15 Best Stuffed Animals in 2017

Stuffed toys like dolls and animals as well as any other real-world object are a huge hit not only during Christmas. For adults, stuffed plush teddy bears are a mainstay in courtship and even in anniversaries. For kids, it’s the plush stuffed animals and dolls that are such an important part of their repertoire of comfort toys. Technically, there’s a general confusion whether to call these as toys or as comfort tools.

Regardless, in preparation for Christmas you may already be making a shortlist of the retail shops or specialty stores where to buy stuffed animals. Let us help you by sharing with you our very own shortlist of the 15 most popular and most amazing plush teddy bears and other stuffed toys you may want to watch out for this holiday season.

How We Chose the Top Plush Toy Animals in Our List

We asked the moms and ladies in our team if they can come up with the top 10 really plush and huggable toys for kids for this year’s gift-giving season. Everyone giggled and said that they could make it 15 since there are simply a lot to choose from. With the target finally set at 15 instead of 10, our dedicated researchers went to work and in just a couple of days, they were able to present to us a tentative list of the top 30. We then had to scrutinize which of these 30 will make the final cut.

To get to the 30, our team focused on the strength of each fluffy, comfy, and super soft cuddables’ ratings. We believe that, all things being equal, we had to look closely at the number of people who have high regard for these toys. We had to scrutinize every remark or feedback from very satisfied parents who report that their kids – and teens – actually adore the plush stuffed toys given to them.

We then considered the manufacture of the product as it must be made of kid-safe, non-toxic materials. If there’s certification coming from reputable agencies or organizations, then we considered these, too. If there is some kind of award or recognition given to the product, then we knew that it should receive a point from us.

Our team also tried to look at the developmental appropriateness of the products. However, given that almost every single one of these plush stuffed animals essentially have the same developmental benefit to kids, we had to look at the recommended age of the product and determine whether it really is appropriate for a certain age of children. For example, if the product was intended for young babies, then it should not have tiny removable parts that babies might choke on.

The result of all of these activities? Our top 15 stuffed animals for kids in 2016.

Stuffed Toys and Children’s Development

Stuffed toys are beneficial in the development of kids particularly in terms of their sensorimotor skills, their cognitive abilities, and their social and emotional growth.

For very young children such as babies and infants, stuffed toys can play an important role in their sensorimotor development. Plush toys that come with different patterns, colors, and textures can all help the brain recognize and interpret these sensory signals to be integrated into formal knowledge when the right time comes.

Stuffed toys are not only beneficial for the psychomotor development of young children. They are important in the development of their beginning emotions. For example, while babies cannot verbalize how good “soft” feels, they can nevertheless show this appreciation through their behavior. You can see them smiling while hugging and cuddling their “soft” stuft animals. It is their way of telling you that the plush toy makes them very happy.

For older children, stuffed toys can provide an excellent tool for role playing. You can see them playing the role of parents for these toys, giving them a bath, preparing meals for them, and even grooming and dressing them. For us adults, it may all seem kids’ play but these role playing activities help motivate children to use their imagination as well as creativity. Studies show that the more opportunities children get to use their imagination, the greater is the chance of them expanding on their cognitive abilities, most especially their divergent cognition.

Divergent thinking is one of the foundations for logical, scientific, and critical thinking. This kind of cognitive ability is what differentiates highly successful individuals from the not. That is why stimulating a kid’s imagination is crucial to the development of his or her divergent thinking capabilities which, in turn, fuels his or her critical and logical thinking.

As we have already said, children use their stuffed toys for pretend play. This greatly improves their social skills. They are also able to build more lasting friendships as well as establish new ones when they are given the opportunity to explore different scenarios using pretend play or role play.

The Bottom Line

This Christmas, get your child a stuffed animal he or she will care for. You will find that our top 15 stuffed animals are all highly recommended by parents like you. All you need now is to choose one. Or, you can just get all 15.

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