10 Best Tablets for Kids in 2017

best tablet for kids

More and more people are staying in touch with friends and family as well as doing a variety of their business and social transactions using internet-enabled mobile devices. While most will use the smartphone because of its ultra-portability and slimmer profile, there are those who prefer tablets because of its much larger screen. Educational institutions all over the world are now redesigning educational content to fit perfectly in tablet devices. That’s why we decided to share with you the 10 best tablets for kids in 2017 which you can use to help them in their optimum cognitive, social, and emotional development.

10 Best Tablets for Kids

1Fire Kids Edition Tablet by Amazon

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Age Range: 3 to 10 years old

We can rightfully say that the Fire Kids Edition Tablet is as popular as Amazon’s Kindle Fire as proven by more than 10,700 out of 18,500+ Amazon reviewers giving it a perfect 5 star rating with an aggregate rating of 4.1 stars. The Fire Kids Edition is definitely one of the best rated tablets for kids and it’s easy to understand why. With a 7 inch screen, a pixel density of 171 ppi, and boasting of In Plane Switching (IPS) technology giving it superb color rendition and excellent viewing angles, the Fire Kids Edition comes in either an 8- or 16- GB variant complete with Amazon’s signature 2-year absolutely worry-free guarantee. Like its bigger brother, the Fire Kids Editioncomes with instant free access to tens of thousands of child-friendly content such as movies, educational applications, books, kids’ games, and even children’s TV shows, thanks to Amazon’s 1 year unlimited FreeTime access. If you’re not really sure of the safety of the online content that your child is exposed to, you can always set up parental controls to effectively manage the usage of the tablet including educational goals and access to contents. You can customize a user profile for your child so that you can effectively choose the kind of content that your kid has access to. It’s considered the best-in-class when it comes to parental controls. It also features a 2 MP rear-facing camera and a VGA unit up front. We know it’s not much but it sure can add to the fun. The Amazon Fire Kids Edition also comes with kid-proof case so that, even if your child will drop it, it will not break that easily. And even if it does break, as long as the gadget is still within the 2 year warranty period of Amazon, you can easily ask for a replacement, no questions asked. The Amazon Fire Kids Edition is powered by a Quad Core 1.3 GHz processor with 1 GB of random access memory.

What We Like about It – With close to 20,000 people saying mostly positive things about the Fire Kids Edition, it’s not surprising why it’s on top of our list. The excellent parental controls and superb access to thousands of kiddie apps, content, and learning materials all make this kids tablet the one to beat.

2iPad Mini MD531LL/A by Apple

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Age Range: At least 3 years old

Is there anybody on earth who doesn’t know or hasn’t heard of Apple’s iconic high-tech products? Needing no introductions is Apple’s first small rendition of its venerable iPad series, the iPad Mini. Available in a variety of configurations from a WiFi-only model to a Wi-Fi and 3G/4G combination as well as 16-, 32- and 64- GB capacity models, the iPad Mini comes as a wonderful gift to kids whose smaller hands simply look ridiculous to the large size of the standard iPad. While it has a smaller screen, its 7.9 inch multi touch display boasts of a 1024×768 high definition resolution which, combined with its excellent screen technology and superiosPowerVR SGX543MP2 graphics co-processor, gives you one superb viewing experience. The published iOS onto the model is still iOS 6.0 although we are pretty sure that updates are possible to make full use of its A5 Dual Core 1.0 GHz processor. But why not the iPad Air or even the iPad Mini 4, you’d ask? If you have a child who’s only beginning to appreciate the need for careful handling of electronic gadgets and one that is as special as an Apple iPad, then getting a more expensive version would simply be a waste of money if your child happens to accidentally break it. However, if budget is not an issue, by all means, we recommend the later models as these are perfectly more advanced and feature-rich than the iPad Mini MD531LL/A. If you are more budget-conscious, then this is one for you.

What We Like about It – Nothing can ever go wrong with an Apple purchase. It’s one of the most iconic brands in the tech world. And with almost 5,200 very satisfied Amazon customers saying great things about this Apple product, it’s a sure guarantee to a very effective tablet for kids.

