10 Best Sleds for Kids in 2017

best sleds for kids

Winter can bring a different kind of fun for kids. They can make angel snows, snowmen, and a lot of other snow-related sculptures. As for fun sporting activities, they can go skiing or even skating. And for those who have not yet established the necessary balance and coordination to elegantly and effortlessly glide over the powder, then the next best thing is to ride a sled being pulled by mom or dad or even one’s friends. It’s like riding a wagon in summer but, because it’s snowing, you’d have to think of a different way of moving over snow. Our collection of the 10 best sleds for kids in 2017 is the result of our commitment to give you the safest, most fun, and truly high quality ride-on toy for your kids to enjoy during the winter season.

10 Best Sleds for Kids

Flexible Flyer Snow ScreamerFlexible Flyer5
Zipfy Freestyle Luge Snow Sled for Kids and AdultsZipfy4.8
Lucky Bums Toddler Pull SledLucky Bums4.6
Snow Sled Kids Winter Toboggan SledLucky Bums4.5
Flexible Flyer AuroraFlexible Flyer4.3
TSL Sleds Kid's Pull SledTSL Sleds4.1

1EMSCO Group Toddler Sled by EMSCO Group

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Age Range: 1 to 3 years old

One of the most important characteristics of a toddler sled is stability. While toddlers may already have a fair control of their balance, this can be significantly dampened when riding on a particularly fast platform. This is well thought of by the EMSCO Group when they designed and built the Toddler Sled. With an extra-wide base coupled with a sufficiently high back rest, dutifully molded seat, the EMSCO sleigh is just perfect for young tots as they get to enjoy the great snowy outdoors. The ultra-wide base is especially designed to keep the toboggan in an upright position, keeping the center of gravity low, and distributing the weight of your young child evenly across the 27- by 20- inch surface of the EMSCO sleigh. Adding to the superb stability of the EMSCO sleigh is its durable plastic construction. Sitting your tot on the toddler sled is never a problem as the 10-inch high molded seat marvelously wraps the lower body of your child, keeping him or her firmly in his or her seat. It’s quite comfortable, too as the seat has been dutifully padded with extra-soft yet highly durable cushion. Enhancing the safe riding experience of very young kids, the padded seat comes fully equipped with a snap-lock type of seat belt. At the front of the toddler sled is an elevated or raised support rail designed primarily to contain your child’s feet well within the confines of the EMSCO sleigh. This helps keep your kid’s feet off the cold snow, preventing thermal injuries in the process. Underneath the base of the EMSCO are straight grooves that function as tracking rails intended to function like the rudder of an airplane or a speedboat, ensuring the sleigh runs in a straight line or direction. So, when you pull or tug the EMSCO using its unusually long towing rope, you can feel very confident about the sleigh not going in other directions. With all of these design features, there really is no questioning the reliability of the EMSCO toboggan.

What We Like about It – The EMSCO Toddler Sled is one safety feature-rich ride-on toy purposely built for young children ensuring a safer and more fun way to ride on the snow.

2Snow Sled Kids Winter Toboggan Sled by Lucky Bums

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Age Range: 3 to 15 years old

Safety is an overriding concern whenever you are sledding. This is because there is very limited steering and stopping mechanisms on a typical sleigh that would otherwise, be instrumental in preventing wipeouts and in ensuring optimum stability at maximum speeds. As a general rule, the bigger the base, the better is the stability that it affords any rider. Unfortunately, if the rider is simply too big for the platform, resulting in a much taller profile, the overall stability of the toboggan can be significantly reduced. This is because the center of gravity will shift higher if the rider is quite tall. Addressing this requires a wider and longer base. Such is the design philosophy that is integrated into the Lucky Bums Snow Sled Kids Winter Toboggan. Measuring nearly 3 feet long, 17.5 inches wide, and 5 inches deep, the Lucky Bums is especially designed for older children complete with a molded sections for fitting your kid’s bottom and legs so these sit squarely and evenly on the supporting base. This helps ensure the equal distribution of weight to guarantee improved stability. When the Lucky Bums hits a steep dive or picks up speed, kids can comfortably grab onto the built-in side handles so they don’t get flown off and out from the sleigh. For slower speeds, children can hold onto the pull rope which also doubles as a means for pulling or hauling the Lucky Bums up a hill or onto your transport vehicle. It should be made clear that the Lucky Bums is built specifically for a single rider; so, don’t ever attempt to let two kids ride on it.

