8 Best Teething Necklaces in 2017

We have always continued to push the boundaries of innovation especially when it comes to caring for our babies. As they are literally dependent on our care, it is inherent upon us to do everything we can to help them grow and mature into responsible, healthier adults. One of the most frustrating issues of early infancy is teething. There is pain, swelling, and the discomfort it brings to our young kids is just unbearable. We can provide them with teethers and other similar products to soothe their gums and relieve inflammation. Unfortunately, most of the time, these gizmos tend to get lost and it’s not even fashionable, to say the least. That’s why we’ve come up with the 8 best teething necklaces in 2017 which you or your baby can wear anytime, especially when traveling, so he or she gets instant teething relief.

How We Chose the Most Amazing and Most Stylish Teething Necklaces in Our List

Safety was a very important concern for us in our search for the world’s top 8 teething necklaces. It simply didn’t matter if the baby teething necklace looked luxuriously stylish yet failed miserably in terms of its safety. Since these baby gadgets are designed to be “chewed” on by infants, these must not leach any harmful chemical into our kid’s system. The materials used in the construction of the device or, in this case, the infant accessory had to be certified to be safe for babies. Emphasis was placed on the appropriateness of the safety features specifically for babies, not adults.

Once the safety issue has been addressed, we then focused on the aesthetic qualities of the product. This is particularly important for items that are to be worn by moms. These must be stylish enough to be used as a fashion accessory or jewelry so that moms will be more confident wearing them around their necks and still feel pride about being able to care for their babies.

Other factors that were considered included the item’s rating in consumer reviews, the credibility or reputation of the teething necklace’s manufacturer, and the soundness of all other features that have been built into the design of these baby teethers.

Tips to Caring for Your Baby during the Teething Period

One of the developmental milestones that we all anxiously await is the eruption of our baby’s first tooth. While different kids will exhibit different baby teething timelines, experts say that the first tooth eruption should typically occur within the first 4 to 8 months of life. It can be earlier or it can also be later, often depending on other factors. If you’re wondering about the remedies to teething symptoms, here are a few tips you can observe.

  • Cold compresses can help numb the pain, bringing instant relief. You can get a clean washcloth, moisten it, and then put it in the freezer. Once it’s hardened enough, you can take it out and apply it against your baby’s gums to help soothe swelling and alleviate pain.
  • Massaging the gums can also help especially if the tooth is still embedded deep in the gums. Wash your hands and carefully massage the area. If you’re concerned about safety, you can wrap your finger with a clean washcloth.
  • Try to distract your baby’s attention by offering him or her plenty of interactive toys or simply talking with him or her. Distraction refocuses your baby’s attention from the painful experience. Most of the time, your baby simply needs a hug or a cuddle and your scent and smile will already be enough to distract him or her from the discomforts of teething.
  • Choose teething toys and accessories like the necklaces we have featured in this article. These provide all the benefits we have listed above while also giving you a fashion accessory.

The Bottom Line

Teething is one of the most anticipated developmental milestones of any child. However, it can be quite frustrating since your baby will be fussy and restless most of the time. With 8 best teething necklaces to choose from, you’re now more than capable of addressing your baby’s teething concerns.

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