3Epic 7 Inch Android Based Kids Tablet by LeapFrog Enterprises

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Age Range: 3 to 9 years old

Designed specifically for enhancing the learning experiences of kids, the LeapFrog Epic is an Android-based kids tablet that is sure to grow with the growing learning needs of today’s children. It provides excellent and exclusive access to many of LeapFrog’s learning games and other activities. The LeapFrog Epic features an interactive homescreen which effectively puts the creation of a personalized tablet right in the hands of children. The Just for Me Learning technology of LeapFrog allows for full customization of the tablet’s content including those that are related to your kid’s curriculum. This helps them achieve their learning objectives in a highly sequential manner, progressing in difficulty and complexity as your child begins to use complex cognitive processes in learning the content. The featured Android-based applications have been carefully selected to provide both fun and learning for kids especially those that do not contain and/or entail in-app purchases, content that is inappropriate for the age of your child, and harmful third-party pop-up ads. You can customize both the interface and the content of the LeapFrog Epic to match the developmental age of your child. Setting limits to the use of the tablet has also been made easy with the LeapFrog Epic. You can set parental controls in a jiffy so you’ll be confident your child is not unduly exposed to harmful internet content as well as you’ll have limits to the amount of his or her playtime. The LeapFrog Epic comes with a 7 inch shatterproof screen, a powerful Quad Core processor, 16 GB of memory, and 2 MP of rear-facing camera. It also comes with a removable protective bumper to help protect it against accidental drops.

What We Like about It – The LeapFrog Epic may not be as popular as the Amazon Fire Kids Edition or even the Apple iPad Mini but it sure can do a great job of revolutionizing the way our kids learn and have fun all at the same time.

4Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids 7 Inch Tablet by Samsung

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Age Range: 3 to 10 years old

The Tech Wars between Apple and Samsung has clearly spilled into children’s arena; although we can safely say that the Apple iPad Mini is not necessarily intended for children’s educational use. On the other hand, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab E is purposely built for children with a complimentary trial subscription lasting 3 months to the company’s Samsung Kids service which allows children unlimited access to thousands of ad-free and absolutely free apps. We know how annoying it can be to have in-app purchases popping up every now and then. With the 3-month Samsung Kids trial subscription, your child gets to enjoy all of the carefully selected apps that are designed to be in perfect alignment with common Core and STEM educational content minus in-app purchases. With content from reputable organizations like National Geographic, Sesame Street, and DreamWorks Animation, just to name a few, you can expect the content of the Galaxy Tab E to be of the highest possible quality in terms of its educational and learning value. The Starter Pack of the Galaxy Tab E already comes with no less than 20 highly entertaining and very educational apps. In case you’re concerned about what your kid might get exposed to while browsing the web, you can institute parental controls on the Tab E. The 7 inch screen of the Tab E is just perfect for the viewing pleasure of kids. It currently runs on Android KitKat but we’re pretty sure it’s fully upgradeable to later versions. The 8 GB Flash Memory is fully expandable to you’ll have tons of apps and learning content on the Tab E. It also comes with a protective casing to help protect the device against bumps and drops.

What We Like about It – Samsung’s entry into the educational arena of children is a welcome development. Giving trial subscription to its users, we believe, is a fair deal.

5Nabi Jr. 5 Inch Kids Tablet by Nabi

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Age Range: 2 to 6 years old

Built specifically as tablets for toddlers, Nabi Jr. kids tablets are exclusively filled with early childhood education concepts and learning materials to help introduce these learning ideas to younger children. It is designed as tool for discovering, learning, developing, and growing. It comes with the exclusive Wings Learning System that has been specifically designed to help children master a variety of skills sets and help them build confidence along the way. The Wings system includes letter, numbers, and tracing programs specific for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classes. The Nabi Jr. comes in 2 modes: one for you and one for your child. In the kid mode, you can safely choose the content and apps that your child has complete access to. On the parent mode, you’ll have the full functionality of an Android device. It also features excellent time controls as well as character animations to help guide your child on what he or she needs to do next, whether it’s time to do the homework or to go to bed, as well as many other actions. The Nabi Jr. also features an HD camera that actually rotates a full 180 degrees, eliminating the need for a secondary front-facing camera system. Running on the Android KitKat platform, the Nabi Jr. gives superb tablet experience for both you and your kid.