What We Like about It – The Lucky Bums is a fantastic sleigh for older kids. It has a very simplistic yet functional design that helps ensure a more fun ride.

3Flexible Flyer Sled by Flexible Flyer

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Age Range: At least 5 years old

A great majority of cool sleds nowadays don’t incorporate a mechanism for steering which simply means you’re more prone to wipeouts if you are not going to make appropriate plans on the trajectory of your run. To address this, the Flexible Flyer Sled was designed and built specifically to allow older children to exert some degree of control over the direction at which the sleigh is moving. Actually, if you come to think of it, the Flexible Flyer Sled is more a throwback to the classic design of such sleds. The runners are made of high grade solid steel to give it structural rigidity which should be able to support older children. The steel frame and runners are also finished with powder coating to improve its glide run over powder. Forming the platform are several planks of birch wood giving any rider a superbly more comfortable and warmer ride. Providing directional flexibility to the Flyer is a steering bar which allows the rider to maneuver the Flyer around any obstacles in its path. When fully assembled, the Flexible Flyer Sled measures a full 4 feet long and 2 feet wide giving older kids a very stable platform they can lie on. The height of the platform from the snow surface is 7 inches providing just enough clearance for the runners to work their wonders.

What We Like about It – The Flexible Flyer Sled comes across as a very elegant and classic representation of what good old fashioned sledding really means. The large surface area of the platform helps give it unparalleled superiority in terms of stability.

4TSL Sleds Kid’s Pull Sled by TSL Sleds

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Age Range: 1 to 3 years old

Toddlers are never too young to enjoy sledding or even tobogganing. In fact, the earlier they are able to balance their bodies using these types of ride on toys, the better it is for them to enjoy other games and playtime activities that rely on a good sense of balance. The TSL Sleds Kids’ Pull Sled is a toddler sled that is more like a flattened potty trainer than it is a kiddie sleigh. The reason for this has something to do with its unusually high back rest which closely resembles the water closet in our toilets. Nonetheless, there is a really beneficial reason why the seat is designed to be this high. When the TSL is being pulled or tugged forward, the motion may not be that smooth. There will be instances wherein the amount of force we apply on each tug may vary such that it would feel as if we are jerking the sleigh forward. This can lead to our kids losing balance while sitting. The high back rest helps make sure your child will not be falling backwards in the even that we pulled on the rope unusually stronger than we should. Adding to the security of the TSL is a three-point seat belt that loops over the child’s shoulder and snaps easily between the legs. Located on both sides of the TSL, just adjacent to the seat, are outrigger types of extensions which is similar to the water vessels that employ outriggers, giving it superior stability while in motion. The outrigger has storage slots which are perfect for keeping your toddler’s essentials or even drinks. Now, he or she can enjoy a drink while taking on the view of a great winter day.

What We Like about It – The TSL is one stable sleigh for toddlers, thanks to the inclusion of snow outriggers. The high backrest and seatbelt are also welcome additions to superb safety.

5Freestyle Luge Snow Sled for Kids and Adults by Zipfy

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Age Range: At least 6 years old

For the more adventurous or even children who already have mastered the art of riding and gliding over powder without losing their sense of balance, the Zipfy Freestyle Luge Snow Sled for Kids and Adults offers true exhilaration unlike any other. The Zipfy Freestyle Luge is so durable and maneuverable that even adults can ride on it. However, it is critical to comprehend that steering the Zipfy doesn’t entail turning a wheel or a steering column to one side. You’d have to steer with your body by shifting your weight on the side where you intend to make a turn. Braking involves the old fashioned way of stopping moving objects: using the feet. Simply drop your heels in front of you and it should slow down or even come to an icy halt. Here’s the thing why we said the Zipfy Freestyle Luge is not for your average sleigh riders. The overall surface area of the Zipfy is just enough to accommodate a child’s butt and the region of the thighs. A joystick like device is built sticking out from the center of the Zipfy. This serves as the grab handle for the rider as he or she rolls down the snowy hill. That being said, make sure you give the Zipfy to your child only if he or she has already exhibited superior control of his or her balance. Nevertheless, the Zipfy comes with tracking rails to help add to the sleigh’s stability.

