to tooth eruption. More importantly, because teething toys are, well, toys, they provide additional benefits to the optimum psychomotor and cognitive development of your baby. This is why teething toys remain one of the most common gift suggestions parents and individuals often give to their babies or the babies of an acquaintance.

Unfortunately, choosing the right kind of teething product can be downright challenging. The number of teething baby toys in the market is simply staggering, to say the least. But, fear not because we are here to provide you with the 10 best and most popular teething toys for babies.

How We Identified the Most Popular In Our List

Choosing the most popular teething toy for babies is quite easy. Just look at the number of positive reviews and you should already have an idea of its popularity. Unfortunately, this is not the only thing that you need to consider. Our team of researchers also had to consider the overall safety of the materials used in the design and manufacture of the teething toy. The use of harmful chemicals in the finishing of the product is a big no-no for us. Additionally, we had to look at the overall quality of the teething toy as well as the trustworthiness of the teething toy manufacturer. More importantly, we believe, the best teething toy should be able to provide the necessary sensory and psychomotor development that babies need.

These factors have been carefully considered in each of the 10 teething toys we have included in our list. That is why we are confident that you will also agree with our 10 best and most popular teething toys for babies.

A Look at Your Baby’s Teeth

You can look at your baby’s teething as the process by which his or her very first deciduous teeth break through his or her gums. This usually occurs by the time your baby reaches 6 months old, although it is not uncommon to see babies as young as 3 months and as old as 1 year to have their very first primary, deciduous, baby, or milk tooth. What can be expected is that by 3 years of age, your baby would have already erupted 20 milk or baby teeth. During the first eruption, your baby’s first tooth will most likely appear on the lower front of his or her gums. One to 2 months later, you can expect the upper front teeth.

You may be wondering why we need to have a baby tooth only to replace them with more permanent ones. Well, it’s all about developing the oral cavity of your baby. You see, it is your baby’s milk teeth that will maintain the arch length of his or her jaw. This is crucial because it is in these same places where their permanent teeth will develop. Milk teeth serve to guide the eruption pathway of your baby’s permanent teeth. It also helps in the formation and development of the jaw bones including the jaw muscles.

But, did you know that the most important role milk teeth have to play in your baby’s development is that it serves in the development of his or her speech as well as help improve his or her smile. We as adults are often so conscious about the appearance of our teeth. Among children, this can have a significant impact as well. Moreover, their nutrition may be affected if they don’t have their milk teeth as they will have problems chewing and grinding some of their food.

Now, why do we need a teething toy? Well, remember the baby tooth will be breaking out of the gums leading to inflammation which can be manifested by soreness, swelling, and even some pain. Teething toys serve to relieve the pressure off your baby’s gums. This helps them feel a lot better during the whole teething process. And since we are talking about babies, it is often a lot better to use a teething toy that can also help develop their other senses as well as psychomotor skills. This way, we are tending to the overall development of our babies.

Still thinking of the best teething toy to give as a present to someone you know? You can use our list of the 10 most popular. You will never go wrong.

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