5 Best Slip and Slide inflatable slides For Kids

When summer hits, there is really nothing else you can do to beat the heat other than staying wet. While you can, of course, go and hang out at the pool, it wouldn’t really be as fun as a slip and slide.

These iconic water slides are now a mainstay in many backyards, providing hours of fun for children. The concept is quite simple: it consists of a long plastic sheet with tubes on the sides where water comes out. Kids can then jump on it and slide down the sheet, thanks to the water. It is much like that slide in the pool, except it is not as steep and is designed for your backyard. With this, we have made our search for the best Slip ‘N Slide products so you can pick the perfect set for your kids.

Safety Tips for Slip ‘N Slides 

The warm weather of summer makes you want to soak your body in water all the time. For many families, summer means water fun and plenty of water toys. Actually, playing in water is the best way to beat the unbearable heat of the sun. This activity also encourages children to exercise rather than spend their time playing with gadgets indoors and all sorts of air conditioned indoor entertainment. Slip and slide sets for kids are great summer essentials. While these inflatables bring a lot of water fun, a variety of safety risks are also involved. To ensure a safe and healthy fun summer, here are few simple steps to keep in mind.

  • Keep the Way Clean and Clear 

Basically, a Slip ‘N Slide is a long piece of plastic with a small pool or bumper at one end. The user has the option to put a hose with flowing water on the surface allowing the pathway to make it more slippery. This makes sliding downward faster and easier. Children enjoy various positions sliding down the Slip ‘N Slide such as gliding across while seated, on their bellies or on their back.

Any object or obstacle in the landing area or under the slide can be the cause of a serious injury. Therefore, keep the way clean and clear before allowing your children to slide down. Clear out the lawn before setting up Slip ‘N Slide. Examine the area and ensure there are no sharp objects, rocks or sticks in the way. Simply place the Slip ‘N Slide on a flat soft surface such as grass or sand and never install the toy on a hill or slope as this increases the speed and therefore becomes more dangerous.

  • Pick the Right Slip ‘N Slide for Your Kids 

The key to safe play always depends on the right choice of toys for your kids. After the first Slip ‘N Slide was introduced, different versions came out in the market. Each product today comes with a number of features allowing more enjoyable play time. Depending on your budget and child’s needs, features you should consider are the following: extra water sprays, curved path, two or three paths to allow racing, deeper pool at the end, extra water and a boogie board. Determine the space of your lawn and check the length of the slide. Ensure no barriers or obstacles near the Slip ‘N slide to allow your children to run around safely.

  • Avoid Additional Features 

Slip ‘N slides are made of plastic material which makes it compatible with water. Any other liquid format such as baby oil, shampoo, or soap, added on the surface, will make sliding uncontrollable. Excessive slipperiness may result to severe injury, therefore avoid putting any of these products on the slide. Furthermore, avoid installing the Slip ‘N Slide on the pool leading to the water to prevent drowning and head injury.

  • Use Abundant Water

Flowing water is necessary to ensure smooth and effective sliding. With plenty of water gushing on the slide, burns, scrapes and skidding are prevented. Simply stretch the garden hose and situate the spout towards the top of the slide. Only turn the water on when the Slip ‘N Slide is properly installed.

  • Follow the Specified Age Range

Keep in mind that Slip ‘N Slides are toys for children. Although the original toys were initially marketed as appropriate for all ages, a number of injuries where soon reported, referring to adults and teenagers using the toy. Individuals with more weight who used the toy were found to have suffered head and spine injuries and even paralysis. While strict supervision is recommended, the right age range for the Slip ‘N Slide is between 5 and 12 years old. 

  • How to Buy Slip ‘N Slides

Slip ‘N Slides today are aplenty and they come in various formats and sizes. Look online and use the search engines to narrow down your options and find the exact Slip ‘N Slide fit for your kids. Consider ratings and review customers’ feedback. When buying in brick and mortar stores, check the product prior to purchase. With this, you can be confident you have selected a safe and quality Slip ‘N Slide for your children. 


Without a doubt, a slip and slide is a must-have for families with backyards as it provides kids a lot of fun for a lot less than going to the swimming pool. If you are especially living in warmer cities where summers can be quite unbearable, then it also doubles as a way to keep kids cool.

Given the frequent use, it is important to choose models with sturdy materials. Still, most of them can tear easily, especially if there are sharp items around. It is therefore important to make sure there are no sharp stones and that kids are not too rough to cause it to tear. As with most things, it is important to read the instructions, especially the weight limits, to be sure to keep it working well for as long as possible.

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