What We Like about It – The Zipfy Freestyle Luge is definitely not a toddler sled. But once your kid has really learned the ropes to basic sleighing, then the Zipfy is an excellent ride-on.

6Kiddie Snow SEAL Character Pull Sled by Aqua Leisure

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Age Range: 1 to 3 years old

One of the drawbacks of most sleds for sale today is that they come in hard plastic. Not that we are complaining since these high quality plastics are more durable and can last a long time. However, these may not really provide the optimum comfort for your child. If you are familiar with summertime’s inflatable kiddie rafts, then the Aqua Leisure Kiddie Snow Seal Character Pull Sled is its winter version. This inflatable toddler sled is made of premium grade materials that are guaranteed never to puncture or to lose air inside its cavity. And since the chamber is actually filled with air, you can just imagine the level of comfort that the Kiddie Snow is able to provide for your tot. You also need not worry about keeping your child securely seated on the Kiddie snow because it has a very high side walls and backrest that is as high as the shoulder of a seated 3-year old kid. This effectively negates the need for safety belts. Simply prop your kid onto the seat, pull the rope, and watch your kid’s face grow in fascination at this unique ride-on toy.

What We Like about It – Since the Aqua Leisure Kiddie Snow is fully inflatable, it comes as a very compact device that can be easily transported and stored without sacrificing too much space.

7Toddler Pull Sled by Lucky Bums

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Age Range: 1 to 3 years old

The Lucky Bums Winter Toboggan is designed for older children no less than 3 years of age. For those who are wondering if Lucky Bums has a product designed specifically as a toddler sled, then you’re in luck as Lucky Bums is proud to present to you the Toddler Pull Sled. From the side, the Toddler Pull Sled looks more like a snow mobile sans the tracked wheels and runners, of course. Nevertheless, the classic lines of a snow mobile were retained, at least from lateral views. When viewed from above, it resembles a mighty spaceship complete with all the safety features that have made Lucky Bums a household name in snow sleighs. It comes with a high backrest and fully extended, gently sloping sidewalls. Anti-slip panels have been integrated into the foot rest section of the toddler sled to help keep your tot in place. To guarantee that your child is not going anywhere while you’re tugging on the Toddler Pull Sled, safety straps have been included. Adding to the overall stability of the Lucky Bums is a superbly large profile measuring 26.5 inches long and 21.5 inches wide. It is able to accommodate up to 40 pounds.

What We Like about It – The Lucky Bums Toddler Pull Sled is the younger child version of its Winter Toboggan model. You can thus expect the quality workmanship and safety features to be exceptional.

8The Original Sledsterz Spoon Sled by GeoSpace

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Age Range: At least 3 years old

With a very unique double spoon design, the GeoSpace the Original Sledsterz Spoon Sled is a really superbly looking sleigh. These cool sleds have a very interesting double spoon design that scoops one’s butt while also scooping the feet up front. Because of its unusually aerodynamic design, the Sledsterz can go downhill at a really fantastic speed. This, combined with the fact that the Sledsterz has a narrower profile than most other platforms in this collection, makes it ideal for kids who have already established themselves as masters of the balancing act. Children will have to sit on the back “spoon” and position their feet up front with the toes firmly resting on the edge of the front “spoon”. This arrangement allows for a very thin profile which gives it tremendous speeds. Providing the security at such velocities are two integrated side handles that have been ergonomically designed so as not to bring any discomfort or even pain to the hands of kids. The Sledsterz can also be maneuvered by using a variety of body movements and shifting of body weight. For the adventurous, the Sledsterz looks a very formidable tool for conquering snowy slopes.

What We Like about It – The Sledsterz’s unique spoon shaped design help provide for faster speeds. Like the Zipfy, you need a child who is already an advanced beginner in sledding.

9Snow Screamer by Flexible Flyer

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Age Range: At least 5 years old

The Snow Screamer is a highly modernized version of the Flexible Flyer Sled. Instead of steel runners and a wooden platform for resting one’s body while gliding over snow, the Snow Screamer can be likened to an ultra-futuristic short surfboard with two sets of handles. When viewed from the top, the outline of the Snow Screamer is that of a bomb with a slightly pointed edge at the circular head while the tail has the silhouette of rocket stabilizer fins. Perhaps it is from this view that the Snow Screamer got its name. The runners have been removed. Instead, a lightweight foam complete with directional ridges now provide superior stability at breakneck speeds. Measuring 21.5 inches wide and 47 inches long, the Snow Screamer is built for tandem riding, meaning you can get two older kids to take it for a spin. The super slick bottom helps guarantee fast gliding despite having two riders on the Snow Screamer.