What We Like about It – The integration of the Wings Learning System into the Nabi Jr. makes this kids tablet a must-have for young tots. Its splendid combination of learning materials, fun content, and superb parental controls make this a great gift for any child.

6Y88X Plus 7 Inch Kids Tablet 2017 Disney Edition by Dragon Touch

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Age Range: 3 to 8 years old

With exclusive content from Disney’s Story Central, the Y88X Plus is a kids tablet that is designed to help children make full use of today’s tablet technology in learning more about their world in a safer and more confident manner. The Y88X Plus already comes with 10 high quality audio books that include such Disney hits as Brave, Big Hero, and Monsters University, among others. It features Kidoz, an app that guarantees kids’ access to a humongous array of educational games, videos, and even paintings to help children enhance their exploration of their known world. The algorithm on the Kidoz system helps customize content preferences based on the history of tablet usage. This guarantees your child will have steady updates of online content that is deemed interesting and of value to him or her. Don’t worry about harmful content as you can effectively set the parameters as to what can be downloaded, installed, or even accessed by your child. The Y88X Plus has its own app store on Kidoz although it is technically based on the Android 5.1 platform. Its 7 inch IPS screen provides excellent viewing angles rated at 178 degrees giving your child superb tablet experience. The Y88X already comes with its 2nd generation protective silicone case that features an adjustable stand, allowing your child to enjoy his or her favorite content hands-free.

What We Like about It – It’s not popular but the Dragon Touch Y88X Plus has obtained substantial following on Amazon. The use of the Disney brand of kiddie entertainment and fun learning makes the Y88X Plus a worthy kids tablet for your consideration.

7Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Tablet by Fisher-Price

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Age Range: 1 to 3 years old

We all know what Fisher-Price stands for. Almost every major kid’s toy that comes out from the company is filled with a lot of learning activities. That said, you can expect the Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Tablet for toddlers to be packed with all the learning goodies that the company has been known for throughout the years. What should be understood about the Smart Stages system of Fisher-Price is that you can effectively customize the learning content that is accessible on the tablet based on the developmental level of your child. For example, you cannot expect a 12 month old baby to be learning words and phrases without first learning the ABCs. It’s called smart stages because each group of learning activities is geared for the mastery of the developmental tasks of a particular age group. This way, you can be sure that your child will be learning and growing in a stepwise, progressive manner. The Laugh & Learn comes with all the letters, numbers, music, fun sounds, animals, and even wonderful phrases depending on the stage to which the Laugh & Learn has been set. In addition to these learning activities, the Laugh & Learn also comes with fantastic light up shows that dances to the songs and fun phrases it elicits.

What We Like about It – Fisher-Price is one undisputed leader in early childhood learning concepts. And by early childhood, we really mean infants and toddlers. This alone helps lay the foundation for a more successful cognitive development in children.

8LeapPadGlo Kids Learning tablet by LeapFrog Enterprises

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Age Range: 3 to 9 years old

Want a cool-looking tablet for your kid? We urge you to consider the LeapFrogLeapPadGlo Kids Learning Tablet. This is almost similar to the LeapFrog Epic except that it has a cooler yet a smaller 5 inch screen design. This makes it very ideal for younger children so they won’t have to strain over handling a 7 incher. If you ask us, we’d say the LeapPadGlo is more like an oversized Palm PDA with its large circular control button at the bottom of the screen. The thing is the LeapPadGlo is more than just pleasing to the eye. It comes with a lot of features, too, such as access to the LeapFrog Learning Library where your kid can collect and store all of his or her favorite apps, videos, games, and learning content in one convenient location. Best of all, all of these apps have been educator-approved so you can bet the learning benefits of the LeapPadGlo for your children. It also comes with over a thousand different titles of children’s favorites from Disney, Nickleodeon, Sesame Street, and a whole lot more.

What We Like about It – The customizability of the LeapPadGlo is simply one of the best things about the kids tablet. Plus, the mere fact that all the apps that’s stored in the LeapPadGlo have been pre-approved by educational leaders can definitely give you the peace of mind over what your kid is exposed to.

