Best Swim Vests & Jackets for Toddlers & Kids in 2017

Swimming is one of the best exercises for kids and adults alike. It can provide a host of health and social benefits that everyone can take full advantage of. That’s why it is important to teach kids how to swim as early as possible so that they can reap all of the benefits of swimming early in their lives. Unfortunately, learning how to swim can have its risks. That is why it is important to take it one step at a time. And the very first step is to teach children how to be confident on water. To do this, you will need a flotation device that will help them get used to the feel of floating and cruising on water. With the 8 best swim vests for toddlers in 2017, we can safely say that you’ll be on the right track towards helping your tot feel more confident about having fun in the water.

How We Chose the Best Toddlers’ Swim Vests in Our List

There were quite a few considerations when we took on this challenge. Of particular importance was the product’s primary function of keeping your toddler afloat. This was very important since any problem in this function can significantly undermine all other qualities of the product. It simply won’t matter anymore if it looks cool and fun. If it cannot keep your young child afloat, then what is the use of wearing one? If kids will still sink or can barely stay afloat in these devices, then there is a very high chance that they will develop fear instead of confidence treading in water. We wouldn’t want that now, would we?

Once only those products that are guaranteed and certified to be excellent at keeping children afloat have been shortlisted, we then examined each one for their other characteristics. One of these was the level of comfort it provides to kids. Most kids don’t like the idea of having a very bulky piece of vest wrapped around their torso even though we can help explain to them that it is for their own safety. As such, the products we chose were determined to provide the best in optimum comfort being a wearable device. It was also crucial to check for the ease of putting it on. However, it should also not easily come off as this will pose a significant threat to kids in the water. Other safety features were also considered.

The construction of the swim vest was also considered. Because these wearable devices will be subjected to exposure from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, it was imperative that the materials used in its construction had some degree of sun protection. Some cheaply made products suffer from cracking because of the intense heat of the sun. This can severely degrade its overall integrity and hence, pose a threat to child safety especially in the water.
We also needed a way to validate our initial assessment. So we looked at existing customer satisfaction ratings for these shortlisted products to help determine which among these will make the final cut. We set the cutoff score to 4.0 stars so anything below it was automatically removed from the final list. Adding to this screening parameter was the reputation of the swim vest manufacturer. We only included those with unquestionable history in designing and making quality and safe swim vests.

Tips to Helping Your Child Feel More Confident Swimming

Swimming can bring a lot of benefits especially for kids. This is especially true for those who may have problems in mobility since the buoyant force of water will help lessen the effect of impact forces on the musculoskeletal system. That is why it is recommended that kids be taught how to swim, not only to let them reap the benefits of swimming, but also to help lessen the risk of drowning. Unfortunately, it takes time before children can really learn to swim with confidence. Here are some tips to build confidence in your child swimming.

  • Start young. There are now babies born in water environments. It is thus, recommended that babies as early as 2 months old should already be exposed to the joys of swimming.
  • Always make swimming a family bonding time. Young kids, especially babies and toddlers, will always have fear whenever they go in the water. One way to solve this is by showing that you, too, are confident swimming in these waters. Make sure that when you do swim, you’re going to do so as a family.
  • Make a point of swimming on a more regular basis. Don’t wait for summer to come before you head to the pool. There are indoor swimming pools that provide excellent all-weather swimming opportunities. Remember that, to build confidence, your kid must be able to do this on a frequent and regular basis.
  • Introduce a fun element to the swimming activities. Get some toys that you can use while your kids are building their confidence levels in the water. Additionally, it is better to let kids decide when they want to get in the water rather than you enrolling them in a class even before they are ready for it.

Choose the correct buoyancy aid. The reason why we had this article is because floatation devices are very helpful tools in building the confidence of young would-be swimmers. By the time kids are ready, you can easily remove these buoyancy aids.

The Bottom Line

Swimming is a great activity for the whole family. However, you need to prepare your child to really enjoy his or her time in the water. The 8 best swim vests for toddlers in 2017 should give you an idea of which floatation device will work best for your kid.

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