What We Like about It – The Snow Screamer is lightweight yet very sturdy as it can accommodate two riders at the same time.

10Steel Saucer by Flexible Flyer 

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Age Range: At least 5 years old

Need a snow saucer that you can give to your older kid who just happens to be tired already of the same old design of traditional snow sleighs? Then, Flexible Flyer’s Steel Saucer is just for you. Like the Flexible Flyer and the Snow Screamer, the Steel Saucer is meticulously designed to provide kids and adults alike with superb sledding experience. With a diameter of 26 inches, the concave shaped Steel Saucer comes with 2 rope handles which a rider can hold onto while sliding down the hill. The bottom of the Steel Saucer is dutifully designed to be as slick as possible to help provide for an exhilarating run from the top of the winter resort downhill. Come to think of it, the Steel Saucer is like a round shield used by ancient Middle Eastern armies.

What We Like about It – The Steel Saucer is a very unique way to enjoy a day of sledding at your favorite winter ski resort. The slickness of the bottom helps it glide as fast as it possibly can.

How We Chose the Best Kiddie Sleds in Our List

Like all ride-on toys, safety of the ride was a major consideration in our selection of the top ten sleds for children. It was imperative that the toddler sled is of sound quality construction affording it superb stability especially when tugged or pulled at relatively high speeds. So, the design integrity of the product was carefully examined to help make sure that it won’t break easily into tiny bits and pieces after just a quick run. Also, it should be able to accommodate the weight of children, based on their recommended weight limits.

Part of the evaluation process was the slickness of the design. Because sleds operate on a different physical principle compared to wheeled vehicles or ride-on toys, we deemed it very important to make sure that the bottom of the sled, or the surface that is in constant contact with the soft powdery surface of snow, is slick or smooth enough to allow for more efficient gliding over snow. Features built into the overall design of the product were also evaluated especially in terms of their effects on the efficiency of sled motion.

The portability and ease of maintenance were also carefully noted. As these products are to be brought from the home and up to the snowy slopes of a mountain winter resort or even in the park or anywhere else outside the home, it was crucial that these were made of lightweight materials so kids can easily carry them. Likewise, the cleaning and upkeep of these gadgets must also be made super easy so children will be more responsible in managing the overall integrity of the device.

Lastly, it was imperative that the voice of the masses was equally represented in our selection process. Hence, products that were able to obtain a minimum customer satisfaction rating of 4.0 stars were automatically included in the final list. We are cognizant of the fact that many potential buyers will also want to consider what other consumers are saying about the item before making any commitment to purchase.

Tips to Ensuring Kids’ Safety while Sledding

Winter time can bring an entirely different kind of joy to kids in almost the same way that summertime can bring up images of fun in the sand, surf, and sun. Sledding is one of the more popular winter activities especially for kids. However, like all ride-on toys, safety is a major consideration in kids’ sleds. While today’s sleds are built with safety in mind, there are still some things we need to observe to make sure that our kids are kept safe while they are enjoying a great day on the snow. Here are some tips to ensure kids’ safety while sledding.

  • Always wear the correct apparel and gear when sledding. Helmets are a must as you will never know if the sled will tip over or not. Wearing the appropriate clothes is also very important as exposure to cold temperatures can have devastating effects on the body. Make sure your child wears the correct protective gear for the hands and feet.
  • Don’t ever think that your kid will not need sun protection. The sun’s rays can be reflected by the snow. Make sure your kid is adequately covered. You may also have to consider getting him or her a pair of sunglasses to protect his or her eyes from the sun’s glare.
  • Scout the area where you intend to go sledding. Make sure there are no obstacles or hazards along the path that may contribute to serious physical injuries.
  • Always pick a gently sloping area rather than a steep one. Be sure that there’s a wide open flat area at the bottom of the run and that it is away from potential hazards.
  • Follow the recommended rider number for the type of sled that you have. A single rider sled means only one person should ride it at any given time.

The Bottom Line

Sledding is fun. But, it can also be quite risky especially if you don’t observe basic safety precautions. Regardless, our 10 best sleds for kids in 2017 should give you peace of mind every time you head to your favorite sledding spot.

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