9Write and Learn Touch Tablet by VTech

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Age Range: 3 to 6 years old

Writing is an essential skill that all children need to learn and master as this lays the foundation to one aspect of communication. One great way to help children learn the different strokes necessary to write letters, numbers, shapes, and objects is by giving them something to trace. They will have to do this over and over until they have mastered holding the pen and writing the characters and lines on their own. With VTech’s Write and Learn Touch Tablet, they can do this and more. This VTech product is not really a toy but an interactive gadget that allows kids to learn how to write in a progressive manner. There are 6 learning activities plus animated stories designed to help build children’s language skills. These tablets for toddlers are also excellent for encouraging their creativity through the use of its Free Draw mode. At any rate, you’ll be glad to get the Write and Learn to help your child learn this fundamental skill.

What We Like about It – The Write and Learn is the perfect tool for helping children learn how to write.

10Fun-2-Learn Smart Tablet by Fisher-Price 

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Age Range: 2 to 6 years old

While the Fun-2-Learn Smart Tablet is no Smart Stages, it’s considered as one great kids tablet especially for the younger ones who only need to learn the fundamentals first without the distraction of unnecessary apps like videos. The Fun-2-Learn features very straightforward learning materials like the alphabet, counting numbers, phonetics, a bit of fun music, and games. It comes in both English and Spanish languages to help add to the learning process. The LED backlight can also be changed according to the preferences of your child. The game mode of the Fun-2-Learn is designed to be in consonance with existing educational curriculum to help add to its educational value.

What We Like about It – The Fun-2-Learn is a pretty straightforward tablet offering basic learning content for young children to master.

How We Chose the Best Tablets for Kids in Our List

Coming up with a collection of the best tablets for kids has been a real challenge since there are a lot of products that can easily vie for the title. However, we had to look at several things to help us provide you with a comprehensive list.

First on our list of parameters was the overall reception the product has generated over the course of its availability in the market. While those that have garnered thousands of positive reviews were automatically included in the final listing, we still looked at the performance of other products with respect to how well consumers evaluated them.

The second parameter in our list is the child-friendliness of the tablet’s user interface. Since tablets are touch-sensitive devices, it was crucial that the screen be sensitive enough to allow for ease of navigation and scrolling. Furthermore, it should also have adequate child-proofing technology especially if the device is primarily intended for younger kids. Adequate protection against sudden impacts and accidental falls were of paramount importance. For devices designed for older children who may already have a basic understanding of how to properly care for their electronic gadgets, shock proofing is not an absolute necessity but is nonetheless, a welcome option.

Third, we had to look at the educational content of these kid friendly tablets. While everything can be accessed on the internet, we thought that tablets with dedicated child-friendly websites and apps are a lot better alternatives to mainstream online content; although parental filtering options can still be setup. In addition to the educational value of these devices, we also looked at other built-in features which we think will benefit children in their discovery of the world around them. The developmental benefits of these features were individually analyzed to match the developmental patterns of the recommended age group of the device.

Tablet Technology and Kids’ Development

While there are some groups who strongly advise against the use of mobile technology in today’s child care and education, experts believe that we can still safeguard our children against some of the many pitfalls of these technologies. As there are risks, there are also a lot of learning benefits of tablets especially on kids’ development. Here are some of the things that today’s tablet technology can contribute to children’s development.

  • The use of touchscreen technology greatly improves children’s motor skills including fine motor control, spatial intelligence, and hand eye coordination. The tactile nature of tablet screens can also aid in optimum sensorimotor development.
  • Learning content found in tablets can help children with their reading and writing skills as well as give them the opportunity to try out their problem solving and numeracy skills through apps and games.
  • For younger children, tablet apps can help lay the foundation for the recognition and mastery of letters, numbers, colors, and shapes which will form the basis of different cognitive processes in the future.
  • Tablet applications can also help stimulate children’s imagination and creativity. This can help build their divergent thinking skills as well as logical and rational reasoning. These are crucial in the development of scientific problem solving skills.
  • Tablet apps and programs can also expand on real-life experiences by providing your child with the opportunity to use the device in conjunction with both imaginative and physical play.

The Bottom Line

With education leaders and child care experts already weighing in on the issue as to whether a tablet or any other internet-enabled device is beneficial for kids or not, it’s not surprising that more and more parents are scrambling to find the best tablet for their kids. Just look at our 10 best tablets for kids and we guarantee you’ll find one just for your child.

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